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  1. A new response to “How stupid can you possibly get??”!!
  2. They take “How stupid can you possibly be?” as a challenge!!
  3. All songs and shanties will be performed in the key of ARRR!!!
  4. Interesting concept!! Appropriate their symbols and you might disrupt their momentum!! Use their own tactics against them!! If we were to burn their flags, it would be viewed as a hate crime!! What's fair for the goose...?
  5. It has been my contention for many years that before an engineer can make his/her first blueprint, they should be made to work for ten years in the repair industry for the products that they design! The bean counters should be required to do so for TWENTY years!!
  6. Anal sphincters like Lyin' Joe will blame ANYONE for their failures except themselves!! Even more so when what they espouse is contrary to what is right!!!
  7. FAT CHANCE!! HELL! I’m socially unacceptable NOW!! They have no leverage in that respect!!!
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