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  1. The paper cartridges worked perfectly. No failures to ignite, one miss. More lube is more better, for sure!
  2. I took a scrap piece of 2x4, trimmed it to about 2x4x8 inches, then drilled a hole lengthwise. That slips over the loading lever and makes seating the bullets easy. The paper bullets fit into the cylinders without having to take the cylinder off the gun, which is nice. It takes a little wiggling, but they go in. I get a nice paper/lead ring when each is seated. Seems very easy. Famous last words.
  3. It's almost time. Now, do I go over to the range after work and wander aimlessly looking at the stages, or go home and wait until tomorrow.......
  4. No, I just said 'a man's 29th'. Unfortunately it will be my 59th, though I'm sure everyone thought 29 was real. I have one year left before I age up another category.
  5. Good to know. So they'll be a posse on every stage to start the day Friday morning. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I haven't shot them much, but the balls I'm shooting are just oversized enough to get a pretty decent ring shaved off when I seat them, so hopefully chainfires won't be an issue. I'll let you know if they're worth it after the BP match Thursday. If they all function correctly I'll say yes.
  7. Hey @Krazy Kajun how many posses will there be? I need to know for a secret nefarious plan I have.
  8. I've been playing around with paper cartridges, in fact I have about sixty loaded up for the BP match at GA State Thursday. The guy who makes the kit I'm using does not recommend using a wad in paper bullets due to concerns about the lube fouling the powder. Since I use APP, it's not necessary anyway. I'm using 1851 Pietta's chambered in .44 and set up by Goons Gunworks.
  9. Not only two handed, he can probably flip those burgers two at a time then crossover to catch them.
  10. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
  11. Tyrel is correct. I thought non-members could buy, but evidently I was mistaken.
  12. Welcome. You might try posting a WTB ad in the classifieds and list what you need.
  13. Neither, it’s an addiction.
  14. I would go further and say why are we twisting ourselves into a knot to call a revolver on a table 'in hand'? Did it start out where it belonged? If not we have a penalty for that. Did it end up where it belonged at the end of the shooting string? If not we already have a penalty for that too. Here's another one. Revolvers staged on a table must be 'returned to leather' unless the stage instructions say otherwise. Why? They didn't start the stage in the holsters, so how does saying they have to be returned to them make sense? When I asked that question I was told they were carried to the line in their holsters. I don't have the experience of many here, but it seems to me we get these strange results because we add or change rules by majority vote.
  15. I agree. However, we have a rule that defines a gun laying on a table as being 'in hand' in some situations and another rule defining a gun that is being held by the shooter, but is in contact with the prop, as NOT being in hand in other situations. I think to someone who isn't an instructor that could be a tad confusing. On top of that, the rule about the gun on the table being in hand isn't in the rule book anywhere. We also have people taking their guns out of their guncarts and walking to the LT, all the while trying not to break the 170. We have shooters leaving the line and going to the ULT, trying not to break the 170 because the rule book says the 170 is ALWAYS in effect. So by golly from the time they get out of their cars until they get back into them, they're trying to find which direction downrange is. I really don't care who makes the rules, TGs, ROC, Misty, Santa Claus, doesn't matter to me. But, this rules voted on by TGs, then clarification by the ROC does not lend itself to internal consistency. There should not be any rules that exist outside the rules books. There should be zero clarifications that have to be looked up. Once the rulebook is published for a new year that should be it, no changes or clarifications allowed until next year. When a new rule is proposed, or an old rule is potentially eliminated someone should sit down with the rule book and find every part that is impacted by the change and make sure consistency is maintained.
  16. It would be nice if 'in hand' meant you were actually holding something rather than it being on a table, ie, a duelist who places a loaded pistol on a table while shooting his other pistol is penalized for having 'two loaded pistols in hand'. Umm, no, he's only holding one pistol. OTH, a duelist who is holding a pistol in his hand, but with the muzzle touching a table, doesn't have a pistol in hand. So in one case, the shooter isn't touching the pistol at all, but gets called for it, in the other, the shooter is actually holding the pistol, but it's not considered in hand. I wouldn't mind if we changed page 17 SHB. The 170 degree rule is NOT "always in effect' so it shouldn't say that. Clarification on guns dropped off the firing line would be helpful. The question has come up and it has been pointedly ignored.
  17. Every month or so I spray the carrier liberally with CLP (while in the gun) then wipe down well. Once every six months of so I take it out of the gun and clean it with CLP, a nylon brush and elbow grease.
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