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  1. Its a lot easier to loosen them up than to tighten back.Unless they have some type of adjustability, few do. They will loosen some with time. It will also depend on the level of fit and finish you paid for, less expensive ones tend to go floppy after a year or two of use, on a monthly basis. Imis
  2. We bought a sleep number about two years before a divorce, she kept the bed. I got a better sleep partner. But I did like that bed. Imis
  3. Welcome....now go get yourself a good hat. Imis buy lots of guns and gear
  4. Welcome...now go get yourself a good hat Imis
  5. I own both Dewalt and Milwaukee. Also some Snap-on. When one of the batteries for Snap-on died they wanted over $100 for a replacement. batteries plus rebuilt it fot $40. It has lasted 4 years, about what the original did. Batteries are the problem repeatedly, and they tend to redesign them jusy enough that they wont work from one generation of tools to the next. I try to buy corded when i can, not a lot of change in 120V. Imis
  6. I told mine to "Sit", It did Imis
  7. Im taking a DNF and going on to the next stage. Imis PWB for sainthood, all in favor say aye
  8. I shoot shotgun targets with a Super Blackhawk in .44, in the Josey Wales category with no problems , either BP or smokeless. Wish I had a pair of .44 mag pistols to play with. Imis Reloading makes all things(almost) possible
  9. I met a relative of Nat Love in Nashville several years ago. Nat Love was born in Davidson County(now nashville) in 1854. Imis both interesting guys
  10. Our cat likes to come in the bedroom at 2AM and scream. We have decided she operates on London time and wants breakfast. Imis
  11. I used to sober up on orange juice and Oreos- Rehydrate and add suger. Did it work,Idunno Imis
  12. I absolutely do not think so... Imis
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