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  1. I also got this stage painted. Wasn't too bad, it's only one target set a bit close. I put it in just in case Widder shows up. This is it from the furthest shooting position... Cap'n BB will probably just shoot this one 12 times. I'll let y'all know when the scores come out
  2. You got to watch out for. You know. The thing!
  3. Oh man! Those are meant to be taken yearly! That time Widder didn't finish after me, he won the bragging rights to carry it on his gun cart. Word is he gained 12 pounds of muscle and 20 IQ points just from being in close proximity to the can! Wimmin spontaneously get the vapors all along the interstate when he drives to Wartrace. There's no telling whats gonna happen to you!
  4. Now that's a good idea! I also got the tennis elbow from painting targets tomorrow.
  5. Well now, why have you got to go and bring facts into it?! You didn't tell them I had a broke toe and stitches in my trigger finger. Those 4 misses killed me though!
  6. You tell schoolmarm I said I'd tell you what she said about you if she does!
  7. Like I said, she don't cook much... She does come with her own set of guns though!
  8. She crawfished and tricked me out of half my nanner split.
  9. I been debating the merrit of getting a really nice slicked up skb 12ga for the wife. The one I'd have to have for her would be done up right by fast Eddie and look real good. Now, she doesn't cook or clean too much but I might be willing to kick in a little cash to boot for the right shotgun.
  10. Don't forget Capn' BB and the Krazy one is coming. That should help me too. Less'n someone was to fill me up on nanner puddin' so I can't move too fast.
  11. I want to know who is bringing the whooping with them this year? And the nanner puddin'.
  12. I managed to catch most of it before it hit the paper... Cat like reflexes, you know.
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