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    Cowboy shooting, Model railroad, local history. Old cars and trucks

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  1. Slewfoot, Welcome to SASS . I am also a Tennessean. Come to Wartrace for the TN State to watch, there will be lots of vendors there also. Imis
  2. I had a ASM 1860 many years ago, not very well made. It may be doable. Not sure I would bother. Imis
  3. Yes sir Freedom Bird 2/17/1972 Danang Imis Oh and I retired in Sept 2016
  4. You are all the gamiest bunch of sports I have been around in quite some time. Imis
  5. Line from The Big Chill "I was in Montreal at the time." The statute of limitations has run out on most of that stuff and she cant provide a witness on the rest. Imis
  6. Aint going there, aint going there, aint going there...... Imis
  7. Could we be ambidextrious? inquiring minds want to know Imis
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