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  1. I use MS Publisher. I have a file built with all of my targets on it. When I build a stage on a page, I know exactly how many targets are left for the rest of the stages. I drew the target shapes and props myself using some existing program shapes.
  2. Cagney & Lacey TV show 1981-88 Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly Way before your time young fella.
  3. Scuse me! Its called a HAND gun not a HANDS gun.
  4. Sorry to hear this. Prayers going up for a first class lady.
  5. Hate to hear this. We're praying for you. Seamus and Kay
  6. Looks like I have to change my category to Buckarette or La Patrona.
  7. Gee, finally a graph that doesn't put me in the "other" group. (SASS #94002)
  8. Did I mention you have way too much free time.
  9. I was TO. Shell was NOT in chamber. No call. This would be no different than a "loaded" rifle with nothing in the chamber staged and waiting for use.
  10. At least your state is listed. Seems I live in the state of "Other".
  11. We are down maybe by 1/3 in attendance but the reason varies. I see the ammo shortage hitting hard next year if supplies don't become available. A lot of local shooters had a 6 month to one year supply. We even had two news shooters last Saturday that are really hooked. I supplied them with their needed guns and all of their ammo. Both hoped to have the rest of their guns by spring. Think positive.
  12. Best bang for the buck match anywhere....bar none. Think there are still a couple of open spots.
  13. FWIW - When I bought my first car gas was around 29¢. I had to use "hi-test" and that was 33¢. The least I ever paid for gas was 19¢. In NE Ohio it is averaging 2.89 to 3.09 right now.
  14. Nasty animals. They don't call them trash pandas for nothing. Nothing but a nuisance around here. It is a wild animal, not a pet. Did I happen to mention I don't like raccoons. They kill my cats. Trust me, it's an ugly thing if they find a litter of kittens.
  15. What an incredible loss. Had the opportunity to shoot with him several times. A mentor and a fine example to all. RIP Papa Dave. Condolences to his family.
  16. Had a great time today. The heat was getting to me by the end but just like Lone Watie said, "Endeavor to Persevere" Thanks to Firelands crew for all their work. Stages were fun and well written. Kay says she'll kick your butt next time.
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