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  1. I bought 3k of Federal sp last week at Sportsmans Warehouse for $23.95/k. They had them at opening on Monday , the rest were gone by noon. Imis Maybe if I had paid more I could guarantee a higher finish in the matches
  2. I appear to have passed over the golf cart dressed out like a covered wagon as well. Imis
  3. Have yall considered starting now for next year? Oh, the work already has. I was talking about the lying and cowpie tossing. My reputation remains unsullied. Imis
  4. Welcome to the game Pistols-check Rifle-check Shotgun- in study phase Hat-get a really good one Leather- study phase Guncart- under consideration Ammo supply- Purchase or reload, decision pending Training- future consideration Mentor- assessing availability New Friends- Guaranteed, hopeful Local club availability- under study Fun factor- steadily rising System engaged- prepare for launch Prioritys Hat then everything else Imis did I mention a hat?
  5. If I had Alpo's dream, I would have to visit the "little" room about the time my butt hit the pavement. My sleeping brain uses dreams to induce me to do things that I do not want to do, in the middle of the night. I almost never remember the dream later. Imis
  6. Once you see the hills surrounding the range you wont want to look at anything else. Imis
  7. If you have to make an excuse you just do NOT understand the concept of fun Imis
  8. I went into the local Sportsmans Warehouse last Monday at opening and they had 15K Fed SP primers. I bought 3K at $23.95/k. I is happy. the rest were gone by lunch. Imis
  9. I have been shooting SASS for over 18 years and have seen no need to case trim. I shoot .38, .357, .44 and .45. Imis
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