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  1. I will take both shirts and both pants. Please message me costs and where to send the payment.
  2. My bad. I really should carefully read the whole OP before answering. The "Staged" and "Restaged" header got me - when the question is actually not about staging, but about failing to holster. PWB is correct as usual.
  3. No call. It has been determined and ruled (when staged on table) that the pistol remaining or being in contact with the table does not constitute in hand.
  4. Sadly I'm an older fat man than you. I tried the Obi Wan "These are not the scores you are looking for" routine. Even got the hand wave correct... I was told to get some water and go sit down.
  5. Let's dance. Remember you are 7 years older than you were then. And I haven't aged a day. Other than my knee... My back... My other knee... But I am somewhat lighter, if that counts for anything. Or were you expecting me to make you waffles?
  6. Ours went out today. Had to make hard decisions... Bordertown T shirt or overnight delivery? Bordertown T shirt or overnight delivery? Guaranteed delivery by noon tomorrow... Guess I'll pick up a T shirt at the match.
  7. It is rarely about shooting faster. Shooting speed is probably only the 3rd or 4th best indicator of performance. SASS has different groups of shooters. The "Elite" of our game... That group of shooters that have few peers; those that can win overall at Winter Range or EOT (and no one would be shocked). How many shooters are in that group at any given time? 10 shooters? 15? Then there is the next group of shooters. Super fast shooters that are right on the heels of that elite group. May not take the overall; but are likely going to be in the top gun shoot off and winning their category (or darn close). Probably 200 shooters nationwide. A lot of clubs have one or two. Southern Nevada has Quickly Downunder and we still claim Pecos Nick as our own. Then there is the next group. Good shooters. Or as I call them; right mite sudden shooters. Shooters who can run a gun and likely won't embarrass themselves at most any match; but are never winning Winter Range or EoT (or maybe even our category). There are 1000's of these shooters. I count myself in this group. What's the point? If you simply and only look at speed events (the shooting). Me, Creeker; a high average shooter, can run my rifle, my pistols, my shotgun "nearly" as fast as ANY ONE. The best in the world don't beat me by much. Maybe a second on the rifle... Maybe a second and a half on shotgun... Maybe a second and a half on pistols... Maybe, and usually not even that; but let's say four seconds difference in shooting. So by that standard - I should be within 40 to 50 seconds of anyone over 12 stages. I'm sadly not. My foot speed lacks. I sometimes fail to see the front site. My concentration and focus sometimes wanes. My transitions and movements have NEVER been described as smooth. There are a dozen reasons and excuses I can make for not being a threat to the elite or almost elites in our game. None of them are about shooting speed. A lot of shooters are fast shooters. Tell me which ones will get thru the entire match smoothly without a shell fumble, brain fart, mistep, rifle jack out or pistol go around... And Ill tell you who has a really good chance of winning. Without ever mentioning or comparing their shooting speed.
  8. The place where a (good) Duelist makes any time over a GF or Traditional shooter is in the performance of concurrent actions. Utilizing their free hand grasping the next firearm, pulling shells or holstering while AT THE SAME time firing a pistol. Whereas the GF or Traditional shooter has both hands occupied with pistols. Some of these concurrent actions are FREE time that two handed shooters do not get. The GF gains an edge on the Traditional shooter by their ability to draw their pistols at the same time - halving the time allocated for drawing. This time benefit will be slightly negated by the Duelist who; while having two separate draws; eliminates the time waste by performing some concurrent secondary action at the time of the 2nd draw. But the draw time of the GF will still be superior to the time required by a Duelist or Traditional shooter. The act of reholstering for a GF is NEARLY concurrent; but even the very best Gunfighters rarely get both pistols into the holsters at the exact same time. And no matter how concurrent the action is - the reholstering is still a separate stand alone action that takes X amount of time (because for a GF, in that moment, there is no free hand to be doing any other action at the same time - good Traditional shooters gain an edge here as well) Every style category has conditions under which it has "some" advantage over another style. The best in each style are always pressing those advantages when they present themselves. It is another layer to the challenge of our game - making the best use of our style choices.
  9. Creeker, Painted Lady and Desert Scorpion will be there. Already booked our room. Tombstone Grand... And yes; I will be making waffles.
  10. The key to being a strong Duelist shooter is; keep both hands active accomplishing something. If you cannot do so because of handgun transfers - you are giving up time. How much time (and how much it matters) varies with the strength of the shooter and the strength of their competition. But with all things being equal and a match employing a fair amount of same position pistol and long gun shooting (where that free hand for transition will really come into play) - a quality Double Duelist will beat an equally skilled D by minimally one second a stage. Effectively giving the DD two free misses over the course of 12 stages.
  11. First gun bought with my money was 1982 - 16 years old (obviously my dad had to purchase it for me). Smith & Wesson N frame model 28 357 mag Highway Patrolman. $200.00 Had it magna ported - tuned action work. 2.5lb da, 12oz sa butter smooth, glass break. Was my competition steel plate revolver for a number of years before cowboy. I still have it. Always will; until I'm gone and it becomes Desert Scorpions.
  12. It is waaaaaaaaay too far away to drive there for a weekday match. I would if I could though. Good luck with it. I enjoyed our visit.
  13. As Deuce said; the default only exists because of lazy stage writing. The default position, (unless specified otherwise), should be "Shooter in body posture of choice - hands not touching guns or ammo". In other words: let each shooter determine the position that best advantages or satisfies their fantasy. As long as every shooter has the same options - it is fair for all and removes ALL subjectivity and debate from the starting position. Eliminating the possibility of requiring a shooter to adopt the SULAI position (standing upright like an idiot) would be a good choice.
  14. I was invited by Rattler (John) to come down to Tucson and shoot with the Pima Pistoleros. Rattler said it was a nice group of folks - With some folks that I know and respect trying to make a real go of a small club. But since it is a LONG stinkin' way from Las Vegas to Tucson (410 miles one way) for a monthly shoot (I guess technically, it is a long stinkin' way to Tucson period - but that's immaterial); Painted Lady, Desert Scorpion and myself decided we would make a weekend out of it. I skipped out of work on Friday, (it's nice to be the boss sometimes) and we got on the road. Into Phoenix - right as afternoon rush hour began. (I have driven thru Phoenix an infinite number of times - I know you drive thru Phoenix either early - early or late - late and yet every time - I manage to do it at rush hour.) So after an hour and a half covering 20 miles of fabulously maintained Phoenix highways (I certainly hope they eventually find the folks in that Mini Cooper that fell into a pothole and vanished); we were thru and driving toward Tucson. Passing signs for Rooster Cogburns ostrich farm inviting me to "Pet the Stingrays" and signs for me to see the "THING" (mummified mother and child from the late 1800's and an assortment of oddities). I regale Scorpion and Lady with stories from my youth traveling Michigan to Florida and the myriad of roadside attractions from "See Rock City" painted on (it seemed) every barn roof and side to Mystery houses where gravity and physics were defied. Part of me wonders (somewhat sadly); with the advent of Google and smartphones, how many of these attractions have lapsed because the traveler no longer has to stop and explore. A few keystrokes and decent WiFi tells them all the secrets. We end up at our hotel in Tucson; unload the SUV and carry all our guns and gear inside. Then back on the road to "Trail Dust Town" (a longtime Tuscon western town themed attraction with Horse Soldier Museum, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, various shops, gold panning, quarter shooting gallery and Wild West stunt show). A cowboy steak dinner and we shuffle into the stunt show arena for deliberately bad jokes, intentional bad acting and pretty nifty falls and fights. My girls responding proudly when asked where we from and why we were in town, "We are here to do some real cowboy shooting... We don't use blanks" After pointing out the use of blanks ensures the actors can do a 2nd evening show - we clarified our game for the actors and audience and perhaps gained some interest. Full bellies and a long ride make for sleepy cowboys - so off to bed and to Pima in the morning. We make our way to the Pima Pistol Club and check in; as I stand waiting my turn in my stupid big hat, high waisted pants, suspenders, and striped shirt - The fellow at sign up still felt required to ask if I was here for the cowboy match? The match was a lot of fun - I shot decently (other than a 97 shotgun that went rogue on me); but ended up 3rd overall behind some really good shooters. Scorpion shot well and Painted Lady, well, lets just say she had fun. A really good group of folks and the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. We shook hands all around after the match and headed back to the hotel. A change of clothes and a quick rest. A little Google searching had alerted us to an Asian Lantern Festival taking place on the zoo grounds. So enter the address into the phone and make our way to Reid Park Zoo, adjacent to the ASU baseball stadium. We enter the zoo intent on finding animals as darkness fell; but as the darkness grew; suddenly we were surrounded by beautiful illuminated lanterns with intricate designs, patterns and meanings. A giant dragon (approx. 20 foot high and perhaps 40 yards long), reined supreme over the grounds, along with life size lanterns representing the animals that occupy the enclosures nearby. Asian troupes performed dances and tumbled to music. And all too soon; yet another day was complete. Desert Scorpion enjoys Renaissance fairs and the sight of an advert. regarding the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Gold Canyon sealed the deal - Painted Lady and myself were made aware, in no uncertain terms, where events Sunday would be taking place. Ok; no big deal. I have been to a couple Renaissance fairs with Scorpion here in Las Vegas; an hour at most - in and out. See some bad costumes - chomp on a turkey leg... We will be on the road home by noon. Uhmmm no. 300+ acres of festival grounds - theater groups - live jousting events - elephant rides (not sure where the elephants fit into the theme, but Scorpion and Lady enjoyed their ride). Jugglers, sword swallowers, mermaids and fire eaters. Lords and Ladies, Elves and Hobbits, Squires and Wenches (I do have to admit; I enjoy the wenches attire {or lack thereof}... perhaps i shouldn't have committed that to writing?) We leave the festival at 6pm closing time - dust covered and exhausted (and in the case of Scorpion and Lady - smelling a bit like elephant). Having zero interest in driving 7 hours home after this day - we find another hotel for the night. Going to dinner; we are served by our waitress "Raven" - when I ask if her parents were Edgar Allan Poe fans, she stares at me blankly. A quick, "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore" reference and she walks away quite unsure about the giggling sunburned weirdos seated in her section. I hope we sparked a desire to read the poem or at least inspired a smart phone look up. This morning was Monday - while most have started their work week; we are still playing tourist. (did I mention, it is sometimes good to be boss? Of course - I spent most of the morning on my phone putting out fires {poorly}) A casual get up and around - it's time to make myself a waffle for breakfast (tho it actually went, make a waffle, which was then promptly stolen by Scorpion; make a 2nd waffle which somehow ended up with Painted Lady), THEN make myself a waffle. (I'm not even a huge fan of waffles - but if your hotel chain provides me with the opportunity to make waffles - doggone it, I'm making waffles) I notice that we are not that far away from Wild West Mercantile; so yet another side trip is created and we visit the long time SASS sponsor. The girls keep looking at all the gorgeous finery and I keep pointing out the signs directing shoppers to the Bargain Corral... A horrendous beating of my Discover card and a few bags of goodies later and it is actually time to head for home. A tank of gas, a potty break or two and we are home. When the folks at work ask what we did this weekend - Ill keep it simple and say; we went shooting. And that's what we did - that's why my family piled into our vehicle and traveled nearly a 1000 miles. I love shooting; but the shooting is just a reason to go. And the shoot is only a couple minutes of shooting time. But the rest of the time - we laugh. We share stories. We explore. Make memories and grow closer. Like I said, I love to shoot... But I think, the real reason I love this game is all the wonderful experiences we have together because of the places we go shooting.
  15. Had a bunch of fun shooting with the Pima group. If it weren't for the 600 mile round trip; Desert Scorpion, Painted Lady and myself would be there quite often. Too Tall had the scores in my email this afternoon. Thanks to everyone for making the Las Vegas contingent feel welcome.
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