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  1. My 73 has a 24" barrel which helps keep it level/steady. I think the leather stock cover helps too but suede/rough leather would help more to keep it locked into my side during faster levering.
  2. This is probably a better link with multiple videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCb5sCyyJB4zeiQE0F5N-kQ
  3. Covid beard. Got a new fan powered cart AKA sweat stopper. No room for Nathan's but I do eat them regularly. Looking forward to seeing you too. Had planned on showing up at Dark Days in January to watch you defend your title but might be too soon the way things are going. Maybe Ides.
  4. I practice on setup day but haven't shot a match yet due to covid-19. Here is a link to a few videos.
  5. Florida State Kentucky State Black Gold Tennessee State SE Regional Alabama State South Carolina State North Carolina State
  6. Duelist or Gunfighter? A dropped loaded spoon is a MDQ at DQ
  7. I've only been here 31 years but my family was here before it was called Tennessee..
  8. I have a 357 Remlin tuned by a Marlin Jedi. Runs like a champ. Purchased it in 2019.
  9. East Tennessee is a great place to retire. Great place to cowboy shoot too.
  10. Could it be an intermittent relief valve failure. Happens as seal starts to deteriorate.
  11. It's challenging but fun VID_20201109_171829.mp4 VID_20201109_171829.mp4
  12. Two misses, a "P", and a "SOG"
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