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  1. Assuming (and I could be wrong), but assuming, that the "New" events will take on the personality of their new venue and match direction. I.e. EOT will morph into a shoot that closely resembles Winter Range. I'm figuring the former National Championships will become a shoot that closely resembles Land Run in philosophy and operations. I already have my opinions of Winter Range and what I think EoT will become - but I have never attended Land Run or visited their range. So tell me about it. The GREAT, the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY. Match philosophy, target distances, sizes, sequences, movements, etc. I'm honestly much more interested in the match itself than ancillary items like vendors, awards or social events. If you're uncomfortable with sharing your opinions in an open forum; feel free to pm me. I know its more than a year away; but Oklahoma is aways away too - I need to start thinking if the time, travel and costs are there in 2022. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ruger purchased Marlin. If Ruger had simply been interested in jumping into the lever gun market; they could have easily done so on their own (see AR rifles and 1911's). Im sure they purchased Marlin exactly for their product portfolio and name recognition within their niche. So while I assume quality will improve. I sincerely doubt you will see any kind of wholesale changes in the product itself and really question whether any "oddball" wish list firearms will appear sporting the Marlin name. When you purchase an asset for it's specific strengths (in this case, product mix and name) - the last thing you do is make significant external or recognizable changes that may dilute the very thing you paid for.
  3. Don't worry about "greatness" - simply worry about being the BEST Deuce Dynamite you can be. Other shooters beat me all the time. Sometimes I just run into shooters better than me. It is going to happen. But the only time I am truly unhappy (win or lose) is when I fail to shoot up to my abilities. If you shoot at the very top of your CURRENT abilities - then you have done all you can do at a given event. The scores and placements will sort themselves out. And then strive with every dry fire session, every practice, every monthly, every match to identify, work on and raise the level of your abilities - if it's within you - greatness will come forth.
  4. With all due respect; good advice is good advice - regardless of where or whom it originates with. If anyone subscribes to the theory that someone must be physically able to "do" something to teach, train, coach or espouse it - they negate the information available from a number of educated sources. Stages in the teens - 20's or even 30's are always relative to a vast number of factors including target size, distance, sequence, movement, staging, prop manipulation etc. I would hesitate to discount anyone's input wholly based on scores achieved on a stage/ match of unknown variables. Lastly, perhaps I am missing something; but, when using 20" plates - a shooter that can run X time on 10" plates will not kick the butt of anyone else that can run the same X time on 20" plates. 10 hits is 10 hits - regardless of whether the entire 20 inch target is utilized or just the middle 3 inches.
  5. No one ever seems to recognize that... Speed is MUCH harder to "learn" than accuracy. Yes, it is important to be ABLE to hit the middle body of those stupid bow legged cowboy targets at 7-10 yards with the pistols. But it is INFINITELY more important to be able to use the entire height and width of a 20" - 24" plate to your advantage at 3-4 yards. I try to run for speed; but I can (sometimes) tighten up my shooting to account for small and distant. If you're running for accuracy; letting it go full throttle on a large close target is much more difficult.
  6. Welcome to an exclusive group. Enjoy this honor and when you have time - reflect on the respect and appreciation you've earned to have the JEDI council confer this recognition upon you. Being JEDI of the year has been my proudest achievement within Cowboy. I'm hoping you find that it holds the same position for you. Congratulations.
  7. That's kind of like ice fishing in Northern Michigan. Once everything goes numb; you hardly even feel it anymore. And exactly why I moved to Southern Nevada.
  8. Add another JEDI GF as interested. And one with a slightly different pistol operation style than most. Also willing to teach - I'm not necessarily the fastest GF; but I am one of the best at reading, navigating and breaking down stages for the most efficient method of attack.
  9. Apparently no one has ever watched "The Quick and the Dead" (Sharon Stone version). As "The Kid" asks when he takes down the Swedish champion, "Am I really that fast? Or is Sweden just a really small country?" The Swedish Champion was champion because he was the fastest shooter FROM Sweden - not necessarily the faster shooter. One can be an EVENT Champion/ CATEGORY Champion in a given State, Region, Country without being a resident of that State, Region, Country - but you cannot be THE State, Region, Country champion if you don't reside within those borders.
  10. Refurbish - Encourage film making to return after COVID - Provide low cost/ No cost filming locations for indie, college, low budget films - Bring in (after COVID) concert venues/ events/ gatherings that attract crowds and are maybe able to utilize both open spaces and / or buildings (car shows, ren faires, wild west arts, melodrama gatherings, etc.) - Real vs Reel museums and living history displays - Put in a spectator friendly shooting range and move Bordertown back to Tucson - The SASS staff just got displaced from Founders Ranch/ Move the SASS offices and EOT. According to the article - rent was $50k annual - that seems imminently doable with any promotion or visitor count as well. Especially if any retail or office space could be created or further established within the grounds. Just a few quick ideas and there are a myriad of folks smarter than me.
  11. That's why I don't care for the "within one step" or "If you can touch" directions. The taller shooter with a longer stride already has a physical advantage covering distance - don't compound that by allowing them to cover less distance as well.
  12. Two points to keep in mind; if you do a shoot through... FIRST - you will be interacting with almost every shooter at the match. "Some" may "resent" (maybe a strong term; but I have seen negative attitudes regarding shoot through shooters before) a non posse member walking on and asking for spotters and brass pickers, etc. SO as much as you can within the time confines of your stay on their posse - be the VERY BEST posse member possible. ANY duty available to you - take it on. Your reputation as a posse member and efforts will far outstrip any award you may pick up. SECOND - you will be shooting twice as many stages AND working twice as hard if you are attempting posse duties as well. Be prepared with hydration, rest and sustenance.
  13. Im not going to speak for Phantom; but... When he states, "No difference" - he is referring to the match operations, the rules, the nice folks you shoot with, etc. A shooter who safely and competently navigates a monthly can do so at a major. It would be the height of arrogance to deny that a larger match has more prestige to the wins or category/ overall placement and he is (rightfully) proud of his accomplishments.
  14. I much prefer the instructions that I installed at Eldorado - that use upright markers/ barriers. Regardless of body placement - the rounds from a given gun must pass a designated side of a marker (usually a 6ft piece of pvc pipe standing upright). This eliminates foot faults and "behind" subjectivity - if the rounds pass by the correct side of the marker/ barrier the shooter is good enough. It also more consistently places the shooter where you actually want them - negating the longer shooters ability of reach their gun from a further distance - because with barriers and correct target angles - they will still have to get body placement to where the rounds are passing the barrier correctly and the muzzle is directed to the target.
  15. Eldorado - the SASS Nevada state championship utilized a "team" concept within the main match with the Battle of the States award. Basically; every state that fielded 10 or more shooters was eligible for inclusion. At the end of the match - the top 10 shooters from each state had their scores added together. The state with the lowest score was the State winner. With a 150 - 200 shooters this would usually yield 4 - 5 states in the running. Obviously a match could lower the required number from each state to increase eligibility if desired - but we found 10 shooters was pretty much the sweet spot.
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