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  1. Yup--- Works like a champ. Did 30 coats on my Stoeger in a couple days. To fill the pores in the walnut I thinned tru-oil with mineral spirits and applied thick and let dry overnight, 3 coats I think it was. Then a little light sanding with 400 and then the Armor-All trick. Looks great! Found the info on the "Rimfire" forum. Just sprayed the Armor-All on the stock and wiped around with my fingers and then applied the Tru-Oil with my fingers, dries real quick. If ya mess up somewhere, just lightly sand it out and continue.
  2. If you're going to use it for CAS, a simple leather butt cover might do the trick in hiding the stain. Assuming the stain is on the butt.
  3. You get a BIG "Yuck-Man" from me. Liver just looks like a large blood clot to me. YUCK!
  4. I shoot a Stoeger and haven't had any issues in 9 seasons. I did do some slicking up when I first got it via an old article from Larsen Pettifogger in the Chronicle. Mine is the Stoeger Supreme with a stainless action and blued barrel. Under $500. If you get a Stoeger and want the article info, contact me and I'll look it up for you. Good Luck in your search. Welcome to the best and folks goin Yukon Terror. Hang on for the addiction!
  5. We started by cutting the spring to about 3" beyond the tube and still was about a 1/2" short of feeding 10 in the tube. We kept cutting until we could fit 10 and it seems to work OK. I think
  6. Use a shell holder instead of the o-ring thingy. Works well and faster.
  7. Now I see why some you guys have multiples of things. Ya can always find at least one! My garage looks like that, but the reloading room somehow stays kept up!
  8. It's a crap load of walnut trees.
  9. Wait til they call AAA because they ran out of power.
  10. Widder, That's good news on your recovery. Keep it up!
  11. Big Thank you to everyone, great info and sounds like a winner product. I appreciate all the load data, saves a lot of time when switching. Seems most of these powders we use all come in about the same weight wise, give or take a couple tenths. Scarlett--Wish I lived closer, sure wouldn't mind a hug!. Do you carry the 5# jugs?
  12. Widder, Thank you. The Missus and I are doing well and sick of this COVID cr_p. How are you doing, all or basically recovered I hope. Eyesa
  13. When I was a youngun, it was called a "butch".
  14. I run an SDB and the primer feed tube has a plastic follower with what looks like abt. 158gr. .38 cast bullet on the end. Seems to work fine. I made second one a little longer to keep weight on those last couple primers in the tube. Although every once in a blue moon I get a side ways one or completely upside down. I've been assuming it was happening in the pick-up tube as even my brand new tubes seem to have one hang up as I fill the primer feed tube. Since the jammed one is usually towards the end, I just check those last 3 or so when finishing up 100. As the OP stated, it's a bit concerning dealing with crushed primers in your brass.
  15. They send me mine B4 even gettin' paid. They must trust me.
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