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  1. I use a Hornady .45 ACP/.45 AR die set.
  2. A very, very thin rubber recoil pad.
  3. Cowboy .45 Spl. There will be no mistaking them for .44-40.
  4. Have been dealing with this issue too. There is a lengthy thread around here somewhere that goes into detail about what you can do to reduce exposure and reduce levels.
  5. Location, Location, Location. Yep would be interested.
  6. Would love to make a bid on these, but tapped out right now.
  7. I have backups and backups to my backups. Take the backups to matches, but not the backup to backups.
  8. Belt- Two holsters, slide that includes shotgun and 3 extra cartridges. I don't like wearing a separate shotgun belt. Small knife on the belt. Screw knife mounted to weak side holster. I wear a piece of antler as a pendant around my neck that I use to push .C45 Spec. past the carrier. Cart in addition to ammo, a small first aid kit, back up ear and eye protection, screwdriver/tool set, lubricant, squib rods emergency rations.
  9. Great information here. Thank you. As these guns were both short stroked guns, does this have any impact on the relationship between the cam and the leg?
  10. Very lucky this morning, First call to VTI and they have them. Have three of them on order.
  11. I use three. Most I've ever needed is two, if I dropped a reload.
  12. Good thought. Plenty of them for the BP guns, but not to fit the Cattelman.
  13. Don't have the other one here, but both of them broke in exactly the same place, locking up the cylinder. First one broke while dry firing. This one broke today during a match.
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