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  1. Well, I’m assuming that there will be an FFL around or I can leave the Schofields at home.
  2. Crossroads has their scores up. Nothing on the SE Regional site yet.
  3. Thinking I’ll bring a pair of Schofields in 45 Colt and a pair in 44 Russian. The Russians have 3 1/2” barrels and the 45s are 5” Also will bring a set of holsters for the Russians and an Ol Short Tom rig from Murphy Custom Gunleather that I used with the 5”ers. It’s a great rig. Dutch
  4. For me, it’s when I have shooters say: “Great match, great stages!”
  5. Was dealing with the LGS one time he said, "Do we have a deal? "Yep, as long as you give me one of your hats." I got the hat and the rifle.
  6. Here's a video of the one JB Sledge made for the Mason Dixon Stampede a couple of years ago. video-1565374219.mp4
  7. 1886 carbine in 45-70. SAA 5 1/2 in 45 or maybe a 1911
  8. Pegged my BIL, sure enough coffee snob.
  9. Congratulations to Tombstone Coty and Sunshine Marcie for being the top man and lady at the 20th Anniversary Mason Dixon Stampede! Coty was the top overall shooter and he did it in a shoot-through on Saturday in the heat and humidity, the heat index was around 100! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for coming and having fun with us. Dutch and the Mason Dixon Stampede Committee Mason Dixon Stampede 2022 - Mason Dixon Stampede 2022 (8_5_22 - 8_7_22)_ Overall Winners by Time.pdf
  10. The Magnificent Seven are proud to announce that the winners of the 2022 Classic Cowboy and Classic Cowgirl Shootists are: Whiskey Hayes and Ruby Red Rider! Congratulations!! We want to thank everyone that submitted a nomination this year, we really appreciate your support. Thank you, The Magnificent 7 Pony Soldier, Major Art Tillery, Hot Tamale, GW Ryder, Dutch Coroner, Serenity and Augustus Goodnight
  11. Nearly impossible is correct. Let my brother try one of my Schofields one day. Shooting two handed, he pulls it out rips his thumb across the latch and hammer and plop, it opened up. LOL. First and last time he ever tried to shoot one. Never had it happen to me me in the almost 10 years that I used them, including a huge amount of dry firing. YMMV, Dutch
  12. Many thanks! Ordered some SP and SG for a pard.
  13. BTT Two weeks left to get in your nomination for Classic Cowboy and Cowgirl of the Year!
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