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  1. This should find the interference. Use a fine stone instead of a file to relieve the interference.
  2. It's a 24" 1873 octagon barrel rifle with a leather butt stock cover. The weight out front and the cover makes it easier to lock into my side.
  3. I've heard there are some places that don't/can't allow hip shooting the rifle because of lower berms.
  4. Thanks. I've shot with a number of them including Loose Cinch. Saw him shoot a small target near the back berm for a 5 second bonus from the hip. Very cool. I haven't shot a match since spring due to being quaranteamed with my family. I setup a bay for each match and practice. This was my third time practicing outlaw.
  5. My last practice at Oak Ridge. VID_20200906_125416~3.mp4
  6. Spoons? We don't need no stinking spoons!!
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/sassfl/ All the information you need for a winter shooting vacation
  8. You can get on a notification list at vendors like Buds for whichever rifle you like. That's how I got a pair of 1875 Outlaws
  9. https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/718003181/a+uberti+342720+1873+rifle+357+mag+2425+13rd
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