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  1. My opinion is if you're a top 2% shooter, then you MAY have the ability and dedication to turn double cocking into an advantage on SOME stages. Otherwise, stick to single cocking. I've seen very few people develop the ability to turn double cocking into an advantage as it requires that you gallop the pistols; two shots that are very close, but are distinguishable from each other by the human ear. It sounds like a loud cadence of a horse galloping; ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. The problem is you're walking a thin line from double discharging and, because it is a progressive penalty, can over the course of a match lead to a MDQ. It's a gamble. I'd start with single cocking and if you turn out to be a top 2 percenter, then learn the double cock gallop and let the stage dictate which method you use for that particular stage.
  2. I've cleared out some space in messenger and sent you a message.
  3. I used this ONCE in a sonic cleaner and the fumes nearly got the better of me. The sonic cleaner rapidly evaporates the the ingredients other than the transmission fluid. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT IN A SONIC CLEANER. With that said I've tried a number of home solutions but finally broke down and bought L & R Gun Cleaning Solution and it does an outstanding job. It's expensive, but like Tootsie Roll it "lasts a long time." I did manage to pick up a trick from the Ed's Red as I used automatic transmission fluid as my lubricant. I have two sonic cleaners, one with cleaner and the other with lubricant.
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