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  1. "Feral Mozzie" Umm, what's a Mozzie?
  2. For my CAS loads in both 73 rifle, Schofields and Opentops, I use a 200 grain RNFP under 7.5 grains of Unique. Solid and runs well. As an experiment I ran this through 4 matches of 12 stages each, and practice sessions without cleaning and all the guns and my 73 Winchester replica. Not one problem with fouling or misfires.
  3. Tom, that Schofield you got from me liked 7.5 grains of Unique under a 200 grain bullet!
  4. Yup, it sure looks like it, but I didn't want to say for sure. And SPF
  5. Tell 'em you need to use the bathroom a lot...
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