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  1. I load on Dillons so I cant help you there, sorry Imis
  2. Since your friend has experience with reloading caution him about using only full flat nose bullets. Blackwater had some with about a .015 cone which led to a magazine detonation, this gun is designed in a way that make this slightly more likely to happen. Not fun, dangerous and expensive to fix. Imis
  3. Based on Scarlett's page and her recommendation I went with 14.1 of CS, Gray CB wads, Win 209, and 7/8 oz of #7 1/2 in STS hulls. Jersey Bratt likes the moderate recoil, I like the ease of loading. win-win EDIT- I started using CS for 38/357 cowboy loads when my then go-to powder became no longer available. I have since expanded use to ,44 sp and mag cowboy loads, .45c, .45acp and even 9mm, plus 12 ga Imis
  4. All these things taken into consideration, I am less accurate when I am shooting. Imis
  5. Army, and I am used to mud and water, but thanks for the upgrade Imis
  6. It is great that he was able to help them,...but I would be willing to bet his first thought was "are there crayons under there?" Imis
  7. The state of Tennessee has state certified, independent riders schools. Take the 2 day course, pass the written work and demonstrate to the school you are proficient and the state waives the driving portion. You must still pass the state's written portion. A mc license from another state serves the same purpose. Imis
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