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  1. We have varying number of cats at any one time. I consider them "barn cats" even though we don't have a barn. They are outside where they belong. We feed them regularly on the back porch and if they want more then go catch a mouse. They are rodent control since we live very rural surrounded by fields. I don't know and don't care where they sleep as long as they stay out of the garage. I know there are two litters of kittens out there somewhere. When the mother sees fit, she'll bring them to the back porch to learn to eat solid food. Some are friendly and some are wild. They are all well fed and never mistreated. I know this will pi$$ off some cat lovers but cats survived for a long time without the aid of man.
  2. It was either 66 or 67, I was at Boy Scout Camp and decided I wanted to take Marksmanship merit badge that week. I can't remember what rifles we used. There were four of us in the class and I was the only one that earned the badge that week. I also was the only one who had never shot any gun in my life. In 67 at my first trip to Philmont, I took thr NRA Hunter Safety course (using Remington 513T) at on of the back country camps. I still have the targets......three of them with a dime size hole or less out of the center. The following summer I answered an ad out of Boy's Life magazine to sell Christmas cards. I earned for myself a brand new Mossberg 320B .22 rifle. Mom wouldn't buy ammo so I had to earn money to buy my own. Like I said in an earlier post, I bought Remington long rifle ammo for about 51 or 52 cents a box down at Mill's Hardware store in town. Unfortunately that rifle was stolen back in the early 80's. I did qualify as 50 ft small bore expert at later years in Scout Camp but I was using my own Ruger 77/22. I have a rather large stockpile of 22 ammo that hopefully the grandkids will help me burn up. I bought each of my grandkids a Henry Golden Boy when they were born. We had them all together at Easter so I gave them their rifles. The serial #'s are their initials and birthdate.
  3. I'll have to dig them out and take a picture later, but I still have several Federal 525 bulk boxes of .22 that have a $7.99 price tag on them. As a kid I bought many boxes of 22's for 52 cents/50 rounds. Now, anything from 7 to 10 cents a piece is a good price.
  4. The HHR was an unusual car. I was issued one as a company car a drove it for a little over 4 years. You sat low in the car and with the short windows, I felt like I was driving a coffin. It carried a lot of stuff for work and was allowed to take it on vacation on the company's dime. It was a very decent driving and dependable car but was terrible in the snow with the wide tires. Many a winters day it sat at the bottom of my driveway while I trudged up the hill. Would I have bought one? NO, but I'll drive anything that you give to me and pay the expenses.
  5. OK, seems like I'm with Blackwater on this. I like them and my favorite color of one is yellow. To each his own. Yes, it might be totally useless as a pickup but but I doubt Chevy designed it to haul bales of hay or a load of gravel. Come to think of it, any street rod or customized restored pickup is pretty much useless for hauling stuff. It is for cruisin' and that's about all. Think about the Dodge Prowler as another example of a crusin' vehicle. First time I saw an SSR it reminded me of my great uncle's 53 GMC pickup. I rode many miles in that thing with him and have many great memories. When my wife and I see one, our first thought is,"That would be a sweet ride to hold our guns and gun cart to go to a shoot".
  6. Here's to you, Vix-n. May you Rest in Peace From Seamus and Kay
  7. Since it's on a Cowboy Action Forum, I just assumed that people would know it referred to Cowboy action, Sorry.
  8. Shot with them many times. Vix-n and Blue Eye Drifter were huge supporters and promoters of our sport. She will be greatly missed. She was a class act and always ready with a big hug. Our prayers are with you Drifter.
  9. The problem is that both of those actually hit their mark. If it's 10% chance and it's raining then they hit their 10% "chance of rain". In the 90% scenario you are lucky in the fact you you hit the 10% chance that it wouldn't rain.
  10. I have to ask this question. Our cowboy range does not have any permanent structures or facades to shoot from while under cover. We rely on a 10X20 popup and several smaller popups to keep the rain off. As we all know, popups do not fare well in windy weather. Our regular monthly match was scheduled for last Saturday. On Friday mid day the weatherman was predicting nearly the end of the world for our area. I monitor 5 different weather services and they all said severe thunderstorms, 15-25 mph winds, possible hail and a tornado watch. All said anywhere from 77-100% chance of rain. It's not really advisable to stand in a thunderstorm with a large metal stick in your hand. After consulting several other members it was decided to err on the side of caution and to cancel our shoot. Well, Saturday morning came and yes, it was somewhat windy. I live approximately ten miles north of our range and didn't get a drop of rain. Another club member who lives ten miles south of the range said it poured down for a while. The range stayed dry from what I could see. It was actually a somewhat pleasant day with some sun in the morning and stayed nice for my grandson's 10th birthday party later that afternoon. I WANTED TO SHOOT!! So, therefore, I pose the question, "Does the weatherman hate cowboys?"
  11. Due to the predicted high winds and severe weather including possible damaging thunderstorms, our shoot for tomorrow HAS BEEN CANCELED, June 29. Sorry to have to do this but stay home and stay dry. Hope to see you next month with better weather.
  12. Title says it all. Registration starts at 8:45 with lead flying at 10am. Coffee and donuts in the morning for donation and lunch will be available. We will shoot 6 stages with lots of movement. Our website is currently down so if you need info or directions, send me a PM. Hope to see you Saturday.
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