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  1. The Johnson Creek Regulators in Plymouth, Michigan will be holding a ladies only match at the Western Wayne County Conservation Association. Camping is available on site. Camping will be available starting Friday 6/23/2023. The ladies match will be held on 6/24/2023. our regular club match will beheld on 6/25/2023. The matches will be open to all skill levels. Will will provide equipment and ammunition (.22 lr) to new shooters. More information and application can be found at: https://www.wolverinerangers.org/pdf/Plymouth_2023_Annie_Oakley_Shoot.pdf
  2. I've had guns done by Lassiter, Longhunter, Mackinaw Kid, Cody Conagher, Boomstick Jay and Three Cut. I could recommend each and everyone of them.
  3. I run mine wet with what ever lube I have available at the time. Everything from RemOIl. to Ballistol, to CLP to MobilOne. After every match I blow everything out with chlorine free brake cleaner and re-lube.
  4. Are these stock or have they had any upgrades?
  5. It took me a long time to find a set of find a set of ear plugs that I could actually keep in my ear. I have trouble keeping the plugs in one ear. I wore Petltor Tactical ear muffs for a long time. They have the wire that wraps around the back of the neck instead of over the top. The ear piece is also cut a bit shallower than a standard muff. My next purchase was a set of Walker ear buds that worked pretty well (but I still had problems with staying in my ear). Finally my audiologist turned me on to a set that worked they are made by Phonak, and they stay in my ears.
  6. If you can't find an original, Boyd's re-pops them. I think about $85. Not exact, but pretty close.
  7. Widder pretty much covered it. I try to use Magnum primers whenever I can.
  8. Interesting. I noticed one being built in a town in rural northern Michigan. The town probably has less than 100 residents. There is a town of about 500 people only 10 miles away that also has a Family Dollar store. I don't even know how they are going to find employees to work there.
  9. I've had two pair of short stroked Running Irons. One pair now rests as my backups to my OMVs. The hammers are an ergonomic thing. They either work for you or they don't. They worked for me. One word of caution. Not all of the internals on the standard and short stroked guns inter-change. So if you keep a spare parts kit, you might want to ask Taylors what those parts are and stock them. I had to wait quite awhile to get parts from Italy during the Covid epidemic.
  10. I have two Dillon 550s. One set up for .38 Spl. and one set up for Cowboy .45 Spl.
  11. Many States have a "youthful offender" provision in their laws that allow first time young offender to have the conviction removed once they've completed their probationary period. There are other ways to have a restoration of rights. For example, the person could petition and receive a Pardon.
  12. Very true. If the project is worth it, might be worth investing in a new gas tank.
  13. Sitting for years? Drain tank and refill with fresh gas. While building a hot rod, I filled the tank with gas just purchased from a local station. Couldn't get it to run. checked everything. Was getting spark and gas. Did everything I could to adjust timing. It turned out to be bad gas, even though it was just newly purchased. Only thing left was to drain the tank and fill with fresh gas from another station. Fired right up.
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