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  1. Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist with insomnia? He was awake all night wondering if there really was a dog?
  2. Okay, it's not just Hoppe's, it is any ammonia based cleaner. Nickel plating is put over a copper base and ammonia will attack the copper. This is where the "bubbling" that shows up comes from.
  3. I've got one of these and it is hard to imagine a more fun little 22 https://heritagemfg.com/small-bore/bird-head-rough-rider/49-3-5-rough-rider-22-lr-22-wmr-black-standard-cocobolo
  4. Man it was great meeting so many folks yesterday. So nice to be able to put faces with names now.
  5. Okay, we Americans are a rebellious lot. I am especially bull-headed when I feel I am being pressured by the gubmint to obey. I also had Covid last January BEFORE anyone knew about it. When the Delta variant hit, I decided to go ahead and get vaccinated because I have other lung issues. I got it again last month! However, the symptoms were less severe. Did the vax help? I cannot say except what I endured. But when those of us who have lost loved ones or come close to it, or have endured it see what it does, we do worry about our friends and loved ones. Please accept this as worry about others. Yes you DO have the right to decide yourself and I am 100% in support of your decision and will support you. Please accept folks who are your friends' concern as just that, true concern.
  6. Okay, for a truck gun, either Oxpho-blue or B-C will work with a couple of notes as they said above: One make sure it is clean and oil free. Heat it up and expect to use at least three coats before it looks decent.
  7. There's a couple of em here, fun little guns. Grab it.
  8. "those who stir the pot should have to lick the spoon!"
  9. Pulled through this afternoon for a quick look around. Already quite a show. Looking forward to seeing folks tomorrow!
  10. I had one of those Rossis like that. Try loading a 140+ grain bullet in the 38 Special cases, mine would run great with most 158 grainers, but HATED anything under 140 grains.
  11. Oh, on doublestack mag guns in 45, check the grip first in your hand. Unless you have big paws, some of those are a little awkward for some folks.
  12. Okay, to throw this back to the OP's original question, are you wanting this for concealed carry or home defense? For concealed look at the Kahr CW45 or CT45, both are DAO autos with single stack magazines. Very light, accurate and shoot very well. For DA operation, the Sig 220 is pretty much the benchmark. 1911s vary in fit and finish, but give them good magazines and most will work well. Also, look for the S&W 4500 series guns, very well made [tanks actually] and very reliable.
  13. It seems to me that it would be awfully easy to get a P, maybe a fumble or 170 violation even.
  14. The "perks" of working in a Maximum Security Prison.
  15. I like Brownell's Oxphoblue myself, it doesn't seem to have the strong smell that others do. Of course, I took a face full of hot bleach years ago, so the sniffer is not quite as good as it used to be.
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