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  1. I replaced (repaired) a front sight on a Winchester model 94 30-30 using the 380 black max. Also used brownells low temp silver solder to repair the front sight on one of my old model vaquero's. This took a little more practice, as getting the temp right is key. Both turned out fine and have held up after firing.
  2. Following this story closely, I figured he was affiliated with SASS. Prayers.
  3. I have a 2010 GT as my everyday drive. Love it! That said, since I bought it used, I have done much research and in 2011 Ford updated a lot of things i wish I had now. Mainly the v8 engine is 4.6 liters, 2011 is 5.0 liters, also upgraded the front suspension for better handling. If I were lookin to buy now I would like a 2011-2016 GT. Also don't forget about the Shelby GT, I have seen them for under 30k with only 50-60k miles on them. Now there's a midlife crisis car.
  4. Correct, however you still must holster your pistols to avoid penalty, just not on the clock since the last round has been fired.
  5. I'm with Burt on this. SASS default is pistols are holstered at the beginning of a stage and re-holstered after firing. This stage has deviated from SASS default already by staging the pistols on a window sill. Therefore the SASS default to re-holster is no longer in effect. Since the stage directions do not specify what to do with the pistols after firing, the shooter has a choice, restage or holster (not re-holster since they didn't start there).
  6. AND the guy is still alive... just confirms my opinion of 9mm as a self defense round. What good is a 15 round magazine when it takes half a mag to stop one bad guy. Previous shooting involving a LA patrol officer who also happens to be a top ranked competition shooter had to double tap an attacking knife welding perp 3 times to stop him. I hope most LEO are taking note and carrying extra mags.
  7. If you are buying strictly for CAS use, it really doesn't matter. If you plan to use this rifle for hunting, self defense, plinking, I would go with 44 magnum. Simple reason is availability of ammunition. You can go into any gun store in this great country and find 44 magnum ammunition, not so much with 45 colt. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I recently short stroked a "early model" uberti SRC. From your picture it appears to be the same. Yes the links are shorter than current production. Since my rifle will only be used for CAS, I did some careful filing and got the links to fit without having to force the action closed. Works great now.
  9. Did I mention that when I told her I couldn't find any small pistol primers she called her dad and he found 3000 for her. We been married 40 years
  10. So far as I am aware, the 170/180 is the same as Cowboy. 170 is horizontal, 180 vertical. When muzzle clears leather it must be within 180 vertical and immediately transition to downrange. This can be done with a canted holster just like it can be done with a crossdraw.
  11. Oh yeah, I even got her shooting wild bunch now. Of course I had to buy her a set of guns for that too So lets see, she has 8 guns of her own in my cabinet (counting the sig 9mm she "took" from me cuz she liked it). Ooops, make that 10, she has her own Kimber in 9mm also.
  12. I know, and it's partly your fault. You sold her those Californians
  13. Have I ??? Needed to confirm zero on 3 rifles and 2 revolvers, test a new load in 357sig AND my wife's 9mm cuz she had issues with it jamming at the last match. I wanted her to fire it to confirm it worked for her. Even took a day off work to get all this done. So loaded up and went to the range. Started on the pistol range, fired my 3 guns in about 15 minutes. Meanwhile the wife is making a small ragged hole with her 9mm till she ran out of ammo (I only brought about 60 rounds as all that needed done was confirm it worked. Seems she had other ideas. Later (after a few glasses of wine) she said, and I quote "Next time we go to the range Bring more F$%KIN ammo"... Did I create a monster???
  14. I have seen several wild bunch shooters use rearward cant holsters, never seen them told it was an unauthorized holster, so long as its leather.
  15. As sometimes happens, shooter fires pistols with no prop/table to "ground" a declared malfunction. Do you ground it on the ground, or move to a table/prop, say where the rifle is staged, ground the pistol there and continue the stage? Thank you Captain Bill Burt... same question.
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