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  1. All I can picture is Spaceballs when they have the duel.
  2. Another vote to leave the hat as is. Looks good on ya!
  3. We have an HOA in our new neighborhood. Been pretty good so far, but last year a couple of busybodies decided they wanted to try to make some changes. When the time for the meeting arrived there were about 40 people there to tell them to knock it off. One resigned on the spot and the other is not running again to be on the board this time.
  4. Tried to send you a PM, but can't get through. @Mezcal Charlie
  5. Get one of those lead remover cloth and just start on it while watching a couple of good movies.
  6. @Warden Callaway did a couple videos on the S&Ws and black powder.
  7. Nope. The residue does seem to have a bit of "lube" to it, even when using carbide dies I still give my brass a squirt of One-Shot. Makes the Dillon run much smoother.
  8. The prison I used to work at had several ghosts there from executed inmates. I never saw one, but lots of folks have reported seeing them.
  9. Another one! The Horse Soldiers just came on!
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