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  1. The Taurus 450 DOES exist!! It’s a great shooter and mine shoots Hodgdon Critical Defense smoothly and accurately. Mine doesn’t have the ported barrel, so it’s way better in low light/no light situations, (I’ve shot both) and muzzle flip isn’t bad. NO!! It’s NOT for sale!!
  2. As to terms of probation, it depends on what the sentencing judge says is appropriate. Probation can be either supervised or unsupervised at the judge’s discretion or by statute.
  3. A piece of legislation that was illegally crammed through the state congress and so obviously the product of improper and conspiritorial action is blatantly unconstitutional, not only on the level of violating the US Constitution, but also on the state constitution level shouldn’t even need to have a restraining order! It SHOULD be immediately declared unconstitutional and removed from any possibility of enforcement! Those who are responsible should be censured and charged criminally for their actions and for conspiring to do so!
  4. In the words of the comedian, Sinbad, “Rap? Did someone leave the ‘C’ offa’ that?”
  5. AT LEAST IT AIN’T LIZZO!! I won’t watch the halftime show anyway, but the game has potential!!
  6. I managed to shave my face a couple of times with a straight razor. I tried it just to see if I could and didn’t remove any important facial features. When I shaved, back in the days when I kept clean shaven, I used an adjustable Gillette double edged safety razor. I kept it around to trim my beard/mustache until I quit doing that too. Haven’t shaved at all in thirty or more years. Don’t know where that old razor got off to. I ain’t had the urge shave in longer than I can remember. Forty!! Hope your ear grows back straight…
  7. I played on Beale street a few times in the late ‘90s. I never had any dealings with Memphis law enforcement or politicians and never spent enough time with the bar or club owners to get a handle on the situation there. I can only testify to what a few folks have told me who lived there at one time or another. Most of them moved away from there for a reason…
  8. In the last half of first grade and all of second grade, I lived in a trailer park off of US route 1 in Metuchen, New Jersey. We walked to school when the weather wasn’t too bad. The route required walking up a right of way for a Con Edison power line that had high tension power line towers. We passed eight or ten towers, then turned left up a road that crossed over the New Jersey Turnpike and walked another ten blocks to the school. I think it was probably two and a half miles all together. The right of way was kinda’ hilly and was rough mowed, (bush hogged) and the road had a sidewalk except where it crossed the turnpike. If it rained, we’d get a ride with one or another of the moms in the trailer park and when it snowed, one of the dads would drive us to school until the snow melted. It was about five miles by road. The kids who lived in the housing provided by the Ford plant got to ride busses. Wasn’t near as rough as what is depicted in this video, although I do recall getting knocked cold one afternoon on the way home when a black walnut fell out of a tree and hit me right between the eyes!! NOTE: That factory produced the Falcon and later the Mustang. They kicked out a car every minute when it was in full production.
  9. As to the “do over”, it WAS IN FACT the proper call! The official behind the defense plainly signaled that the clock was NOT working with the whistle AND by waving off the play! The ONLY proper call was the one made!! As to the officiating, this year has been perhaps THE VERY WORST officiated season in the history of the NFL!! Many of the field officials should receive INTENSIVE and EXTENSIVE retraining. Others should get their WALKING PAPERS!!
  10. Too many things left unresolved here!! Did Pete’s hair grow back? Did Chris and Pete marry? If so, are they still married? Did Chris ever forgive Hank? Does Chris find it funny, now that years have passed?? Do any of you still drink strawberry Daiquiris?? Inquiring minds want to know!!
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