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  1. 128! and they didn't take me when I went down to enlist. I reckon the doctor that sent me home figured he'd sent enough young men to the meat grinder! It was only an ugly superficial laceration that showed 25 stitches in the scar tissue. 48 years later, you can't even find the scar!!
  2. I saw one show last week where he missed the first Daily Double with around $6,000 and about half that in the lead. He went to Zero and before the first round was over, he'd caught back up and when Double Jeopardy started, he just steadily pulled away. He could crack $1,000,000.00 today if he has a good day!! What was the Final Jeopardy answer that ended Ken Jennings' run??
  3. We shouldn't stoop to his level, although I have NO idea how any one of us could get that low!!!
  4. Prayers outgoing! Peace and comfort to his friends and family.
  5. He’d better find a reliable source for body bags. There are a lot of good folks out there who won’t stand for his shenanigans!! Making law abiding citizens into criminals is NOT a good idea!! Some might just decide, “What the HELL!!” Not that I would condone threatening violence, lawlessness, or retaliation, but I’m pretty sure that I know a good many people who would feel this way. That’s just an observation from my vantage point in the rocking chair on my front porch...
  6. Sounds to me like California could use a modern version of TVA!! I’m not advocating a run over everything blitz of natural habitats and such, but a scientific plan of water management would likely alleviate much of the wildfire and mudslide problem that California has sadly become famous for. It might not only help prevent disasters, but would likely boost employment numbers and the economy of the crappy, dilapidated infrastructure of the area, as described by several individuals who’ve fled California!! They blame the situation on the “misguided tree huggers” that dominate state politics. It might also reduce the state’s reliance on water imported from other states!! OH! YEAH!!! Great tree!!
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