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  1. Just visited the Escondido Bandidos this weekend in Southern California and while driving thru Victorville - pointed out to my wife that this was where the Roy Rogers museum was before he passed and it was moved to Branson Mo. Relayed a story about my Dad; I moved to Las Vegas in 1996 (Mom and Dad followed in 2000) - but between 96 and 2000, they visited about 2 times a year. During one of these visits; I took my Dad to the Roy Rogers museum - upon entering we met Dusty Rogers (Roys son) and my Dad asked if Roy ever came around. Dusty replied that he came by quite often and we had just missed him by a few minutes. My stoic, tough as nails, Father almost teared up because he had missed meeting his childhood hero - I had never seen that side of him before. Sadly Roy passed before I had another opportunity to take Dad back. Roy Rogers was before my time and my limited knowledge has come more by luck and osmosis than any study of his work - but anybody that could have that much impact on my Dad who was generally not impressed by anything or awed by anyone had to be a pretty amazing person.
  2. Even funnier - he got Lasik; he doesn't need the glasses anymore. He was issued the black frame glasses when he was in the Marines and got used to them; so continued wearing the similar style as he became successful. Once he got his eyes fixed - the glasses had become a "trademark" and so he has continued to wear them since. I would think that playing acting roles that are not "Drew Carey" (as opposed to his stand up or Price is Right) would free him up to other styles or going without them.
  3. A HUGE percentage of the TG's - just like folks in SASS, folks on the Wire and, for that matter, people as a whole are GOOD, DECENT people. But just like folks in general, in SASS and on the wire - there are some whom you will not care for or don't care for you. That does not make these folks any less decent as people - but it does make one question if their interests coincide with your own. There is zero harm in requesting accountability from an elected position that exists to represent their clubs desires - this is also useful when the TG does not receive adequate direction from their clubs or has to make a decision on the fly because circumstances or wording changed. It allows insight and discussion into the philosophy of the TG if they have to make the call on their own. Don't take insult where none is offered.
  4. Do you apply the same litmus test to your other elected officials? As long as they wear the same brand of jeans as you and use the "aw shucks" folksy interactions - they must be alright. No need to look into their history or voting record. Your daughters boyfriend? As long as he doesn't obviously steal anything while he's at your house - no need to keep any tabs on him. Wouldn't want any big brother surveillance to make him uncomfortable.
  5. Not insulting or denigrating anyones TG - but what is anyone basing their knowledge or confidence on? Their feelings? Personal like of their TG? Because unless this faith has something backing it up - it's just hoping for the best and trying to avoid making waves.
  6. And as Reagan said; trust but verify. How exactly would a club know a TG was trustworthy in the absence of a recorded and public accounting? Too many are willing to trust others "because they are a cowboy" like somehow the wearing of a hat or sharing of a past time vouches for their values or character. A representative is there to "represent" their constituents. The ONLY way to know whether that is actually occurring is to look at the votes.
  7. I have lobbied for exactly this for 20 years. Specifically when a club I was a member of had a TG that claimed in public to have voted the clubs wishes; but in private bragged about his superior knowledge and voting as he wished - because he had a better understanding of the rules than club members. When the TG is our only interaction to rule making - it is frustrating to endure secrecy and hidden agendas.
  8. This is a game - nothing more. Everyone has to look at the game and make determinations for theirselves and family about acceptable risk. If I were to encounter a stage design or target array that I felt endangered me or my family - I would either seek demonstration of safe operation, ask for a change or pack my gear. There is ABSOLUTELY no harm in questioning the match director regarding a perceived danger. And no match director should ever take offense at having the questions asked. And even if the stage/ sequence/ array can be demonstrated to be safe - I can still decide that it's not comfortable for me and decide to not shoot it or participate. No one should ever feel forced to partake in anything. And a good match director should consider how best to accommodate those that they make uncomfortable in their future stage designs. It's just a game and at the end of the day - I want everyone to be safe and have fun.
  9. If you aint living on the edge - you're taking up too much room. A lot of folks feel the same as you - most get past it as long as they see splatter is managed safely. But some are and remain put off by it visually. That's fair and their prerogative. But I always said if I'm the one setting the steel - I'm putting it where I think it's the most fun. And I thoroughly adore close targets.
  10. Using 16 inch steel (or larger) - my "close" target sets were: Pistol targets at 3 paces (my pace was just shy of a yard - a little shorter now due to a knee injury a few years back) Rifle at 8 paces Shotgun at 7 paces. My standard sets were: Pistol at 4-6 paces Rifle at 12 - 15 paces Shotgun at 8 paces The above requires quality non pocked steel, and the steel being properly hung with sufficient downward deflection angle. But with the above caveats in place - these arrays/ distances were safely shot at by 1000's of shooters over my 16+ years of being a match director for Desert Desperados and the Eldorado Cowboys. And additionally while writing matches for multiple other clubs in Nevada, Arizona and Southern California.
  11. There are as many sweeps as there are match directors imagination. Some with names; some without. Buffalo Sam 4 targets. T1 - 1x, T2 - 1x T1 - 1x, T3 - 2x T1 - 1x, T4 - 3x T1 - 1x Creeker set on 5 targets - middle (T3) target shaped/ painted differently. Middle target 2x Outside targets 1x each Middle target 2x Inside targets 1x each Middle target 2x Can also be set on 3 targets. Painted Lady set on 4 targets L-R single taps T1, T2, T3 T2, T3, T4 T1, T2, T3, T4 Pikes Peak set on 5 targets at three differing elevations - an inverted V T1 and T5 same height - T2 and T4 higher - T3 set highest T1 - 1x, T2 - 2x, T3 - 4x, T4 -2x, T5 - 1x Same setup but set in an actual V is a Death Valley sweep. Muskateer (shot with rifle AND pistols - 20 round sequence) set on 5 targets - targets 1 and 4 are differently sized/ shaped or painted "One for all and all for one" Rifle One for all (1 - 4 - all) T1 - 1x then T4 - 4x, then single tap sweep L-R T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 Move downrange - engage same array with pistols. All for one (all - 4 - 1) Single tap sweep L - R T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 then T4 - 4x then T1 - 1x And the list never stops...
  12. Generally, if you are having to place steel out for the match and put it away afterwards - most match directors will avoid messing with unused steel. But there is no rule against it. At my old club monthlies; we would shoot on three different bays - two stages on each bay. I would generally set target arrays consisting of three targets, four targets and five targets - giving myself plenty of available variation to work with. And while from time to time - we may shoot a two target sequence on the three plate arrays - ignoring a target. This would only occur because I would (generally) not set two target arrays because of the limitations. I would generally avoid shooting three target sequences on four target arrays or four target sequences on five target arrays - because I figured I already had an array set with the "correct" number of targets if I was dead set on shooting that sequence. But a match director with a wild hair can always pull something weird out of their bag of tricks - but go off trail too far and you risk the wrath of your shooters.
  13. Interesting exercise - but a "sweep" should be more than just a random round count on some random targets adding up to ten. Or worse; some random counts equaling five in two differing manners. Sweeps/ sequences should make sense - have a rhythm to theirself that lead the shooter target to target in some sensible manner. Simply placing X number of targets and providing some non linear - non intuitive round count to your shooters is a recipe for frustration and diminishing returns. While I fully agree that there is ZERO need to EVER repeat a sweep/ sequence in a shoot; there must be some discretion exercised in the sweeps/ sequences we do choose. Looking at a laundry list and thinking these are all equally valid choices is not going to go well.
  14. Thats why there is no better place than Tombstone for the original big and close match Bordertown. It also reminds us that gunfights in the old west (generally) were up close and personal - a lot more common distance was across a card table or length of a bar top than the 70 (claimed) yards between Hickok and Tutt. I drew up a OK Corral stage a time or two - but to fully embrace it would have required paper targets to get the distances right. (there are limits to how close even I am willing to shoot steel) And between the complaints that paper elicits and the time to tape holes - I never put one into play. I kind of regret that omission.
  15. In all seriousness - I doubt the gov't is pivoting toward percussion pistol bans anytime soon. But realistically - the wording of "any" hand hold in front of the trigger is way too vague for enforcement anyways as technically any handgun with a leading edge curved and surface textured triggerguard would violate this ruling. Take a look at most modern polymer pistols - That curve is where my index finger goes to achieve a higher bore axis grip on the pistol with the off hand and to manipulate for finer aiming. And that would constitute a hand hold in front of the trigger.
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