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  1. RICO , Just a heads up: I recently tried to put "Thunderer" grip frame on a standard uberti "plow handle" pistol. they did not fit, the hammer hits the thunderer frame before reaching full cock. Some filing would need to be done to either the grip frame or hammer to make this work.
  2. Since I was the one to bring up this in the other thread, guess I should add my 2 cents. I used this example to point out the difference between a miss and an unfired round "scored as a miss" as Grizzly Dave posted SHB page 22. When the instructions say engage 10 targets with 10 rounds from your rifle and you only engage 4 targets for whatever reason, the shooter could not make up the 6 unfired rounds since they were not "misses", they are only scored as misses. I believe the best this shooter could have done was the 6 unfired rounds scored as misses even if all the targets were knocked down. This was some time back, but I recall the 3 targets left standing were actually pistol targets, which messes up the whole idea that 3 of the 6 unfired rounds can be attributed to the 3 "missed" targets, since they could not have been "missed" by the rifle. So 3 misses and 6 unfired rounds = 45 seconds. Similar scenario, 4 KD SG targets must be engaged with 4+ SG. Targets are positioned in such a way it is easy to hit 2 with 1 shot, yet if the shooter does not "engage with 4+ rounds" they incur a "unfired round" 5 second penalty even though all 4 targets went down with 3 shots.
  3. Everyone thinks that an "unfired round" is a "miss", it is not. The way I read the rules an "unfired round" is "scored as a miss" or "5 second penalty" it is not actually a true "miss". Failure to engage a target causes a P, unfired rounds are "scored as misses". I watched a shooter on a stage with 20 knock down targets 10 rifle 10 pistol any can be made up with shotgun. Shooter had a malfunction with rifle and ran out of shotgun ammo with 3 targets still up. Scored as 3 "misses" and 6 "unfired rounds" in the rifle. That's the rules.
  4. I'm with ya TB, great fun, cannot say enough about all the great people of the Wartrace Regulators who worked their butts off putting on a great match.
  5. I use titegroup in 44-40 and 44 magnum. 4.5 g with 200g RNFP. works very well.
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