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  1. Maybe because of my LE background, I could never figure out the interest in these types of things. Just looks like a waste of money to me. Something someone buys on a whim because it looks cool, then they go out and shoot it exactly one time and find out it's really pretty useless and uncomfortable to shoot.
  2. Sarge

    Gun Stock Oil

    Here's a pretty good article on the subject: http://riflestocks.tripod.com/fgrain.html
  3. You have to try different setup and see what is best for you and your eyesight.
  4. A dedicated competitor will benefit much more from top notch equipment than a marginal competitor who shows up only once a month to compete in a local club match. Money spent on practice will take you much further than money spent on equipment. This sport becomes seriously expensive. Spend money wisely. Buy equipment that can grow as you skill level grows.
  5. We run a FB page. Pictures, pictures, pictures. We post a little bit about upcoming events and scores, but I try to photograph as many of the shooters as I can. Then I post all of the photos to our site. I also try to video one or two shooters and post the video on our site. If someone has a particularly bad run, I won't post it though.
  6. Depends on the facility I'm shooting at. We've gone to shooting 5 stages on 3 stage set-ups. Easier to set up and easier to take down. We also have access to a covered area in case of rain. We can set up three stages at that covered location, so it all works out.
  7. It holds 6 in the magazine. There are some scuffs on the stock and a bit of chip out from when the recoil pad was installed. It was going to be for Wild Bunch, so I didn't worry about it.
  8. For Sale I am reposting this 12 ga. Winchester Model 12.. This gun appears to have been built in 1927. Along the line, someone refinished the stock and did a re-blue. I had the barrel cut to 18 3/4” and an oversize bead installed. The gun also has a Pachmyr recoil pad. I have not had any action work done to the gun. When I originally posted the gun for sale, there were a number of questions about whether or not it was chambered for 2 3/4 or 3 inch. At the time I could not say for certain that it was chambered for 2 3/4 though the circumstantial evidence indicated it was. I took it to a gunsmith today and he confirmed it is a 2 /34 inch chambered gun. $400.00 Shipped to FFL. SOLD
  9. I use the Walker Silencers. I love them. I have a problem getting the standard foam plugs to fit in my right ear. The Walkers have a foam piece that is small enough to fit and doesn't fall out of my ear.
  10. I'm using 5.5 gr of TB behind a 200 grn coated bullet.
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