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  1. I turned one out of maple and it worked well too. You're having way to much fun Roy!
  2. Watt next, could at least amp it up unless there is still some resistance!
  3. Roy, I've used the primed RIO hulls from Ballistic Products in 12ga, roll crimped. One & done! The end turns square after shooting!! Other than that, they've worked fine. No shucking issues. I use an antique roll crimper from eBay.
  4. In my 12ga, I'm using 3.1cc, which weighs out depending on the can to 40-42gr of real FFg under 1oz. of #7.5 shot. Takes em down with fire and smoke! Minimal recoil as well.
  5. Don't know! Ellie's 125gr. 38s take the occasional KDs down. She's running 2.8gr of Clays. Never chroned them.
  6. Way cool, you must be a pretty proud Dad. Nice moose!
  7. Best wishes for quick healing. Hope this finally resolves your foot issues once and for all. It's been a long haul for ya.
  8. I've even seen excess amounts of RTV on intake gaskets get into the oil and clog things like push rod tubes. Excess is never good!
  9. I started with a Dillon SDB purchased used back in the 90s for $125! It's still crankin em out today at about 400 an hour! The minimal amount of parts that had to replaced were sent at no charge from Dillon. Only loads pistol caliber though.
  10. I'm with you! Besides women's underwear don't have a fly, err an opening!
  11. I see that! Most company's send tracking with the shipping notice. Last time I ordered from them, I didn't even get a shipping confirmation. It appears they've changed policy a bit since then. They do make a quality product and shipping is usually quick. From they're web site: Can I get a USPS Tracking Number?Yes, upon request. Please wait 4 days after receiving your automated shipping confirmation email before requesting the tracking number. Why? Because you will already have your shipment by then and we won't have to spend time excavating it from our postage vendor's database. This takes time away from our shipping operation and slows the process. Because we pride ourselves on fast, responsive shipping, we want to maintain it. Automatically receive tracking details by visiting https://my.usps.com Ya can't check with the postal service if ya don't have the number! Unless you are signed up for delivery notification.
  12. It irks me too! They do typically ship promptly though. They also offer a discount to gun clubs. Which more or less covers shipping. Also, one of the few that offer soft cast bullets for CAS. Miss Ringers Bullets!
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