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  1. The thing I'm gonna miss most is the hamburgers. Us duelists can use both arms for the long guns. I look funny doing it with one and a half!
  2. Nope, it ain't mine. It still has both legs! I do like seeing a chick on a hog though!
  3. You're all outta azz kickin too! I'm in a win win situation. If you beat me, you picked on a one arm shooter who is a duelist to boot. If I win, you got whooped up on by a one arm duelist. Widder will look bad if either one of us whoop him!
  4. Ain't no way to write it what's not confusing to Widder. Cap'n BB mightve let a Major DoDo when he seen that picture.
  5. I noticed you hid the note you sent with the application saying you didn't want to posse with Widder. Smart fella. I think you misspelled alcohol.
  6. I was in Knoxville all this weekend for the state basketball AAU championships, and this coming weekend I'll be at Austin Peay for the field portion of the state championships for track and field. Rowdy Riley is keeping us busy! I even beat Widder out of a steak dinner at Longhorn this past weekend. He may be the lyingest lowdown yeller bellied Yankee biscuit eating cur dog this side of the Mississippi, but as friends go, he ain't that bad. Me and him are sponsoring one of the port-a-jons at the shoot. He said he was putting a camera in on his side of it. I can't tell ya which one it is.
  7. Lie, lie, lie, false modesty, lie, and a truth accidentally slipped in there on you. That's the complete breakdown of your post. I simplified it for everybody.
  8. On the OPs sweep, my wording would have been: Starting on either end, engage the rifle targets with 2 single tap sweeps in the same direction. Or, to change it up a bit: With 1st 5 rounds single tap sweep the rifle targets from either direction. Repeat the instructions with the 2nd five rounds. That would essentially allow the 5th target to become target 1 for the 2nd five rounds and swept in the opposite direction.
  9. Just acause I like Hooters don't mean I'm from Hootersville. You aint from Liarvilletonboro are you? Now that's funny if'n you can smell what I'm cooking.
  10. I've got enough "built in" interest in the local Dairy Queens they don't make me wait in line anymore. I just walk in and go to the pickup table and wait for my banana split what has 2 caramel and 1 pineapple topping on it. I just settle up with them at the end of each month. Last week a new girl started working there and she didn't put my pineapple topping in the middle. You shoulda seen that manager lady getting all over that new girl. She told her, "he single handedly pays or mortgage and you better not run him off!"
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