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  1. I will be upgrading the Chuck wagon from a six ft umbrella to a 9ft and attending these great annual matches next year. Might even get a camper
  2. Lol. They are a bit wider/thicker than the sass grips but comfort/recoil control is excellent for me. I don't have a problem with the smooth grip but you can get the checkered. For me pistol control is fantastic.
  3. Don't get new grip frames without trying these first.
  4. They are thicker. Mine are mesquite and smooth. You might want them checkered. They are awesome for my hand size and don't affect hammer reach. My grip is way more comfortable.
  5. Got a set of extended grips from Texas Grips to fit my large hands as I transition to gunfighter. I really like them.
  6. Stirrup hobbles work good for those and can be very inexpensive
  7. Reddog Leather on Facebook. Very good product and very good price
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