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  1. First of all, welcome to our game. A lot of good advice here. Especially the advice about going to club matches and asking to try different stuff. THere is a lot to be said for having rifles and pistols in the same caliber.
  2. Welcome Dusty. As mentioned above, go to some matches and try stuff. Also ask around about who has stuff for sale. SOmebody always knows soembody who knows somebody who is getting out of the game or has spare stuff for sale.
  3. Plenty of stuff out there on the Uberti Cattleman. Should work fine. I think the Hombre is just the economy version. A bit less money spent on the outside, but a Cattleman on the inside.
  4. I went through this for about 5 or 6 years when I hit 40. Still had 20-15 distance, but my closeup was going. It was really frustrating. I tried everything. Finally when I hit my late 50s, I ended up needing glasses for for distance too. I went to progressives for everything and haven't looked back. My shooting glasses are progressives. Works great.
  5. I think I'd be asking for my money back on that book. Is that called Fictionalized fiction?
  6. First of all I love 97s and I shoot them as my main match gun. First find a good gunsmith who knows them. They are not Remington 870s that can be field stripped and put back together in 10 minutes. There are a lot of hand fitted parts. If possible, have someone who knows them go over it before you buy. Buy two. One for your cart and a spare. They are 100 year old guns and they break. Don't feel guilty about having a field grade gun cut to your specifications. There are a lot of them out there and they are reasonably priced.
  7. This may sound dumb, but for me it starts with translating the stage. I shoot gunfighter. I find that the Posse leader usually explains the stage for the typical shooter who shoots each pistol separately. If necessary I clarify with the Posse leader any questions that I may have. I don't like to shoot first and I don't care to shoot last. I will watch certain shooters to see how they approach certain aspects of the stage. Once I'm at the loading table and have everything set to go, I'll close my eyes and go through the stage in my mind couple of times. When I'm called to the line, I'll set up my equipment and ask any final questions that may have come up. In my mind, I run through the stage one more time before giving the ready signal. This may sound time consuming, but in reality, it only takes a couple of seconds. Last thing I continue to work on is maintaining concentration through the last target. I can't tell you how many times I've missed the last target because I broke concentration too soon.
  8. Wow. A lot of stuff in there I'd never heard before. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Depends. If it's a Federal warrant sure. He has jurisdiction anywhere in the US. A State warrant is different. Usually what would happen now is if a State jurisdiction knew the wanted person fled from Oklahoma to Texas, they'd go to the Feds and ask for a Federal Fugitive warrant to be issued. This would give the Marshal's the jurisdiction to make the arrest in Texas. The arrestee would go through an extradition process. I would think in the situation you cited, the Marshal would be able to make an arrest, but would still have to take the suspect before a Texas court to order extradition. You don't give a date, but I don't believe Oklahoma became a State until 1907, so that may also have caused issues with extradition.
  10. I like that category, but I think many of us would be eligible for that category all the time.
  11. You'd be welcome at our club. We ran a match this past summer that encouraged injured/disabled shooters to attend. It was pretty popular. We'll probably run another one in 2020.
  12. Sarge

    Grip making

    I would need to be stabilized first in a pressure pot.
  13. Guns plus spares (including a pistol). Squib rod. Tool kit. First aid kit. Tylenol and Motrin. Extra ammunition. Extra hearing protection. Extra shooting glasses. Garbage bag (rain cover). Chair. Lubricant. Pens. Protein bars. Bug spray. Sunscreen. Lens wipes.
  14. I have arthritis. I also suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right hand affecting the pointer, middle and ring fingers. The CRPS is 100 times worse than my arthritis and will sometime put me on my knees for four or five minutes. I shoot Senior Gunfighter. I also shoot in a Bullseye league with a 1911. I'd much rather shoot Gunfighter with my SAA clones than the 1911. If someone truly wants to shoot a 1911. WB is already out there and many shoot both disciplines. If a club wants to allow WB to be shot at CB matches and they are scored separately great, but they should not be mixed in with CB scores. Just my .02.
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