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  1. My Buddy Wild Bill Diamond was on the cover of the NRA store magazine shooting a Henry. He put a lot of rounds through it that day and while it’s not a gun I would recommend for CAS, he did not experience any problems with it. Dutch
  2. Bummer, but certainly understandable.
  3. Par Timer Pro is the app I use and it is in the App Store. I just double checked.
  4. For dry fire I’ve started using the App Par Pro on my phone. Works just as well as a timer. As for timers, I like the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro. Dutch
  5. Looks like congratulations are in order for Sage Chick. Best wishes, Dutch
  6. Since you don’t like a SG belt, I would suggest trying a bandolier. Below is a picture of the Tupelo Bando, IMO the best one I’ve seen for CAS. Dutch
  7. Hi Dan, Yes, it has a pistol grip stock. Dutch
  8. Stock Browning B-SS 12 ga. with 28 inch barrels. Engraved boxlock action, auto ejectors, checkered pistol grip walnut stock, beavertail forearm made in Japan by Miroku. This is one of the top doubles for CAS. This gun is used and has what I consider normal wear. The pictures I've included were selected to show that. $950 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Dutch
  9. I hope so. I just went and watched some videos of Landrun on YouTube. Looks like a great place.
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