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  1. Thank you Widder and MO Lefty for putting on the shotgun class. I heard nothing but praise from all the folks that got to go to it. Now all those scoundrels will be whooping up on me even more.
  2. I whooped up on you like a red headed step child last regional. Had to have beaten you by atleast a second and a half. Vols, Cracker Crew, Peach Posse Usually they work together. They're like double first cousins.
  3. Costs about 9.50 for a gallon of fuel. It doesn't get miles per gallon. It's more like gallons per mile. I've got interior out right now too. I may bring the scat pack though...
  4. Y'all done got into rocket science. What's that thing mean when it's at home on the couch with its boots off?
  5. I remembered seeing them but couldn't remember their name. I was mixing them with Laverne and Shirley for some reason. Yeah, I was only 4 when it came out!
  6. More like, don't have 4 misses and a P this time! I barely gotcha by 1 or 2 seconds last time, then you came up to my home club and whooped me by 3. I figger that has you up right now. Yep, I may bring the whole chicken leg instead of the foot this go round!
  7. Hell, at this point, I'm just trying to make it into the top 10 TN shooters!
  8. I was munchin' on a nanner split when they announced it. I busted out laughing and spit half of it out til I realized they weren't kiddin'.
  9. He's got everybody fooled. He steals little kids' lollipops, and is the 2nd biggest liar east of the Mississippi! Just kidding my friend. Congratulations! It's well deserved.
  10. Crap, the bunkhouse boss hasn't mailed in my application yet! She must've been busy rubbing my feet and cooking me dinner.
  11. Y'all know I'm not one to stir the pot, howsomever, just to let you know, the incantation I worked on all the feet (yes ALL the feet) will cause anyone who decides to dispose of it in a trash can to get the walking farts followed by the runs. I have it on good authority that @Kid Richhas a natural immunity to chicken foot hoodoo. Me and him went to the local Tyson chicken farm and done some scalping. Now all their chickens run around in circles cause they only have one foot. There's one super special chicken foot in the bunch. I sure hope non of yall get that one!
  12. Funny story. One stage, my rifle locked up(luckily with only 1 rd left in it). When I got back to my gun cart, a chicken foot had found its way back to me. I figure Cap'n BB paid someone to doctor it up for him.
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