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  1. Pop-ting..... wasn't he the cook on Bonanza?
  2. I'll go anywhere if they feed me. Seriously, this is a great event that we've been proud to be a part of. Just a little way to thank our veterans for their service and sacrifices but also to the Wags organization of vets helping vets. Salute!
  3. It was good to meet you and put a face to a name from here on the wire. Congrats on your Jedi.
  4. Thanks to all who came out to shoot. Congratulations to Dirty Dale and Gemstone Janet, our top overall male and female shooters. Scores are posted on website.
  5. Come on out and join us for 6 stages of fast cowboy shooting. Kitchen opens at 8 for breakfast and stays open till after lunch. Registration at 8:45, safety meeting at 10 with shootin' startin' directly after. Weather looks to be great. More info and directions at www.browntownshipregulators.com. Hope to see you there.
  6. $10 yearly membership. $10 shooter fee. $15 non member. Juniors shoot free. Lot cost food available at matches.
  7. We have had a combo Day-Night shoot for 5 or 6 years now. We set up our stages in the impact area of a trap range. The light for the trap range are about 50 yds behind the firing line. Our targets are white with red outline. Enough light for safety but still challenging and fun. We have lights or flashlights at loading tables and for brass picking. Spotting hasn't been a problem. We are in a valley and the smoke from the black powder shooters hangs low depending on air movement. Our system works for us and we have good attendance every year. People seem to really like it and we get positive comments. Only down side is that it ends rather late for people with a long drive home.
  8. Shot almost that Saturday at OVV with the exception that the targets weren't that far dispersed. Fun stage. Had to move length of building between shotgun and other guns.
  9. Thanks to entire OVV crew for another fun day. Hey TCK, remind me to show you the pretty pin I got today.
  10. You owe it to yourself to check out Michigan Rattler. The man is an artist in leather. We have several pairs of chaps from him plus holsters, cuffs and butt covers. He does outstanding work and his pricing is fair. Mine are patterned after an old picture that he had. Check him out at http://www.michiganrattler.com/
  11. Always a good time at Firelands with a great bunch of cowboys. Rye, today was luck. Don't expect these results ever again.
  12. You tell'em I'm coming, ya hear! You tell'em I'm comin' an Hell's....er... I mean....Charlie's comin' with me! Same thing.
  13. A stand alone GPS doesn't need cell service. It operates with signals straight from satellites. Only the GPS on a phone need cell service for map info.
  14. Put in address for my club and it will put you almost two miles down the road. I have map and turn by turn directions on website. (Brown Township Regulators). Put in my home address and it puts your almost 4 miles from my house. Problem being there are 2 streets with same name about 3 miles apart. Some planning commission wasn't thinking back whenever.
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