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  1. Wake up, wander into the bathroom. Return to bed. Fall back asleep.
  2. I always start with my left and finish with my right (Alternating L/R). I can only think of one occasion where I changed this and that was a situation where the pistol targets were spread out over 90 degrees over about a 30 yard sweep. The layout caused you to have to significantly rotate at the waist. I still started on the left, but engaged the first 5 targets with the left pistol duelist. This brought me to the targets on my right, which were engaged with the right pistol duelist. It kept me from having to continuously having to cross over.
  3. I believe this is the approach that you are going to be seeing anti-second amendmenters are going to use. Can't go after the guns, so go after the ammunition. Is the ammunition industry being proactive in finding a reasonable alternative? Should we as an organization be proactive in our rules so that we are able to quickly overcome such prohibitions?
  4. By any chance if you look at all of the pieces of slightly deformed brass, is the scratch in about the same place? Wondering if as the case is being extracted if it isn't contact the top of the chamber causing a slight deformation to the case. If so, I don't think it would be a problem unless it is binding.
  5. Derringer Jack. First, love the alias. Welcome to the friendliest shooting sport. Before you do anything else, hook up with a SASS/CAS club near you. Guaranteed, someone there will take you under their wing and help you get started. A single action in .45 Colt is fine. All of my pistols are .45 Colt. Sure you can use a .44 mag rifle, but you'll want to load down a bit and lead bullets are a must. Most likely, the club you start with will help you get started. Once you've met a few people, you'll be surprised at the deals that seem to pop up on guns and equipment.
  6. Thanks Widder. Appreciate being added to the Jedi GFs. Hope I can continue to live up to the expectations. Special thanks to Slow Gin Ricky for the nomination.
  7. Sarge

    1970s Fads

    8 Track tape players. Great thing was they were a loop, so if you were ahem, busy, you didn't have to put in a new tape.
  8. In my experience, either at the end of the trial or in some cases, one of the Attorneys may ask if the witness may be dismissed. If there is agreement between the attorneys and the judge orders, the witnessed is dismissed. To recall the witness would require the witness to be re-subpoenaed. I've seen this for example when a witness is brought in from out of state and has to catch a flight out or the Prosecutor knows an officer is leaving town on vacation when the officer is done testifying.
  9. It would be easier to answer if you asked how many sets of Cowboy guns do you own.
  10. Sarge

    One word Alias

    My alias is derived from a nickname bestowed upon me by my hockey playing brethren.
  11. Might be more economical to throw it instead of shoot it.;)
  12. Just my .02. I thought the cinematography was excellent. Certainly showed the effects of war. But I can only watch so much of guys running through ditches, er I mean trenches. Yeah, I think the storyline could have used a boost. Was expecting something to change when he ran into the young woman and the baby. Then we were back to running again.
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