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  1. @Singin' Sue 71615 Just what kind of degrading pictures are we talking about anyway?
  2. Several years ago I was looking for a Ruger 22 pistol in anodized blue. Finally found one and picked it up, took it home and the Missus asked what I had. I told her and opened it up. She took one look, said "I love it! Thank you!" Sometimes I get to shoot it at the range...
  3. I'm betting on @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L!
  4. I have a Roughrider in both Birdshead and regular grip. Just compared them and it will definitely print less.
  5. Been through that, praying for you here
  6. Okay, real 1911A1 copies have garbage sights, Cimarron, ATI and the Springfield Defenders all have much better sights on them. Early Rocks and ATIs had poor magazines and recoil springs so switch out the recoil spring and pick up some MecGar or McCormack Shooting Star mags.
  7. Best thing that happened for the Cards this year is losing Carlos Martinez!
  8. Try Pinesol to wipe it off. Don't soak it as it would remove all the paint.
  9. I got my last set of glasses set up as tri-focals with the center section set up for about 30" so it works for handguns and rifle sights. Been thrilled with how well it has worked.
  10. Armor-all makes some leather wipes that are easy to use for a quick bit of protection.
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