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  1. Founders Ranch 1550 miles Ben Avery 2011 miles Paradise Pass 279 miles We've driven to all three and I prefer the 279 but I'll drive the 2011 again next year.
  2. Haven't had the pleasure of meeting either but maybe someday down the road. Congrats from another Classic.
  3. Forgot about that one. They actually cut it in half and moved the halves separately. I was a young kid but I remember. It was 1958.
  4. I think there were several of that type at Fort Morgan at the southern end of Mobile Bay. The emplacements are the two deep pits at the top of the fort.
  5. JB and BDoc are an asset to SASS. I've had the opportunity to shoot with them many times. You won't meet nicer people. JB sponsored my 12 yr old neighbor's SASS membership several years ago. I know he has sponsored other junior shooters as well. Glad to say he's a friend.
  6. Shot with him several times. Wilbur summed it up what a tremendous cowboy he was. He was a great guy to be around. Sat around after shoots swapping stories about our grandkids. RIP. We'll all miss that big smile. Condolences to his family.
  7. My bank hasn't returned checks for years. I can print a copy of the check from their website if needed. I deposit checks electronically with my phone so the bank doesn't even get the original check, just my picture of it. I hold on to the original, then destroy it after it clears.
  8. At LGS today. They had primers but were at service desk. $9.99/100. There were partial pallets on the floor of 9mm. $35/50. I saw something I haven't seen for a while. They had bulk boxes of plated bullets for loading in several different calibers. Shotgun shells in supply but not great selection. Shotgun components were plentiful at regular pricing but I didn't see shotgun primers. (I wasn't really looking) They move some aisles around and the powder wasn't where it usually was and I didn't look for it. Regular ammo was available but I didn't look real close at calibers available because I wa
  9. I see jealousy rearing it's ugly head. My 15 minutes of fame and I was in my underwear.
  10. OK, I kept my mouth shut till now but........having been employed by Coca-Cola for 43 years, I heard this crap quite regularly. (Nothing personal meant to you 40R) People would tell me that you can clean your battery terminals with Coke. My answer to them was that it is now $5 per bottle battery terminal cleaner. As far as eating your stomach lining....there are far stronger acids in your stomach occuring naturally for digestion. Most any carbonated beverage will have the same effect in tenderizing meats. And I certainly am not going to smear sticky colored sugar water on my windows in an atte
  11. Don't need to go heeled to get the bulge on a tub like you.
  12. But then I'd be 11 hours from my 6 grandkids.
  13. Them Wartrace folks is of the finest kind. Only bad thing is the eleven hour drive there limits my visits to once a year.
  14. Sign going down my basement steps. (I am 4 generations out of Ireland)
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