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  1. I have to work with what I have. Just in case I ever go to prison.
  2. I have preached the above for years. As the length of a stage increases - each individual component of the stage has less value. And as the time it takes to aim increases - the less the penalty for missing applies. Every shot taken has a time "penalty" applied to it. That "penalty" includes: * The time required to acquire your firearm/ discard tour firearm (draw or pick up from a table and returning - if applicable) * The time to acquire a sight picture that is good enough (or believed good enough) for a hit on target * The time required to cy
  3. Who said ANYTHING contrary to this? Nobody said anything about Big & Close being of excessive difficulty or challenge or anything of the sort. We said it is FUN. The vast majority of us in this game are not you. We are not as quick, talented or practiced as you. Most of us are never going to run 12 second stages, experience sub 6 seconds in the quarter mile or drive in excess of 220 miles an hours around a superspeedway. But if you're used to a Chevy Aveo and get to experience a Corvette? Doggone, I think I'm John Force. But if your t
  4. You would be incorrect. Show me another shoot - ANY shoot - that sells out in one to two days. Bordertown has a long and storied history as THE big and close shoot. This reputation and sell out trend began long before it moved to Tombstone (just to remove the location as reason for its popularity); and it was doing it before some version of Big and Close became common. I have shot maybe 7 or 8 Arizona State Championships - in Tucson and Tombstone. I'm not from Arizona; I can't be an Arizona Champion (and I don't need smart aleck comments informing me that
  5. You can leave the spring in place; while removing the actual physical lever safety piece. This is what I did on my Miroku. Along with judicious lightening on the lifter and lever springs.
  6. Going by your screen shot - I assume it is some program that shows the most clever and handsome poster on the thread first?
  7. I thought having fun was the whole point of digging out the obsolete guns, dressing in silly clothes and yelling "Yeehaw"?
  8. Obviously, since every state match does not fill up in three days or pull 300 shooter Bordertown type numbers - there must be something about the match itself that attracts the shooters beyond "State Championship".
  9. Ill shoot that match and not even whine... Too much. But if I'm setting the steel; Pistols will be 3-5 paces (16x16 or bigger) Shotgun will be 7-8 paces Rifle will be 9-15 paces (16x16 or bigger) Variance in rifle distance depends on if rifle targets are serving double duty as downrange movement pistol targets (then they have to be a little further away to give the chance to hustle for a few steps - tho I usually offer shooters the choice of how far they wish to move downrange {or not move at all} so the shooters can decide which best suits their game and skil
  10. I know others that play that same game and they enjoy it very much. But as you know, while it uses the same equipment - it is not the same game. And your expectations are different from a silhouette match to an action match.
  11. Tis a shame - sometimes when leading a horse to water; both ends of the horse arrive.
  12. That "poster" was the SASS representative that works pretty tirelessly to provide CORRECT answers and APPROPRIATE direction regarding SASS to folks posting and asking questions on the SASS wire. If you'd like to visit the Marlin forum - perhaps you might find their guidance more to your liking. But when utilizing a forum dedicated to a certain activity - you should expect the input to apply to the activity.
  13. Then, with all due respect, you do not shoot Cowboy Action. Perhaps you shoot some version of a target shooting discipline utilizing cowboy era firearms. And that may be great fun as well; we have all enjoyed an afternoon out with friends playing, "Can you see that? Bet you can't hit it." But that is not Cowboy Action, not SASS - never has been.
  14. You mentioned the simplicity of Cowboy as an opportunity for you and your child to enjoy a shooting sport TOGETHER. That is exactly what cowboy is supposed to be. A simple course of fire that ALL skill levels can enjoy a level of satisfactory hits on target - the difference being not necessarily the number of hits but the TIME required to get those hits. I brought my daughter into cowboy when she was 5 years old so she could interact with other posse members, learn about being part of a group working together and feel success by hitting the EXACT SAME targets as he
  15. If YOU find that "more fun" - good for you. The issue with "challenging" (and I am not implying you are using the word this way) is the word has become code for a certain type of match intended to handicap (slow) the faster shooters in an ill fated attempt to "level the playing field". Usually by shooters that believe, "if only more emphasis was placed on accuracy - than I could win or place better". Convincing themselves; that fast shooter that can empty 24 rounds from 4 different guns (on target) in 15 seconds is lacks the ability of finding a sight picture on a f
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