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  1. Well, I sure like my benelli M4. No cool rack rack sound, but a good blank 12ga round would have a good net effect if you're into that.
  2. He won't give me any money but he does send me DQ gift cards every month....for .50 cents
  3. I got the puter beat. Within 1.8 seconds of looking at someone I can tell whether or not I will care what they think about me.
  4. I just don't understand it. How can internet providers refuse to allow Parler to function because essentially they disagree with them, but a Christian baker can't refuse to bake a cake for someone for because they essentially disagree with them for religious reasons? How can certain folks in DC condone and indeed encourage rioting, looting, and bullying for 4 years but one of them can't say let's peacefully go down to the Capitol and tell them what's on your mind? Yep, he said "peacefully", I actually listened to it. Just makes no sense to be. It's almost like a double standar
  5. Maybe you'll be able to come shoot with us soon.
  6. If I'm reading correctly, this is the point of your post. Not whether or not a shooter gets a reshoot for improper coaching which we know to be the case. So. If a shooter incurs a MSV while shooting their stage, but it was considered "RO ASSISTED", the shooter can appeal to the match director to override the MSV carryover. To me, this is fair enough. Could be a bit of confusion as to having to go to a match director for overriding the call. As currently laid out, the RO would carry the MSV over and it would be up to the shooter to involve the MD. P.S.
  7. Now I ain't saying you're 4 cents short of a nickel, or that yer head tends to whistle in a crosswind. I'm only saying you're differently clued.
  8. It's not anecdotal here. Two local gun stores corroborated, it is down for middle tn area. I think Widder said it was down over in East TN too. My Verizon has been spotty today. It wasn't yesterday. My mother's phone is still not working today. It's ATandT.
  9. They can do it. Had a beaker a few months ago kept tripping. Stopped after replacing the bad gfci. It looked like it had gotten hot...
  10. Well. That IS weird. Sure there's no gfci outlet snuck in that circuit?
  11. Only if I received enough boot to make the difference...
  12. Shoot. If someone was to rob me, they'd just be practicing!
  13. Everybody knows the perfect category is duelist.
  14. That's how them people from Oklahoma are. They'd "Sooner" start trouble as breathe... Like what I did there?
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