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  1. Nice job Ripsaw, that came out excellent. Thanks much.
  2. Condolences & Prayers heading up for his family and friends. RIP Pard. Eyesa & Ellie
  3. I used Tru-Oil on my Stoeger and it came out nice. 30 coats however. On the rimfire forum it was suggested to wipe a thin coat of "ArmorAll" on first after the thinned sealing coats of course. Then wipe on the oil with your fingers. I used a cleaning patch to distribute the Armor-All between each coat, it doesn't take much.The coats dry wicked fast with the Armor-All. It dries as you wipe vigorously with your fingers. You can just keep putting on coats. Be careful not to put on to heavy as it will sort of wrinkle. Easily sanded back if that happens. I did about 10 coats at a time and then let set for 24 hours. The finish was a bit too shiny for me so I lightly steel wooled it to break the gloss. I think pumice may have been a better choice.
  4. I bought a slide off flea-bay and put it on my shotgun belt. Hold 10 45/70
  5. OP, that's just plain sad & unbelievable. Some people just plain suck.
  6. Im not buying the heat thing. It was above 80 in Florida & New Orleans during their peak. I'm in the "It's a politcal play" thing.
  7. I tried that and tightened all the way down it just made a wicked taper with no roll. My die is from the late 80's, maybe a new one would work better. I did call Dillon a month ago and they didn't say anything about that. They told me it couldn't be done on the SDB. I have read past posts stating what you said about about tightening the taper crimp down more. Mine just didn't work.
  8. Ripsaw, Could you PM me some more info on how you did that. Maybe a picture next to a 45 colt crimp die.? Much Obliged. Eyesa
  9. I've been loading C45S cases from Starline for about 3-4 years now without any issue on my Dillon SDB. Only wish I could roll crimp them as I think I may be over taper crimping and reducing bullet diameter. Not sure, but since I went to coated bullets I seem to get a build up of hard fouling about mid barrel in my Vaquero's. Need to use a brush to remove. It does come out easy with a brush and hasn't been detrimental to CAS accuracy that I can see. I don't clean after every match either! I use the 45 colt shell plate, 45 colt sizing die, & all the rest are 45ACP dies. Dillon doesn't make a 45AR crimp die for the C45S and said the Schofield won't work.
  10. Found it ,thanks. Pretty funny. It's on our news now.
  11. It won't happen again, that's for sure. For God knows what reason, sometimes I seem to need to learn by experience! Maybe it's the "ski" on the end of my name!
  12. If I tried that my new voice would be much higher. Good on him, his daughter seemed to like it a lot.
  13. No offense intended WW, but I think an "I'll take it" with PM sent would have been clearer to the seller. Maybe he had no clue what meant by "Ill be your Huckleberry" even though I thought it was clever!
  14. I've also found the nickel to not last as long before they start cracking and splitting. Until I got a good supply of yellow, I used the nickel only in the pistol for reasons as stated above. Better to battle a split at the unloading table then on the rifle stage.
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