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  1. Nobody have anything to trade, or an offer?
  2. I stepped into a big ole pile of ambition once. I decided to hollow out a big log to make a canoe. It was days and days of back breaking work. Chipping away and clearing out the inside of that big log really took it out of me. But! The satisfaction of making it ugly, crooked, and not water worthy was well worth it. Because NOW, I watch where I step to avoid tripping over anymore of them nasty ambitions.
  3. Hell, depending on the situation I may use my "assault" broom on the possum that keeps getting on my porch. Or my "assault" pencil on a robber if it's what is handy. My bunkhouse boss used her "assault" remote control on me when I complained about what she was watching(no joke. Hit me in the junk and had to go to the dr). The point is, anything can be an assault weapon. Anything can be used to assault someone. Somebody recently used an assault hammer I believe. The media tries to report on something most of them no nothing about. I seen one report of rubber bullets being used by the police. Turns out they were foam ear plugs. Maybe they need a sit-in redneck at the anchor desk for their gun talk.
  4. Widder is still the mouth of the South, and the biggest liar from either side of the Mississippi! -Tennessee Williams(The one what won't lie)
  5. Somebody trade me out of this thing so I don't get into black powder. As always, feel free to call or text. 615-653-0291
  6. I don't care where you live, if you go to a match there will be cowboys there willing to loan you guns. Probably ammo and leather too. Anywhere near TN?
  7. Send me a message with what you have. You never know. Oh. It feels like it's had an action job. Very smioth and lighter than normal hammer pull. Steal away Randy! Your picture did make me thirsty though!
  8. It looked like my dog type that out. Thanks!
  9. I've got this Ruger Old Army that I'm just not gonna use. I'll take 750. Maybe trade on a smith revolver or something else I'll actually use. I THINK I can ship this direct to you. You can call or text. 615-653-0291
  10. I'm pretty skeered, but gonna try to make it down anyway!
  11. Y'all feel free to call me about it. Or just to shoot the bull, I don't care. 615-653-0291
  12. Bump for offers before going to gunbroker.
  13. Nah. You don't want to know how he gets that gluten out of those bagels.
  14. As always, that scoundrel has left out part of the story. The infamous "Mouth of the South, Widder" ordered the plain ole hamburger. I told him not to order it and he asked why. I told the waitress to give us a second and we'd be ready to order. She walked off and I told Widder to follow me and see how the cook pats out the patties. We walked around to the back window where we looked through. Sure enough, the cook would take the hamburger patty and put it in his armpit to squeeze it together. I said, I told ya so and we walked back in to sit down. When the waitress came back over, Widder said he'd just have a doughnut. I never did tell him how that cook put the holes in the doughnuts. I almost feel bad about that.
  15. Yep, ffl to ffl. I like them all. Whatcha got? Call or pm me
  16. I'm thinning the herd a little bit of stuff I dont shoot, and figured I'd offer this up on here before it goes to gunbroker. It's a Marlin 39 century limited from 1970. I got it from the guy that bought it new and he said It is unfired. Its in the box and also has the outer box with all the pictures on it as well. Last time I looked the bottom brass screw was not in the rear stock plate. It could be in the box but don't count on it. I'll look when I get home and add pictures. I haven't looked for a replacement. I'm sure they're out there. I'd do some trading on it for something I'd shoot. I like and collect smith and wesson revolvers, and SHORT barrel vaqueros. ASKING 1500 but rather trade. I can add or take money to boot. Shipping is what it is and will include insurance to cover the rifle. As always, you can call or text me at 615-653-0291
  17. Yeah. I started seeing a lot of afib commercials on the boob tube this last year. Wonder if there's that connection they don't want us too know about? They're not zapping mine, I guess it's been going on too long. They're gonna do a cryo-ablasion on me. The afib is bad enough, but add in 3 pills to keep me in rhythm, one pill to help the heart contract, and a big bad blood thinner to help keep me from throwing a clot and it just sucks. Hopefully we'll feel like a new man soon! Good luck.
  18. 8 or 10 years ago, they told me I was having panic attacks. I never had one while the Dr was open til November 18th or 19th this past year. I figured I'd go in and let them have a listen. Stayed in the hospital for 3 days or so. Medicine they gave me knocks the crap out of me.
  19. It turns out I have to have a cryo-ablasion to treat Afib the 30th of this month. Apparently I've been in and out of afib for quite a while. It makes you very tired and sometimes short of breath. They also want to do a heart cath to check for a blockage on Feb 10th that showed up during a chemical stress test. They said there's a good chance what looks like a blockage is just gas. I sleep with a cpap, so probably better than average chance that's what it is. All that's just going to be too close to game-time to go all the way to Phoenix. I had a great time out there last year and won the duelist category. I was really looking forward to going again this year. My favorite part was probably riding out there and back with my pards. Getting older isn't for sissies.
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