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  1. Got to shoot with Doc Who at the Ides. Impressive. Worth the price of admission to watch him. Told him that he was my new hero.
  2. I don't shoot it, I just watch it at some of the bigger matches. I know they use semi auto pistol caliber carbines at a variety of targets. I don't know the rules or particulars. Sorry. Somebody that shoots it can offer more.
  3. I agree with the OP and want to emphasize that smooth guns definitely adds to the fun. Case in point. When my wife started shooting with me seven years ago, I made sure she had the best guns we could afford. She shot better guns than me for a while. If she would have had glitches and problems from the start, she probably wouldn't have continued. She currently shoots a Lassiter prepped 87, a Codymatic 73 and Vaqueros by Boomstick Jay. These guns have given her the confidence that helps her shoot faster. She is definitely not the fastest shooter at the match but she does get to take home more awards than I do. Better equipment does make you better.
  4. I'm showing off my new "bling" rig that I just bought from him. Beautiful and functional. I also have his basic holster set that I compete with.
  5. Went by LGS yesterday so I stopped in out of curiosity. Still had powder just not huge selection with mostly jugs in stock. A few primers on shelf with limit of 500 total per person per day. I picked up 500 Winchester LP. Large and small rifle in stock but no small pistol. Gun racks were pretty full with black guns and shotguns. Plenty of shotgun shells and shotshell loading supplies. No price gouging.
  6. Shooting at current rate, we can go for about two years. After that, we'd have to change category and caliber then go another year or two.
  7. Fantastic weather for the last Tusco shoot of the year. Who ever thought a breeze in November would feel good. Great day with friends and a fun day as always. Thanks to Bubba and entire Tusco crew. Have to frame the score sheet. I beat Stoney.
  8. Another crazy fun time from the twisted mind of Thunder Creek Kid. Thanks OVV crew for a fun season. P.S. We might be the losing team this year but we were the "First Place" losers.
  9. It was a lot warmer here. Why, it was 28° when I unlocked the gate at the club this morning. It was 48° when I left this afternoon.
  10. Thanks to all who came out to play with us today and thanks to all the cowboys and cowgirls that supported us in this crazy mixed up COVID year. The weather was cool but sunny. Without all of your support our club would be nothing. Congratulations to all of our five clean shooters, our category winners and our overall male and female shooters, Hooligan Howes and Cayenne Kay. Hope to see all of you somewhere down the trail. Scores are posted at www.browntownshipregulators.com. P.S. We missed you Rye. We waited on you till about noon to start since you said you would be there, but alas, no Rye.
  11. One of the best. His portrayal as Jim Malone in The Untouchables and Professor Henry Jones in the Indy movies will always be my favorites. A great loss. RIP
  12. Pin is an official Disney pin from Disney World.
  13. Three weather services all have low 50's and mostly sunny. Come on out and enjoy one more shoot before winter sets in.
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