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  1. Tires are a bit small for offpavement, but the price is right Imis
  2. Looks like the new G2 in 12 ga or 20 ga would be fine. I have a Sharptail I love. Imis
  3. It may be a bit smaller than your current residence. Start dejunking now! Imis and congrats
  4. Age and treachery will always win over youth and vigor. Dang young pups. Imis who shoots ES for the last two years
  5. I bought a 2016 Nissan Frontier two years ago and installed one from Bak. I have been very happy with it. One of my cowboy pards bought a new Ford PU last year and it had the identical manufacture, but mot model obviously, cover on it, with the Ford logo. I got it at a local truck accessory shop, they had a huge variety of styles and brands to choose from. Mine was just shy of $1k with Tn tax and a modest install fee. While not entirely water tight it comes close. I would buy another. Imis
  6. I would be interested and am probably close enough for a ftf sale. Please PM me Imis
  7. I just upgraded my bench with a steel organizer, Item 2KEJ9 from WWGrainger. Look it up it is great and reasonable in price. Imis
  8. In the absence of the Alliant powders, have you tried/is it available to you in Australia, the Shooters World Clean Shot. I am using it in all my SASS calibers and 12 ga. 3 gr in.38/.357 cowboy loads behind a 125 rnfp, 4.4 gr behind a 200 in .45c, .44sp or .45acp and 14.4 in 12ga with 7/8 oz of #7 1/2. It may be an alternative. Imis
  9. No caffiene for me, but...I am punny. Now go get yourself a good hat and i will see you in Wartrace down the line. Imis
  10. I ran my 02 IAC Norinco today and it was flawless. Me , not so much. I paid a little extra for it as it was identified as "Fourth Generation", better wood and blueing and possibly better metallurgy when bought from LGS dealer in 03. I like it. Imis
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