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  1. The moonclips were needed to eject the cartridges as the ACP is rimless. Otherwise you had to poke them out with a pencil or something.
  2. @WOLFYNope, Illinois Department of Corrections. They are going to convert eventually from the 23 to the 19 for less recoil and cheaper ammo. They will also be dropping the S&W 64s then.
  3. Scratch my acceptance. I saw your count and supposed SASS number. Looked for you and no listing.
  4. If those are the XR3Red, I will take both ivories!
  5. The home plate Ump at today's Nationals/Cardinals game did!
  6. I just did this in November. I took a blue gun ]the plastic ones holster makers use] in with me and had the center distance done based on the distance needed for the front sight. It works great, the front sights on both handguns and rifles are clear again. +1 on ANSI safety lenses.
  7. Looks like a Baldwin or Forney 2-4-2 tank.
  8. I always loved the Cessna 120 what a graceful little airplane!
  9. Yup, brand new, never fired Yellowboy 24"octagonal barrel. Looking for a .45 Colt Schofield 5" preferred.
  10. Okay, let's say the dealer buys a gun on the forum for $400. He pays the money right then and there. Seller gets to fix his car and is satisfied. Now the dealer has to clean, log it in to his FFL logbook and then post it, knowing it will take him sometime to sell the gun. This might be anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. The profit he makes is in the future and let's face it, that is shaky right now. Just for the record, his family doesn't have that 400 for a new computer for his kid, etc. either.
  11. Okay, let's get this going again. I have a nice leather loading strip for 44 or 45 rounds. Free to a good home!
  12. John, you have done nothing wrong. Thanks for helping new shooters. PS. retired LEO too 26+ years, be safe
  13. Maybe one on your hat and one in your preferred place?
  14. Also, prices have gone up to the stores. I expect $6-7 per hundred to become the norm once things do level out.
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