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  1. Yep, held a door for a Lady recently and got told in no uncertain terms the error of my politeness. "I'm perfectly capable of opening a door" " I don't need some old man to do it for me". Was difficult to not say "FU very much ___ch". They're everywhere!
  2. Well there 'ya go John---nothing to fret about. Carry on!
  3. I e-mailed a local recycler to see if I could purchase soft lead scrap. He replied right back that he can't sell to the public, it has to go to a smelter. I'm looking to get 50-100# for muzzle loader balls and C7B of course.
  4. I have also missed some good deals that were grabbed by a vendor. Good for him basically. No different than Gunbroker or Ebay, if you get outbid-you get outbid. I'm thankful most Pard list an item here first. They could usually make more money on the auction/bidding sites. Where I live, we don't have cell service, so I can't receive instant notifications of a sale. I've missed some by only minutes, but hey, that's the way it goes. In reference to the vendor I believe we are referring to here, his resale prices are also quite fair and he lists it here to be grabbed when he could just list
  5. You're absolutely right. So far I've only used it to purchase or donate to Pards on this wire with 100% success. Most Cowboys/girls can be trusted, at least my experience over the last 10 years.
  6. My vote would be to use 'em up. Hopefully you didn't buy a case. Just think how light, light loads will feel when you use these up. And Welcome to the best game and folks goin.
  7. If ya gotta use 'em. Use "friends and Family", so far no issues. I don't let them hold any of my money either.
  8. Helps to not hold it too tight when hammering. Kinda limp wrist it!
  9. They should talk to the folks over at "Muzzle Blasts". They put out a nice magazine every month and membership is less expensive. Maybe they have way more members however. The newspaper print would be fine by me, I miss having it next to my recliner to cover the time commercials take up.
  10. Never had much luck with those. They always keyholed out of my Model 60 at 50 yards, if they actually went off. Gunbroker is a good bet to get 'em gone and get rich!
  11. My package has suddenly made it to New Hampshire. If all goes well it will be here tomorrow, only a week late for Priority mail!
  12. I like the hard copies as well. It would also be nice to see Alias's in the captions.
  13. Priority from Dillon shipped on Feb. 16. No tracking shown since it departed. Although it did go back and forth twice from Scottsdale to Phoenix and now vanished.
  14. Use a shell holder and you won't use any O rings. Easier too.
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