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  1. Hmmmm... a new gun. I'll run that past May B Knott HA
  2. Very recently switched from dry to wet tumbling. Bought a large tumbler which makes the time factor equal or better than dry because it holds 3-4 times more brass. My dry tumbler holds 100 44-40 or similiar cases and takes 1 hour with walnut to clean and 1 hour with corncob to polish. Wet tumbling I can clean and polish 500 cases in 2 hours then 2 hours in a drier. So far this has worked out very well. I am way ahead of my brass cleaning and polishing with less effort than I ever was with the dry tumbler.
  3. I'll top off Lobo (my truck) after work. Modern version of double ration of oats. See ya tomorrow.
  4. Exactly, there are multiple proven techniques, most of which rely on taking the gun out of battery rendering it unable to fire. Others use striking the wrist, paralizing the hand.
  5. Has the lever safety been removed?
  6. hmmm, my mother hasn't emailed me for my christmas list yet, better check on her.
  7. The stories I could tell... but then I'd have to .... oh never mind
  8. Totally bummed. Here I am at work, when I should be on the range. Oh well, it is winter.
  9. Haven't tried ultimate yet. I use titegroup or cleanshot of equal amounts in all my pistol calibers. Both work great.
  10. Good info. I don't have any "new" starline thats empty, but I have a bunch of older stuff as well as some mixed head stamped, I'll have to check some out.
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