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  1. I had the same issue. Alcohol wipes took it off easily. Many of my AA shells I have are somewhat misshaped so every shell is run through my checker sizer as I put them in my belt. I will be trying STS when these run out. Until then I will be briskly shucking.
  2. I use Lucas engine assembly lube.
  3. Makes sense to me. I have never seen anyone load their shotgun at the loading table.
  4. The sharp underside edge of the loading gate scratches the brass.
  5. Don't forget this beautiful place about an hour or so north of Knoxville. On the way down from KY. https://www.tnvacation.com/local/lafollette-mccloud-mountain-restaurant-lodge
  6. Mister Badly


    p and a miss. He made up a miss on the plates with the rifle--P. Then tried to make up for not engaging the stationary target with a 4th rifle round with the shotgun. Not allowed by instructions. I am a relatively new shooter but have not yet shot a stage with makeup for a missed stationary target.
  7. Never use a rod with any type of point to punch out the lead. It must be flat on the end or it may expand the blockage.
  8. Get a piece of tubing the ID of the barrel and a drill the ID of the tubing. Place the tubing in the barrel and drill it out. Lubricate well.
  9. I got a lot of AA last year and had a shucking issue with them. When I use them up I will get something else.
  10. Widder is a teacher and a true gentleman and I am fortunate to posse with him and other great East Tennessee shooters. When it's not too cold. Lol
  11. Pull the trigger before ejecting. Timing is everything. I actually had my Marlin assist with opening the lever about the time it fired this month. It was on a quad tap on one target running it pretty fast. Made me pause a second. Finished the stage and match.
  12. I got both done 10 years ago with dual focus lenses. No reading glasses required. They now have tri focals. Easy surgery.
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