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  1. I agree with you. It should not. However, I was loading the same primers, same powder and same cases. The only difference was the case lube. When I switched back to One Shot, the problem went away. My point was, don't automatically assume it was bad primers.
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. It takes 3000 repetitions to learn a fine motor skill and continued practice to maintain that skill. As I work on improving my skills, these are exactly the areas I work on.
  3. Recently I tried a new case lube because I couldn’t find the Hornady One Shot that I usually use. I was told I could use it the same way that I used the one shot. I had a high failure to fire rate with the rounds that were loaded with that case lube. So I’d say you need to do some more investigation into your total loading process.
  4. 642 used to be my go to for pocket carry. Have switched to a Beretta Pico. Smaller and carries an extra round. Several others out there similar in size to the pico.
  5. In cooperation with the Cowboy Fast Draw Club at Western Wayne County Conservation Association, The Johnson Creek Regulator's celebrated National Day of the Cowboy by inviting the public out to try our sport, as well as Cowboy Fast Draw. We provided food and entertainment as well. Fun was had by all and we think we recruited a few new Cowboys and Cowgirls.
  6. No. The Sam Browne strap that when over your shoulder and secured the front of the gunbelt to the opposite side back of the gun belt. We called them suicide straps, because in a fight, the bad guys would grab onto
  7. At the time, we had just switched from the flap holsters to a border patrol style holster. Don't remember the brand. This was in the days when you could double the seatbelt over so it just acted as a lap belt and didn't chafe your neck all shift. The belt tangled on the grip of the gun as I exited the patrol vehicle. Ripped the entire seam out of the front of the holster. Do you remember the suicide straps that went with the cross draw flap holsters?
  8. Was the passenger officer in a chase. A pair of desperadoes had been raising hell in a very quiet neighborhood on their mini bikes. The chase was on. One police car two minibikes. The minibikes split and my partner wisely decided to go after the minibike that was smoking. After a couple more blocks, the kid dumped the bike. I bailed out of the car and the foot chase was on. The kid was able to keep just about one city backyard width ahead of me. We were going over fences for a couple of minutes. I noticed that the kid was approaching a pile of firewood in front of a vertical wooden fe
  9. I had it done without anesthesia once. Never again. But it is well worth it to me.
  10. From my experience the RFAs are much less painful than the Cortisone. I walk out to the car afterwards and am good to go the next day. My relief is almost immediate but they say best relief is within a week afterwards. Cortisone never worked for me.
  11. They are called Radio Frequency Ablations (RFA). And yes, I have it done about every 10-11 months. For me there really is no down side, as it is the only thing that relieves my back pain. My back injury is inoperable. I've tried everything including cortisone injections. The RFA's are the only thing that worked. Yes, they can do them every six months, but my last about 11 months. Do not let them do without sedation (you are still awake). I had it done without sedation once during Covid and had to ask them to stop and come back and finish after they would start doing them again with sed
  12. There is a learning curve to everything. I learned from those mistakes, and don't regret making any of them. Smarter because of them, So, even though I've gone through numerous guns, I don't think I'd change a thing.
  13. I'm shooting Cowboy .45 Spl. in my Vaqueros and rifles. If you mean competitive from a recoil perspective, I'm sure someone out there can reproduce the the energy levels and tell you there is a tad more recoil in the C 45 SPL. In the real world, I don't think there is an advantage with the .38. I would even say there is a very tiny advantage with the C 45 SPL because of the larger diameter of the bullet.
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