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  1. They gonna use sticks and name callin' instead of guns.
  2. Widder is so full of hot air he can clear a 97 by blowing through the port. I once seen him get a wad stuck in his 97. He said watch this, and blew so hard the wad came out and hit a kd 2 stages over. And knocked it down!
  3. I'm real glad I didn't break it when I dropped it off the roof. Oh, I did find the adjustment key for it the other day. One of the other blacksmith instructors had one for sale.
  4. Which of these two brand cordless power tool sets do you prefer? I started out with Hitachi. I switched to DeWalt a long time ago. As I get into more and more metal work, I been looking at Milwaukee. What say the group?
  5. Sure, I can do that. I don't think even I can talk enough to keep this on the front page until then. Matter of fact, I've said my piece and folks were civilized about it. I appreciate that. Lock her down if you want, and we can get back to making fun of Widder.
  6. Hey Randy. I truncated the quote for space. I actually have agreed with the call of a P and no misses since the first WTC thread. Because we have been shooting a while and understand the question asked at the beginning of the Miss flow chart. My whole point on the closed thread was to try and explain why some people don't get it at first. And that is because the question at the head of the miss/flow chart is worded incorrectly. Instead of asking if all of the SHOTS have hit the correct target type, it asks if all of the TARGETS were hit with the correct ammo type. The first thing they say is no. The last target was not hit at all. We as shooters that have been in it a few years know it means shots, but newer shooters read it for what it literally says, and that is targets. If the miss flow chart said: "Did all of the shots hit the correct target type" There wouldn't be this much confusion. That holds true with other ill-defined terms in the SHB. Do you see where I am coming from?
  7. I don't see how a bad choice of words in the shb affect spotting. Thats just me though. Pet the dog for me!
  8. I can't hang with 2 threads. These guys are tearing me up! It's about as much fun as shootin'. I'll save the "in-hand" one for another time when I'm bored or something. I better go do something Valentiney with the bunkhouse boss. I'll be back later.
  9. Lol, no. ALL of the correct target types were not hit. #10
  10. All the shots hit rifle targets that is true. But, that ain't what is asked. It asks if all the correct target types were hit.
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