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  1. Take a magnet with you to the store! Can check online as well. Works pretty good.
  2. Wish I could afford a pair of ROAs, but that's pricey as I only shoot cap guns a few times a year for Plainsman side matches, which I really enjoy! Now that my hand is starting to feel better, I tried em again and only got 3 cocks before that finger sproigned again! This getting old crap is ridiculous
  3. That might work for me, I hope! Are they bent right at the end of the spur knurling? Seems like something I could accomplish myself. Just need to know how hot to get them and bend with a box wrench as I've read on Google foo. Thanks CBW
  4. My poor Ellie is back in the hospital hotel. They don't seem to know what's up, but treating for heart failure and COPD exacerbated by mild pneumonia! . Ya can't make this crap up, if she isn't better in a couple more days, it'll be time for the prayer posse again. Gawd
  5. Love the riders don't give a damn attitude!!! Kinda like bison in Yosemite!!
  6. RIP Mike, Prayers up for family and friends.
  7. I love it! Was waiting for one of em to grab it and test(TEAR) it to shreds!
  8. Is it possible a jeweler might be able to unsolder the frame to remove and replace if an optician could make new lenses?
  9. It's the all natural sounds and no engine vibration. I've only sailed on a 40' ketch, but it was way cool. Except the time in a blinding storm blown in where the rocks are and 20' seas. That wasn't fun one little bit; it was downright terrifying! Having dolphins riding in the bow wake was a pretty neat thing and not terribly uncommon.
  10. Flying a biplane, how cool is that?!?
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