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  1. Well, there are 2 Kirkey 20" seats in it.
  2. My previous nanner getter had a 700r4. Killed 3rd and 4th gear bands with too many high power xway on ramp merges.
  3. This with a 4l80 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tci-302820
  4. Get a powerglide with a gear vendors overdrive. Split gears for 4 speed.
  5. I think they do that on purpose.
  6. Thanks Widder. I will.
  7. Good to know. He lives not too far from me.
  8. True, one would be fine if was a good one. My Stoeger would be a backup. The pricing popped up when the clones quit coming. Just chaps my butt a bit that it's become a captive sellers market. Good for the sellers though.
  9. He probably has most of them. I heard he wears them out like Forest Gump wears out running shoes.
  10. I started shooting cowboy action last year. I bought a Stoeger coach gun and have been pleased with its performance. I have been thinking about getting a 97 pump with the idea of it being a backup and after learning how to run it quickly using it as my main shotgun. However, you cannot buy a new 97. Every other SASS approved firearm is available new or as a new replica. Has SASS considered opening up the pump shotgun options to new shooters who can't afford "3" 97 shotguns?
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