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  1. As a past honoree of Classic Cowboy of the Year and a current member if the Magnificent Seven, I would like to thank all of you for your nominations. We Classics are a special group of chaps wearing, vest wearing in 90° weather while tripping over our spurs kind of folk. I'd like to see the nominations go one step further. "I'd like to nominate (fill in blank). He/she is a great guy/gal and they help everyone while taking costuming to the max". Hey people, that describes all of us. How about helping the Mag7 make the best choice possible by adding some info about your nominee. How long have they been shooting cowboy? How long a Classic? Have they won any major awards? What specific acts have they done to better cowboy shooting either locally or higher. That's the stuff we need to know to see who stands out among the rest of us. Send a PM to any one of the Mag7 or post it here on the wire. Thanks again to all of you for putting up some very deserving nominees.
  2. Curly Liver Brown here.....sounds like too much alcohol in earlier years.
  3. Just got home after 9+ hour drive. Great match as always. This is definitely a bucket list match for all. Thanks to all responsible for a great time.
  4. So sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers for you and your family. I know what you are going through. Mom left us just 7 years ago.
  5. Calling all hat companies!! Get yer bids in now. Widder soon be needin' a bigger hat. Had the pleasure of knowing Widder for a while now. Heck, I even knew him as Widdowmaker Hill.
  6. Ouch! Just for reference, before all this supply mess started, i was paying about $118 for an 8 lb jug of Red Dot. I was able to find two more last year. The first one cost me $186 and the second one was $256. I suppose I would pay that again if i could find it.
  7. For those of you not attending Ohio or PA State shoots, come and shoot with us this weekend. We will shoot six fast and close stages. Registration at 8:45 and lead down range at 10am. Coffee and donuts in the morning. There will be no lunch this month so bring a snack. Our website is temporarily down so if you need more info or directions, contact me.
  8. I bought a used MEC 9000 years ago, loaded 1000's of shells and finally sent it back to MEC last year for a complete rebuild. Loads look like factory. Pricey but less than Ponsnes or Spolar. I can load 300-400 per hour with no problem.
  9. It'll good to see you and Holli again. Missed you in FL this year. We'll be camping there so look us up. There is always a chair and a cold one waiting for you there.
  10. Get well and come back and visit us here in the states. We miss you. Well......maybe not you but KK, we do miss.
  11. My buddy is a military afficionado and has quite a collection of military vehicles including three different 1942 MB's. It is fun and challenging to drive an MB through the woods a speed while trying to keep up with him in one his other ones. My fat gut rubs the bottom of the steering wheel so being impaled with the steering wheel post as the idiot in the video stated would be difficult due to my own personal built in airbag. Havent ever driven or seen a Honda like that but i have driven my Jeep a time or two. Here it is in it's past glory days. It's a 76 CJ7 and sports a fiberglass body, AMC 360 V8 with mods, narrowed 9 inch Ford rear differential with a full locker and a full 6 point roll cage mounted to the frame.
  12. Thanks once again for your immensely captivating and entertaining soliloquy. We're all waiting for the next exciting chapter in your book. There is a book coming.......right? "Tales of the Hardpan" has a nice ring to it.
  13. I can do the pee stains for a lot less than $800 if anyone is interested.
  14. Happy Mothers Day to all cowgirls who are Mothers or maybe plan to be Mothers. You have the most important job in the world. We are headed out soon to celebrate at a restaurant with my wife of 49 years, three younguns and their spouses, and all six grandkids. Going to be a good time. Mom has been gone almost seven years now and isn't a day goes by that she is not in my thoughts. Kay lost her Mother last summer and is missed by all.
  15. Go get'em Scout. Good seeing you again in Kansas. See you somewhere down the trail.
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