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  1. I always thought that they were okay. Not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, but I usually don’t change stations when they come on.
  2. Bought the sign on EvilBay! Couldn’t resist! The shop DOES have a few man cave features!
  3. When a songwriter is good enough to be memorialized in somebody else’s song, it’s enough said! A great performer in his own right, his writing was and is remarkable!! I know I’ll miss him.
  4. With a truck like this, I should find one of those signs for my shop!!!
  5. I used to climb the towers in the power line right-of-ways. We’d spend hours climbing around on them like a bunch of monkeys. I once climbed a really tall radio tower on a bet. Money can make ya’ pretty stupid! I’m not really fond of heights! I’m not too scared of them, but I can’t get comfortable when I’m way up off the ground. The hundred bucks overrode my discomfort! Nowadays, you can get the view I had of Nashville once in a while on the local FOX affiliate since they put a camera on that same tower! It gets windy up there, sometimes!!
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