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  1. Nice video Widder. Thanks for doing mine for me as well as the Slater trigger. It's quite fun to play with. About 5 bricks through it now since you did it!
  2. Looking excellent Hellbender, you folks are doing a great job.
  3. The club I started at always had a designated order. I didn't know any better, but found when doing Posse chores it was always a panic to get someone to take over so I could get ready. Especially as a newbie I always felt rushed getting to the LT. And had to remember a lot of Alias's real quickly so as to remember my order!! I much prefer the shoot at will I now experience pretty much everywhere. Just my two cents.
  4. I'm running 5.2 grains of Clays under a 200 gr. RNFP
  5. They likely bitch when they miss a sale in the newspaper too. Even though they waited til after supper to read it.
  6. WOW, bummed to hear of your health issues Allie. I hope all works out for you and you can continue to at least enjoy some local matches. God Bless .
  7. I quit outdoor "Bullseye" shooting back in the 90's mostly due to one lady shooter that just couldn't seem to live with my newbie ability. Most folks including her, shot 1911's and I was shooting my only gun--a Ruger 357 revolver. She always seemed to get in the port on my left, even if she had to trade ports to get there. She oiled the hell out of her 1911 which sprayed hot oil and brass all over me. She always made fun of my gun and the loads I was shooting, even when other folks were doing the same. For who knows what reason she just didn't seem to care for me. This was my first shooting co
  8. Gotta love some of the comments below the video!
  9. Our sincere condolences Eyesa & Ellie
  10. You are absolutely correct Larsen, but occasionally I guess one gets missed. Mine was barley noticeable, but sure locked up the cylinder once it went over that edge on the recoil shield! Although it may have been worse before I tried turning the cylinder. I used to, before the high one just hold a box up to the light and look across them. Since then I now run a finger across them in the box and find one in a thousand very easy with the finger rub method. Is there any detriment to having free spin? If not it's relatively easy on NMV, but as stated above it doesn't work on all of them. "Tha
  11. I converted to free spin after a high primer I missed jammed the cylinder necessitating disassembly at home to get the cylinder out. I couldn't move it after the pawl clicked and not even enough to remove the cylinder with the base pin was removed. It's been years now and have never had a high primer since, but peace of mind I guess!
  12. Prayers up again for Carol & Bob. Ellie & Eyesa
  13. Free after 66 in Vermont. $10 for the doe lottery.
  14. Bettin' they will stop offering free samples to actual customers soon. They will thank you
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