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  1. 200 gr swc or rnfp, 20 gr of 4227, mag case, LPP or LPM= about 1000 fps/stout enough for bowling pins and reasonable accuracy. 200gr rnfp and 4.4 gr of cleanshot, LPP gives a mild. accurate cowboy load. I also have a 200gr JHP load that will shoot in under 4 inches at 100 yards if you do your part-loud, abusive and 1700+/- fps. Not for the faint at heart. Imis
  2. We will be there. JB will not be shooting, she hates cold weather. Imis
  3. In my early teens, I delivered newspapers in Colorado, on a bike 4 months a year and a sled 8 months a year. After 60 years I have finally gotten warm. I am not going back. Imis
  4. How much wood could a Ford truck chuck , if a Ford truck could chuck wood? Imis
  5. One of the last matches I shot at Possum Trot was 17F and blowing snow down the firing line, Blackwater shot in shirtsleeves. He claimed not to be cold. I dont get it. Imis
  6. Good idea! I use the pans under my 550 and 900. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate that in a setup on a metal office desk. Thanks Imis
  7. Talk to your leathermaker, try on any loadbearing belts( for other type of pistols) that you have, ask to try others leather after a match, be willing to adjust for expansion as we age. As for alias- be creative and dont expect any alias from films or literature will be available. Use some family name or pun. Imis (yes I have seen myself shoot)
  8. My RCBS made by Ohaus still operates like new. Go to their website us.ohaus.com and request a quote. Imis
  9. Make it light, make it modular, make it adaptable, make it stable when it has long guns in it . Be willing to rethink it after some experience moving it around. Did I mention make it light in weight? My first homemade cart weighed 56 pounds empty because I had a sheet of 3/4" marine plywood handy. It took down to three pieces and was relatively easy to load in the back of my station wagon, twenty years ago. Mine now is steel tubing made commercially 15 years ago and no longer sold. It weighs about 30 pounds and has a removable storage box that I can sit on. Make it light- See Sedalia Dave's reply Imis
  10. A simple two wheel dolly with something to restrain long guns from falling over, most folks are a little skittish about being swept by guns in the cart area. Imis
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