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  1. I wish I could find the video of Widder, Red Knee, and Missouri Traveler from the TN state match year before last. Had 3 WB shooters with stoked shotguns challenge them in a SG shootoff. I think it was 21 knockdowns if memory serves. Those 3 fellas beat the stoked shotgunners even with Red Knee and Traveler having Widder on their team. That sure was a good state match. Y'all come on out this October and check it out.
  2. I built my first house in 4 months...by myself for the most part. Kinda puts it in comparison huh.
  3. I started a construction company when I was 20. I wrote out a list of the items I needed. It was around $8,000.00 worth of ladders, walkboards, tools, etc. I was looking for an item when I came up to an employee of Home Depot. I said, "I have a list here of stuff I need". I didn't get another word out before he said, "you don't expect me to get all that do you?" I said, "no sir, I expect them to get it for me at Lowes". Thats where I went and thats where I continue to go about 3 days per week for the last 20+ years.
  4. Well I'm from Tennessee and kind of a nod to my dad too. Last name is Williams. I read a LOT. Besides, who could come up with a good cowboy name with the first name Jesse. Guess I shouldve done some research on the gay crack head before I decided for sure. SASS life member and probably not worth changing it now. Political correct disclaimer: Nothing wrong with gay crackheads in general.
  5. One of my vaquero 32s would not lock up on the same 2 or 3 chambers every time. This was after a repair to a broken trigger sear.The fix ended up being taking a hair more off of the sear. Its was a smidge too long and would not allow lock up only on those chambers but would lock up on the others. Strange but thats the way it was.
  6. Just wanted to give you a personal Thanks.   Keep putting off working on the Bond,   This post got me going again.  Found a Ruger 10/22 hammer spring (I think) in my junk box,  Cut to the same length as stock Bond spring.  Absolutely amazing till I shot it this morning.  One barrel fires.  Came home to find  your tip.   2 Washers later, we are in business.    Thanks again.     GW

    1. Tennessee williams

      Tennessee williams

      No problem GW, I'm glad it helped!

  7. You ought to not talk like that, it is offensive.
  8. What I do: I continue to cut coils from the spring until one of the barrels will not fire. I then start adding 1/64 washers until both barrels will fire with the primers I use(federal). This tells you, you have the spring tuned to the lightest it will function. Obviously if this is more than your competition gun(self defense etc), you dont want to do this.
  9. Him: I wonder what she's thinking... Her: I wonder what we'll have for supper tomorrow I bet he's going shooting with that sass bunch again tomorrow he better not buy another gun I should get my nails done I cant sleep maybe pork chops and macaroni oh look a squirrel.
  10. He's cut her off for not letting him get some DQ.
  11. When the side matches start, what side matches they have, what time the main match starts, and round count. Price. How to sign up. All I know is they are having a 2 day match next friday and saturday.
  12. Every animal you see has a God given way to protect itself. You dont see people banning a lions' claw, or a wolfs' tooth, or a snakes' fang. God gave us the mental capacity to realize just how low on the food chain we are, and the ability to do something about it.
  13. I called the number and left a message yesterday to get some info. Cant find any on the rockcastle website other than the day.
  14. Close. I use it for blacksmithing scrollwork.
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