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  1. I have Walkers and have had no problems with them. Over the ear are usually better at sound suppression than in the ear. When I was working at the indoor range, I'd wear foam plugs and over the ear both.
  2. I had progressive lenses put in my shooting glasses. Same as my regular glasses. Only took a while working with my Optometrist. If memory serves me correctly, they had to move the prescription up in the lens a bit, so it was easier to make the adjustment.
  3. She's given me a several. Many years ago, my first muzzle loader, a T/C Hawken kit for Christmas; another Christmas, she gave me a Savage .17 HMR and when I retired the first time, she gave me a Citori Feather for a retirement gift.
  4. Just my .02. If I post something for sale, it is because I don't have a need for that item and the sooner I can sell it, the sooner I can invest that money in an item I have a use for. I set what I think is a fair price. I don't care who says "I'll take it" first. The sooner the transaction is completed, the sooner I can move on to the item I have a use for. Maybe I set my prices too low, but I've never been contact by someone wanting to wheel and deal on a price.
  5. Message sent. Let me know what you want to do.
  6. Maap gas torch. Hotter than propane. Melt it into a biscuit tin.
  7. Cool.. Except the selling rig for beer part. Seriously. that's great. I will be putting in an application for the Indiana State match too.
  8. I understand that the campsites are dry. Is there a location close by to dump waste? If I want to drive my tow along home for a couple days of work, could I leave my RV on site until I get back?
  9. Big misconception that 20 ga. has less recoil than 12 ga. 12 ga. lite loads plus extra weight on the 12 ga. equal less felt recoil.
  10. One tip when using an inertia puller. Take that little powdered metal thingamabob held together with a O-ring and throw it out. Us a shell holder instead. Faster and easier.
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