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  1. Done, called my agency a "citizen" & title "resident" ?!?
  2. A friend of mine has one in my garage. It is about 300 pounds heavier than my Champion of the same size. 42 wide and about 60 high thereabouts. The seal keeps falling off around the door is the only issue we've had so far. Shipping was free at the time so it was a pretty good deal.
  3. So sad for your loss Larsen. It's really hard to lose our fur kids. As OLG stated, your Buddy will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I say with blurred vision.
  4. Never worried about it in all these decades and my Doc says my levels are fine. I do use De-Lead soap after loading however. Using gloves to load is a PIA in my opinion.
  5. Rance---Thanks, now I know I'm not the only one. Never had an issue ever with my 600jr. Now using a Grabber and without fail seem to throw powder & shot all over the bench and floor! Sometimes as you did by tipping without the stoppers, but typically because I didn't have the bar locked back when I started and stuff poured out all over the machine. What a PIA it is to get a #8 out of the resizer jaws! I now put a label on the base to remind me to lock the bar back before starting remember the stoppers! I also agree teh above comments---primers are in with the socks!
  6. Don't know if would help with brass, but I wipe down all my plastic shells with Armour-All after loading to clean and make a little slick. Not sticky to the touch afterwards.
  7. And then there's the bra less ones in AC asking what you're looking at! No doubt in my mind it's done on purpose!
  8. Try some of this PTFE stuff for leather in the loops. It may do the trick without making them too loose for AA's. One bottle will last you and your friends a lifetime or two! https://www.midwayusa.com/s?userSearchQuery=ptfe&userItemsPerPage=48
  9. It'll be interesting to learn the real cause. Maybe he/she whom owns the rifle will be on here and let us know. Odd odd very odd.
  10. The fact the dimples are at different heights is pretty weird. Kinda blows the hole in chamber out of the water don't ya think. Maybe somebody did it on purpose just to prank us! "Wait til someone finds these" ha ha
  11. We just don't get those kind of comedians anymore.
  12. Great news Yul, Prayers Up for Heather's continued recovery. Wonderful
  13. We might also note that some of our most beloved posters are signed in as guests. OLG comes to mind. Let's not be so quick to insult folks who are sharing and just want to feel like part of the crowd. Carry on. Welcome Stopsign
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