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  1. Headed to daughter's house for dinner. All three kids and spouses plus 6 grandkids. Oldest grandchild is 6. It'll be a fun day. My Mom has been gone for almost 4 years now. Kay's Mom is still around and will be with us tomorrow.
  2. Fun time today. Thanks guys. I guess any day you get to shoot and harass Slow Mo all in the same day is a good day.
  3. Be patient. Keep your eyes open and things trickle in. I picked up an 8 lb jug of IMR 3031 for $180 locally. Higher than what I'm used to paying but still not too ridiculous.
  4. What weather service you lookin' at. Three weather apps on my phone and only one has up to 30% chance. Others say cool and partly cloudy.
  5. Way too much laughing and way to much carrying on. Lots of heckling. Just another fun day shooting at OVV. Several shooters even learned you have to have powder in your shells if you expect them to go bang. Not mentioning any (TCK) names. Thanks Ole Rattlesnake, Thunder Creek Kid, Buckshot Charlie Bill and the OVV crew.
  6. Love that area. Just might take you up on that offer someday. Been over most of the passes in the Jeep.
  7. Raining here in NE Ohio. Watching the granddaughter as usual and watched an episode of Star Wars for the 7 billionth time. (That's all my granddaughter wants to watch) I have to get busy this afternoon and load more black for MBPGA. Bought a big order of bullets at Saturday's shoot and have to put them away. Oh, by the way, it's great to be retired.
  8. I just remember panicking the first time I took the side plates off of a 73 and pieces started falling out. Now it is no big deal to strip down and reassemble.
  9. One grandpa passed long before I was born. The only thing I remember from the other was, "If you pull a dog's tail, it's ears will fall off".
  10. As long as you pay the Scouts to take your cart to the top of the hill.
  11. Always a great shoot at Tusco.
  12. We have one sitting on our fireplace hearth
  13. We had two new shooters this month. Both joined SASS. I've had at least 4 people contact me in last two months.
  14. We have it. The grandkids watch it all the time. I like the Star Wars and Marvel series.
  15. There are some of us out here in cowboy land that enjoy reading about you "been there, done that" guys. Keep writing.
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