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  1. She was thinking......Do Wolverines really taste like chicken?
  2. 5 minutes left. Kicking serious butt. Got my own cheerleader.
  3. My cousin has one with the mum. My uncle took it from some fella on Okinawa that wasn't using it any more.
  4. Just put my batch of Shrimp and Grits in the oven. If it tastes as good as it smells, we got a winner. As soon as it's done we head to my sister's and her family as well as two of my three younguns and their families. Sedalia Dave, I'm counting on ya ta make me a Thanksgiving legend.
  5. Not sure of any one in particular who passed on this day, but according to your OP, it's Billy's BIRTHDAY.
  6. I'm using a Lyman 17 with the Smith rear sight on mine.
  7. I'm tired of this already. I told my wife this morning that this marked the "REAL" first day of her retirement. That is the first day she didnt have to get up and go to work in the snow.
  8. Wow, there are some stories to bo told around your campfire. Thanks to the men and women who took time out their lives so that the rest of can sit at home and enjoy our freedoms.
  9. Due to the cold weather, we will start our next match at the regular time of 10 am........NEXT APRIL!
  10. It still shows it on the Alliant website and doesnt say it is discontinued. ??????
  11. Please pass my thanks to Drake Robey for returning my SASS badge. I wasnt even aware that it was gone till it showed up in the mail. One question....how many clones of Branchwater Jack did you have operating that weekend. Every time you turned around, either he or one of his clones were making sure things were running smoothly (and well watered). Thanks to Buck, TDK and the whole NAR crew for a great shoot.
  12. Mary Ann, Ford F150 and Ruger.
  13. Lotta bullets down range, lotta smiles and laughs and everyone wanted to hang Thunder Creek Kid with a new rope so it must have been a good match. Missallotta T and I set the bar waaaay low for the rest of our team but Team "No Name" kicked serious tail in our overwhelming victory over the inferior Team "Captain" . Thanks to TCK, Ole Rattlesnake and the rest of the OVV crew for a fun closeout of the 2019 shooting season.
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