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  1. I played with some 200 gr semi wadcutters. They just wouldn't feed. I've settled on 160 gr RNFP. They work fine in both pistol and rifle and I don't have to mess with loading different loads for each. Just wondered. Thanks.
  2. Any problems getting this bullet to feed in a 66 or 73?
  3. So since we're talking teenagers, the court is going to appoint an attorney for the baby, an attorney for the mom, an attorney for the dad, an attorney for the parents of the mom and an attorney for the parents of the dad. Probate court will make a ruling. Of course that will be appealed to the Circuit court. That will be appealed, well because the taxpayers are paying for all the attorneys. The Circuit court ruling will be appealed to the State Court of Appeals, the of course to the state Supreme Court. Since this is not really a case concerning states rights, it will wind its way to the Federal system, because of course the real issue will have something to do with someones civil rights being violated by some poor Family Services employee who was just trying to make sure the baby was safe in the first place.
  4. A couple of places I've found things very cost effectively are Ebay and resale shops. I've especially had good luck with vests at the resale shops. Vests and shirts can be found for couple bucks each.
  5. I think they look great. My thought on non- production natural material grips is that they should not look identical. I've used giraffe bone grips for the past three years. Never had a problem with them becoming slippery.
  6. No, No Damage. I only used it one time and used Moose's own lube on the mold. Gun was sold shortly thereafter.
  7. I have three items I no longer have use for. All prices include shipping to a United States address. If you are interested in an item, and are outside the US, please contact me and we can discuss it. First I'll take it gets it. 1. CVA Bowie. 7" blade. The left side of the blade is marked "Italy" and "CVA" inside a circle. $35 2. Moose Moulds "Christmas Tree" double mold for 54 caliber. Marked "Moose 544-480." This mold is for the paper cartridge .54 caliber. Also known as a "Ringtail Mould." NOTE: Does not include handles. $80 SPF 3 Kirkpatrick/Evil Roy double strong side holsters. Comes with two Evil Roy Strong side Holsters, two .44/.45 6 round sliders and a Kirkpatrick belt marked 38 C. The sliders and belt are marked Kirkpatrick leather Laredo, Texas. The holsters are unmarked, but after talking with Evil Roy I believe these to be genuine Evil Roy Holsters. Holsters are for 5 1/2 inch barrels. (Firearm not included) $225 SPF
  8. Personal preference. Pros and cons of each. Get to a match. Talk to people and ask them why they like what they are using. Then try out different gear.
  9. FYI, for first timers, I wrote an article about my experiences last year. It can be found here: https://www.wolverinerangers.org/RW General Docs/RangeWarPrimer.pdf
  10. What range were you shooting at? A sub 1" group at 100 yards is pretty good. Were you bench resting the guns? If you are getting groups jumping around, you may also want to double check your scope and mounts to make sure it isn't moving in the mount.
  11. Agreed. Have been using the snap caps to prevent it.
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