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  1. When I moved to Las Vegas in 1996 - I hired a young lady as a manager for one of my stores. She used to tell me about when she was a kid walking to school; she would pass Liberaces gate house everyday. She would, as a prank, press the call button on the gate and then continue on her way. So one morning, she presses the call button and Liberaces voice responds, "If you're just going to leave and not going to talk with me - please stop pressing the button" She says, "I'm sorry - I was just having fun - I would talk with you but I have to go to school". And he says, "When you are on your way back home; buzz me and talk to me then." So she did. For the remainder of her school year; she would stop everyday on her way home and talk to Liberace thru his intercom system from his gate. They would discuss her grades and school - he would tell her if he was going to be traveling. She said he would never come to the gate; because others would stop and he didn't like attention at his home. And she said never met or spoke to him face to face - but unless he had told her otherwise; he was always there and waiting to talk - they had dozens upon dozens of conversations at his intercom. Always struck me as a little sad that even with great wealth and fame - he felt trapped and that an afternoon discussion with a school age kid was a high point of his day.
  2. We will be up in Pampa, Texas at Adobe Walls. The Texas State Championship is one I would love to get to someday. We will catch up with you at a Phoenix shoot sometime soon, I'm sure.
  3. Not really - I am stubborn, hard headed, obstinate - sometimes too quick to anger and too slow to forgive. But I do "try" to do right. But I am well aware there are 1000's within our game much better than me.
  4. And in the absence of that - the MD can simply ask (or go off of pre existing knowledge). And remember - you wouldn't necessarily be placing them into their "age appropriate" category - but into the category nearest to their chosen one. So you have 4 shooters in our hypothetical situation all signed up in Cowboy. After you determine that ALL are age eligible for other categories; you don't send two of them to 49'r, one to Silver Senior and one to Cattle Baron via their birthdates. You send all of them to the nearest category that they are eligible for. In this example - they would all go to Wrangler. THEN "If" Wrangler were not fully populated - AND everyone in Wrangler was age eligible to shoot a different (older) category - you "could" collapse upward again and place everyone in 49'r. NOW - let's say you have a shooter in 49'r- that is age category ineligible to move upward (and we have already collapsed Cowboy and Wrangler) then 49'r cannot be collapsed and becomes the base age "protected" category - and until you reach full category population or a SASS noted protected category; you would/ could then begin collapsing shooters downward into 49'r. So - while Cowboy is not a "protected" category per the rules; eventually you will have a "protected" age based category that encompasses the youngest shooter that is ineligible for any other category.
  5. A number of you have read this story before. We had a local shooter "Know Justice" that suffered from brain cancer - he endured many drawn out treatments; chemo and multiple surgeries. He never lost his love for and desire to participate in Cowboy Action. But as anyone who has gone through these treatments or watched a loved one do so - they are devastating upon the body and stamina. Know Justice was able to shoot safely; but had issues with remembering sequences. I spent the last couple years of his life being his "designated" timer - I would direct every shot to assist him thru the stage. As he weakened - he began having trouble with movement and carrying firearms; we would carry his firearms to their staging positions and (I was younger and stronger then) I would hold the timer right handed and wrap his suspenders up in my left so if he stumbled I could hold him up. He got weaker and weaker and even after we accepted that we had lost the battle - he wanted to keep shooting. When he reached the point that he could no longer hold his 97 up one handed as to pull shells from his belt; I would clip the timer to my own suspenders, hold him up with my left hand and load his shotgun from my belt so all he had to do was keep both hands on the shotgun and pump the action. I once had a shooter "tell" me that we should be calling penalties on these actions and that we should make him stop shooting. I informed this shooter that as long as he wanted to do so and I felt he could do so safely; even if that required me carrying him in my arms or on my back - he would continue shooting... And they were more than welcome to leave if they disagreed. When Know Justice passed - his self written eulogy was read. The only people he mentioned by name were myself and Buffalo Sam; not his children, not his neighbors, nor anyone else from his nearly 80 years of life. Cheyenne - I DO NOT care what anyone else says. You allow this shooter to participate in whatever capacity they are able; for as long as they are able. Accomodate them in any way necessary to allow them to play - the day will come soon enough that they will no longer be able. I miss Know Justice and treasure every single day that I had with him. I wish I had one more.
  6. Yes... And No - it depends. Wrangler can be collapsed. There is no protection. As for Cowboy/ Cowgirl. Cowboy and Cowgirl are the BASE categories from which all "Age" based (without style/ propellant modifiers) originate. Without designating them as such; they ARE a protected category (under certain circumstances) as they exist because there is no where else to collapse a Cowboy/ Cowgirl competitor to (that is age ineligible for any other category) But they are not labeled as "protected" because the thinking is slightly different - IF you have shooters in Cowboy that are ONLY eligible to shoot Cowboy - it has to be offered. But lets say you have 4 shooters in Cowboy (not meeting your match minimums) AND all 4 of these shooters ARE age eligible to shoot in other categories - you are not required to protect Cowboy; you "could" legally collapse Cowboy and push the other age category eligible shooters UPWARD. And then you "could" have a match without Cowboy being populated or protected.
  7. Thank you - See, I told you I'm a GM guy. And I knew it was a 3.6; I think I just conflated it with the old 3.5 liter (at least that's my story and IM STICKING TO IT); but like you said - even the "new" 3.6 has been around for quite a while.
  8. Yes, brand new Chargers ran about mid 30's - a little less after rebates and such. But add taxes and all the made up dealer fees - and we were back to 30's. Painted Lady wanted to buy her next car entirely out of her monies - so budget was an important component of the process. I found her a Charger (I was leaning toward the Challenger - but as her car gets used fairly regularly for grandsons school pickup - she wanted the 4 door), anyways, a '22 Charger SXT with a fairly thorough option package - under 20k miles. Took it home for $24k out the door.
  9. Don't mourn the Malibu too much - the version they are killing off bears no resemblance to the ones of our younger days. Painted Lady was looking at a new vehicle to replace her current SUV - not finding an SUV in her price range that she liked; she decided she might look at actual cars. Being a GM guy most of my life - we headed to the Chevy dealer. The current Malibu is a front wheel drive 4 cyl - turbo charged engine with CV transmission (continuously variable). Meaning a small, high revving, highly stressed engine with a transmission design that I simply detest. Maybe they are reliable - maybe they're not - but no. And Chevy offers no other car excepting Corvette. We looked at Ford - nothing beyond Mustang if you want a "car" and a Mustang does not suit Painted Lady's use. Honda and Toyota; while great cars, are a bit too proud of their wares. Other makes? I wouldn't own a Nissan (or {current Subaru}, Mitsubishi or Volkswagen) if you gave it to me. Can't afford the hi end Germans and their subsequent maintenance costs. Hyundai/ Kia still have the stigma of their recent theft issues (and the accompanying insurance challenges as well). So I bit the inside of my cheek and we went to the Dodge dealer. Painted Lady immediately fell in love with a Dodge Charger. After drooling on the Hellcat - we got serious and settled on a car that is the last of its kind (and throwback to cars of yore). A "full size" rear wheel drive car with a real trunk. A low revving V6 lump of iron under the hood. And even tho - I am not a Chrysler (Fiat, Stellantis) guy; the car held some attractions for me. The Charger/ Challenger/ 300 triplets date back to when Daimler Benz owned Chrysler - the underpinnings are basically Mercedes C class from the 90's. Not the newest or sexiest - but over the last 20 years; they have worked out any bugs. That 3.5 liter V6 lump has been in production for even longer - meaning it's both proven AND parts are cheap and plentiful. Other than some of the "questionable" Fiat electronics and infotainment parts - I have been pretty impressed with it the last couple months. Big test coming next month when it gets its first road trip of consequence (Las Vegas to Pampa Texas and back {couple thousand miles} for the shootout at Adobe Walls).
  10. If you ain't cheating... You aint trying hard enough.
  11. English language - we read Left to Right - Top to Bottom. So lets look at 5 target arrays .......X.......X.......X.......X.......X ......T1.....T2.....T3.....T4.....T5 This would be "Generally" agreed upon target order. What about differing height targets? ....X.................X.................X ..............X..................X ...T1......T2.....T3......T4.....T5 or is it? ...T1................T2...............T3 .............T4................T5 Another ......................X ...........X...................X X..........................................X T1......T2......T3......T4.......T5 or is it? .....................T1 ..........T2..................T3 T4......................................T5 I guarantee there are some on either side - if the STAGE WRITER fails to provide a road map; don't be surprised when your shooters get off course.
  12. And it would be. These problems have been created by the contingent of stage writers that somehow consider it a source of pride to use the bare minimum of words to write a stage. Instead of providing thorough explanation - they use what they deem as "enough". This shortage of words, punctuation and stage framework do not speed the stage - but lead to unclear instructions, inconsistent engagement and non comparable scoring. Label your targets. Use modifiers and steps to completion instructions. Learn the importance of "And" "Then" "Or" Ink is plentiful and cheap - IF there is an action, order of engagement, sequence or movement that you want your shooters to complete - it HAS to be included. If you do not... If there is vagueness in your writing... If you omit target numbering, position markers or sequence explanation... When the shooter goes off script - fails to do what you believe "they should already know" or "it's just understood - common sense"; that failure is upon you as YOU failed to provide complete instruction.
  13. This is exactly what I was referencing when I mentioned equitable stage writing. I would not write a 12 stage match with "equal" number of left to right and right to left - as the right to left movement is MEASURABLY slower for most right handers compared to a left to right move for most leftys. Understanding there are degrees of difficulty to every task and how those differing degrees affect different shooting styles, equipment, propellants and hand dominance is advanced stage writing. Sadly most stage writers or match directors never put in the time and study to understand the nuance of advanced stage writing. So some write stages without even considering the variations between shooters and how the movement, sequence or staging may affect them. Some write "Buffet" stages to accomodate everyone; but these stages by their very nature make telling a cohesive story within the stage or match very challenging. And then there are some who pore over their stages; considering the impact and suitability of every move, sequence, prop manipulation upon every shooter - the writers who agonize over the inclusion or exclusion of a word and consider every implication of possibilities between the difference. The stage writer who feels the entertainment of their shooters is secondary only to their safety and will make their decisions based on providing the absolute best shoot possible. Maybe I over think the topic (ok, no doubt I overthink it) - but I believe my job as a match director is not to simply provide some steel and some tables for staging. Not to set up 6 or 12 disparate stages and set the shooters loose. My job is to create stages that interact and complement each other - that tell a story and take you on a journey. Unlike a book - the Story cannot be told in order; because each posse starts on a different "chapter" - but themes and feel can work chapter to chapter or stage to stage. I cannot provide that feel, that theme, that building of one chapter to the next if my shooters don't have like experiences stage to stage. And while CAS is an individual sport - it is a group experience; Buffet stages don't (in my opinion) provide for the experience of a posse all feeling the same accomplishment or utilizing the same matrix of measurement.
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