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  1. Jeff Beck Blackfoot Dave Mason Barefoot Jerry Doctor Hook Mac Gayden Brewer & Shippley Canned Heat The Band Poco Spencer Davis Group Bonnie Raitt Tommy James and the Shondelles Ray Charles *The Charlie Daniels Band* * From The Ballad of the Uneasy Rider through the “Million Mile Reflections” album, Charlie and the boys were rockers!! The country music industry wouldn’t have anything to do with them or The Marshall Tucker Band!
  2. I don’t recall seeing Three Dog Night on anybody’s list.
  3. Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Ace Ten Years After Buffalo Springfield The Kinks J. J. Cale Blondie Loggins & Messina Chicago Delaney and Bonnie and we mustn’t forget ELVIS PRESLEY
  4. One of my Schoolmates, Allan Woody, was a founding member of Govt. Mule! Fantastic band! Allan was gone too soon!
  5. Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks were the final duo of the many iterations of the Allman Brothers Band. They played together through the last years of the band’s live performances and on the last albums. Trucks officially joined the band in 1999 and played alongside Haynes until Gregg Allman passed in 2017, effectively ending the band’s run. (The guys had taken a break at the end of 2014 to spend time on new projects and with family. A new tour was planned and announced for 2017, but Gregg’s health failed and he passed in May of that year!) Warren Haynes joined the Brothers in 1989 and played guitar alongside Dickey Betts until Betts left the band. Haynes and Trucks still appear together often. Their interaction as a duo is unparalleled and reminiscent of Duane Allman and Betts when the band was first assembled. Most Allman Brothers fans will say that the duo of Haynes and Trucks took the band to new heights of instrumental excellence, holding on to the heart and soul of the original band and refining and intensifying the sound and orchestration. I saw/heard many many ABB concerts and nearly every combination of players that came along, from Duane and Dickey to Warren and Derek. Forty-eight years worth. I was around when Duane and Gregg played in local “battle of the bands”, appearing as “The Allman Joys”! When I first saw them with Derek Trucks in ‘99, I was blown away! He was/is the nearest thing to Duane in presence and he is probably what Duane would have become, had he lived to carry on. For me, for pure music, played live and without boundaries, no other band can match The Allman Brothers Band for heart and soul and creative interpretation!
  6. They WERE great and I really enjoyed their music, but NONE of them had the range, power, or versatility of Anne Wilson! And after more than fifty years, SHE’S STILL GOING STRONG!!
  7. There have been several of our interplanetary missions that have far exceeded expectations!! Yes! A few were duds, but we seem to have more successes than we do failures!!
  8. This one hits close to home! Both of the brothers were born here in Nashville and they played in numerous “Battle of the Bands” here in town, competing against bands that I was involved with. One of my classmates, the late Allan Woody, was bass player for them for a number of years as well as a founding member of Government Mule with Warren Haynes and Matt Abts. Haynes and Abts played in The Dickey Betts Band as well.
  9. Nothing impartial about that bunch of bureaucrats!! Absolutely OWNED by liberals who have nothing but total control as a goal and total despite for the Constitution!!
  10. Nor Chad and Jeremy, Jan and Dean, The Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers, The Righteous Brothers, or The BeeGees!!
  11. One of the best unkept secrets in Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!
  12. Fleetwood Mac (before Buckingham/Nix) Leon Russell Joe Cocker James Gang Mott The Hoople Bill Withers
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