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  1. That's a mighty fine looking cart and this seems like a very worthy cause. I'm in.
  2. I agree. Some Match Directors don't have their finger on the pulse of what the vast majority of SASS shooters are looking for. Some mistakenly think they can slow down the top shooters and give mid pack shooters a better chance with more difficult stages (the opposite is what usually happens). Pistol reloads can be a problem for many shooters. Add in the fact that some of us have to take our pistols to half cock in order to load, and have engrained a habit of doing that with our right hand, then transferring the pistol to our left hand to do a right handed reload and you're setting shooters up for a DQ. I would walk away from a match that included this and not return unless assured it would never be included again.
  3. I agree. Easier to replace, and visually not much of a departure from the 'traditional' look. I would likely not even notice the dovetails if I weren't attracted enough by the octagon barrels to have a closer look.
  4. Looks like fun. My kids have aged out of buckaroo, but I've held onto their .22s on the off chance I get an opportunity to compete in a rimfire match.
  5. These look nice! If I weren't sitting on more revolvers than I need already I would get in line for a pair.
  6. I will send them via Oak Ridge if he is at the Cleveland match in July. We'll miss the June match as Shootin Sharyn and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in Maui that week.
  7. This is an incredible SASS family in a bunch of ways, not least the fact that they can shoot blazingly fast. I'm glad I got the chance to meet them all at TN State!
  8. Whiskey and his crew put on another great match. As @Sixgun Seamus said, this is a bucket list match. Great facilities, great stage writing, great target placement, great door prizes and most of all great people. Posse five was a pleasure to shoot with.
  9. Another Magnificent 7 is in the books. That's bittersweet because it means spring is over and with it all the wonderful matches we are fortunate to have between March and June. This time we went into the final leg at Tennessee State with three people in contention to win the Men's overall. Cottonmouth Cole, Groundhog and Arcadia Outlaw all had a shot at winning it all. Arcadia had an excellent match and pushed us into a rank point tie with 5 rank points for him and Groundhog with 5 rank points. Total time is the tie breaker. Because Tennessee State is a 12 stage match and all the others are 10 stages, I 'evened out' the times by taking Arcadia's total time for TN and dividing it by 12. That gave me his average stage time for the match. I multiplied that by 10 and recorded that as his ten stage total time for TN State. Here are the winners: Total Shooter M7 Category Matches Counted RP Total Time Arcadia Outlaw Overall Champ 3 5 514.60 Groundhog Cowboy 1st place 3 5 535.76 Midwest Hale Ladies Overall 3 7 Copperhead Joe Senior 1st place 3 8 Cotton Mouth Cole Senior 2nd place 3 11 Fast Eddie Elder Statesman 1st place 3 11 Doc Roy L. Pain Duelist 1st place 3 12 Captain Bill Burt Senior 3rd 3 16 Brazos Belle Ladies Senior 1st place 3 19 Preacherman Gunfighter 1st place 3 20 Hanso Lowe Cowboy 2nd 3 22 Christian Mortician Cowboy 3rd 3 22 Leadfoot Luke All Around Cowboy 1st Place 3 23 Shelleen Senior 4th 3 23 Tin Can Sailor Senior 5th 3 23 Randy Saint Eagle Duelist 2nd 3 24 Badlands Bob Gunfighter 2nd 3 26 Purly Cattle Barron 1st place 3 28 Crooked Bullet Frontier Cartridge 1st place 3 34 Krazy Kajun FC 2nd 3 35 Tyrel Cody FC 3rd 3 36 Dodge City Dixie Lady Senior 2nd 3 36 Hey Sugar Lady Senior 3rd 3 42 Cat A. Tonic Cowgirl 1st Place 3 50 Reno Mustang Gunfighter 3rd 3 52 Yohan Senior 6th 3 55 Max Payne Cattle Baron 2nd 3 56 English Tom Senior 7th 3 56 Justified Frontier Cartridge 4th 3 57 Lucky Lead Pepper Duelist 3rd 3 58 Ophelia Payne Ladies Senior 4th 3 63 Smart * Outlaw 1st Place 3 65 Uncle Ethan Gunfighter 4th 3 66 Crawdaddy Elder Statesman 2nd 3 67 Pecos Pete Cattle Baron 3rd 3 67 Scarlett Lady Gunfighter 1st 3 68 TN Tombstone Outlaw 2nd 3 69 Carolina Yankee Senior 8th 3 70 Midnight Rider Frontier Cartridge 5th 2 71 Gunnby Lady Gunfighter 2nd 3 77 Lawman Mark Frontier Cartridge 6th 3 80 Cahawba Kid Frontier Cartridge 7th 3 83 Jimmie Gunnfighter AAC 2nd 3 87 Mister Badly, Reno Mustang, Max Payne, Jimmie Gunfighter, Uncle Ethan, Leadfoot Luke and Hey Sugar all won a thousand bullets each from Outlaw Bullets. Tin Can Sailor won the Paige Custom Knives screw knife. Arcadia Outlaw won the Ryder Shotshell resizer from Bullets by Scarlett. Everyone was present to pick up their prizes except @Mister Badly I'll get those bullets to you Mister! If you weren't present to get your match pin I'll either Cowboy Express it to you or mail you one. FYI, I had trouble tracking clean matches. Several states don't report clean shooters, so the only one I know of was @doc roy l. pain. Doc I'll mail you your clean match pin. Anyone else who shot three of these matches clean please contact me and I'll get your clean match pin to you. Thank you to our State Sponsors, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. Thank you to our Main Match sponsors, SASS, Outlaw Bullets, Paige Custom Knives, Buffalo's Wild West and Bullets by Scarlett. I plan to run this again next year. I'm hoping to add one more main match sponsor and I plan to keep the cost at $20 per shooter. The All Around Cowboy category WILL be back! https://southeastopenmagnificentseven.com/
  10. Just minutes away from wheels up. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning! Posse 5!!
  11. Same here. Then he started simplifying things.
  12. I imagine TW talking to his psychiatrist as being a lot like Tony Soprano talking to his shrink, just substitute feetless chickens for ducks in the pool.
  13. Shooter M7 Category Matches Counted RP Groundhog Cowboy 1st 3 5 Copperhead Joe Senior 1st 3 12 Brazos Belle Ladies Senior 1st 3 19 Captain Bill Burt Senior 2nd 3 20 Preacherman GF 1st 2 clean 3 20 Christian Mortician Cowboy 2nd 3 22 Shelleen Senior 3rd 3 23 Tin Can Sailor Senior 4th 3 23 Badlands Bob GF 2nd 2 clean 3 26 Crooked Bullet FC 1st 3 34 Krazy Kajun FC 2nd 2 clean 3 35 Tyrel Cody FC 3rd 1 clean 3 42 Cat A. Tonic Cowgirl 1st 3 52 English Tom Senior 5th 3 56 Max Payne Cattle Baron 1st 3 57 Ophelia Payne Ladies Senior 2nd 3 64 Smart * Outlaw 1st 3 65 Uncle Ethan GF 3rd 3 66 Scarlett LGF 1st 3 68 Carolina Yankee Senior 5th 3 70 Pecos Pete Cattle Baron 2nd 3 74 Gunnby LGF 2nd 3 77 Cahawba Kid FC 4th 3 83 Jimmie Gunnfighter FC/AAC 5th/1st 3 87 Cotton Mouth Cole Senior 1 clean 2 4 Arcadia Outlaw Cowboy 2 4 Midwest Hale Cowgirl 2 5 Santa Fe River Stan Cowboy 2 6 Fast Eddie Elder Statesman 2 7 Doc Roy L. Pain Duelist 2 clean 2 7 Hanso Lowe Cowboy 2 9 Wabash Valley Slim Cowboy 2 11 Delta Glen Cowboy 2 12 Leadfoot Luke Gunfighter/AAC 2 13 Randy Saint Eagle Duelist 2 16 Purly Cattle Barron 2 19 Dodge City Dixie Lady Senior 2 24 Hey Sugar Lady Senior 2 25 Yohan Senior 2 31 Justified FC 2 32 TN Tombstone Outlaw 2 34 Trail Bandit Cattle Barron 2 35 Reno Mustang GF 2 36 Tuco Forsyth Cowboy 2 clean 2 39 Lucky Lead Pepper Duelist 2 40 Midnight Rider FC 2 40 Crawdaddy Elder Statesman 2 41 Lawman Mark FC 2 48
  14. Mississippi results Shooter M7 Category MS RP Cotton Mouth Cole S Senior 1 Brazos Belle Ladies Senior 2 Hanso Lowe Cowboy 3 Krazy Kajun BPFC FC/AAC 4 Justified BPFC FC 5 Preacherman GF GF 6 Tyrel Cody BFCG FC 7 Badlands Bob GF 8 Yohan S Senior 9 Midnight Rider FC 10 Smart * Outlaw 11 Cahawba Kid BFCD FCG 12 Crooked Bullet BFCG Frontier Cartridge 13
  15. I agree, up to a point. Dead Eye Dillard (or any number of top shooters) with a pump rifle would certainly beat me with a lever gun, but would he choose to compete against Matt Black with one? I think not. I appreciate your point of view, but let's be real, pump rifles aren't popular in CAS, and there are multiple reasons for that.
  16. Respectfully, I disagree that a pump rifle is a good choice for a shooter who wants to be competitive simply because you can cite a single shooter who does well in his category with one. I could easily counter by mentioning dozens of shooters who do even better shooting a lever gun.
  17. I have. In the last 10 years have you ever seen anyone in the top ten at EOT who was shooting a pump rifle? How about anyone winning the overall at a State or Regional match with a pump rifle?
  18. I do occasionally buy guns for the 'cool' factor even though I know I won't be shooting them much. I'm keeping my eyes open for a reasonable deal on an 1887 shotgun even though I doubt I would shoot it very often. I never saw pump rifles in any westerns, or any other movies that I can recall, so they've never really appealed to me from a cool factor perspective. If I thought shooting one might help from a competitive perspective that would be different, but I doubt that's the case.
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