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  1. Call ATF, they are very narrow-minded about firearm fraud. Also, if it was in another state, the FBI can get involved. That will either get your money back, the gun in question delivered or at least an arrest if nothing else.
  2. That's where that BP smell comes from!
  3. "When I asked you How stupid can you be?, it wasn't a challenge."
  4. This got me remembering a crush I had when younger on Victoria Burgoyne, a British actress who made a lot of B grade horror movies.
  5. One of the most absolutely foul things imaginable is prison hootch made from ketchup. Gads, that stuff STINKS!
  6. Poisonous snakes around here are the reason there is a 38 loaded with snake shot on top of the fridge.
  7. Mec-gar makes a 7 round 1911 mag that works flawlessly. Don't be afraid to grab them.
  8. Shoot well and safe travels!
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