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  1. I bought one three years ago. I've found him to be very receptive to questions. I've not had any problems with mine in the three years I've run it.
  2. Hard to answer the question for "a friend." I would tell you that the Uberti 1875 Remington is a beast of a gun. I'm sure the Pietta Cavalry is big, but the Remington is a much more substantial gun. If weight is an issue, they should go with the Pietta.
  3. Thanks Long Hunter. I think I can use the .44 Spl. data as a starting point.
  4. I don't use .45 ACP load data due to pressure concerns.
  5. By any chance do you have contact info? Tried sending him a message. No reply.
  6. Actually, no. Significantly smaller case capacity. I was working in the 3.4 to 3.6 gr range until a casting broke on my powder measure.
  7. Since I ran out of TrailBoss, I switched to TiteGroup. Since I switched, I've started splitting cases. About 1-2 split cases per stage. I spoke with a tech at Starline. He suggested switching to a slower burning powder and heating brass to 460 degrees for 1/2 hour. I found some N320 which seems to be equivalent to the TrailBoss on the burn charts. It doesn't appear to be as fluffy as TrailBoss. Anyone have load data for N320 in the C .45 Spl.?
  8. I have a 66 set-up for Cowboy .45 Special. I've had two out of batteries. First one didn't do any damage. The second one bent the links and lever. All was repairable. No injuries involved either time. It is now my backup to a 73. It's all a timing thing. If you are pulling the trigger as the lever closes, yeah it could happen.
  9. Secret Asian Man aka Secret Agent Man
  10. I was a boots and jeans guy before I got involved in SASS. Now because of ARTHUR RITIS, I only wear the boots when I'm on the range.
  11. Suggest he take her to a gun shop and let her pick out what she wants. Too many variables. Hand size, recoil, trigger pull, etc.
  12. I have 3 Mec 600 Jrs and one Mec 8567 Grabber. I love the 600 Jrs. One of mine is at least 45 years old and still plugs away. The 8567, not so much.
  13. If they fail, they go right onto politics.
  14. Nothing new about this. We were using lengths of rope for this and a variety of other tactical techniques in the 1980s. Sometimes you have to "show" that you are addressing a perceived issue for the benefit of public relations.
  15. Carson City Slick, AKA Fred Douglass, an early member of the Johnson Creek Regulator's has passed after a lengthy illness. Fred enjoyed CAS shooting even though he had slowed in recent years.
  16. The Rugers are great. I like the Buckmark too. Right now, my favorite is the Ruger SR .22. I won one a couple years ago and it has become my throw in the pack field gun. Comes with several sets of grips so you can fit it to your hand.
  17. Unfortunately, many times the equipment is selected by non law enforcement personnel. Even worse, cages, lights, and other equipment is re-used over and over again, even it wasn't manufactured for that particular make/model vehicle.
  18. I'm using the same bullet as Cholla. The Lee .405 gr. in front of 55 gr of BP.
  19. Diamond Dottie will be joining me this year. Her first State level match.
  20. I had a similar problem that I believe was caused by Lyman Quick Slick case lube. I couldn't find One Shot at one point during the pandemic. Tried Lyman. Immediately started having FTF problems. Stopped using the Lyman stuff and went back to One Shot. Problem went away.
  21. The Johnson Creek Regulators in Plymouth, Michigan will be holding a ladies only match at the Western Wayne County Conservation Association. Camping is available on site. Camping will be available starting Friday 6/23/2023. The ladies match will be held on 6/24/2023. our regular club match will beheld on 6/25/2023. The matches will be open to all skill levels. Will will provide equipment and ammunition (.22 lr) to new shooters. More information and application can be found at: https://www.wolverinerangers.org/pdf/Plymouth_2023_Annie_Oakley_Shoot.pdf
  22. I've had guns done by Lassiter, Longhunter, Mackinaw Kid, Cody Conagher, Boomstick Jay and Three Cut. I could recommend each and everyone of them.
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