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  1. My favorite dessert growing up was coffee with sugar and biscuits in it. Every now and again I can still taste it when I drink certain coffees. I did work up a good way to feed the cat. Momma would give me the left over bone from the ham she put in the beans for the dog. I'd take it out back and hold it up in front of the dog to get him slobbering real good and the cat would run up and drink the slobber. Once the tomcat had his fill, I'd break that bone in half and finally share it with the dog. When we felt like showing off and acting uppity, Momma would put potatoes in with
  2. You're almost as smart as Widder...
  3. Atleast you're used to it. For those that don't know it, Widder grew up really poor. They used to sit around the table at supper time and read recipes. Poor Ole Widder bout starved to death cause he couldn't hear good. He always looked forward to Sundays though. His dad would take all of them to KFC so they could lick other peoples' fingers! Hey, I don't make this stuff up...
  4. Here I was, just minding my own business and BAM! Spider man has to swing down from his web and tell one on Ole TW. I wasn't gonna tell everybody what happened to you in the horsepital but I is now. Widder didn't tell yall he had a room mate in there. His name was Big Jake. Well...Big Jake was in there because he was just plain TOO big. He was waiting on a reduction surgery. He told Widder all about it and Widder told him about his heart concerns. They had a good time laughing and cutting up before they drifted off to sleep. The trouble started when Widder was waking up the next morning
  5. Well today is Widders' 70th birthday. He sure knows how to celebrate. He called me this morning and told me he went to the hospital late last night with some chest discomfort. The doctors are checking him out and he told me he'd give me an update when he has one. I don't know about y'all, but I could've found something better to do. Here is hoping the trip was all for naught. TW
  6. *I never get upset when someone gets a good deal. Whatever their reason. I'm happy for them. I also don't get mad when someone gets a better stage time than I do. I'm happy for them. *I don't like the idea of giving one type person(new shooter) an advantage over another type person for the purpose of "first dibs". Or any other reason for that matter. Even college entrance preference, or job hiring preference, or loan preference. Earn it, if you want it! *I don't like it when someone posts a want to buy thread and people say, "if he doesn't want it I do" or some such. It's just kind o
  7. Ordering a nanner split at the DQ drive through ain't as easy as you might think. Especially when you're eating an ice cream cone from McDonald's. The look on that little girl's face was priceless when I gave her my card while I was taking a big ole lick of that cone.
  8. You ain't the only one what's said that. You ought to ask Widder about the Geisha twins Ashia and Kadisha. I think they still follow him around a bit from time to time.
  9. I'll take it. Tell me where to pay you. I'll p.m. you.
  10. One of yall have a lever action 45/70 for sale or trade? Maybe a Marlin cowboy or an 1886? Can call or text if you'd rather. 615-653-0291
  11. I wonder how many nanner splits I can eat afore Widder runs through a case of shells....Lets see, is there 10 boxes In a case? That'd be 250 rounds. I witnessed Widder run 6 in 3.82 so 250÷6=41.6 41.6×3.83=158.9 seconds 159.8÷60=2.63 or about 2 minutes 40 seconds. I bet I can down 2
  12. Charlie, it's a well known fact that the pope is a widdermaniac hisownself. He sends an emissary to secretly videotape Widder running his 97 at various matches. His main most problem with the spider man is he's a Baptist. Southern at that. Word is, the pope hired Red-Knee to off him. When Red-Knee showed Widder some mercy, the pope got to thinkin mebbe Widder wasn't all that bad. Hey, everybody can't have good judgement.
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