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  1. Now there's an exemplary offer you won't find to often.
  2. So prolly a better chance of playing with guns in hell.
  3. My Glenfield 60 still wreaks havoc on squirrels. It has squirrels embossed on the stock. Had mine since abt. '74. Great little 22.
  4. Still ghetto talk in my book.
  5. It's dark, grabs me a flat lite
  6. Got a nice blister on my thumb picking up the s x s after 6 BP rounds and then pistol. Just walked over and picked it up like I do after smokeless. BP was way hot. lesson learned, but way fun.
  7. Yep, they would make it to my endangered species list.
  8. The trailer brake circuit does the same on my old Ford 2002, shows only a couple volts until the trailer is hooked up. Replaced socket and harness on mine in frustration! You can test the lights though. Haven't tried my new GMC.
  9. Ours came in little cartons with the folded top/spout.
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