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  1. I done both. I've used a leather shoelace as a wrap and it worked fine. I've had wraps custom made and used wraps from Merinckle. All seem about the same. If you have a leather worker in Oz, I'm sure they could put something together for you pretty easily.
  2. My recollection of ROII is that if a target fails or falls to the ground, the shooter should be told to "Shoot it where it was." "Do not allow the shooter to engage a downed target as this may cause further damage to the target, or worse, may result in dangerous ricochets." The next paragraph concerning prop failure, which seems to also discuss targets states "The shooter will not be penalized for a prop failure." All seems pretty clear to me, shooter shoots where target was and is not penalized.
  3. What kind of accuracy are you looking for and at what range? If you are looking for something at CAS ranges, .452 in any of the mentioned bullet weights will work. If you are looking for very fine accuracy, as Springfield Slim stated, have the barrel slugged, then start playing with different bullet weights in the appropriate diameter. For CAS distances, I've been really happy with 200 grain RNFP.
  4. I just called RCBS earlier this week. They are sending me a part for a die set from 1982. No charge.
  5. I made a hardwood jig that I can put ten cases in. Then cut them off with a bandsaw. Finish with a case trimmer.
  6. I've had some problems with Federal, but I think that was related to one specific batch of primers. Since I've used up that batch, I've had no further problems with Federals.
  7. Used to use CB caps in a 6" revolver, with a baby bottle nipple over the muzzle for rats. Very quiet. Haven't seen CB caps for sale in years.
  8. The Limited Mobility Match was in July. If you scroll through our FB page to the July match, you can look at the photos. I'm not sure that they will help you. If you message me with your email address, I can share the rules that we use for our limited mobility match in addition to SASS rules. The Limited Mobility Match Rules may be of more help to you than photographs. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you have.
  9. As Not Dead Ed said, she could always start with pistols staged on the table. Yes we run a limited mobility match once per year where all of the stages are written as stand/sit and deliver stages (no movement). That said, any match we run we will make what ever accommodations necessary to allow disabled shooters to enjoy our sport. We have shooters shoot from a chair. We have shooters who the TO has to support during a stage. I'm sure the other clubs in Michigan would offer your girlfriend the same opportunities. You used the word "competing." Not sure that is really accurate. At the club level, our goals are to run a safe fun match that introduces people and keeps them involved in our sport. I would encourage you to go to https://www.wolverinerangers.org/ and look up all of the clubs throughout Michigan. Feel free to contact any of the contacts for any of the clubs. Explain to them about your girlfriend's situation and tell them the accommodations that are necessary. I think you will be positively pleased with the response. As Ed explained, our last match of the year is our Halloween match. We will start up again in March. We typically have a free practice session at the end of March where new shooters can come out and try the sport. I would encourage you to follow up with Ed or myself and bring her out to that practice. Sarge
  10. These are club matches. All about having fun. Our thought was that it kept current members that were having trouble finding ammo shooting, and getting new people to try our sport (We also received some donations of .22 ammo and primers that were distributed among our members who were in the greatest need). I would say we were successful. We are not advocating allowing .22s in matches above club level for other than Buckaroos.
  11. Our club had an increase. We also so an influx of new shooters, With about 15 new shooters shooting at least one match this year. We took steps this year to allow .22s and use of only one pistol. Several shooters took us up on the .22s. I think only one new shooter shot one match with a single pistol. He then went out and purchased a second pistol and became a regular. Media coverage in the Detroit market also helped us.
  12. Find a club near you. Contact that club and show up to a meeting or match. They will get you started in the right direction. Doesn't matter what I like. It only matters what you like. By contacting a local club, you'll most likely get an opportunity to try out stuff before you make that first purchase. Welcome to a great group of people.
  13. I stopped casting when my lead level reached astronomical levels. But I think most of it was from shooting bullseye indoors. I now wear a mask when I shoot indoors and my lead level now hovers between 5 and 7. Added quite a bit of other safety precautions. Clothes worn while shooting now go directly into the laundry. I use the lead wipes immediately after shooting. Only use powder coated bullets, etc.
  14. I was in Canada last week on a hunting trip. There were documents I had to prepare in advance describing the firearm I was taking over. At the border I declared the rifle. The Customs officer reviewed my paperwork, then directed me to a desk inside the Customs office. There, I paid $25 Cdn. They signed the form and gave it back to me. I was told to keep the form in my possession any time I was in possession of the firearm. They never asked to look at the gun and directed me not to take it inside the Customs office. There was no hassle, and I thought they were very professional during the entire encounter. There was no problem returning to the US with the rifle.
  15. My wife has decided she'd like to give CAS a try. Sooooooo, I have to move a couple of things to get her set up. #1. Taurus Thunderbolt, .45 Colt. I purchased this gun in the box from Deuce Stevens. Immediately sent it off to Lassiter. Lassiter did his magic on it. The gun has had maybe 100 rounds through it. It is set up to shoot a 200 gr. RNFP. The stock has a bit of rash from being in the gun safe. With box. $1200 shipped to your FFL. Or, would consider a trade for a 66 or 73 in .38/.357. #2. Uberti Outlaw 7 1/2 inch barrel .45 Colt. I bought this gun on the wire. I believe it is an early Uberti Outlaw because of the front sight. The original front sight fell off the gun. Upon examination, it appeared the front sight had been poorly re-soldered on the gun. I could not find the original front sight, nor could I find a replacement. I had a local gunsmith machine a new front sight and install it. To properly make the repair, he re-blued the barrel. There have been no other modifications to the gun. No box. $525 shipped to your FFL. Terms: Postal money order is preferred. I will accept a personal check but will hold until check clears.
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