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  1. I have a S & W Model 52 (no dash) built in 1963. I've had it since about 1980. When I pick it up, it is just a part of me.
  2. I have two pairs of Taylor's Running Irons. The first pair I bought, I spent the extra money to have them "tuned?" I thought it was a waste of money. One of the guns had to go back for warranty work because of light strikes. The second set I bought I didn't waste the money on the tuning. Out of the box, I could not tell a difference. The non-tuned guns actually took less work to get in shape than the ones that were tuned. Other than this marketing ploy, I can recommend Taylor's. They always have been responsive to calls. When I needed a part two day before a match, they over-nighted it to me, no problem.
  3. I had a similar problem with my 66. I replaced the firing pin and spring. When I compare the old to the new firing pin, I noticed the old firing pin was just a fraction shorter. Not sure if the very tip was if it was just peened from use. But the new pin and spring fixed it.
  4. Sounds like Ford has bigger problems. And they can't figure out why. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/09/13/ford-2020-explorer-lincoln-aviator-delivery/2292795001/
  5. I know a couple of guys in the land o trolls. If interested in the names hit me with a pm.
  6. Have only shot WB a couple times, but I have a Taylors and a Remington R1. I've used both. I prefer the Taylors only because Mackinaw Kid worked it over for me.
  7. Notice the plastic ends to keep from marring the finish.
  8. I have two .44 Cap and Ball revolvers for sale. I bought these from a friend, to help him out. I have no use for them. If you have questions, I'll do my best to answer, though I don't have intimate knowledge of their history. If you want additional photos, please feel free to ask. Have them for sale for what I have in them. First I'll take it gets it either posted here or in PM. I'll accept either a personal check or Postal Money order. PMOs will ship immediately. A personal check will be held until it clears. Shipping to US only. #1 This is a .44 Pietta "Confederate Navy" with brass frame. $160 shipped. SPF #2 This is a .44 Armi Sam Marco navy. $130 shipped. SPF
  9. I used a golf bag for last years state match, when I was taking a whole bunch of guns. This year I built a coffin shape box. Attached wheels and handles to it so it can be moved like a dolly.
  10. First of all, welcome to our game. Before spending a dollar on equipment, try stuff out. We've all gone through this. Bought expensive stuff that didn't fit our shooting style, physic, etc. Everybody has a preference for different stuff, just... BECAUSE we are all individuals. If you are going to spend money on clothes, my most expensive purchase would be a really comfortable pair of boots. They've come a long way. For the rest of your outfit, shop swap meets, garage sales, second hand stores, or just make your own stuff. You can cut collars off of dress shirts to start. I even found a Brand New with Tag Wah Maker vest at a second hand store for $2 once. I would not start shooting C & B and gunfighter. get you feet under you first preferably with borrowed stuff, then decide what category you want to shoot. Then buy accordingly.
  11. Welcome Arizona Gunfighter.
  12. I look at this sport like I look at golf. I'm not competing against the other shooters, I'm competing against myself. I only shoot one large match every years, so I look at monthly as a mark for improvement. I set goals for myself every year. For example, my goal for myself for this year is to shoot an average of sub 30 second stages,
  13. Johnson Creek Regulators (Plymouth, MI) charge $18 for a 5 stage match. Includes lunch and a side match with the winner of the side match winning a free match.
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