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  1. I use titegroup in 44-40 and 44 magnum. 4.5 g with 200g RNFP. works very well.
  2. When I was looking for a 44 magnum 73, I was also looking for 20" model believing that the carbine at 19" would not hold 10 in the magazine. Given the rarity of this gun, I believe some distributors who are told it will "hold 10 rounds" understand that to mean it is a 9+1, as some of the earlier .357 cal carbines were. I found a good deal for one on gunbroker and called the advertiser and he assured me it held 10 so I bought it. BNIB and it sure enough holds 10. I totally understand the confusion out there since advertisers list them as 9+1 and others list them as 10 in the mag. It also turned out to be a very smooth action.
  3. 10 full length 44 magnum rounds, no modifications, completely stock. Bought it about a year ago. Great gun.
  4. I bought one for my son. The 19 inch carbine holds 10 in the magazine.
  5. All my replica pistols and rifle, you can't line up the sights because the hammer is in the way. So it would be a waste of time for me.
  6. At this last weekend wild bunch match, my 97 would not reliably feed win AA shells. Did some measuring and testing with win standard field loads and the rims on the AA were inconsistent where they were consistent on the field loads and the field loads fed reliably. Just more info on AA quality control being poor.
  7. But you can ground it with the action closed hammer cocked, without penalty, if it is empty. Isn't that what this paragraph is all about?
  8. I guess this is what confuses me, because that is the exact wording used in this rule (P 17-18). I understand that it is the live round in the chamber regardless of lever position that rules a SDQ. If it said "live round in the chamber" it would make more sense. Long guns will be emptied and discarded with their barrels pointed safely downrange. This condition may be corrected on the clock, prior to the next round being fired. If the long gun is not discarded empty prior to the next firearm being fired, only the shooter may return to open and/or clear the firearm at the end of the stage under the observation of the CRO/TO. Should an empty casing/hull be ejected or found in the action or chamber, or a live round on the carrier of an open action, a Minor Safety Violation (MSV) will be assessed. However, if the action is opened and a live/unfired round is ejected, a Stage DQ (SDQ) will be assessed for a long gun with a “live round under a cocked hammer having left the shooter’s hands”. In this case, there is no opportunity to correct this condition before firing the next firearm, as the penalty takes effect upon leaving the shooter’s hands.
  9. Yes it is. I argued this very point where a rifle is set on the table with lever open and a round in the carrier falls into the chamber. By rule that is a violation of the round in chamber under a cocked hammer left the shooters hands.
  10. I recently got a slixpin firing pin from Long Hunter (longhunt.com). Works great and very fast shipping (2 days). Is slightly longer than stock.
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