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  1. Well, I teaked my knee getting off the mower today so we'll both be laid up! Where's my ibuprofen?!
  2. Ha! 51" my bottom. That sounds like a no good low down Yankee lie! Kidding of course. Not everybody will know how to tell if'n it poisonous or not. Lay it on em
  3. I've followed her for quite a while. She is very smart, and one tough cookie.
  4. Get your mind out of the gutter BQ! We're talking about chewing. What did you think we were talking about? Admit it. You forgot all about covid and protesters for a few minutes. Which is my intention. On a side note, what is the proper number of chews before you swallow?
  5. Millers is open for dine in..... They got nanner puddin
  6. We are shooting tomorrow! Registration starts at 8:30 and safety meeting is at 9:30. It's gonna be a good match. Word is, Randy St Eagle will be on the warpath!
  7. I happen to like nanner split with caramel on each end and pineapple in the middle. Followed closely by a Ribeye cooked to perfection, which to me is between medium and medium well. If I recall you like chefs' choice.
  8. When I was a younger man, it seemed I loved to masticate. I would sit around and do it for a long time just for the fun of it. I probably overdid it, getting caught up in the moment. As I get older though, it seems it has lost its flair. I find myself just going through the motions. It's harder to find anything new and exciting now. Sometimes a good steak or a nanner split will do the trick and I masticate like I did when I was a younger man. I'm sure there is a science behind how much mastication is best but my theory is just whatever seems right.
  9. We did have curfew but it was ultimately unenforceable. They announced a 6:30 curfew at 6:34. There were so many "outs" for the curfew as well. If you were working, it was OK to be out. So, all of the fast food was open during curfew. Lines backed up at all of them. I was guarding a bldg. There were more people out than on a non curfew day.
  10. Not only that, but I still wash my hands before AND after unless I'm in the woods.
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