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  1. I will be there, nonshooting. Judi is going to shoot. Imis
  2. I will attest that TW may or may not have a ballerina tuutoo and sparkley shoes for Gerta his pet chicken. Imis
  3. I dont know, I dont care, It dont matter. Imis (NOT my fault)
  4. I had an operation on my leg early enough that I will be fully mobile by KY State. But Im saving it for an excuse if I dont do well. And I know TN Tombstone will do an excellent job with the timer, for us all. Imis
  5. I am very glad Schoolmarm and that thug are doing well. Actually I am ecstatic. And Im improving too. Thank you all for prayers for all of us. Family helps. Imis
  6. Welcome to the game. Read Captain Baylors book all the way through at least once, if you dont like making unneccessary purchases. you are in a great location for CAS. Imis
  7. Since it is an unofficial category local clubs use their own rules, Cody Dixon is too. Imis
  8. You have already been given some great information from some very experienced CAS shooters. Now dont spend another dime until you have been to a couple of matches, shot your guns with mild loads and met a bunch of great folks. My ex called it Cowboy Heroin. Imis
  9. We allow a sixth loaded cartridge to be inserted after the beep. We very seldom have more than six SG targets, but if we do, reload. JW is my game, im not fast but it sure is fun. Imis
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