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  1. I don’t have a list, just a routine. When we come back from a match as all the guns are being brought in, ammo for the next match is being brought out. Loading blocks are topped off, consumables replenished, everything goes in the trunk. The gun carts stay there too. At that point all we need are guns, rigs and hats, which are kept in the house. The night before the next match the rigs and hats(coats) go in the trunk, if the car is in the garage the guns go in to, if not they’re staged downstairs by the front door. If it’s an overnighter the suitcases go in. Before bed everyone sets out their cowboy clothes. In the morning clean up, get dressed, eat, put guns in the car and go.
  2. Of course not! It should have been "Where are the white women?" You can't end a sentence with a preposition! It probably wouldn't be as funny my way.
  3. Can I just continue to buy your bullets, or are the hugs now incorporated in the price?
  4. More of a phrase than a term but "I'm only in it to have fun."
  5. Do you work your magic on these .22s Widder? Buds has them in the low $600s and it looks good. Work your magic, put that nice brass front sight you do on it, change out the rear sights for something a bit stouter and that would be mighty fine.
  6. Advice when they mean advise Who when it should be whom On that same note me when it should be I (and the reverse) Ending a sentence with ‘at’ ie ‘where is Captain Bill at?
  7. Thanks Cass! We had a great time and will be back next year. Hopefully Lethal Lizzie will be participating as well!
  8. I think you’re right on both counts. 1 year is too long to wait and 2 years is way out of line. I also agree that we need a forum to provide feedback (respectfully). While shooting at FL State one of our posse members had real issues with gun(s). When they spoke to the smith the response was ‘I thought you might have problems.’ What? Then why send the guns if they’re not ready? For markets to operate properly consumers need to be informed.
  9. Thanks! That’s great news about your daughter. I hope she will join us!
  10. Unfortunately Kid Flash won’t be able to make it but the Iron Cowboy and I will and we’ll bring Flash’s Widder/Henry rifle.
  11. Welcome to CAS! I think the 1873 in .357 is an excellent choice. Here are some options. http://www.codyscowboyshop.com/ http://www.longhunt.com/web/ http://www.pioneergunworks.com/
  12. So he wouldn't be shooting cross draw, he would just be doing the standard gunfighter thing with canted holsters? So he's turning cross draws into standard cants? OK, I get it. At first glance it sounded like you had him with two holsters on the right side.
  13. Wouldn't that be just the same as wearing standard canted holsters cause the way you said that he has both holsters on the right side? It would be really hard to use the Cavalry twist with canted holsters.
  14. I use Outlaw Bullets. Good prices, great guy to do business with. https://outlawbullets.com/
  15. This times 1000! Welcome back Walks!
  16. Yank Ma Chain makes solid brass sights that fit over the existing sights. He mills then then you epoxy them on and tap with a rubber mallet to get them flush. They fit tight and look good.
  17. I’m happy with my ‘Cullen Bohannon” (sp?) from these guys. https://www.knudsenhats.com/
  18. I can’t compare them because I’ve shot .38 special from the start but I can tell you that reloading .38 currently costs me right at .08 per round - 125 grain, 2.7 Clays, Federal primers. I can buy once fired brass at .03 per piece and they last a long time. Perhaps someone can report cost per round of .45. As far as reliability goes I’ll respectfully disagree with comments about reliability based on caliber. None of our rifles or pistols has ever broken and we go through tens of thousands of rounds per year.
  19. My mistake! Thanks for the clarification TJD!
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