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  1. I worked for Coca-Cola for 43 years and they never once would tell me the secret formula..... so don't bother asking.
  2. I guess I shouldn't say that I still have a 5lb jug and four 9oz bottles all unopened of TB. I came into the ammo mess well prepared.
  3. There is a 24/7 Gunsmoke channel on Pluto TV. I watch it way to much.
  4. Nicely stated but there is only one "REAL" category.........Classic Cowboy
  5. Well done as usual. Hope to see you again at EOT this year.
  6. I feel for ya pard. I've been afib for 6 years. Takes lots.of drugs to control it. I tire out easy but you !earn to live with it. Praying for.ya pard.
  7. Fun shoot today as usual. Big crowd. Thanks Mo, Hagen and crew.
  8. I'll see your 802 miles and raise you another 122 miles. See you at the Ides.
  9. On the 8th day, God and Sam Colt said, " Let all barrels be 7 1/2 inches or longer". Who am I to argue with that?
  10. The only way to clean all the gunk from the inside is to use media either ceramic or SS pins.
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