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  1. Thanks DHD for putting this event together. Great night, great food and even greater friends. It was fun to put faces with names we all know. Blackjack Zak dropped in late to say HI but most had left by then.
  2. Pray goest thou in a goodly state of merriment on the celebration of thy natal day.
  3. But....but.....on the eighth day God and Sam Colt said "Let the barrels have a length of at least 7.5 inches."
  4. Looking forward to seeing you again if you come back east. There's always a cold one waitin' fer ya at my trailer. On a side note. Your CD is all my grandkids want to here when they're in Papaw's truck. It's a backseat choir of "It's Cold" and "Santa was a Cowboy Too".
  5. But......but.......Rye, he spelled my name wrong.
  6. If you know how many guns you have, then you don't have enough guns.
  7. BLASPHEMY!!!!! I'd appreciate it if you not use that language on a family forum!
  8. Most of our pards have said it already, but hang in there. You know the the enjoyment you've had in CAS so far. I can assure you, that fun and excitement are still there for you to enjoy. I have enjoyed shooting with you and hope to more in the future. I plan to do this for as long as I'm physically capable. As the grandkids get older, we may have to pull back a tad, but then I hope to shoot with them in the future also. Besides, we need all the Classics we can get. You keep me on my toes.
  9. Shot SASS matches in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Carolina and Alabama. That includes 26 different clubs. Will be adding at least one more State and several more clubs this year. Love to travel, shoot and meet new " old friends".
  10. I usually have at least 9 items on at a shoot. My opinion is it is a "costume" category so "Go all out or go home". Getting by with the least amount possible is not what the category is about. Nothing personal just my opinion.
  11. I keep working on him to go down and shoot Dark Day. He "almost" made it there last year.
  12. Once again, thanks to Mo and the the crew. Always a fun time with some great pards.
  13. We've stayed here before and are staying there for this year's Ides. Just a few minutes to the range. Nice people to deal with in my experience.
  14. Your OA sash is over the wrong shoulder. (Congrats on the Eagle) Sixgun Seamus aka Achpamsin - Vigil Honor 1974 Sipp-O Lodge #377
  15. Rye, you keep coming up with excuses. You ever gonna shoot again?
  16. I guess we're lucky. All ordered stuff came in a day or two. I ordered an item from Tennessee, shipped by FedEx. Sat in Memphis for three days, was shipped to Grove City, OH ( about 2 hours south of me) then it went to Irving, Texas for a day then back to Grove City. Took about 7 days.
  17. Thank you and the crew for all you do for our game. The great attendance today shows how much we appreciate it.
  18. Wow, sorry to hear this. Always had a big smile and kind words for everyone. Great cowboy. Always invited us to stay with his bunch in "Catlow City" at Michigan State every year. He will be missed. Prayers out to Annabell and family.
  19. Hey, Flat Iron Mike, if you're reading this, I'm bringing one of the shotgun poppers for you on Saturday.
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