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  1. +1 for extra pickup tubes. I also really like the Uniquetek primer bar support plate and their light that goes down the center hole in the toolhead. I use Garrison Joe's method 1a except I place cases in a 50 round tray, dip the charges then place them back in station three with a bullet in batches of 50 or 100. Imis
  2. Lucky I run a 550. If you have questions call me. Imis
  3. It does not, never did and never will. Still it remains a fair description of our merry band. Imis
  4. Early on I had a 94 in .45. After a couple of matches I broke the ears off the locking lug. Win. repaired it under warranty and after assuring myself it was repaired I traded for a 92. And from there I went to a 73. The 73 is much better suited to our game, the others are workable if you dont try to run them as fast as you can.
  5. Should the New Madrid fault let go. Middle Tennessee will be oceanfront property. Wartrace is only an easy hour south of Nashville. We would be happy to have you here. Imis
  6. I have in my possession some of the last "Insane Clown" loads from a former SASS shooter who shall remain nameless. They are .45C, loaded over smokeless, he said BP did not work well. They are named, Cracklers and Thunder balls, for rifle, Shooting stars, Fireballs and Mad dogs, for pistols. No 12 ga. I know for a fact that some contain Roman Candle balls and will ignite straw and hay easily and repeatedly. Pyrotechnic loads are no longer allowed at Wartrace. Imis
  7. It was like that the morning I was born in the Old St Joseph Hospital in KC, 72 years ago. Or so I am told. Imis (Glad you are doing well)
  8. Cant find it on their page. I guess it isnt Feb 17 yet Imis
  9. Last paid move I had the movers would not take guns or ammo. Imis
  10. I got to shoot several different arms today , tested some ammo and saw friends. What could be better. But just to stay in character Get off the Lawn Imis
  11. Back in the 80s a younger friend did his income tax for the first time. When it was figured up he owed $1.01. He wrote them a check. If it had been less than a dollar it would have been forgiven. He was POed. Ah, the good old days Imis
  12. My offer of 7 camels and 3 chickens was declined Imis
  13. I used to shoot with a fellow who had a compact .45 acp Kimber, dont know the exact model. After about 1100 - 1200 round it suddenly would not reliably feed any type ammo. He talked to the factory, they told him to replace the recoil spring every 800 -1000 rounds. Neither of us thought that was acceptable. I would not buy a Kimber based on that info. Imis
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