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  1. Check with @Barleycorn Outfitters right here, John is a great guy to deal with.
  2. If these don't work out for you, my LGS had one this week at a reasonable price, PM me if you need the info still
  3. Just remember, that ladies who have a few extra pounds live longer than husbands that mention it.
  4. Did you try Numrich? https://www.gunpartscorp.com/
  5. You gotta send her Charlie Daniels' The Devil went down to Georgia too.
  6. They let me off the Short Bus!
  7. Saw you list yourself as clubless, check us out http://outlawcamp.com/ Great bunch to shoot with!
  8. You know the Model 60 had to be a part of why they bought Marlin. Many states are pushing to ban semiautos that can accept magazines over 10 rounds. That would bar the 10/22 from selling there. The tube on the Model 60 could easily be modified for a 10 round capacity for those states.
  9. What is your recipe for those loads? Thanks!
  10. I got trifocals with the last prescription with the center section set for shooting. It works wonderfully.
  11. I'm in Heber Springs, looking for any ammo to swap?
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