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  1. No way! I hate heights. I would get vertigo standing on the edge of a sheet of toilet paper.
  2. Stop with the food porn! I think I’ve gained 5 pounds just looking at it.
  3. I usually ‘task’ a specific person with monitoring a new shooter at the LT for each stage.
  4. I don't know who was responsible for doing the anti-rain dance last time, but we need someone new to do it this time.
  5. It's getting close. Three matches away. I'm hoping to leave early enough Thursday to get there in time to shoot some side matches.
  6. I've been trying, you just didn't notice. Ummm, broccoli.
  7. You carry five cans of beer to the firing line! I want to be on your posse!
  8. Bummer! I always enjoy shooting with him, even though he pretty much always whoops me.
  9. Pretty much the same around here.
  10. Am I missing something? I don’t see Cumberland Drifter on the list!
  11. I’m looking forward to this one! Looks like 49er will be hotly contested!
  12. Two holsters, one with a screw knife attached, SASS badge in back. Shotgun belt holds 10 plus a slide with up to five .38 reloads.
  13. I'm afraid not. PWB already covered that. If it was being gripped by the right hand, is subsequently cocked, and ends up being gripped by the left hand, that is a transfer and will incur the penalty.
  14. So the shooter has 'cleared the fault' but is going to declare a malfunction to avoid a penalty? Hmmm. SHB page 23 under SDQ "A cocked revolver leaving a shooter's hand" "De-cocking a revolver.....without positive direction to do so from CRO/TO" SHB page 15 Revolvers safe to leave the shooter's hand in the following conditions only: Hammer fully down on an empty chamber, Hammer fully down on an expended round.
  15. It'll probably take more than a bowl. Maybe if you added some whisky to the bowl, that might do it.
  16. Yep, all those bonuses took some counting! Despite that Risin Outlaw still edged me and took first place for that stage.
  17. After all this time Sharyn still reaches for the 'oh sh*t' handle in my car, but there isn't one.
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