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  1. I load 2.7 gr of Solo 1000 in 38 and 357, behind a 125 rnfp, Fed sp primers and crimped in the groove. I only bother since my 73 likes the 357 length for feeding and Jersey Bratt's 94M wont hold 10 of 357 length. I can interchange the ammo in pistols and not tell by recoil or POI which case length I am shooting. Both loads come in low but legal on PF and are easy on the hands, ears and nerves. Imis
  2. There, their, they're..don't be upset. Imis
  3. Welcome You have the guns, now go get yourself a good hat. Imis It aint far to TN, come on over
  4. Go for it . I regret every match I have not attended and not a single one where I have shot. Go everywhere you possibly can and shoot, big and small. We will be looking for you at the TN State. Imis
  5. I had an old half breed blood hound that had the softest ears you ever came in contact with. He lived for ear rubs and naps, "after 30 years I still grieve" Imis
  6. Rip through pistols, Great no misses. Rip through riffle ,a little slower but ok and again no misses. Grab for nonexistant shotgun shells. Can I take my 15 second time and no misses since i didnt actually fire the shotgun? Yep some jawing was involved for me.
  7. I wondered how long it would take for a cat to say "So what?" Imis, liking the new alias and pix
  8. It is St Paddy's day. I think I will put on green drawers and show everybody today. Jabez is in Uganda, Jersey Bratt is in Florida and i am in a state of confusion. But that is nothing new for a Grumpy Old Man With Guns. Imis get off the weeds
  9. I had a Rossi 92 in brass and stainless, .45c. It ran fast and very smooth, I sold it when i wanted a 73 that didnt really make me faster. I wish i had the 92 back, it sure was pretty. Imis good to know they are coming back
  10. Toooooooooooooooooooooooooo much time on our hands. Check the Wordy Words thread Imis
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