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  1. I don't think it's accurate to say the sport has changed because of one dishonest person at a match. It is disheartening though, that's for sure.
  2. I don’t think there is any evidence to support your contention that there is less service, and I disagree with the premise that it’s your business. I don’t think $60 a year entitles anyone to a voice in how SASS is run. If you enjoy CAS and believe SASS is crucial to it’s survival then the annual fees ain’t much. If you’re standing on ‘principle’ and not supporting the sport over less than than the cost of 2/3 of a tank of gas then…
  3. I agree with the vast majority of yours as well! This is the rare case where we disagree, respectfully. I think I get a lot. This year I got AL, SC, GA, TN, and next week NC State, as well as the South East Regional and EOT.
  4. I hate to say it but I may have to pay @Santa Fe River Stan,36999L after all. Those numbers don’t look right. Better send me your address Stan.
  5. @Dusty Devil Dale My Camaro takes premium which in Georgia is running about $3.90. A tank costs almost $60 if it’s low. I don’t go into the gas station every time I fill up and ask them to explain their business practices and justify their prices.
  6. When you said, ‘If the heart of the posses and the energy level of a larger group is removed because of the draw of a big match within one days drive, those who don't care to shoot in smaller matches might learn to just stay home or even find another activity.‘ That sounds like you’re saying the big matches could hurt membership.
  7. So are you saying big matches are bad for the game?
  8. I think I get a lot for my money, but I shoot 8 or so matches a year that require SASS membership. But ‘liberal with their money’ is that a joke? Really? Yeah, big spenders! $60 a year, $5 a month. Sorry, I pay dues for five people, three of whom shoot at least four matches a month, every month. SASS dues are a drop in the bucket of what we spend shooting every year. Some folks just look for stuff to complain about. SASS is better off without them.
  9. All this crying and complaining about an organization whose annual dues are about the cost of a tank of gas. If SASS dues are a burden for you I don’t know what to say other than maybe you need a better job.
  10. Another great match from the North Alabama Regulators!
  11. I definitely do not have an ego. In fact I’m better at not having an ego than everyone on this thread!
  12. Whut! Still loading? I got everything loaded up except a few black powder accoutrements! I need to make a dipper and cut out some felt wads. Then I'll be ready. Anyone comes near me with any hex stuff is getting bear mace.
  13. Possum Williams must already be there. I suggest you slip that back to him. He stuck me with one at TN State, but when I gave it back to him the hex went with it, or at least that's his excuse. I'm heading out about 7 am tomorrow. The rest of the crew will be coming over when they get out of school.
  14. I’m going to try shooting frontiersman occasionally, and duelist is a part of that. I plan to go double duelist as with practice it’s most efficient as previously noted. My dominant hand (r) is already strong enough to cock repeatedly with ease and minimal muzzle movement. My non dominant hand is strong enough to cock repeatedly with relative ease but a lot of muzzle movement. My solution is grip exercises for my left hand. i cock the Navy’s a pretty good bit, but lower the hammer rather than dry fire.
  15. That's a long drive!! I hadn't thought of that. It's only about 3 hours for me. Maybe next year!
  16. You should see if you could shoot all the stages on Saturday. There are two waves.
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