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  1. Went in for a colonoscopy (ugh) several years back. The first question out of the doctors mouth when came in to talk was, "So, what do you shoot?" I couldn't figure how he knew until he pointed out I was wearing an NRA hat. Got to promote CAS.
  2. My name is Sixgun Seamus and I am an addict. Michigan Rattler is the sole cause of my addiction and I hold him personally responsible. (www.michiganrattler.com) The man is a true artist with leather and he never ceases to amaze me. Between my wife and I, we have holsters, chaps, chinks, botas, cuffs, butt covers and ammo slides. Every time I see him at an event he lures me in with his magic and I gotta figure what I can have him make for me next. At Indiana State Championship, he did it again. I asked him to make a butt cover for my TTN. The only instructions I gave him were that I wanted a shamrock and an Irish harp on it. The picture speaks for itself. He once again outdid himself.
  3. My grandfather (Noble) and his brother Raymond married sisters, Carrie (my grandmother) and Ruth. My Dad was one of 11 siblings. I have 43 first cousins on that side of the family.
  4. Fun shoot again today although muggy. I couldn't have been wetter if you sprayed me with a hose. Thanks.
  5. Me thinks you just doubled the value of the scooter. BEAUTIFUL
  6. Name badges should be just that..... NAME badges. Everyone knows what event you are at but most badges take up a good portion of the badge with the club name and event and the name is small or not in a contrasting color. I am old and forget names. There, I said it. Make the name at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the badge and in a contrasting color so people can see the name at a glance. I can't take pictures of them right now but two recent examples that I can think of were Indiana State Championship and Ohio State Black Powder Championship. Two different types but both easy to read. IN State was plastic laser engraved and OH BP shoot was a pin back pressed button type. IN State was large white letters on a darker background. Oh BP shoot had a thin black outlined yellow letters that contrasted against the design. If you get or make pressed button badges (I have), the design might look good on your computer screen when you design it but the finished product just might be hard to read. No fancy fonts.
  7. Couldn't help but notice but there is not a "Cowboy" hat in the picture and only the real hats that were actually worn.
  8. Uhhh, maybe the moustache might give it away.
  9. Unfortunately we can't be there this year. I will say this tops the list of downright fun matches anywhere. Big Iron puts on a humdinger.
  10. Thanks. A great song and even greater entertainer.
  11. Prayers for you, your grandkids and entire family.
  12. Things be hoppin' at the pavilion right now.
  13. That does it Now we are gonna hafta come visit ya there. Beautiful!
  14. I have that many and more Boy Scout related cups from over the years. Stored in a couple boxes in the basement somewhere.
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