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  1. OR Shooter: may I decock? TO: Yes Shooter: decocks left pistol and sets it on table / prop or holster Shooter: decocks right pistol and indexes cylinder to empty chamber and holsters Shooter: picks up left pistol and indexes cylinder to empty chamber and maybe realizes what he just did! TO: SDQ, pick up your guns and move to the unloading table.
  2. +1 for Speer manuals. The most important part for new reloaders is the section on how to reload and what to look for so you can spot problems before they blow up your gun, and you. Read this section 2 or 3 times before you even start looking at specific caliber data, and do read the background / specific info about that caliber / cartridge.
  3. This is normal for HP bullets. The bullets do not have uniform "tips". When you use a round nose seating plug it should be contacting the ogive of the bullet, not the actual top. Being within 3-5 thousands is fine. You are not making 1000 yard accuracy loads. So long as they don't exceed max or min length and cycle in your pistol, you will be fine.
  4. Yes that is the first method that comes to mind, you just earned a SDQ for the 1st revolver leaving your hand with a live round under the hammer.
  5. I guess I'm asking if anyone can? Or would even try?
  6. Revolvers are first guns on the stage. For whatever reason (brain fart, etc), the shooter (non gunfighter or B-Western) draws and cocks both revolvers but does not fire a round. Can the shooter, with and under TO/RO guidance, restage with hammer down on empty chambers and restart the stage? Yes it is legal for the TO/RO to supervise decocking as PWB posted. But just how would you do this without a safety violation. You can't decock 1 and holster it while you decock the other and re-index the cylinder. The only way I see this is the shooter would have to cock
  7. Nice pair on gunbroker Ruger New Vaquero SASS 4 5/8 357 Magnum Consecutive Serial Tricked Out! - Revolvers at GunBroker.com : 902495883
  8. Here is how I see it: SHB STAGE CONVENTIONS "In the event a target fails or is downed, the shooter SHOULD “shoot where it was.” For safety reasons a target on the ground should never be engaged." Doesn't say must shoot where it was or will shoot where it was.... so it really doesn't matter where the shooter put that shot, so long as it was safe to shoot there. "All knockdown targets (shotgun, rifle, or revolver) must go down to count. o Any knockdown target still standing once the shooter has engaged the next sequence of the stage will be count
  9. Nothing in OP about how many rounds were actually fired. Seen this a few times because the shooter jacked a round, of course it's empty.
  10. No one addressed the situation where the shooter fired 9 rounds and jacked one out. The usual "one more" is called out by RO/TO and anyone else who is counting rounds. Shooter goes back and there is no round in the rifle, so no safety issue, just that only 9 rounds were fired. Would this be grounds for a reshoot. I think not. Telling the shooter "one more" is not implying there is an unsafe condition, only that they only fired 9 rounds. If they choose to correct it by reloading, all is good, if they decide to move on and take the 5 seconds for unfired round, still good. If they lever the rifle
  11. My better half (alias May B Knott) and I took our new camper to this match. This was our first time at MRR and found it to be an excellent facility. Great people, as you'd expect at a CAS match. Had a great time even though I didn't shoot so well. Some very challenging stages. First time I have shot a split pistol, yeah I went the wrong way and had to come back for that second pistol. Was on a great posse with lots of great shooters. Overall a great way to start our summer. Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this together.
  12. You don't drop the gun where the holster "should" be. You feel it into the holster so you don't drop it unless it is in the holster. Not sayin I can do it, just that is the technique to keep from having to look it in and take your eyes off the target. I can do it with the right holster, left, not so much.
  13. It's just a fad, just like those auto pistols were back in the day. Everyone will go back to Colt single actions.
  14. Advertising, I would have started CAS 10 years ago if I had known about it. One stop shopping. There are multiple online business that might have "most" of what you need to start, but not everything. There are a lot of accessories that you will want later, but the necessities should be easy to find and "package" deals would make it easier for beginners to navigate. I don't see any of the vendors (CAS vendors) packaging a "New Shooters Complete Kit" with a pair of single action pistols, lever action rifle, double barrel shotgun, dual holster rig with shotgun slide, and a basic gun cart. New sho
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