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  1. I can't blame THAT buyer. I think if a seller is willing to sell low they might should give someone who needs it to participate first chance. Also, buyers need to post they are looking for an item and keep it bumped up to the top. Ask people at shoots if they know someone who would sell. Many local clubs have forums and classifieds you could check. I had a cowboy give me a good price on a 97 last year and if I start to cut loose with stuff I will do the same.
  2. That holster is 30. I had to pull the holster up on the butt end and run a chicago screw through it to make it stay at 30
  3. 15 tops. The butt of the gun will cause a droop as will a belly
  4. You could do a want to buy post in the classified section. You may find a cowboy willing to help out a new shooter.
  5. I'll be there to watch. I got to watch Widder and his 97 technique up close in his secret lair in the foothills. I like to shoot slow and without aiming so I can enjoy the scenery.
  6. https://www.tackyjacks.com/locations-ob
  7. That move will get you closer to one of my favorite places. Orange Beach, Tacky Jack's.
  8. Thanks. I had a few extra rounds of 9mm and 45 I sold to fund their purchase. My first cap guns.
  9. Just don't use gorilla glue
  10. As the problem is hanging on the way in I would suggest belling the opening of the holster.
  11. They sold me 4 thousand and they work well so far on my stock Pietta nipples
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