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  1. My feeling is if a new dent damages the fender much more severely than the original foot dent as in the giant tire hitting it. What difference does it make? They can't fix the fender back to when it only had a small dent! They don't deduct on repairs in a crash if the car had rot on the fender, the fender still needs to be replaced. The cost of the new repair is the same either way if the damage is in the exact same spot. JMHO
  2. If I do ---- the timer broke and the spotters went deaf & blind
  3. Check the length of the mag spring. I bought a CB model and the spring was too short and wouldn't feed the last round onto the carrier. Replaced the spring with one from another gun and all is well. The original CB was gone over by a well known smith and wouldn't eject or feed even a dummy round. YMMV
  4. +1, I went with 45 colt just because I like the big hole in the end of the barrel. Reloading is almost a must to save costs. 45's in the rifle will be dirtier also. The wife shoots 38's and her guns are always cleaner than mine. As stated above, get out to a match or 2 and try different guns and see what you like. Pards are quite willing to share. Welcome aboard, hang on for the fun & people. It gets addicting.
  5. The biggest thing I see is folks with belly buttons at the top of their stomach! If the shot belt is above the curve of the belly, I'm pretty sure it is well above the belly button. Is it really worth hassling someone for it. How much time do they really save?
  6. West Fairlee Rd. in West Fairlee, VT. or "West by God Fairlee" as we say around these parts!
  7. Brad point bits work well also. Thanks for the tips on MM sizes.
  8. You're absolutely right Trailrider
  9. I'm thinking "cold dead fingers". They won't have room to jail even one percent of us! Master Beto is exactly why we have 2A.
  10. Thanks, I'll do that! I shoot it about 20-30 rounds each week so will try it this Wednesday. Thanks again. Just started casting my own balls this week, that was pretty neat and fun. Nice and shiny too! Always bought Hornady, but lately they look like golf balls and the size varies as much as .005.
  11. They are saying around here maybe 20-25 cents a gallon.
  12. I use PAM, one third each of Peroxide, Alcohol, Murphy's oil soap. Works well, but I do get flash rust in my muzzle loader if I don't run a patch of Ballistol soon after cleaning. The sooner you clean the easier it is. With real black I don't get corrosion for a few days but the fouling is harder and and more difficult to clean. With substitutes like Pyrodex, I find cleaning immediately is paramount and still too late sometimes. Stick with the real stuff.
  13. Doc, Sending up prayers for you, your wife and mother in law. I know how you feel I think, my MIL treated me as her son as well and she is sorely missed these days. Again, Prayers up for you and your family.
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