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  1. Perhaps the most well deserved award in recent memory!! Congratulations to my buddy Tom B Stone!! You deserve this, Brother! And congratulations to the Jedi Council for making such an OUTSTANDING selection!!
  2. Disliked the Houston team since they changed their name!! Colt 45s was perfect!! If there wasn’t a NY Yankees there probably wouldn’t be baseball, certainly not as we know it!!! I’m no fan of New York City, but the ABSOLUTE greatest team in baseball is the New York Yankees and I’m a fan..... except when they’re playin’ the Mets!!
  3. I got to visit today, toward the end of the match. Folks were grinnin’ and there was lead flyin’!! I heard there were 193 shooters! Hope to be healed up and hided over this time next year so’s I can join the fun again! Got to see a bunch of old friends and met a few new ones!! Nice try , Red Knee, but ol’ Widder came through again!! All in good fun and the donations to Cancer Research are greatly appreciated! Wanna’ posse with you ‘n’ Widder sometime!! Like I told most of my friends, “Look for me in the spring!”
  4. Insecurity and uncertainty can be your friends!!
  5. Good on 'em!! SAF will persue the matter aggressively and bring every legal argument to the fight!!
  6. I use a couple of wonder wads when loading each cylinder, particularly on the last chamber. I use twenty-five or thirty grains of FFFg, usually Schutzen and a140 grain pure lead ball. Two wads per cylinder is all it takes to keep fouling soft and an occasional spritz of Balistol at the front of the cylinder, followed by a thorough wipe lets me shoot six stages without a tear down! I HAVE done ten stages in a day more than once with no major problems!
  7. I always arranged to work the unloading table. I can usually clear my guns and then reload/recharge my cap guns in the time it takes to clear two shooters. It takes a little organization and preparation. I have a box that fits in my gun cart that has all of my possibles in compartments. I set it on the unloading table when I arrive at the stage and that way it’s waiting on me when I get finished shooting the stage. If you work the unloading table, you get to meet most of the shooters on your posse.
  8. Congratulations to Stirrup Trouble! Well deserved! Congratulations to Mattie! I’m not acquainted with her, but the endorsements she received tell me that she is a great choice!!
  9. Head!! How is it we always wander back to porcelain toilet receptacles??
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