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  1. Oh, a PS on the 45 Colt loads, I run 7.5 grains of Unique in my 45 loads under a 200 grain RNFP cast. Try the ones from @Scarlett or Bustin Head Lead.
  2. Welcome from Arkansas! Head for your nearest club, they will be happy to welcome a new shooter. Your guns will serve you well. Don't try to get into a costume category yet, just shoot what you got. Wear some jeans, Western boots and a Western hat. Don't spend a ton of money yet on your belt and holsters, see what you like first. This is a great place with super people [just watch out for that chicken footin', sheep rustling @Tennessee williams, he'll steal the banana splits from a youngster!].
  3. Also, prisons will collect DNA from all intake inmates.
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