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  1. I'm going to try some of "Shootin Fox's" soon. (PM him on this forum)Last I checked he was getting $120 shipped for 65lbs. of #7.5. I guess he doesn't make #8 which I'm also used too. I figure it can't make that much difference for price savings. Around these parts a 25# bag of magnum is $54+. A little cheaper on-line, but shipping kills ya.
  2. You'll be awed by the difference a little tap oil will make. Especially with larger bits, like going from steel to wood! You can get it at any hardware store and will last forever almost. I like the spay version, but not as easy to find. Any sort of oil is way better than dry.
  3. Left side of a shovel Looking over the top, couldn't find an actual left view quickly! This would be an older one and appears to be built on a Panhead lower end.
  4. +1 on all the above. Never needed Cheerio's though! The adjustment are very tiny on the crimp and plunger. I'm using 14.5 Clays the same wad and 7/8 #8 shot with no issue after getting adjusted. Takes a few times.
  5. 30-30 You're still welcome to use my H & R if you don't get one right away or in time. Hoping to make Candia for the Buffalo shoot. I'll bring enough BP 45/70 Eyesa
  6. Looks like a shovel to me. The pics you show are of the other (right) side of the motor. But as always, I could be wrong. Come on someone help me out here.
  7. Just stay away from Pyrodex, you'll be able to hear your gun rust like a "73 Chevy pick-up.
  8. See Tazz @ Klassic Laser works
  9. I bet you beat me, I was heading to the drawer for cutters (linemans). The leatherman might be quicker depending on how fast you can open it.
  10. Cut the barbed wire, still 15 seconds might go by just taking in the situation.
  11. I think they started making the Shovelhead engine in "66 and stopped in "84. The pic may be newere than expected at someones "collector gas station. Only Harley's can live on like that.
  12. Eyesa Horg

    New to sport

    Bing O, Welcome to the best game and folks goin. Like many already said--get to a match or two and try out some rifles to see what YOU like. Pards are very gracious about letting newbies try them out. Also, in just my opinion, don't disregard a JM Marlin 1894.
  13. Annnd, pretty much every gun cart would be illegal. I also see many with a SxS closed in the cart while moving to keep it from swinging all over the place.
  14. I carry my 380 LCP in a "Sticky" holster in my pocket and have had no issue and comfortable. Mine does have a Hogue rubber grip cover however which makes the grip a bit fatter, but not much. The sticky holster can also be used in the waist band.
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