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  1. I'm using 5.5 gr of TB behind a 200 grn coated bullet.
  2. The Model 12 is still available and yes it has 2 3/4 inch chamber.
  3. Sarge


    PM Sent.
  4. Have been researching this. Based on serial number date range, it appears the 3" didn't start until 1934. This gun was built in 1927. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2017/1/12/a-look-back-at-the-winchester-model-12-shotgun/
  5. Thank you. Will try to check it after work tomorrow.
  6. I just did a similar trade here. The way I looked at it, the brass I had to trade had little value to me. The brass the other cowboy had to trade was very valuable to me. We were both happy with the trade.
  7. Illinois would work better for me, but I understand trying to make it as central as possible.
  8. I appreciate that. Is there any other way to tell? There are some markings on the follower.
  9. Winchester Model 12 is still available.
  10. No worries. Hunting trip was great.
  11. Just got home and looked at the gun. It is not marked either 2 3/4" or 3". On the barrel, it is stamped Nickel Steel and Full Choke. I did try a 3" shell and it chambered easily. If I was a betting man, I'd say 3" but I do not now for certain.
  12. Ruffed Grouse. Yes sir. Missed quite a few this weekend.
  13. According to this article, the 12 ga was chambered in 2 3/4". But let me double check.
  14. I believe it is, but I don't have the gun with me. I am on a hunting trip. Can check when I get back Monday.
  15. For Sale #1: Winchester Model 12. This gun appears to have been built in 1927. Along the line, someone refinished the stock and did a re-blue. I had the barrel cut to 18 3/4” and an oversize bead installed. The gun also has a Pachmyr recoil pad. I have not had any action work done to the gun. $400.00 Shipped to a U.S. address. #2 (Sold) Winchester Model 97 D Series takedown. According the Serial number, this gun was built in 1906. I bought the gun from Mackinaw Kid, who set the gun up. It has an oversize bead and the barrel has been cut to 18 ½ inches. The forcing cone has been extended. Mackinaw did a repair to the carrier (see photo). The gun will squeeze 6 rounds into the magazine, but it is a tight fit. It wears a Kick EEZ recoil pad. $600.00 Shipped to a U.S. address. Sarge
  16. Never, ever, ever use a debit card for purchases. Credit cards are insured and easier to recover than debit cards, which are tied directly into your bank account(s).
  17. Getting a little off track here, but in ice hockey we used to call it over speed training. Drills were run at a speed much faster than game speed. In this case work at manipulating the guns as fast as you can, not worrying about accuracy, but rather the manipulation of the firearms.
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