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  1. This is a 'must go' on my list. Sharyn and I will both be there.
  2. LOL. You already have two dozen T-Square. How many do you need?
  3. Definitely a case of 'systemic' whiteness. Clearly caused by climate change and probably some type of phobia or 'ism'.
  4. I appreciate the info! I've already spoken with Mike and worked out a deal though. He's local to me, only about 45 minutes away, so I won't be dropping the guns off until he's ready to do the work.
  5. I sold the ASM Army and bought another Pietta Navy. I'm probably going to have Mike at Goons Gun Works slick them up some.
  6. Yep. Pretty tough cutting through that stuff. 'Luckily' he had another option.
  7. Just one more mornin I had to wake up with the blues
  8. Probably the best song writing duo in history right there. The name of the album is very appropriate for this forum.
  9. Yep! Shells must be at or below the belly button.
  10. What is wrong with his shotgun ammo belt and with having belts with buckles in the back? CC Costume requirements. SHB page 7 Must choose at least five of the requirements listed below, and all clothing items must be worn appropriately during all shooting events and awards ceremonies. Chaps, western spurs with rowels and spur straps, cuffs, tie or scarf worn loosely around the neck or with scarf slide, vest, pocket watch with full length chain, jacket, sleeve garters, knife (screw knives do NOT qualify), botas, leggings, or braces. No Straw or Palm ha
  11. The gun my father gave me is ready to go. The one I bought needs a little more more work on the bore, but it's pretty much ready. I have the caps for several matches, plus enough on order for probably all of 2021. I need to talk to @Scarlettand buy a few pounds of 2ff APP when our schedules next cross. I also need a source for .44 balls. Any suggestions?
  12. Thank you @T-Square for the kind gift of Remington 10s!
  13. Federal large pistol and large rifle as well as some Winchester large pistol. The Federal large pistol was going for $70 per thousand. I bought two boxes. The clerk thought I meant two hundred and started to open a box, which for some reason I thought was pretty funny. Hopefully this is a sign supply is coming back.
  14. Dixie Gun Works. Limit 2 each and $30 Hazmat. I got two CCI and two RWS #11 for $78 delivered. Probably outrageously high, but it gives me room to experiment.
  15. Thanks Tyrel. I think I'll buy two sets of Slix nipples when they become available again next month. Any comment on those caps Warden posted on another thread? Worth buying?
  16. I have a pic above that shows the difference.
  17. Yep! Had some just like that when I was visiting my parents in Fairhope this Christmas.
  18. Can anyone answer my question about the nipples and the hammer on the new gun not seating fully? @Tyrel Cody?
  19. It's on now! See you on the road skag. (see if you remember that quote).
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