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  1. I like my Kirkpatrick rig, but recommend checking out Johnny at J-M Leather also. Ellie has one of his rigs and is very happy with it. Johnny and his wife took quite a bit of time on the phone helping design her rig. www.jm-leather.com/index.htm
  2. I don't need you to be any more competitive! Just kidding!
  3. It's from an Progressive Ins. ad. Flo calls him "Bigfoot" and he corrects her with "My name is Daryl"
  4. I pre-clean my brass in a mix of H2O & Simple Green and as stated above then dry them in an old food dehydrator for 1 1/2 hours. They come out dry and no water spots. Then into the vibratory tumbler with corn cob/polish for another 1 1/2 hours. They always look like new.
  5. I made an USPS claim a couple years ago and it went well also. Quite prompt actually.
  6. It was a wonderful shoot. The Cowboy wedding was real nice to be part of. Ellie & I had a great time.
  7. It's obviously Trump's fault all the kids can't stop having large parties and re-igniting the virus. Colleges here are having to shut down again and go back to online. And they want to vote! Look what happened when they opened beaches. Idiots.
  8. Does the truck go with em? Need some way to move em!
  9. Thought he was the cartoon character with the funnel hat!
  10. Odd thing here, you can't use your "Original" birth cert. for a drivers license. It has to be a copy. Huh, I knew B4 I went so I had a photo copy from decades ago the size of an index card with no Notary or signature. They were ecstatic that I hadn't brought an original.
  11. This getting old stuff is getting OLD! Best of Luck--Joe & Allie
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