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  1. I picked up a single shot 12 gauge. It's an H&R replica. Pretty easy to operate from the hip. The lightning would be way faster if it ran well.
  2. At my first Black Gold it was pretty hot so I slid my glasses down my nose a bit to keep them from fogging up. On one stage 6 cases fell behind my glasses. 3 behind each lens stacked sideways on top of each other resting on my cheeks. It wasn't the first time I had a case do that and they usually just leave a red mark. They alternated between left and right and as the 3rd case stacked on both sides the top row was just below my pupils. I remember thinking "one more and I'll have to reach up and let them out". I finished with the rifle(no misses) , turned to head for the shotgun and reached up with my thumb and pushed out my glasses to release the brass. As they dropped out I heard one of my posse members gasp. Lol.
  3. hodgdon_2002_blackpowder_reloaders_manual (2).pdf
  4. Looks like a ramp front sight to me. I don't believe it would conform to the rules.
  5. I wet tumble with pins after depriming. I dump the dirty water when done and refill once with clean water and tumble for another 15 minutes. Dump the water and run the brass and pins through my media seperator. I then dump the clean cases in a bag made from 2 big towels and shake them up a bit. They get dumped onto a towel on my bench and laid flat. I have a small fan blow across them for a few hours to finish drying. This method helps me find hairline splits and reflects the light on my press inside the case to let me verify my powder charge. Pretty easy.
  6. Traditional, Gunfighter, Outlaw.
  7. We said don't make new laws, enforce the laws already on the books. Looks like that is what he is doing. After reading the text of the order I saw nothing restricting individual to individual sales. Unless you sell enough to need an FFL. The Supreme court is the ultimate check on restricting infringement of our 2nd amendment rights and they have done a fine job.
  8. Then send the one you bought for parts back with the broken part.
  9. I would support the barrel on the bag to check sight alignment. If that's right the rest is you.
  10. I shoot Outlaw and the Bando from jm leather works well.
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