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  1. You are absolutely correct. You do not crowd the posse in front of you nor do you let the posse behind you crowd you. Very bad behavior, IMO. I DO NOT let my posse do it and I will not tolerate someone from the posse behind us putting their guns on the loading table until we are leaving the stage. Dutch
  2. Lat time I flew with guns, I used my State Farm agent and had no issues. That was 7 years ago though. Dutch
  3. Yes, I thought it was very well done and enjoyed it tremendously. Dutch
  4. It’s very flattering to be mentioned for this. Thank you to everyone that thinks I would be deserving of this. Best, Dutch
  5. OMG, Scarlett had her bullhorn at EOT. LMAO! Dutch
  6. He shot a great match AND won all 3 speed pistol sidematches and the double barrel shotgun sidematch. He’s an amazing shooter and a heck of a nice guy. Dutch
  7. He ate 9 in his rifle and still won. I’d say he has a pretty good grip on that class. Captain Understatement Dutch
  8. Thank you everyone. Deuce, Lassiter and Carty put together a fantastic match! Paradise Pass is a great shooting location. Everyone involved in the match should be very proud of what they accomplished. Best, Dutch
  9. And a heck of a nice guy. Congratulations Stoney. Dutch
  10. Congratulations Waimea!
  11. Sue, My brother and sister-in-law were on the list and got called and are coming. I know of another person that was called but told them they had made other plans. IMO, they’re doing all they can. Dutch
  12. https://310forge.square.site/ Mike Kahil in Texas made this push dagger I bought from him. His stuff is top notch.
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