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  1. Best wishes for your Anniversary and prayers for your situation. 47 years for us.
  2. Not today anyway....so far.
  3. I had one years ago. Decent plinking gun. Trigger was horrible and gave it to my son. I'll have to look up trigger hack.
  4. Thanks to all the West Side Renegade for a fantastic shoot. This shoot is a must do bucket list shoot. They have a fantastic cowboy town venue and is a first class match. Fun side matches, great stages, great food, team matches, top shelf awards and great people made for a superb shooting weekend. I missed the first two Roundups for various reasons but I won't miss another. You gotta go to this match.
  5. I grew up with Roy, Gene and Hoppy, so I've always tilted towards the western stuff. Celebrated my 21st birthday by buying a used second generation SAA which I still have. In October of 2011 there was a ad in a local weekly paper about a club forming near me. I had seen cowboy shooting on Outdoor Channel but never though about joining. Well, my buddy and I went to that first organizational meeting and said that we would like to help and join. At that time I owned that SAA, a Cimarron Thunder and a Henry Big Boy. Never shot a shotgun more.than 100 times in my life despite shooting rifle amd pistol all that time. That new club's first match was July of 2012 and the rest is history. Within a year I was writing all our stages and became Match Director. Drug my wife (kicking and screaming) to a match in 2013. Something clicked there and we now shoot an average 40 matches a year. We've shot at 36 clubs in 15 states. No plans on slowing down anytime soon. We are at Spring Roundup in Evansville, IN (great match by the way) as I write this.
  6. I always heard that when a farmer has a good piece of equipment, he builds a shed over it.
  7. Haven't been on that road in more than 20 years, but maybe again someday.
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