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  1. Yes sir. They should. I would also venture to say a lot depends on how a question is asked. For instance: 1) "Would you be for or against doing away with the automatic SDQ penalty for moving from the loading table with a rifle hammer not fully down"? VS 2) "Would you be for or against having a shooter found with a hammer not fully down fire it in a safe manner down range. If it fires it results in a SDQ, if it does not it is a no call"? The first question can have an outcome where the shooter still can receive a "p" for inadvertantly half cocking the rifle on an obstacle. Thus reminding the shooter to keep their mind on gun safety. The second question can have the outcome of possibly allowing the shooter to have the mindset of "I know there is no round in the chamber so what does it matter if my rifle is cocked there's no penalty". Reckon how many folks have screwed up with that thinking? I can see where people would answer one way to one question and a different way to the other.
  2. I did read that. I had to stop and laugh though at the part where the consensus of the people in attendance wanted the summits to be in person as not all TG's have internet access and doesn't respond to email. IT IS A REQUIREMENT TO HAVE INTERNET ACCESS TO BE A TG!
  3. Is there a way to vote to make the TG forum viewable or votes to be public? I can understand not wanting posts from non TGs scrambling up the threads(like this one) but it would be nice to be able to see where the various TGs stand and their views on different topics.
  4. Are there and published votes of record? Meaning, can we see which TG voted for what on any particular matter?
  5. Question. Is there a TG forum where TGs can have discussions on these and other matters so we regular shooters can view what is being discussed and see the TG's position on certain things?
  6. Don't make me tell em about the time me, you and widder stopped to eat on the way home after a match.
  7. Well, I did spit out some chicken livers. Already finished the nanner split.
  8. Only thing worried me was he kept fartin'. Every time he would pop off, he'd blame my dog and start sayin I needed to get that dog out of there. Took him 10 minutes to realize I didn't even have my dog with me.
  9. Speaking of mental. They say 1 out of 2 people are psychotic so I pushed my pard in front of a train so he wouldn't git me. All jokes aside. First time I met Widder he was walking down the road so I picked him up and gave him a ride. He said "ain't you scared I'm a serial killer or something"? I looked at him and said, "Naw. The chances of two being in the same car is astronomical".
  10. Yep, I've seen that a bunch also. P.S. You're more like a mix between Gomer and the mayor than Barney.
  11. Before I installed my lever lock, I have jacked the first round. Back when I attempted to use a Marlin, the first round has been known to fall out of the receiver when I levered it. -Tennessee Williams....doing a good job of not instigating anything.
  12. One of my helpers tricked me into eating langua once...words can't describe it.
  13. I grew up what I would consider not wealthy, but rich in what mattered to me. I love pinto beans and it's a good thing because I was able to get to eat them a lot. Sometimes we would have taters in them. I was the youngest of 12 with the next youngest being 10 years older than me. My parents worked hard. It's funny though. I don't remember wanting for anything that I never received. They always found a way. I find myself wanting a lot more these days, whether it's a new cowboy gun, or a nanner split everyday from DQ. I heard it a lot growing up, but times are just different now. Enough just isn't enough nowadays. I have come to realize the more money you have, the more you spend. It's all relative. I'm just thankful most of the truly important things in life are free and can't be bought.
  14. That's what broke me from levering my rifle before it got to my shoulder!
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