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  1. Dutch, it's been a pleasure to know you and shoot with you. Congratulations.....well deserved.
  2. GREAT NEWS!! Last night, after dancing around my trailer naked three times at midnight while chanting the Ohio State fight song and waving the State of Ohio flag, I am certain that I was able to reverse the hex and drive away the evil Bama spirits. Through incantations I summoned the spirit of our beloved Woody Hayes that assured me this would be effective even though performed the night AFTER the full moon.....time will tell.....we'll see. GO BUCS!
  3. Seems there was some sort of welcoming gift on my trailer we we got back today.
  4. Skinny kid......Sedalia Dave belt.....ya gonna wrap it around him twice.....jes sayin.
  5. Great news. You hang in there young lady. Still praying.
  6. The wife used to shoot APP in our set of Stainless Single Sixes in Frontier Cartridge. She also shot Cimarron Lightnings in .38, also very light recoil. Just recently picked up a pair of unfired Model P Jr's in 32H&R/32-20. We both shoot Classic and have to shoot REAL calibers so all the smaller guns are holding down space in the safe waiting for the grandkids to start shooting.
  7. I use MS Publisher. I have a file built with all of my targets on it. When I build a stage on a page, I know exactly how many targets are left for the rest of the stages. I drew the target shapes and props myself using some existing program shapes.
  8. Cagney & Lacey TV show 1981-88 Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly Way before your time young fella.
  9. Scuse me! Its called a HAND gun not a HANDS gun.
  10. Sorry to hear this. Prayers going up for a first class lady.
  11. Hate to hear this. We're praying for you. Seamus and Kay
  12. Looks like I have to change my category to Buckarette or La Patrona.
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