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  1. Originally a standard rifle with a 24” barrel. Barrel cut to 18 1/2”, rifle buttstock replaced with carbine butt and had hand checkering added to the buttstock and forearm. Cowboys and Indian 3rd gen shortstroke with action work done by Colorado Coffinmaker. It’s a good fast gun. It was my match gun for several years, became my backup when I got a ‘73 and now it’s a backup to my backup since I got a Winchester ‘73 with a Cowboy Carty action job. The white in the pictures is just hand chalk. I’ve included a clip of me running 10 snap caps through it. $1,100 plus shipping. Thanks for looking, Dutch IMG_2316.MOV
  2. As others have said, complete BS call. Where's the MD?
  3. No box, but like new in box. 45-70, 22 inch round tapered barrel, shotgun buttplate, half magazine, high polish receiver and barrel bluing. Uncheckered walnut stock and forearm. Tang safety. $1,150, plus shipping
  4. Slick, I live in Sterling, just a little over 30 minutes from Arlington and the office where I work is in DC. I think you already have my cell number. If not, PM me. Dutch
  5. Black bears will attack. My niece’s husband was charged several years ago at dusk during the PA deer season. He is experienced in the woods but the bear charged him and he had to kill it. Th killing was investigated by the PA Game Commission and no charges were filed. I only tell this story because I know it’s a true instance where a black bear attacked and without a firearm who knows what could have happened. Dutch
  6. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/orderId/1518446/productId/77525 This is says they have it in stock.
  7. Have you tried here? https://www.venturamunitions.com/ventura-heritage-45-60-wcf-305gr-rnfp-ammo-20-rounds/
  8. As stated. They've been through the tumbler but not through the sizing die. $130, shipping included. First, I'll take it. Dutch
  9. Hand forged “Dutch” Bowie from 310 Forge. Check his work out. Dutch
  10. Just checked an entire case and 25, 10%, stuck in the gauge. That’s just awful. Dutch
  11. Nope. No exposed hammer. Any side-by-side or single shot shotgun typical of the period from approximately 1860 until 1899 with or without external hammers, having single or double triggers is allowed. Automatic ejectors are allowed on single shot break action, lever, and pump action shotguns ONLY. Side-by-side shotguns may not use automatic ejectors. Lever action, tubular feed, exposed hammer shotguns of the period are allowed, whether original or replicas. The only slide action shotgun allowed is the Model 1897 Winchester shotgun, whether original or replica. Certain shooting categories require a specific type of shotgun and ammunition to be used. Military configurations are not allowed (i.e., trench guns). Please see the shooting categories for additional regulations.
  12. Not something that got used much, but here's my brother JB Sledge using an original '73 carbine that was made in 1876 or '77. Dutch 73 Carbine in action.mp4
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