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  1. Interesting perspective. Just wonder if any of the competitors said anything about the drone being distracting?
  2. 3 1/2 inch Ruger New Vaquero in .45 Colt. followed by a Rossi 92, a Winchester 97 and finally a second new Vaquero. The only one that I still own is the 97.
  3. Sarge

    first firearm

    Sears .22 semi-auto rifle when I was about 7 or 8 years old, for a Christmas present. It still has a place of honor in my Gunsafe.
  4. Congratulations and welcome Double A.
  5. There are quite a few factors that affect back splash off steel targets. Angle of targets to ground, shooter and firing line, placement proximity to other targets, target deformation, fixtures around the target, and ammunition used to name but a few . I've investigated two incidents where the injuries from back splash on steel targets required hospitalization. Yes, more than just distance, but there is a reason SASS, many training organizations and steel target manufacturers recommend 7 yards as a minimum set up distance.
  6. Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy yourself as much as I have over the years.
  7. Caboose, Where did you get your lever wrap for that 87?
  8. For this season, our club made some changes to allow the following: 1. .22 caliber in any or all guns. This is a separate category. 2. Rifle, Shotgun and only one pistol. We consider this to be an exhibition category and not eligible for overall match winner. At our most recent meetings, we have had 10 new shooters, that will be with us this year. At our practice last weekend, 8 of those 10 new shooters showed up. One of them will shoot in the .22 category. One of them will shoot with only one pistol. All were excited after the practice and looking forward to the first
  9. I'll take the Black canvas vest, Tombstone Outfitters, XL. $25 plus shipping. My zip code is 48176. Please let me know how you prefer to be paid.
  10. I run the C.45 Spl in two rifles, a 66 and a 73. Yes a special lifter is necessary. It was available through the Smith Shop. I understand it is still being made, there is another thread around here about the Smith Shop being sold. Yes you can convert back if you save your OEM lifter. I have not a timing issue, but is is not difficult. Nothing special about installing the lifter. There are no other modifications to the gun. You just have to remember to take a push device to the loading table. Use the push device (I use an antler tip that is squared off on the tip) to make sure the last
  11. I shot pin matches years ago. .45 acp Super Vels were the preferred round. The wide bucket mouth gripped the pins and the hot rounds carried the pins consistently off the tables.
  12. Stock Winchester 97, Rossi 92 in .45 Colt, Ruger New Vaquero with 4.62" barrel in .45 Colt and a New Vaquero with a 3.75" barrel in .45 Colt. All have been replaced several times over, but I still have the 97 tucked away.
  13. I like buying and selling Cowboy stuff here. For non-Cowboy stuff, I like to consign to a local shop. Consigning to the local shop makes life a lot easier. They warranty the gun for 90 days after the purchase and I don't have to deal with someone I don't know in a parking lot somewhere.
  14. Ours are similar to the one posted by Chancy Shot above. The hook on ours is a bit smaller and we also have a smaller hole drilled into the bottom. A steel length of wire goes through the bottom hole and holds the target at the proper 20 degree angle. No trouble with back splash off of them if they are placed at the correct distances.
  15. My favorite was Irish Mist. A cross between a liquor and a whisky. Closest I can describe it is Bailey's without the cream.
  16. Your friend would be welcomed with open arms at one of our club matches. I'm sure all the other clubs would welcome him in the same manner. Our clubs also hosts what we term a limited mobility match each year, which requires no movement and may be shot either standing or sitting (shooters choice).
  17. Sounds like you need to search for a new FFL. Midway USA has a FFL lookup tool on their web site. It can be found here: https://www.midwayusa.com/ffl-near-me
  18. My experience is that the stages that are published are sometimes tweaked just before a match which cause significant changes. Just because a sweep is published and movements are published, there is no way to determine distances and some of the other issues that are encountered during the actual match.
  19. Ben Johnson. As J-Bar said he was the real deal.
  20. These are Uberti and Pietta Cap and ball parts. Please do not ask me if any of them are interchangeable, I don't know those answers. All prices include shipping to any address in the US. If you order multiple items, I will reduce subsequent items (Most expensive item full price additional items reduced $2 each). 1. Uberti Trigger Bolt springs for 1875, 1890 and 1858. $10 each. 3 available. 2. VTI light mainsprings for 1875 and 1890. $15 each. 2 available. 3. Uberti 1858 Grip screw. $8. 1 available. 4. Pietta 1850 Long Trigger. $12. 2 available. 5.
  21. Received your check today. I will send to the address on your check. I will provide you with a Tracking number tomorrow.
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