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  1. They came back to get most all of the other rows. I'm off to get a crow call and a ghillie suit!
  2. Not as long as you've been a smartazz! I've always got a reason for a question even if it may seem stupid at the time.
  3. IMPORTANT COMMON RANGE COMMANDS - “Cease Fire” or “STOP!” – The command called out by the TO or any witnessing Range Officer/Match Official at any time an unsafe condition develops. However, as all shooters are considered Safety Officers, any shooter who observes a safety infraction not witnessed by the TO should call the infraction to a TO’s attention, at which time the matter will be resolved. ‐---‐--------------------------------- Herein lies the confusion. There are a couple discrepancies and clarity issues. *The top quote above states that command is given by "any witnessing Range Officer or match official". When compared to the bottom quote above, it says ANY SHOOTER observing a safety infraction not seen by the TO should just tell the TO for it to be resolved after. "Any shooter" would be anyone else shooting the match wouldn't it? However, it says in RO1 that Spotters should make every effort to stop a shooter from an unsafe act. *There is the issue that willfully ignoring the stop command given by the TO will result in a MDQ. It doesnt say any range officer, so how about if a spotter says stop? How about if someone in the peanut gallery says stop for that matter? How is the shooter supposed to know who is who? *The issue of it being said by many that the only command a shooter MUST follow is the cease fire command. (Mostly talking about going back to open a lever or some such as that.) But, the very first safety rule in the RO1 course conventions for performance and conduct is "The shooter must obey all Range commands given by the TO/CRO. I'm not arguing with you. Just pointing out some inconsistency. Seems to me everybody should be able to call a cease fire if they see something bad enough. That or only the TO.
  4. Thank you. Since everyone is a safety officer, does that go for non spotters/TO as well?
  5. Are spotters supposed to call a cease fire?
  6. Heck, I bet he's been letting them go at my garden spot!
  7. I'm thinking maybe it's time to get crowkiller out of the closet. Dang crows wait until my corn shoots up to 3 or 4 inches and they pull them up to get the kernel off the bottom of it. I've put plastic owls out. I've hung tin pie plates, old cds, you name it. I think I'm gonna sit out there in the morning and give them the what for.
  8. My daughter Riley was born just after my uncle Jim passed away. She and I were riding down a back road when she was 3 or 4 years old. We happened to pass where my uncle had lived and I said, that's where Uncle Jim lived. She didn't say anything for about a quarter of a mile. She then said "Uncle Jim had to pull a brown car out of the ditch right there", and pointed. Now, I didn't pay much attention to her because she was only 3 or 4 and I figured she was just talking like kids do, so I just said "I know". Boy, she slung her head around real quick and said, "Uncle Jim said you do not know!" Now that freaked me out a little so I called my cousin, Uncle Jim's daughter and told her what Riley had said. She got quiet on the phone and asked me where exactly we were when Riley said that. I told her and she freaked out too. Apparently she had snuck out of the house a long time ago in her brown Dodge and had run off the road right where Riley had said. And yes, she had to get her daddy, my Uncle Jim to pull her out of the ditch. I've also lived in 2 haunted houses. My grandmother was Cherokee and one of her daughters was a self proclaimed witch. I could fill a book with all the crap I've had happen.
  9. I have all the faith in the world in Jedi Gunfighter of the year BWJ! I bet Dudley could pull it off shooting Duelist or Gunfighter style!
  10. Well where do we send our donations for help with production?
  11. Where's @Branchwater Jack SASS #88854's video of Dudley Do Wrongs attempt to shoot fast and shoot on the move with his feet planted? id really like to see an example. Lots of misunderstanding on this topic.
  12. I get asked for my autograph a lot! People must know me or something. Seems like every time I go to Longhorn or Cracker Barrel, them cute little ladies what brings me my food always smile real big and ask me for my autograph. It doesn't matter to them that I've got the bunkhouse boss with me neither! Atleast they have the decency to wait til I finish my meal and I'm about to leave.
  13. Sorry. Hit post too quick. The video showed continuous movement from left to right or vice versa. Keep in mind the feet were moving too but all the shots were done while one foot was planted still, but the shooter never stopped moving. Wish I could find it.
  14. I remember it too, but I can't find it. Continuous body movement or something like that.
  15. I was a TO for a shooter when there was a suspected "by the peanut gallery" squib. They all hollered squib on about the 2nd round from the revolver. The shooter started to ground the revolver. I said no its not, that wasn't me. Keep going. The shooter kept going and finished with one miss. That was the round I seen land in front of the target when they all hollered squib. Had the shooter grounded the revolver and no squib found, there would have been no grounds for a reshoot.
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