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  1. I don't do FB, but on the occasion I've had prove ID, they would accept a utility bill in my name.
  2. Just wait til the Aliens get pi$$d about all the litter we leave up there!
  3. Blackwater, Prayers heading back up this morning for Schoolmarm, Imis, and yourself. Keep up the healing Pards. Eyesa & Ellie
  4. The woman screaming at the cat.
  5. What is ACS, sounds like sumpin caught in your throat!
  6. Looks like ya got pants in Yul's picture!
  7. Some primers just like to break your stones!! Had it happen twice in my Rugers! Go around twice no joy, dead gun. I always carry my pistols on the same side so I know for sure which gave an issue if one happens. Get home, put the FTF cartridge in the same gun and bang! Part of the fun I guess.
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