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  1. I've sorted by posse in this one. POSSES_AS_OF_9_15 Dutch.pdf
  2. The posse email went out last night. POSSES_AS_OF_9_15.pdf
  3. They work great. IF you put the time in. Good luck, Dutch IMG_0479.MOV
  4. Sixgun Seamus and Silverlocks! Congratulations!! We want to thank everyone that submitted a nomination this year, we really appreciate your support. Thank you, The Magnificent 7 Pony Soldier, Major Art Tillery, Hot Tamale, GW Ryder, Dutch Coroner, Serenity and Augustus Goodnight
  5. A long time ago I saw an ad for a new rifle from Weatherby that would be chambered in 250 Savage. I wanted that gun. Turns out they never actually produced it.
  6. My organization, the Council of Chief State School Officers awarded her our Distinguished Service award for this work. CCSSO is the membership organization for the state superintendents of education. The person responsible for k-12 education in the state.
  7. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Jaws.
  8. On my first trip to EOT in 2014, two of the guys I made the trip with were on the line, TO and shooter. Shooter is moving L to R and has his first pistol out, whack, his foot hits something and down he goes in a cloud of dust, does not break the 170 and the holstered pistol stays in the holster. His pard looks down at him, holding the timer and says “You’re good!” And then in a real deep authoritative voice yells “GET UP!” Pard scampers up and finishes the stage clean. :-)
  9. BTT This is the last week for nominations. Thank you to everyone that has nominated someone.
  10. Here you go. Unfortunately, 2008 and 2009 are not on the list, so here is 2007, 2010 -2012 3rd in 2011 and 5th in 2012 as a Senior, yeah, you were in your prime. :-) EOT Top 16 2007 2010 - 2012.docx
  11. My curiosity got the better of me tonight, so I put this spreadsheet together that shows the Top 16 shooters at End of Trail for the last 10 years, 2013 - 2023. I just find it interesting, the consistency of some shooters, some that are able to transcend some of the different challenging categories like Gunfighter, Duelist, and Frontier Cartridge and some that prove that age is just a number. EOT Top 16 2013 - 2023.pdf
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