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  1. Many firehouses have a dog! In one nearby town, there is a really pretty Dalmatian that patrols the grounds. Dalmatians, by the way, are often better mousers than any cat!! That and the fact that they are extremely good around horses made them a staple in firehouses all over the world! My male used to celebrate hay cuttings in the neighborhood!! The farmers would cut hay and the field mice would invade the nearby homes. If you opened the back door, on]e or more mice would scamper right over your feet to get inside!!! Ol' Harley caught seven mice one evening just after a hay cutting!! SO! The tradition of a firehouse dog is still strong in most locales!! Fix 'em a few doggy treats!! The worst that could happen is that they get taken home to family pets!!
  2. NOZ!!!! We NEED to get together! You up to traveling??
  3. Yes!! Damned sporty!! Gun is equipped with a collapsible, shock absorbing stock and a big butt pad! Also has a 28” barrel and extended magazine. That helps eat up some of the recoil too! Also have a tactical vest with shoulder pad.
  4. Two new members added to the roll! Welcome to the ranks!!
  5. Schoolmarm has a meat allergy that precludes her eating a real hamburger. She gets one of these plant burgers once in a while. I read the other day that some doctors are warning that all of the processing that goes into making these things taste like meat can make them hazardous to your health! When I told Schoolmarm about that, she responded with the statement that it’s better for her than eating a real meat hamburger ‘cause she doesn’t suffer anaphylaxis when she eats the Impossible Burger!
  6. Lemonade is a great disinfectant and can be taken internally!! I am just pointing out the obvious!!
  7. I actually like the AKs better because the drum mags for them work more reliably!! Modern furniture makes ‘em MUCH better!!
  8. Had Harley, our first Dalmatian. He was really smart and ALWAYS wanted to ride in the car or truck. You couldn’t mention the vehicles or going somewhere but that he was already at the door waiting!! You couldn’t even spell “go for a ride”!! I often miss him still when I am traveling alone.
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