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  1. The Brown Township Regulators are hold our annual "Shootout on the Sandy Creek" Daylight Iron-man Edition. The match will be eight fast and fun stages with lots of movement and choice. Registration will begin at 8:45 AM with safety meeting and shoot starting at 10 AM sharp. We will shoot our first four stages then break for a Barbecue lunch of hamburgs, hot dogs, sides and all the fixin's. After lunch about 2 :00 PM we will shoot our last four stages with awards and door prizes directly after. Breakfast will not be available. If you plan on coming let us know asap for the name badges. More information and directions at www.browntownshipregulators.com. The weather is looking just about perfect for shooting. Hope to see you there.
  2. I do it all the time. Just remember on the 8th day God and Sam Colt said "Let all the barrels be at least 7 1/2 inches".
  3. Geeeez......why didja hafta go and say that........now he'll need a bigger hat.
  4. I am crying my heart out for these, but alas I'm way too fat.
  5. Thanks to 3 Gun Cole, Sinola Kid, Bad Brass and the whole Wolverine gang for a great shoot. These guys were handed the reins of this State match this year and never missed a beat in putting on this match despite all that the politics of Michigan and this Covid mess could throw at them. It was obvious that they worked their tails off to make it happen. On a side note........my eyes and ears have finally stopped bleeding after having to TO for Gunner Gatlin's Pale Rider loads.
  6. This game is for fun.....YOUR FUN. If you do get a Spencer, you have to let me shoot it and not get mad because I drooled all over it.
  7. Thunder Creek is my new hero!! He already has a framed copy of the score sheet hanging in his living room.
  8. We go to my son's house in the morning to get two grandkids on the school bus. (Parents are both school teachers and have to leave early.) Today is Cayenne Kay's birthday so I told my 3 1//2 yr old grand daughter that it was "Mamaw's" birthday. She quite pointedly looked at me and told me, "No it isn't! Mamaw is too old to have a birthday!" So, there you have it folks. In two weeks when the celebration of my natal day rolls around, I probably probably won't have a birthday either. Ain't it grand, now I guess we won't age anymore since we're "too old".
  9. With either luck or stupidty, I had my original OEM "China Bombs" go 32,000 miles before I replaced them this year on a 2016 trailer. They still had almost A third of the tread left. A Cowboy buddy sent me a picture of a blown up 2 year old low mileage tire on his camper while on vacation. Did some research and decided on 8 ply Carlisle trailer tires. Yes, they are still made in China but every review I read was favorable. I might be crazy but I think it pulls easier and mileage went up just a tad. It is a 26 ft lightweight trailer with just a 5100 bGVWR.
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