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  1. Problem was.....hadn't had my ice cream yet today. I fixed that problem.
  2. People say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Apparently they forgot about morons.
  3. Thank you for the link. I see now. I knew there was no reason for me to be missing something like this. The round is illegal to use. That's the reason for the p. Say the shooter loads 12 and Jack's out rounds 3 and 4 and continues in the proper order for the sequence=P The shooter loads 12 and Jack's out rounds 3,4 11 and 12 then reloads 2 more= long way around but still no call. I couldn't leave myself that confused over loading too many rounds. So: Stage calls for 9brevolver rounds. Shooter loads 10 instead. During the course of fire, the shooter has a non firing cartridge on number 7. He then uses that 10th round loaded for the 9th target=P for illegal ammo Correct?
  4. Can you load 12 instead of 10 on a stage that calls for 10 rifle rounds as long as you jack them out at the end of the string?
  5. Stated above is a p for rifle. No call for revolver. Do they get a miss for the unfired round as well on each or just rifle or none of them?
  6. If the shooter loads 11 in his rifle, the LTO doesn't get the penalty, the shooter does. Shooter is ultimately responsible for counting the rounds going into his firearm.
  7. LTO job is not to count rounds. If you cant count, you probably shouldn't be shooting.
  8. You know there is two parts to the brain. Right and left. On the left side, there's nothing right. On the right side, there's nothing left! Bwahahahaha
  9. Definitely the wire. It's about cowboy shooting. I'm not responsible for the comments
  10. Seems like that would kill your split times. I hold dead on and just use my thumb. I don't have to wait on the muzzle to raise and lower and reaquire the target.
  11. Ty, I've never understood the math on this.
  12. Getting close. Gonna be fun with poker, shootin', and eatin'. 3 of my favorite things. Might get a good foot rubbin' too.
  13. Probably wants to buy you a beer and some pizza. Maybe nanner splits for breakfast. Yall don't get one with two spoons and share though. That'd be weird. Heck, or not nowadays I can't keep up.
  14. I have both a Mernickle shotshell belt and their bandolier. While I'd like to become fluent with the bando, for now it's kinda like dating an ugly woman. They're fun at home, but I don't want my friends seeing me with one.
  15. Some of my favorite feuds and WTC topics: Feuds: 1 Widder vs Red Knee 2 Phantom vs everybody 3 Everybody vs Dusty Devil Dale What's your favorite
  16. Hey Tequila, This is a match to go to!
  17. Ain't many different ways to read this.
  18. That's right. If his total time was 465 seconds his % penalty would've only been 2.15%(?). I was just being sarcastic about some people wanting to raise the time penalty for a miss.
  19. As stated above, the quicker stage times you run the bigger percentage penalty you incur for a miss. If you're shooting 50 second stages, you're looking at half the penalty of a 25 second stage shooter. Maybe we should penalize the slower shooters with 10 seconds. You may be on to something. I don't know of ANY shooting sport that does not take athletic ability into the equation to some degree. Even long range shooting depends on the human body ability. Breathe control, trigger control, balance, patience, etc. SASS is a speed sport. If not, we wouldn't be penalized with a time penalty for misses or boo-boos. We would be scored for cumulative hits. I see nothing wrong with this, although most of the time a match DOES boil down to the fastest clean shooter.
  20. Contrary to popular belief, Red Knee and Widder are both stand up guys. They raised a good bit of money for a real good cause. Not only that, but they provide pretty good comic relief too. Good job guys
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