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  1. I'd be in real trouble shims. My right barrel shoots a about 2"-4" left and left barrel is 2"-4" low on my SxS at 8 yards! I don't seem to notice it anymore, must automatically compensate. I loaned it to a Pard who had the rib come apart on his and he noticed the first stage he shot. I forgot to mention it as it's been that way for 10 years of CAS.
  2. Our sincere condolences, it's never easy to lose our furry kids. Eyesa & Ellie
  3. He's still looking for the actual loading tool.
  4. Welcome "Lady Di" to the best game and folks goin. If you decide to buy new leather, check out J-M leather. Johnny and his will wife are very helpful getting you set up. My wife worked them over the phone for her rig and is very happy. http://www.jm-leather.com/index.htm
  5. The two I purchased earlier in the year also looked as though they had been fired. I was surprised they didn't at least clean it a little bit. The barrel was dirty as well. The other thing I noticed is that either lead has built up on the top strap by the barrel or the cerakote is burning off. I didn't want to use a brush on it yet for fear of chipping the cerokote. I've only put 25 rounds thru each so far just to test. Haven't shot since replacing the springs other than a couple shots to confirm function.
  6. Sorry my brain phart, hope to see ya this summer.
  7. Kid---Looks like that post somehow got on the wrong thread. Say Hi to Shirttail and give both of you a hug!!! EH
  8. Although they appear to be basically worthless, they are never the less kinda cool looking!
  9. TIP--- Right click on the thumb nails and then "open in new tab". At least for me just a left click, they were still small. YMMD
  10. That's what I thought and stated in his other post. My B Classic has no tang.
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