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  1. Gus, my daughter and son-in-law's Australian Shepherd loves his ears and rump to be scratched. To him, I am nothing more than ten fingers attached to a large blob that was put here on Earth solely for his pleasure. When I'm sitting on the floor playing with my grandkids, he sits right by me with his face literally inches from my face saying "OK, you've played with them long enough, now it's my turn". He is a great dog and fantastic with the kids. It's amazing what he will put up with from them.
  2. I went to get rid of DirecTV last year. I was tired of paying their price increases. Long story short...got offered 1 year no contract with new equipment at about half the cost so I went with that....fought them for 6 months to actually get the billing right....finally got overcharges refunded. Giant PIA. We'll see what happens in July when agreement runs out. If they jack up price...they are gone. I will do without. I live very rural. Spectrum has lines 1/4 mile north of house and Frontier is about 1/4 mile south. Neither will run lines to my house. I get my phones and internet through Verizon. Pretty satisfied right now with them.
  3. Hopefully we can pull in some new shooters from this. Way too many people out there never heard of us. Way too many people heard about it but "never knew they did it around here". The only way we will grow is by promoting and sharing the game we all love.
  4. In 1964 I earned a Mossberg 320B single shot by selling Christmas cards from a Boy's Life ad. First gun I bought was High Standard double action 9 shot pistol. Mom had to actually buy it for around $30 at J.C. Penney's. I don't have either of those any more. FWIW- When I turned 21, I celebrated by buying a used second generation Colt 45. Still have that one.
  5. Is there something you're not tellin' us. "Wink, Wink"
  6. I suggest using the one that keeps my name above yours in the results.
  7. Today was proof you can shoot lousy and still have loads of fun. Great bunch of cowboys/cowgirls here. I would venture to say that we at Tusco are some of the best fed because of our very own Chuckwagon Pam. She does an outstanding job providing a great inexpensive breakfast and lunch to a bunch of miscreants, misfits and ner-do-wells. Thanks Pam and the entire Tusco crew.
  8. Ya done gone and made me feel bad too. In your honor I loaded up a bunch of black for tomorrow. BOOOOM!!!
  9. Shot terrible but had a great time as always. Thanks guys.
  10. The onliest reason to call it off would be not being able to see through all that stinky smoke that you make.
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