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  1. Thank you. And thank you to everyone for the well wishes and advice. It is my right shoulder - fortunately, I am a lefty. But as a Gunfighter and a pull four shells from the right 97 shooter - my biggest concern is not my ability to return to the game, but to do so in a competitive manner. But if circumstances dictate - I was a fairly proficient (double) Duelist years ago - perhaps a return may be in order. Or I can explore the world of supported shooters. And I can experiment with different models of loading the 97. I just hate losing the summer and the inevitable decline in skillset from dis-use. But I'll be back. I love the game too much. I love my friends within the game too much. And honestly; the same reason I took so long to get the shoulder fixed is the same reason I'll guarantee I'll be back. I'm just too stinking stubborn to give in. I'll see you all soon. Hey, shooting is therapy, right?
  2. Let me preface my comments by stating, the fine folks at the Huntsman games and more specifically, the folks from the Dixie Desperados (handlers of the CAS portion of the games) are friends of mine - so perhaps I'm a little defensive. I am also aware my response may seem aggressive or uncaring; but... The organizers of an event - any event - owe you (or me) nothing in the way of comment, explanation or defense of their decision making timeline. I, for one, admire their restraint to not instantly give in to fear - throw up their hands and cancel an event that is still many months away. Many possible events - both positive (cures, vaccine, herd immunity, etc.) or negative (flareups, strain mutations, etc.) could occur over the next few months. With no way of knowing which of the possible futures are forthcoming - it seems reasonable for an event still months away to adopt a wait and see attitude. Life is terminal and none of us get out alive - no matter the claims, platitudes and promises of any activity. It is ultimately upon you to make wise choices about your health and safety - to decide which activities are safe to take part in and which are not. I assure you, every reasonable precaution will be in place at the event - but if YOU feel unsafe or uncomfortable - it is incumbent upon you and ONLY you to take the actions you feel are appropriate. No one is forcing anyone to do anything that they are uncomfortable with - CAS is and always has been a voluntary pastime. So, instead of relying on others to keep me safe by claiming they are doing X or cancelling Y. I will make the appropriate partipation decisions for myself; I highly recommend others do the same.
  3. But... But... But... I specialize in stupid. It's hard to refrain from the only thing I am really good at.
  4. Well it's time. Shoulder surgery next Thursday - rotator cuff, labrum, biceps tendon. Ya freakin' hooo. Even more annoying is the pre registration - Blood tests, EKG and my personal favorite - sticking a cotton swab up my nose and into my brain for Covid 19 testing. So after accruing two months of rust from quarantine (which I sadly showed last week in Prescott; but thanks to the Whiskey Row Gunfighters for a great time anyways) I face the possibility of another 8-12 weeks of time off. Wish me luck.
  5. My opinion... Prior "pump" shotgun experience does not translate into any kind of benefit utilizing a 1897 in cowboy. I do believe the 1897 is (again, my opinion) an easier/ quicker gun to become competent with in cowboy than a SxS (or lever). But noticible success with any action will take dedicated practice and reliable, well tuned firearms. Full disclosure - I shoot a 97 (at a fair to mediocre skill level). But I honestly think based on shotgun tuners, availability of quality specimens and current target setting trends (targets set in pairs with close side to side distances/ even numbers of targets/ etc) - the SxS user (one who is willing to put in the time) has the better potential for success in CAS. I've just shot a 97 for so long - I don't wish to change. If I was starting today - I probably would be a SxS shooter.
  6. I've found that using the "correct" tool for any job usually gives me the best results. For dinging steel - my 38spl. 105's do exactly the job they are designed for. For knockdowns - my box of 38 spl. 158 grainers suit their purpose. I have zero need to have a single round perform every duty that may arise. I would use a different gun and caliber on squirrel than than I would for elk. A different gun and caliber for benchrest than for shooting IPSC. And if I realized that my one firearm and caliber were incompatible with a given game or situation - I would adjust my equipment; not demand the game change to suit me. Specialized equipment is not a new concept - a drag car suits different purposes than an oval track car. And while a NASCAR stocker might perform pretty well in a straight line - an NHRA purpose built car will do it better. Throw a high speed left turn in at the end of the quarter mile and needs will change again. Make that high speed turn loose gravel and needs change yet again. NHRA drag car, NASCAR stock car, WRC all wheel drive rally car - all fully competent and serious race equipment. All possibly the wrong choice depending on the track before it. But fortunately, for racers - they know the track and requirements before the event arrives. CAS is a game that can vary match to match from a high speed straight line "drag race" to a technical all turns road course. And since we don't know until we show up... Any shooter expecting success - better show up with the equipment needed for the course requirements. If you don't care about success - run what'cha brung and have fun - but don't whine about Target distance, knockdowns or "course requirements" if you didn't prepare for them. The only caveat to run what you brung is if your equipment is illegal, dangerous to yourself or others - or damaging to the clubs equipment.
  7. Shotgun shells - Yes. As for the other... I grew up in Michigan; sometime about 1984; my local motorcycle dealer (M&M Honda/ Yamaha in Kalamazoo, Mi) was closing out leftover bikes for year end. I lucked into a fantastic year end close out on a little Yamaha Cafe racer - but purchasing a bike in January means you get to look at it for a few months before riding season. So the weather warms and snow melts. My bike, which had been in the garage of my mom and dad's house for a few months is rolled outside and given a bath. Making it ready for it's first serious ride. I finish up - washing, waxing, armor calling the sidewalls of the tires - Black and yellow freedom shining in the sun. I go inside for something; doesn't matter why. While I'm inside - my mom arrives home from work - tells me how pretty the bike is and so forth. I grab my helmet and take off. My parents lived on a un-improved gravel road - so slow and careful making it out to the main road. To the left - nice flat straight away. To the right - an immediate set of dips and esses to drag the knee. I twist the throttle and head right. Feeling my way carefully for a turn or two - then the test. A deep sweeping turn with banking and plenty of space to wind it out. Drop two gears, crank the throttle and see how pretty the pegs will spark. Well, that's the plan anyway... I leaned into that curve; acceleration and centrifugal force feeding all my senses - shifting weight from one side of the seat to the other... And then pretty much continuing that slide pretty near completely off the bike. My dear mother had come home. Looked at my gorgeous bike gleaming in the sun. And decided that everything looked really good and shiny - except apparently I had "forgotten" to polish the seat. Unbeknownst to me - she had grabbed the rag and the Armor All and took care of it. It was a slow and careful ride back home to get out the rubbing alcohol to clean the seat and calmly ask my mom why she had finished my project for me. There are pictures in our photo album of me wiping the seat down to remove the Armor All. My mom still thinks it's funny.
  8. Look at it this way... Forget about the existence of age based categories for a moment. There are style based categories. These are Supported, Duelist, Gunfighter. There are propellent based categories. These are Frontier Cartridge and Frontiersman. There are costume/ equipment based/ style restricted (or allowed) categories. These are B-Western and Classic Cowboy. These are your base categories. But you can offer variation of these base categories that include the addition of age breaks within the category. AND/ OR Variations that add restrictions within category by equipment/ propellent/ costuming. Seniors cannot shoot Gunfighter as Senior (or any age based categories) as Senior is a supported style category and GF is expressly forbidden within supported categories. So in other words - strictly speaking there is no such thing as Senior Gunfighter as the Senior (60+) category is an age based variation within the supported category. If the base category is Gunfighter then any further sub division is Gunfighter FIRST - then the added variation (but Gunfighter restrictions or allowances always come first). So Gunfighter (or any base category) with an age break addition is first the BASE category (in this case Gunfighter) followed by the age break. Gunfighter Senior would be the proper way to phrase it as it is Gunfighter category WITH an age break. Gunfighter requiring BP propellent in cartridge rounds would properly be termed Gunfighter Frontier Cartridge. Add an 60 year age break and you have Gunfighter Frontier Cartridge Senior. But by the order of titles - you can discern it is a Gunfighter shooting style restricted to BP rounds restricted to those shooters 60+. Hope this helps.
  9. Luckily - that number will be incredibly low.... Purely because of social distancing, of course.
  10. "illegally" acquired shotgun shells only applies after the buzzer. Coming to the line with empty loops is not illegal... Acquiring the needed shells before the stage begins is not illegal... Whether the needed shells come from your cart, your neighbor or the TO - as long as the shells are on the shooters person in an approved manner BEFORE the beep - they are legally obtained and carried to the line in an approved manner. There is no penalty and forbidding a shooter from obtaining shells prior to the beep is incorrect procedure.
  11. Find a reasonable balance weight and size. The garage door track we used at Eldorado was heavy and cumbersome. Made for a cool target; but pain to put up and store. And its not just about the target - think about how best to release the target to move... And the timing of the additional duty to the time/ distance the target moves. (its kind of a shame when a person starts the target moving by engaging a shotgun target AND then the target has already moved a significant amount before the shooter transitions to the proper gun to engage the mover) We have used self releases (the shooter pulls a lever their self to start the mover {can be awkward as shooters "forget" or move past the release without engaging it}) Having the release mounted to a secondary activity (ex. opening the saloon doors releases the mover - cool and nearly invisible to function; but the stage has to be designed with the extra function) Or having a shotgun target engagement release the mover (but if not from the same position as the next gun - can lead to timing disruption as noted above) Length of travel - stoppage conditions. The time the target travels has to be such that "most" shooters get a fair opportunity to place their shots on it (not everyone can do 2-3 seconds 10 round dumps - a rifle target needs at least 6-8 seconds of travel time to give plenty of chance to engage while moving/ a pistol target may need even more). But even then - the target placement/ positioning at the end of travel has to be such that a slower shooter or one that fumbles on the stage has opportunity to finish their shooting string on the target safely (in other words - while it can appear from a cave/ hidden space - there is nothing hiding the target at the END of its travel). Consistency and reset The target (especially depending on the size of your shoot) has to remain consistent in speed, reaction and use for every shooter. Think wind, dirt/ rocks in the track, etc. Consider how you would address/ handle a massive target failure (again especially within the umbrella of a multi day shoot) Bear in mind target reset time and effort as you time out your stages to avoid back up and delay. An additional 45 seconds per shooter required to reset the mover adds 15 minutes on the stage of a 20 person posse.
  12. Thank you for the update - the Creeker crew was debating about making the drive to Cali from Las Vegas to play. The shoot selling out makes our thoughts moot for the moment - have a great one.
  13. Well... A club President using a Marlin Shotgun (illegal equipment) loses his moral high ground on any ruling. But, I'm pretty sure MODERN simply "allowed" the use of adjustable sighted handguns - I'm not sure it required their use.
  14. professor - Ill take them - give me an address for the gold dust
  15. I believe you are confused over the meaning of the word "fair". Because some shooters made usage of their option to practice and others did not - does not make anything unfair. And honestly; if you only give the shooters the same exposure to the stages immediately prior to shooting - the top shooters will ALWAYS win. Providing the stages beforehand may give a newer, lesser skilled or lesser practiced shooter the opportunity to view, analyze and practice before the match and improve their standing.
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