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  1. There was a 5 shot run in 3.3? where he fumbled his 6th shell. I still make fun of him for that. But, I didn't tell you about his most fasterest time. I was running the timer myself. I just got through making him real mad by eating the last chocolate chip cookie. The sky was an overcast purplish and pink color and there was heat lightning off in the distance. Three ravens were sitting in an old dead oak tree out behind the dilapidated barn where we was shootin. Widder stepped up to the line and said shooter ready! I gave him a beep and at the same time there was a loud boom, kinda like a jet makes when it breaks the sound barrier. I though we got struck by that heat lightning because Widder's shotgun belt was smoking. I looked a little closer and 6 shells were missing and all the knockdowns were down! I didn't know what happened. Widder said in his best Johnny Wayne voice, "well, look at the timer pard". I looked at it, and you're not going to believe this, but Widder knocked down those 6 knockdowns in negative 1.37! He went so fast, it broke the space/time continuum and he went back in time. He told me it happens pretty regularly and he his actually 112 years old! Last I seen he was still trying to beat negative 1.37 but between you and me, I think he's too slow to get it done.
  2. Sorry. I disagree. And it looks like several actual SASS rules would need to be eliminated to participate. Specifically the 170.
  3. I was witness to Widder running 6 kds in 3.82. That's fast on water. He ran 4kd in 2.30 Those are all hitting and knocking down the kds.
  4. This would eliminate what I was talking about. Good thinking Creeker
  5. Anybody else think this post was going to be about small block Chevy heads, or just me? Rye is tricky like that.
  6. Don't be sickin' them younguns on me! That aint fair! Tell everyone on the Burt Ranch Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Dang, what happened? Was there an accident? Looks like your face caught on fire and someone stomped it out with a track shoe! That's funny, I don't care who you are. I didn't realize the category was scored overall at first, then broken down.
  8. So the all around cowboy is scored the same as for the overall? It would seem to me, the whole purpose of having them shoot 3 of the 4 categories is to score them against the m7 people in that category for the rank point. What am I missing
  9. If you never shoot gunfighter and you go to a state match where there's 0 gunfighters other than you, you would fare better than at a state match you come in last at with 10 others in the m7. Obviously just a hypothetical
  10. Or you could be a gamer and compete in Duelist at one of the matches you knew no usual M7 duelists were going to compete in. That's why I'm kind of against the AAC.
  11. Technically under the description on page 22 of the shb it doesn't even mention feet. It just says continuous fluid movement. It's been clarified in the past that continuous lateral movement during the shooting string can be "shooting on the move" even if a foot stays planted. You probably remember the video in question.
  12. Incorrect. The words at shooters' discretion negates the default. Its been this way for years. Have your TG bring it up at a meeting. Here is part of the problem regarding shooters getting the same match on different possies. Not all TOs know all the rules or just believe they do(not talking about you). It doesn't help when a clarification is given and then we have 2 pages of people saying it shouldn't be that way. Think about the inexperienced shooters looking at these threads for clarification. They take a look and say what the hell, which way is it?
  13. BB, it's been this way since about 2016. During your Q/A parts of our classes, don't you cover this?
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