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  1. Being one of the founders of the Insane Clown Posse, I can say that I have shot colored sequins, Roman candle balls, rolled up crepe paper, feathers, cotton balls, Christmas tree tinsel, confetti, assorted other fireworks effects, and even small paint capsules in my shotgun loads!! We started the Posse as a fun distraction for amusement and surprise, back when most folks shot CAS more for entertainment and less as an all out competition! Members were cautioned to use their best judgement and keep conditions and their surroundings in mind. I’ve set several very small fi
  2. Even a lying, gun hating, liberal, socialist leaning, dimwit can see that this sort of thing is to be feared and devoutly opposed at every turn. It doesn’t matter WHAT guidelines or parameters are suggested. This is wrong on any and EVERY level!!
  3. New York is no longer the “Empire State”!! It should be referred to in the future as the “Criminal Empire State”!!!
  4. I was gifted the above mentioned Dave’s Insanity Private Reserve many years ago by my forever number one guitar playing band partner!! Came in a neat little wooden presentation box. I went and bought one to use so’s I could keep his gift original! If you want bear repellent or pepper spray that’s on a level with military grade mace, this is your huckleberry!! I am afraid to use it except in a cast iron skillet for fear of removing the teflon coating on my other pots and pans!!
  5. As my former boss told the unemployment tribunal, when they denied my claim, that that money came out of my pocket just as if they had billed me for it. Said that if he hadn’t had to pay it to them, he would have paid it to me!! He also told them that if I didn’t receive my unemployment benefits, he would NEVER pay them another dime!! I didn’t get my benefits and he went to his grave having never paid so much as another red cent to unemployment!! It’s just like “corporate taxes”!! Corporations don’t pay taxes!! They pass those costs on to the customers!!
  6. My son, Hatfield, did his carry permit quals with a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt! Should’ve heard the instructor whine when he had to give up a box of .45s! Ammunition was furnished for the class and if you shot the course clean, you got another box free!!
  7. At 64, you should go ahead and apply for Social Security as well!! If your lack of employment contiues, the extra income will stand you in good stead. You can still work when a position becomes available and the money you would lose at the higher rate received for retiring later will be somewhat offset by the paychecks you get now! You may find that the comfort level you experience now was worth the difference!
  8. I see that Rose is a “pampered princess” like our Jezzy!!
  9. You expected something else?? We knew all of this was coming!!
  10. Pathetic!! Unnecessary duty rewarded with short shrift and lousy treatment!!
  11. I still can’t post from my home computer!! It’s a Mac and uses Safari! I HATE Safari!! Planning on changing as soon as a few other things are out of the way.
  12. I’d grab BOTH!! I’d drink the room temperature water first while I pressed the chilled bottle against my neck, first on one side then the other. When the warmer water was gone, I’d open the cool water and drink it slowly!
  13. Those patriarchs would look around today and say, “We give you life liberty and a simple, durable set of rules and guidelines AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT???”
  14. Sometimes the memories a pretty melancholy!! You miss ‘em a lot!! Other times, you find yourself pounding on you knee and trying not to pass out from laughing!! The smile is similar. It’s good to smile!!
  15. Up $.56 a gallon here since election day!! Knew it’d happen! We hafta’ support all those idiots that voted themselves a “no work” federally funded paycheck!!
  16. It’s always interesting to see what goes on between the scenes on the comic book pages!!
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