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  1. Using blanks and following a script has little bearing regarding actual use.
  2. When asked if In-N-Out used horsemeat in their burgers - the spokesperson responded with a single word, "Neighhhhh".
  3. Ya know, in retrospect - I shoulda just captioned it as; In-N-Out eschews traditional delivery methods and begins having their burger meat rode in before processing.
  4. What appreciation is required? Some guys rode their horses thru the drive thru at a 2nd rate burger restaurant. Nothing more - nothing less. No incredible social commentary - no amazing artistic composition. The BS is the entertaining part.
  5. Good. This is intended as a celebration of a certain form of comedic stylings. Last thing needed is someone who doesn't want to play along. Kind of like when a Modern 3 Gunner comes to a CAS match and looks down their nose - thinking we are all dressed stupid and quoting dumb movies. As I'm sure you are; they might be a wonderful person; but in this environment - they aint needed.
  6. I'm confused. You want me to eat them raw? I'm not a barbarian.
  7. The interactive is "Qoute Along" so you are encouraged to interact with the movie. I believe they are also placing the most qoutable parts in sub titles to assist those who don't know the movie quite as well. My daughter, Desert Scorpion, is always quick with a "Neee" or "I fart in your general direction". She loves Renaissance Faires and if not going in costume; her favorite shirt is still "Your mother was a hamster" And, yes, we both get odd looks when I break out the "I'm not dead yet" and she goes right along with it.
  8. Cute pic; but why anyone would go to In-n-Out when Fatburger and Five Guys exists is beyond me. The burgers aren't bad - but their fries taste like they deep fried styrofoam packing peanuts.
  9. Are you doing the standard showing or the interactive? I exposed Desert Scorpion to Monthy Python the last time Holy Grail was in theatres (10 or so years back {maybe more}). I wanted to take the grandkids to the interactive. "Tis but a scratch"
  10. His "version" is what happens when people do not understand historical context and then bastardize it for their own purposes. It also happens because too many (even those who are actually active in our game) think "entertainment" and "challenge" are synonymous. As to his damning use of the word formulaic; most like items use like ingredients - the quality of those ingredients and how you put them together is what differentiates the desirability of those items. A Yugo and a Ferrari use the same "formula"; four wheels, passenger compartment, suspension, etc. No one would confuse the two. A water color painting done by a pre schooler or a masterpiece by Cezanne use the same pigments, the same brushes, the same "formula" but they are certainly not the same end product. The YouTuber and his like substitute outlandish components and ridiculous extremes for actual creativity. Cutting the head and left leg off of Michelangelos David while adding nipple piercings and purple glitter is not an improvement.
  11. I'm going to be completely blunt - or perhaps BRUTAL. I'm watching a video from a no name shooter; whose biggest claim to fame is 2nd place finishes? Who has zero concept of where this game came from or why it has progressed to where it is currently... I'm watching a shooter who posts 30+ second stages and then disparages the target sizes and arrays as too close... I'm watching a shooter being insulting toward the equipment modifications and yet cannot complete a stage without hiccups... This is somehow the FUTURE of Cowboy Action? This is yet another example of somebody unable to win under the current system - so instead of trying harder, practicing more or striving to improve their self, attempts to create their own game that they feel will benefit them. I aint impressed.
  12. The issue with using "time" as your comparison unit is there are SEVEN events - the competitors will most likely not be shooting all seven as only three of the seven are needed for inclusion - shot in three different styles. So ultimately it becomes necessary to be "somehow" comparing shooter A's three matches to shooter B's three matches and reconciling the reality that neither of them ever shot the same match. There is no apples to apples - not even apples to oranges comparison. More like apples to alligators. But what is reconcilable and grounds for comparison is a finishing order. 1st is 1st, 2nd is 2nd, 3rd is 3rd. If you wanted to compare racing drivers - you might might compare their finishing order at differing events. You might even be able to compare different series of events to look at placements. What you would never do is compare "time" to completion between a drag racer, a NASCAR driver, a Formula One driver and a Tractor pull. The times are immaterial and simply muddy the debate. Rank Points (and I detest Rank Points); was used in cowboy to "level the playing field" in cowboy. When matches were smaller and the flow of shooters thru a match was less regimented - you would run into situations where one stage might be a "burn it down drag race" of 15 seconds and the next a highly technical accuracy test of 75 seconds while the next was a prop heavy and interactive stage of 50 seconds. The use of "time" in these matches could heavily sway results as the differing challenges would create huge time swings between stages - rank was used to ensure each stage had an equal impact on the shooters match and final result. Rank was gradually outgrown as matches balanced out their stages and there were no longer huge differences in time stage to stage. But Rank still can be used as a comparison when time cannot as in the example of comparing completely separate and unrelated events. And while no system will be perfect to objectively compare performances occurring at two different venues by two different competitors - I really do think my weighted rank points idea is about as fair as possible.
  13. Ya sure? I woulda thought Carls Bad was Jack in the Box.
  14. Would you prefer they go out of business? CZ is quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to Colt. Actually being owned by a gun maker interested in doing more than rehashing old models and living on its past glories may make Colt a desirable brand again based on more than nostaglia. Having Vista and its holdings be more than simply an investment portfolio may increase product innovation and availability. Yes, our rose colored glasses and patriotic feelings may be hurt when foreign groups purchase American brands - but I liken it to this; I would rather see a promising child raised up, fed, educated and loved in an adopted home than see that same child abused, starved and die in its birth home.
  15. If I had to guess - I would say originally it was a cow. The grain and texture looks an awful lot like "Carl" out of Billings Montana. Carl was well known for having an outer hide made completely out of leather and quickly made a reputation for making not only belts and holsters, but shoes, boots, and lacings as well. Pieces of Carls creation have traveled the world and served our military and law enforcement. Carls son, "Carls Jr" is better known for his contributions to the fast food industry. And not to be forgotten; Carl can trace his lineage back many generations to the very founders of leather work, all the way back to "Lash" who primarily worked on horse tack and bindings. And his famous family doesn't end there. His great - great Grandfather "Tom Horn" was credited with creating the oversize hood ornament industry years earlier (little known fact - early chauffeur drivers were often directed which way to turn by referencing the horns mounted on the hood - that is where the term "Steer" originates). So enjoy your piece of history with great pride. Always remembering the effort and sacrifices that went into its creation.
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