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  1. BM, I had a great posse! Everybody worked, got along, and had fun. What more can a PM ask for? Let's go seems like a good pard. He shoot duelist? I think I seen his name somewhere.
  2. That's a fact. Gotta have the technology to operate a reader on the other end. Some of the stuff is crazy and some of it makes sense.
  3. We're gonna have to start a comedy tour. I bout fell out of my seat.
  4. I have to disagree. The wrong thought that I had to reenact is what kept me from joining sass a year or two sooner. I actually dislike anything to do with a factual reenactment. I realize there are people in sass that LOVE it. I support their decision dress the part down to the socks, and applaud them for it. Makes it fun, just not my cup of tea. Next time we shoot together, introduce yourself. I like meeting new people. I enjoy knowing most of 'em. I haven't been shooting much longer than you. There is time for anything, and anyone can get beat on any given day A lot can be said about this^. Have you done anything to your guns to make them function better? Do you have a short stroke? There are shooters that have not. Does that mean you will statistically beat them? You say me getting the lever lock is a disadvantage to you because you trained yourself not to jack rounds out, and don't need it. I made the gun better, not me. Well, have you also spent 2 hours a day working on new transitions? Have you put forth the effort to come up with new transitions to improve your stage time? Do you work on target acquisition? Do you practice, or are the matches your practice? This means a heap more than ANY gun modification. Me too. I don't know anybody that spends the money to shoot a big match for just a buckle. Heck, you can buy one for 35 bucks and save the hassle if its not fun. This is absolutely incorrect. I am glad you brought that up. I get an oob pretty regularly. This should solve my problem and be safer for me. A good side note is this: If I have opening pressure on the lever when the hammer falls, the round may not fire because the lock will absorb hammer force. You do not have the rifle holstered. No, you do NOT have to open the lever to show clear before the stage is over. After the stage is over point the rifle down range and pull the trigger, the same way you have to do with a pistol. Easy peasy. Yes, you can just lower the hammer with this device. By the way, the only way to stage a rifle for future use on the stage is empty or hammer fully down on a spent round. So in that case it is moot. Zero shooters are shooting the same guns anyway. It is only skewed to you. The lever lock also provides the same advantage to all that have it. Since you have a shortstroke, how would you feel if someone said the only reason you fire your rifle faster was that short stroke? After all, you don't have to fully lever your rifle. You gonna spot the non short stroked rifles a couple seconds? If not, it's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. I feel great. Don't you feel good after a nice rifle run with that short stroke in it? I don't know about the at any cost part, but it is cowboy action shooting. It is about speed, otherwise we wouldn't get penalized for misses by adding 5 seconds. We would be shooting for high score on target hits. I do look forward to meeting you. Coming to state this year?
  5. Birdgun, that's a hard question. Aside from my cowboy guns, I'd need to break them up in category type. Revolver would have to be one of my performance center smiths. Its probably my favorite handgun of all mine. Smith model 327 trr8 I slicked up with double action only hammer. Pistol would be my STI limited 9mm. Shotgun would be my LC Smith single barrel trap. It's a 1 of 5 made crown grade with 34" barrel. It's followed closely by a Browning 725 Trap and a beretta 682 gold E. Rifles are not my absolute favorite and kind of tight with no clear cut favorite.
  6. Spotters can relate what they see to the TO. Anybody can go to the MD. During a stage everybody but the TO, spotters are the peanut gallery unless there's some safety issue.
  7. I spoke with Badger today. Seemed to me like a knowledgeable fellow, and nice to boot. He answered my questions and was honest about his products' benefit and slight shortcomings. I ordered one. I usually jack out 2 or 3 rounds per match. You'd think with that much practice, I'd be fairly quick with a reload. NOT the case! I figure if all goes great reloading 2 rounds it will cost me about 4 seconds. When I mess up a reload, I really mess it up and would sometimes be better off with a miss. So, if it will save me 4 to 10 seconds or more in a match it's money well spent. The question will be, can I run my rifle at speed with it installed? I tend to get an out of battery about every other match. I do have a lever safety installed. My OOB is coming from my timing being off and opening the lever before cartridge ignition. The dilemma is this. If I am applying opening force on the lever, will that cause the lock to absorb hammer strike? This is what I intend to find out. Sorry Fence Cutter for the long winded reply. I know it's not an actual review of the product. Just letting you know my thoughts on ordering the lock. I'll try to follow up and post how it turns out.
  8. Don't think this matters as it is inside the rifle. I don't understand this. We don't all use the same firearms or shoot the same category. Some advantage and disadvantage will inherently be present by default. And if you're too slow speed up, if you have too many misses, don't miss. I have problems with out of batteries. I have a lever safety. That is not always the problem.
  9. Now that I am. I'm also the best there ever was at being humble about it.
  10. Knucky McPolack, Rec leagues are set up the same way. You have county or city champs, state champs, national champs, and world champs. You wouldn't ask who the state champions are for Washington and it be some team from Tennessee. Tennessee Williams -Nobodys state champion but the best and most humble shooter to set foot in his backyard range.
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