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  1. Very good video of slide lock function. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=winchester+97+action+video&docid=608025321402860331&mid=B4F38D7A9E90A4DD4366B4F38D7A9E90A4DD4366&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  2. There are multiple parts to the slide release mechanism. From memory, the button pushes a plunger that pivots the slide lock bar on a pivot pin which has a spring that returns it to the locked position.
  3. The ammo was acquired before the "course of fire" began, therefore legally acquired. Correct no call. It would have been legal for grounding pistols and leaving the line to retrieve ammo, although not recommended. Send the shooter back to the loading table where they can ground their pistols, call the next shooter who is ready and keep things moving.
  4. Made me smile. It is 0920 and took 800mg motrin with my first cup of coffee, now on my third cup. Yep, I qualify!
  5. Is it the same as for a 650? I have one I would be willing to part with.
  6. I use 4.5 gr of titegroup for 44-40 and 44 magnum cowboy loads. 165 gr to 200 gr bullets. Anything less and you start getting inconsistent ignition.
  7. Hawes I believe was the German company. I have one of those too. Yes some smaller companies have tried. Heritage only recently entered the "big bore" market. The big 3, Pietta, Uberti, and Ruger rule the single action revolver market. Colt had a good idea, but as usual priced themselves out of the "affordable" market.
  8. Until recently only one company offered a single action revolver that you could load all chambers and if you dropped it, it would not go "boom" and possibly injure or kill someone, Ruger. Pietta recently entered this market with transfer bar equipped single actions. The "purists" hate them and consider it a "cheap copy of Rugers design". Uberti came up with a totally new (and I believe innovative) design that keeps the "pure" looks of the colt design, something Ruger never even considered, and is challenging Ruger's supremacy in that market. Yes there is a market for single action "carry" guns that can pass the "drop test" and be fully loaded, just look at Rugers success with the Blackhawks and Vaqueros. Note I did not even mention Colt, they are a completely different market. Not because they are better or worse guns, but because they are 3-4 times more expensive than any of the others. Of my 10 single action revolvers, 1 is a Cattleman II and it has never misfired. I bought it new, fired a box of ammo thru it, tore it completely down and cleaned it, as I do with any new gun. The design and function of the retractable firing pin seems fine to me. If I had to choose 1 as a "carry" gun, that would be it, because I can safely load all chambers and it is reliable. I have seen many post "it didn't work" or "I sent it in to be repaired" but have yet to see anyone actually post what the issue was/is. There are only 4 parts to the system, Firing pin, actuating rod, trigger, and hammer. Which part "failed" or "broke" please? Lots of cowboys posting "it's terrible, I sent them to (name your gunsmith) and had it replaced with the good ol 4 click system, without even firing them. I would like to see some feedback from a gunsmith that has "fixed 100 or more" of these with some useful information. Did they actually need "fixed" or were these just cowboys who don't like these new fangled things? I believe 90% or more are in this category.
  9. Only time I stayed in the airplane (didn't jump cuz my chute deployed accidently in the aircraft) the C-130 caught fire and we made an emergency landing. Would much rather have jumped.
  10. Don't have a picture, but mine is 15 degree cant. Works well worn in the front left of your buckle. Shift your stance to right leg back and no need to "dance" when drawing or reholstering.
  11. Welcome Slim, I'm in Clarksville and I'll take em. PM me.
  12. Exactly, the shutdown is/was to prevent overloading health care capabilities which reduces deaths due to inability to treat overwhelming numbers of patients. Flattening the curve has been accomplished. No health care capability has been overwhelmed, even in the hardest hit areas of NY/NJ, Excess capacity now exists. Time to move on.
  13. Where I shoot we don't get to set up our own target arrays, have to use the same setup as the cowboy shooters use. We limit the 1911 to 4 magazines per stage since most do not have more than 4 pouches. We run 5 stages and at least one of those will have no rifle. Ends up usually 80-90 rounds of 45ACP, 30-40 rounds for whatever rifle you shoot and never more than a full box of shotgun.
  14. Given the voting trends of dead people in most liberal states, this is open for debate.
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