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  1. You sir are a walking billboard for that shameless leather peddler.
  2. They paid for my son's education. They are the greatest!!! and my son paid for the Big Orange tent.
  3. Info and price on rifle and shotgun?
  4. Yeah. You have a point. I shot my last stage at Black Gold clean using all black powder. I didn't tell my posse I was doing it. Six smokey shotgun knockdowns. It helped me get over some left pistol issues. I looked like a smoky Chunk Connors.
  5. I might be shootin my rifle from the shoulder this time to pick up the speed a bit. Maybe.
  6. No matter what system you live in crooked self serving representatives will destroy it.
  7. I'll be at Ambush and hope to see you at Dark Days Tequila.
  8. In my 38 special rounds I use 130 gr coated bullets with no lube and 13 gr by weight of APP. That's about 1.2cc if you use a dipper. I cut a 1.3cc dipper down to measure volume. It touches the bullet base with no compression.
  9. I'm hoping he decides to answer the easy one.
  10. The assault weapons ban didn't prevent AR-15 sales.
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