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  1. Well done under the circumstances, thanks for sharing.
  2. Haven't forgotten to load yet or have shells. But, was jawin and was time for me to get to the loading table in which I had the confused look of----Where's all my guns. That became a very quick loading to not hold up the posse.
  3. Both her Dad & I will teaching the safety for her, but figured having her watch a video or two couldn't hurt. Thanks guys. OLG--I was aware of the NRA videos as I showed them to her Dad many moons ago and I think they were somewhat effective, although a bit boring for the young feller!
  4. As the title suggests, does anyone know of a video that would be good to review gun safety and handling for a young girl. She is 8 years old. Uncle Steve (Eyesa) couldn't resist buying her a Keystone Cricket 22 at the Gun Show yesterday. B4 she gets to the shooting, I'd like to have a video or 2 to go over with her. EH
  5. I'm surely for the death penalty, dead criminals are not repeat offenders.
  6. My condolences Yul for the heinous loss of your friend. Prayers up for her family and friends.
  7. We finally went to M-80's for destroying models, same parental reaction. I guess boys will be boys.
  8. Dawg, This is what I got just now. Unknown column 'add_deny' in 'field list'
  9. Back about 1972 I bought my first --- a Marlin/Glenfield 60 .22. Not sure where from however. I'm thinking Grant's or Caldor. Old and feeble mind doesn't remember!
  10. Seems odd to me but I got my renewal which included a 5 year pin even though this is my 8th year. Maybe the pins are a new thing and they are catching up.
  11. I've noticed folks using X amount of H4198, however my books call for IMR-4198 which I believe is a completely different powder. Any info here?
  12. Tried it when I wzs a kid and about the same results as PR if i remember right. Easier for me to just buy already made!
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