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  1. I enjoyed it. I thought it was well done. Dutch
  2. My wife sent me this picture today from some Mule Deer group she’s in on the Internet. Anybody know that what model rifle this is? I had no clue and asked my brother and he said he thought it was a Remington model 14 or 141. Curious, Dutch
  3. I actually saw it first on Facebook but it was an NRA post.
  4. There is a running joke with my buddy Montana Max. Probably 10 years ago when we met and he asked me “Does your brother also shoot Classic Cowboy?” My immediate response, “No, he’s just a Wrangler.” I”ll never live it down. Classic is the perfect category for me. Dutch
  5. Well, for our monthly matches, I just use Excel. Unfortunately, we are down to less than 40 shooters each month so it is not time consuming. I made a template and simply make a new spreadsheet for each match. I use Excel a lot for work so this was a natural extension of it for me. For our annual match, the Mason Dixon Stampede, we use the SASS system. Dutch
  6. Here’s my brother JB Sledge with his moose taken with an original 1886. 140 years old I believe it is. Dutch
  7. My Buddy Wild Bill Diamond was on the cover of the NRA store magazine shooting a Henry. He put a lot of rounds through it that day and while it’s not a gun I would recommend for CAS, he did not experience any problems with it. Dutch
  8. Par Timer Pro is the app I use and it is in the App Store. I just double checked.
  9. For dry fire I’ve started using the App Par Pro on my phone. Works just as well as a timer. As for timers, I like the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro. Dutch
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