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  1. I've been reluctant to post in this thread, but here goes. Least Favorite. The Green Beret's. Has nothing to do with the acting. Has nothing to do with the political aspect of the movie. I just thought they tried including too much and there were too many stories going on all at once. Great title track though.
  2. Congratulations on your acquisition. Wishing you the best.
  3. I would make a different suggestion. If you have a reputable local gunshop that does consignment, seriously consider it. They get to deal with potential buyers. They get to advertise. If something breaks, they get to deal with that too. I have bought and sold gun online or through ads, but always felt more comfortable dealing directly with my local gunshop. Yeah, they take a fee for the service, but I think it's well worth it.
  4. My all time favorite is The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Probably as much for Lee Marvin as for John Wayne. Second is The Quiet Man because my Mom's Irish and I was a St. Patrick's day baby. The Searchers. McClintock, followed by the rest.
  5. Congratulations and welcome Roy Sackett.
  6. The Auto Rim has a thicker rim than the .45 Colt and Cowboy Special.
  7. Use significantly less powder and lighter bullets. I used 2.0 gr less powder per round than I have to load in a .45 Colt case. Bullets are 40 grns lighter. Less components means more bangs for my buck. Then there's the recoil issue. Bad hand. Less recoil means less or no pain after a day at the range.
  8. First I've heard of this, but explains an issue I have with the expander. Is there someone to contact at Starline about this?
  9. Your die set should work. I've had the best luck with a Hornady .45 Auto/AR die set.
  10. Here's my .02. Rifles. Stay away from the Henry's. I have never seen one go through a match without breaking. 92's decent starter rifle, but you're probably going to want to step up to a 66-73 so why not start with one. Shotguns. I've got SXS, 97s and 87s. stay with a system you have experience and feel comfortable with. Stay with 12 ga. If you are uncomfortable with recoil, there are very light loads available. Pistols. You'll end up either a SAA clone fan or a Ruger fan. Let your prejudices guide you. Won't really matter in the long run. Caliber. Stay with one of the common calibers to start. .38 spl/ .357 or .45 Colt. If you're recoil sensitive, stay with the .38 spl. KISS. Keep rifle and pistol in same caliber. You'll be reloading later and makes it easier to reload and keep track of one caliber.Learn to say .45 Colt instead of .45 Long Colt. It will save you unnecessary criticism later. Reloading. No matter what caliber you decide on, learn to reload. Buy yourself one of the better progressives. I prefer blue, but your opinion may vary. Leather. Really good leather is expensive. But you want good leather. keep your eyes open for used deals. You' find them here, on Ebay and other sites. Don't be afraid to post in the want ads here that you a re a new shooter looking for equipment. Stay with the top makers. Too many to mention here, but stay away from the cheap stuff listed on Ebay from Mexico. Costuming. You don't have to go out and but a $500 set of clothes to start. Jeans, a button down shirt, western style hat and Cowboy boots will get you started. You can find stuff at surplus stores and make your own. Extra Credit. Learn to say please and thank you. Learn new skills related to your new hobby. You can make a lot of your own stuff, whether it be gun carts, loading blocks or take up leather work and make your own holsters. Nice when you can thank someone by gifting something you made yourself. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it's not fun, why are you still here?
  11. I have two pair of Running Irons. I had a thought to maybe set one pair up with these conversions and make for cheap practice. I called Taylor's after seeing the original post. They told me it is a timing issue. They claim the kit will drop into a standard Uberti 73/Cattleman without retiming, but the short stroke guns may need to be retimed. Once retimed, it may not be a simple matter to switch them back.
  12. I stopped using Cabela's when they started advertising sales for stuff they didn't stock and wouldn't provide rain checks. I've found I can get shotgun shells at my local gun shop for just about what I can get it for online. A lot more convenient too.
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