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  1. I am a little confused. Is the slide over the buckle considered not conforming to the body? Does the belt have to be worn backwards, or the buckle offset from center, to meet the criteria? I see the OP picture slide over loops and recognize that as not allowed. Imis
  2. Now they would throw him out for bad attitude, not fit for military service, alcoholism... Imis
  3. Very nice cart. And umbrella. My first cart had a 9 foot umbrella, it weighed enough the wind never tipped it over. The problem? It weighed so much...56 pounds empty. I have since downsized, but then I do have a hat/umbrella. Anyway I like your cart Imis
  4. When I acknowledged I was crazy I became a little less crazy. Imis ( my bladder causes crazy dreams)
  5. I once have a Plant Manager tell me(supervisor)when asked about helping a struggling supervisor, "The reason we dont train our supervisors is so they wont know how poorly we manage" Imis
  6. If I am not welcome to open carry I may still have reason to enter such an establishment, but I may still be carrying. I will not pull my piece to stop a robbery, only to stop an active shooter. If a company doesnt care about my rights I sure dont care about their profits. Imis
  7. Granny will take that shoe off and smack you upside da head... Imis
  8. Second dibs imis (Ya need a second in the off-chance somebody gets Clintoned)
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