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  1. In the words of Danny Glover's character in Silverado "That ain't right" Imis
  2. Eileen Welcome. Please avail yourself of the many years of collective knowledge available here. And get yourself a good hat Imis and dont listen to a word that Tyrell Cody utters, he is a notorious ner-do-well
  3. Reminds me of the evening Fat Albert came back from a window peeping expedition with a pair of size 60 ladies undergarments that trapped him in a clothesline while being chased out of someones back yard. Our parties happened at a house 4 of our buddies rented. it is a miracle any of us graduated. Imis
  4. Just dont spank her for ANYTHING Imis I spilled some no7 1/2 shot this afternoon
  5. Jabez There seems be a shortage of redheads around the South this year. My blond has several redhead kids and grands, they dont shoot. We do. I been liking trains since I was about 4 feet tall. Never worked for them though. That had to have been interesting, boring, crazy all at the same time.. Gonna mow again today then shoot this sat. Yall be well, well off my lawn Imis
  6. Hope he recovers from this and becomes a first rate ballplayer or whatever he wants to do. Imis
  7. 40 years of being a Forklift mechanic beat up my hands and wrists. I started out shooting .45 seventeen years and went to 38 after about 3-4 years. My hands will last a little longer because of it. But I liked .44 mag, 200 grJHP at about 1700fps back in the day. Now, not so much. In a game that requires this much ammo, cost of reloads for .38 vs .44-45 is not a huge consideration for me. Imis
  8. As SDJ has pointed out, I would be honored if you would join me in the Bad Example category for a time. Imis
  9. So 40 Rod. What ya have is a bunch of real helpful people being not very helpful, but with great intentions. We just wanna help! I was a forklift mechanic, I can be of NO help. Let us know if ya get this sorted out, we will suggest it to the next person with an unusual request. Imis
  10. Well, no. Actually they should have a LOT of water ,on one side. Imis
  11. Have to- no. Easier-Yes Variety-style points- priceless, oh yes And get yourself a good hat Imis
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