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  1. I use used dryer sheets cut into quarters and turtle wax polish in my corn cob media. Tumble for about 1 1/2 hours. I put a mask on when I dump the tumbler as there is still some dust. I prewash my brass in 50-50 mix of Simple green first and dry on an old food dehydrator for about an hour before tumbling. The dryer sheets come out gray.
  2. When I signed up a short while ago I thought my app hadn't gone thru and sent a note to the admin. turns out it was all set. Try logging in.
  3. Keg---Welcome to the best game and folks goin.
  4. Prayers heading up for your friend J. Mark Eyesa & Ellie
  5. Howdy Dusty & Welcome to the best game and folks goin.
  6. I use IC chokes in my Stoeger with no issue.
  7. Our prayers are goin up for Velvet Glove and her friends and family. Eyesa & Ellie
  8. Our sincere condolences J-Bar. Prayers up Rootin-Tootin's friends and family. Ellie & Eyesa
  9. Had a neighbor once shoot a 45ACP at a piece of lolly column at about 25 yards and the bullet came back and hit him in the shin. Left a pretty nasty bruise.
  10. WOW, bettin the driver and the guy in the lot need to change undies!
  11. Congratulations to you and your daughter, excellent news.
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