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  1. NRA's hunter/safety stuff is available online or in print. Would probably be a good place to start.
  2. You need a pre-war N frame hammer. a 1917 or 1937 Brazilian will be the closest ones for your gun's era.
  3. Anybody here tried running .45 Schofield in Ruger Vaqueros chambered for .45 Colt? Any problems aside from having to scrub the cylinders to get rid of the short ring?
  4. There are plenty of us here who can't spell and have no excuse! Fuggedaboutit!
  5. I was just thrilled to see that they had a rear sight for my 66 in stock!
  6. Welcome to the place! Great bunch here.
  7. My Missus is down to fewer than 60 working days til she retires!
  8. Okay Warden, what were you shooting with the BP?
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