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  1. I've always thought they had those definitions backwards. It goes against all common sense. Who has ever heard of a firing line you can't fire from (loading and unloading tables)? And when you think of something being synonymous with course of fire, you don't think "stage" you think firing line. I think they had a typo the first time they defined the terms and didn't see it before it got printed and figured it'd cost too much to fix it. Kinda makes us look silly IMO.
  2. I won't buy from anyone without a SASS number. As for the phone number, it'll give me someone to mess with if they call me!
  3. How was the 2nd scenario handled at EOT? Handbook-wise I don't see a difference in a shooter travelling from the gun cart to the loading table and a shooter travelling from one stage to the next. SDQ for the stage they were on the way to the loading table of? I've seen warnings given but never a call made off the firing line and have wondered why not.
  4. Shooter moves from 1 shooting position to the next with unloaded shotgun and sweeps 3 people. WTC and where are any penalties applied. Shooter removes his long guns from the cart on the 2nd stage of the day. On the way to the loading table, the shooter sweeps 3 people. WTC and where are any applicable penalties applied? Shooter unloads his long guns from the trunk of his car and sweeps 3 people while putting them in the gun cart. WTC and where are any penalties applied.
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