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  1. Muroc was a dry lakebed that hot rodders used for “timing” runs until Edwards expanded and the car guys were showed the gate!
  2. First of all, my carry weapon is expendable. I DO really like it, but I have others just as effective and dependable. It would be an extremely odd and unlikely situation where I would find myself defending hearth and home with something collectible. I don’t have a law practice to consider or business to maintain, so the likelihood of me caving in is minnescule. I don’t have anything better to do than mount a noisy, public, and vigorous court defense! The DA, a staunch supporter of gun control, dragged them into court in St. Louis, a Democrat, liberal contr
  3. Never been “challenged” in the whole time I have carried open! I HAVE on more than one, (actually, I should say many) occasions, including a couple of times by law enforcement, been complimented on my decision to carry openly. I go about my business without flourish or fanfare. No “look at me” in my actions. In my area, I see others, not many but more than a few who open carry as well. Around here, most go un-noticed and seldom acknowledged. The local chief deputy even approves and the sheriff has supported openly, the Second Amendment Sanctuary status of the county! Different wo
  4. The McCloskeys plead out!! The received minor, misdemeanor convictions with no jail time or even public service in return for NOT making a spectacle of the court system. It was mostly a matter of convenience! They get to keep the rest of their guns, buy any other guns they choose to, and there’s no ramifications concerning his standing with the bar association!!
  5. For some of is it VERY MUCH IS and everyday ALL DAY LONG situation!! Unless I am prevented from doing so by law, I carry. And I carry openly, almost exclusively, EVERY DAY!! If I go somewhere to eat or shop or to be entertained and they prohibit me carrying, I simply go someplace else!! I will not support those businesses that refuse to support my civil rights!!
  6. The McCloskeys sold out for the sake of expediency. Both wound up with misdemeanor convictions and not even community service!!
  7. DAMN!! A sign of spinal rigidity and testicular presence in politicians!! What’s this world coming to??
  8. Can they produce ANY actual evidence that the Bill of Rights has any published or even IMAGINED end date??
  9. Who is overseeing the yard sale and the food/beverage contests?? We need information so’s we can be where we need to be and on time!! I’m just guessing that the Yard Sale is Wednesday! I usually get there on Monday so’s I don’t miss much!! Hey! Tombstone! You doin’ a class this time??
  10. Circuit breakers are your friend!!! That cable looks a little small. Also, check for grounding issues or an overload on one leg of your electrical system! If Shanley isn’t well versed in electrical, get a good electrician to check it over!
  11. Looks like a trip to Lowes or Camping World!! (if they don’t have it, find an electrical supply!)
  12. All over town, slowly, and make a lot of stops before they get where they’re going!
  13. If I’m working early in the day, I’ll wait to eat until midday. If I am traveling, I’ll eat a modest breakfast before setting out. If I don’t have to work and get to sleep in a little, I will get up, knock around for a little while, and then fix one of those decadent, extravagant breakfasts that I write about on those posts about breakfast. If I’m on the motorcycle, I also eat a big breakfast, because I probably won’t eat much of a lunch and supper will be after dark, somewhere a long way off!
  14. Don’t know, Mongo!! A lot depends on what the foot does. I still have all the tools. If the foot is healed up to where the doc says it’s okay to shoot, I would only have a day or two to fix hats, but I could do it on yard sale day. Tell you what! If enough folks want me to, I’ll bring my stuff and do it on yard sale day at least!! Speaking of which, who’s going to bring yard sale items!! I’ve got a few items I’d let go of. Wednesday?? Who’s in??
  15. If you work third shift, you likely have breakfast about the same time others are having supper/dinner. If you work second, about lunch/dinner time! The chronological time of day has nothing to do with the meal! What you eat isn’t important to which meal you call it either. Of course, you can call whichever meal whatever you want to anyway!
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