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  1. Here are our current categories (subject to change as additional people register): Top Mens Top Ladies Open/Cowboy Lady Open/Cowgirl Gunfighter Frontier Cartridge Duelist Outlaw Silver Senior Lady Silver Senior Lady Gunfighter Junior Boy Lady Frontier Cartridge Maybe: Junior Girl Lady Duelist
  2. Same here. I don't use media, just the brass, water, lemishine and Armorall wash and wax. I tumble for two hours, drain through the media sorter I bought back when I was using crushed walnut shells, then rinse and repeat twice. Throw it in a cardboard box and sit it in the sun until it's dry. My lead peaked at 36 a while back. I switched to wet tumble and paid more attention to washing my hands. Last spring I tested at 14, six months of so after making that change. I can't argue with that! You are probably using better equipment than I was. Like you I don't much care what it looks like. I just want ease of reloading, ease of cleaning and low lead.
  3. Five matches! Nice! I'm down for four of them and may be able to add one more. That's good news! I assume you'll be a Gunfighter? LOL. We'll take anyone who is interested!
  4. Scary that he will be graduating in just a few months and leaving for college. Not sure I like the idea of letting go.
  5. Thanks Bob. We missed you being there. Yep. We went through just shy of 700 rounds of metallic cartridge and 6 boxes of 12 gauge. I plan on bringing 1,000 plus and a dozen boxes of 12 gauge to SC State. I also plan to start looking for a set of Single Sixes in .32 H&R for Lethal Lizzie so she doesn’t have to share with her mother.
  6. The five of us shot our first match together today at River Bend. Iron Cowboy’s first three stages were rough, shotgun makeup, jacked out rifle round and two misses, but he stuck with it and finished 2nd overall by less than a second. If you want to see videos they’re here. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02LqJ6NfzJYgmkjhfDJVXX6HxPsdHek3K4svTj2XLTWnPE8Ri7MpGeKbNE8MtT8qiul&id=100047643624211
  7. It’s been my good fortune to meet all three inductees and to do business with Dillon. Congrats Captain, Misty, and Stan!
  8. Competition is stiffening up. Midwest Hale and Arcadia Outlaw are in.
  9. I think it's possible to agree with someone's proposition, in this case Smokestack's, without necessarily feeling it's applicable in your particular situation. Our TGs are friends. I completely trust them, sounds like yours are too. Having said that, it's certainly possible that there are clubs out there that are big enough for that not to be the case.
  10. I have no interest in speaking with you, nor in hearing your opinion.
  11. I'm confident that the TGs of the clubs where we shoot faithfully reflect the members' vote.
  12. I've used whatever was handy. Cleaned them and sprayed them with Ballistol. Cleaned them and treated them with Neatsfoot oil. Heck last year I put some of that wax that you get with Dusters on them to waterproof them a bit. Worked fine and my feet stayed dry.
  13. I have not tried one of those. Next chance I get I'm going to let her try my Springfield Hellcat RDP. It's got a compensator so that may help. If it does I guess it will become 'her' Springfield RDP, which is fine with me as it will give me an excuse to get another pistol.
  14. Two reasons: Good cops don’t fit the media approved narrative. Good cops doing good things are a dog bites man story. Bad cops doing bad things are a man bites dog story.
  15. Sharyn carry’s the same. I have test to find a semi that she can’t limp wrist into jamming.
  16. That’s close! I don’t think I’ve ever shot a match with targets that close - 6 to 8 feet? Typical here is more like 5-6 yards for pistols and 10-12 yards for rifle.
  17. Pistols would be straightforward, but I think it would be hard for me to get a speed rifle run in on that sweep. I'm sure more skilled shooters would be fine with it.
  18. I don't think the first one is too tough @Sedalia Dave but as a rhythm shooter I don't think I would be able to really get going on it.
  19. The votes are in. There will only be one wave. The stages are posted. I'm pretty sure that at least four of the five the Burt's voted for won, might have been all five. You can see them here. https://sites.google.com/site/scstatematch/stagesvote
  20. I don't see one of my favorites, the 'Cat Herder's Sweep'. 1,1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1,1.
  21. Hard to think in threes when you're working off base 10. I think very few shooters could program that stage into their heads well enough to shoot it without having to think about what's next the whole time.
  22. I agree. I'll shoot a stage that has targets that aren't used, but my question would be why? It's not that hard to take the steel down.
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