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  1. We be dere Imis we ate at Millers this evening, it was not busy, still a lot of folks doing curbside
  2. I know that the one I drove some in Vietnam had one, as did most other heavy wheeled, cargo vehicles. Imis
  3. My SO dragged me to Dicks (how appropriate) this weekend and they had no Firearms Dept. I knew they quit selling black guns , but not all types. Dont miss that chain. Imis
  4. What this country needs is a good dose of Twelve Steps. Unfortunately nobody starts the recovery process until that individual become "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired". Then begins a long process of release of control. accepting something "larger" than ourselves and personal inventory. When we admit to ourselves and somebody else all the crap we have done, and asked that Larger something for help, we must try to make things we have done right. Then we take time to look at ourselves daily and do it again tomorrow. I dont believe we as a Nation are to that point yet. We are not sick and tired of our own actions, we can surely point out the actions of others, which makes them resentful and often aggressive. One of the most influential people in my recovery told me I should pray for anyone I have a problem with, not to fix the problem, but for their benefit and health. That has been tough at times. I continue to do so. Imis praying for us all
  5. I believe that would be the ramp or notch that the index pawl works in. A fancier name , I dunno. Imis
  6. Politicians- Everybodies enemy Imis
  7. Where is the smudge from rifle brass? Imis (He listened when I said go get yourself a good hat!)
  8. I have always loved maps. Google Earth is something i can play with at home on those days I cant get out. I have looked at every house and neighbor hood I ever lived in and lots of places I would like to go to. But a paper map is special Imis
  9. WHO is makin all that damn noise? That grumpy enough for you? Nap time Imis
  10. Opal669 You have gotten some great advice, from some of the most knowledgeable folks in our sport. Since you have some reloading experience, and with multiple shooters. I believe a progressive is in order. I load on a Dillon 550. I actually prefer it to the more upscale presses because it does not have auto-indexing. In the event of a problem on an auto-indexing machine you now have problems on each station. This can be vexing and even dangerous for the inexperienced. Without auto-indexing you can usually fix the single problem and move on. There are advantages to machines with more stations but this issue outweighs the advantages for me. The Square Deal is a fine machine, I own two,but it also auto-indexes. We have had strong words in times past. Plus 1 on Bullets by Scarlett for bullets and powder...and hugs. She is the best. Welcome to the game, my ex calls it Cowboy Heroin. Imis
  11. Yeah but Hangtree asked nice like. I wanted Imis Skuda-Zamile but the nice lady at SASS had trouble getting the joke so I shortened it. The intentional misspelling of the last name is a nod to my former inebriated state. Imis
  12. Wont take criminals long to zero in on gridlocked cars with unarmed passengers. Great move Chicago Imis
  13. yes Imis (you asked for opinions) How come nobody asks where I got my alias?
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