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  1. Looks like someone is having a whole bunch of fun anyway.
  2. Thanks to the Logan''s Ferry crew for a great shoot. Perfect weather. Hope to get back and shoot with you more often.
  3. I was hoping to come, but now I have to reconsider.
  4. Greatest shoot today. Had 4 Classics. Woohoo!! Couldn't hit a target but had a great time as always missin' that steel and jacking out live rounds. Perfect shooting weather.
  5. Coffinmaker wunt know what ta do with only one gun in his hand. Why.... he'd feel downright nekkid. He do dress purty.... I'll give him that.
  6. It was a sad day indeed. Another hero down the tubes.
  7. Cayenne Kay and I did those shoots in 2017 and 2018. Shot Darkness Falls and Dark Day this year but couldn't make the schedule work for Ides this time but we will be back next year.
  8. Thanks to TCK and the whole OVV crew. Always lots of fun with the sick twisted stages of TCK. WATCH OUT, IT'S NITROGLYCERIN!
  9. No problem. Got plenty of room for you in the pickup bed.
  10. There are several nesting pairs about 20-30 miles south of me but I never saw any locally. Last spring I threw a groundhog that I had just shot out into the hay field behind my house. The turkey vultures will usually take care of them within a couple of hours. I thought I might get some good photos of them so I hid in my pickup with the back window open and my camera with a long lens. I wasn't there very long and I saw a large bird take off farther down the field. Yep, it was an eagle. Got a pretty decent quick shot of him.
  11. I've been shooting Classic a couple of years now. Started out in age based with 38's. For no particular reason, I migrated to 45's and shot those in age based. I always qualified for Classic with my costuming. Several years ago at a major match, I shot the match clean with a 23.70 average stage time shooting an age based category.. All that got me was 6th place. A couple of buddies (Sixgun Scotsman and Bad Brass) were after me to shoot Classic since I shot the right guns and already dressed the part. I figured.....what the heck.....I can get beat in any category so I might as well have fun doing it. My times slowed way down and I'm still trying to connect my left hand to my brain. My wife Cayenne Kay had switched to Classic the year before so it was just the right thing to do. I won't be winning the Cadillac any time soon but I'll look purty and have some fun doin' it.
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