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  1. Double cocking just makes me think too much on sweeps.
  2. I'm ok printing my own. I do anyway if they're posted on line in advance.
  3. Savage/Stevens makes a replica of the topper. It's called a 301
  4. I started using a bandolier with elastic loops to keep my padding from being a problem. I've lost most of it and may go back to using a belt. Grabbing an extra shell because of a miss is faster with the bando though.
  5. This isn't a Bob but the same ideas should work. VID_20230417_203624803.mp4
  6. Ponderosa Pines is great place to shoot with great people. Plenty of camping at the range and hotels are nearby. I'll be there.
  7. Reels is from the early 20th century you whippersnapper.
  8. It asked him to count to 100. He couldn't get past 97.
  9. A great TO and a fine videographer. Well done.
  10. Facebook, YouTube, Sass wire, credit cards, websites, Pony Express. All tools in the tool box. Your credit card number can be stolen anywhere. Keep a backup card for when it happens. I don't use check cards. I learn about clubs I would like to visit by watching videos online via Facebook and YouTube to get a feel for the match/range. I suggest clubs have cards with all the club info you can put on one to give to visitors and anyone you talk about the club to who sounds interested.
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