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  1. Welcome home Allie. Prayers still going up for your treatments. 3 years clean for me with Mantle cell lymphoma!
  2. Sorry to hear this, we also lost our range at the end of this year. Still looking for a new venue. Good Luck
  3. That's wonderful to hear! Congratulations Ms. Allie
  4. Likewise for Kimber. We are pretty well trained now after about a year!!
  5. Might need more popcorn! If I'm the spotter and the shot is clearly over the top of the downed target, I consider it a hit. If no gravel moves anywhere near the target as in he shot the berm--it's a miss and needs to be re-engaged. JMHO Shooting where it was should be an obvious hit in the dirt over the top of the downed target.
  6. You are most Welcome, Slippery is a great Pard. Free shipping on 1K or more and get put in for a drawing for a outfitted XL750
  7. I got the same from Ma Bell many years ago. 17 years without a single sick day. Then had to have pituitary surgery and was out for less than 2 weeks when the Doctor wanted 6 months. Came to work sick in the following years before retirement. They asked why I wanted to retire early.!
  8. Slippery Dick makes some nice green bullets. https://slipperybullets.com/
  9. Congratulations Widder, way to go. You certainly deserve it.
  10. Our prayers will continue. Stay strong Allie.
  11. That's pretty dang funny, but can 'ya really blame 'em!!
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