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Jedi Gunfighter of the Year, 2021


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Congrats, Jack!!

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@Jackalope THANK YOU for writing such a beautiful (and comprehensive :wub:) announcement for @Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 and his Jedi of the Year Award!  It was very moving - so moving, in fact, that he cried. 

Great BIG Jedi Hugs!


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Welcome to an illustrious group of Gunfighters (well, excluding myself).

Probably the proudest event of my CAS career - I hope you feel the same pride.


Can't wait to see the buckle you design to proclaim your award.

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thanks for starting this thread and posting BWJ as the JEDI GF of the YEAR, 2021.

And thanks for writing up his resume and sending it to the JEDI Council.


Thanks to TN Tombstone and Reno Mustang for making the presentation to BWJ at the

SouthEast Regional Banquet.


Sorri I couldn't be there but I understand BWJ was greatly surprised.

The JEDI Council unanimously felt he was a strong candidate and well deserving of this yearly recognition.


Congratulations Branchwater Jack.   Wear your new belt buckle proudly.





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To say that I was "greatly surprised" would be an understatement. For those of you that know me, you can tell folks that I am not one usually lost for words and can often lead discussions without much prep time. Last night, however, I would not have been able to get words out, especially after I turned to find my wife also standing on stage.




To be recognized by your peers for only doing what I thought I needed to do is a humbling experience. For my wife @Alchemist Belle 93666 and son Donald Duke to have designed this buckle for me to remember the accomplishment makes it just that much more special.


Beyond being my loving and supportive wife @Alchemist Belle 93666 is always on my 'posse with' list, my collaborator on The Firing Line, and help whenever I need it.


And finally, thank you all. For those whose hands I shook late last night or called and texted later, those that have supported shoots that I have worked, whether in Tennessee or Alabama, or those that continue to 'like, share, and subscribe' to The Firing Line, without your continued support and participation, none of this would be possible. 


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Some who were at the banquet have suggested I post Branchwater Jack's nomination letter.  I'm sure it didn't capture everything he's done but might give you an idea why he was named Jedi Gunfighter of the Year.  In all my years with SASS, I've never known anyone with such a desire to give back to the game.




Dear Jedi Gunfighter Council,

It is with great pleasure and extreme confidence that I nominate Branchwater Jack for consideration as 2021’s Jedi Gunfighter of the Year.  In addition to epitomizing the standards of Jedi Gunfighters, Jack has taken extraordinary steps to promote success for cowboy action shooters in all categories and skill levels, worldwide.

Branchwater Jack, SASS #88854, became part of cowboy action shooting in June of 2010 and started shooting in the gunfighter category in 2013.  Since then, he has been recognized as Jedi Gunfighter #230 and is also known as a Dark Lord.  He has been actively involved with the Wartrace Regulators for the past 11 years where he’s performed a number of functions for the club and continues to serve as their website administrator.  He’s also worked hard as a committee member to organize and execute several of Tennessee’s State SASS Championships.  Jack has also made significant impact as Stage Marshal, Range Master, Stage and Shooter’s Handbook author, and chief target repairman for the Alabama State Championships and Southeast Regional SASS Championships since 2019.

In 2016, Jack earned qualification as an RO Instructor which dramatically improved RO I and II training opportunities in the southeastern United States.  He also identified an opportunity to encourage and educate competitors at all levels around the world through his active presence on Action Shooting Network, Instagram, Facebook and the SASS Wire.  Without compensation, Jack has produced and recorded 33 episodes of “The Firing Line” as of June, 2021.  These YouTube videos present various situations range officers, timer operators and shooters may encounter and demonstrate how they can be safely and correctly handled.  His website, BranchwaterJack.com, not only features the latest video from the YouTube channel, it’s also home to a blog where he is currently documenting a retrospective of Alabama’s Ambush at Cavern Cove through the years.  Additionally, it includes many links to various SASS-related websites and hundreds of video uploads of matches and other fun cowboy-related events he often attends with his family.  His wife, Alchemist Belle frequently assists with the production of his videos and Jack has mentored their teen-age son, Donald Duke through his own RO II training.

Jack’s imaginative contributions and tireless dedication continues to have an incredible impact on SASS locally and worldwide.  His tremendous enthusiasm, endless drive, and perpetual desire to help others reflect great credit upon himself and I am optimistic you will agree that Branchwater Jack deserves to be named Jedi Gunfighter of the Year, 2021.



Jedi Gunfighter #7

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Got to shoot with BWJ earlier this year. A fine promoter and ambassador for our sport. I got to talk with him briefly several times at SER. He's a hard man to pin down always on the move making sure the match was running full tilt and everyone was having a great experience. A well deserved honor. If you are a Star Wars fan then you need to see the shooters book at SER. It was pure genius linking Star Wars to a cowboy story. 

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I have only known Branchwater Jack for a few short years shooting at Wartrace TN. He has always impressed me with his knowledge and Spirit of the game. Congratulations, well deserved!

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