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  1. The guy in the foreground is concerned he is exaggerating the lean for dramatic effect.
  2. Interesting, but every time it is proposed to expand the Pittman–Robertson Act to include other outdoor recreation items non-hunters get all bent out of shape and lobby heavily against it.
  3. No he needs to enter the Regimental Class Kilt Rental USA
  4. The original story Alabama station in disbelief after 200-foot radio tower stolen. Radio station WJLX can no longer broadcast its AM programming since the incident. 200-ft radio tower stolen in Alabama: Station's GM speaks out as police investigate The thieves pulled off what seemed to be an impossible crime. Now, the AM radio station is back on the air, but they're left with a $60,000 bill as police continue to investigate the mystery.
  5. Author is making an erroneous assumption. The presence of the ring alone proves nothing about how it got there. It could have gotten there via direct contact or indirectly through any number of people. There are any number of ways that ring could have wound up in the grave. And none can be proven or disproven.
  6. I've seen it but it was long enough ago i don't remember much about it.
  7. Not so sure I would let that dirty water go to the garden. Lead residue from the primers is in that water. I'd dump it somewhere else.
  8. Activist Group Wants to Ban Gun Sales in Jackson, Mississippi It’s clear that the pain felt by the Jackson community is profound, but banning firearms and ammunition sales won’t stop the violence. The core issue lies in the presence of criminal gangs and drug-related activities, as Gov. Reeves alluded to. As long as these elements persist, violence will continue, whether through firearms, knives, or other means. Moreover, the ineffectiveness of total bans is undeniable. The United States has long prohibited the sale of illegal drugs, but the nation continues to grapple with a high incidence of drug overdoses. This stark reality highlights a critical point: bans don’t stop troubled people from sourcing prohibited items and committing harmful acts.
  9. Scrol down to read the text describing what's on the line WY: REPEAL OF GUN FREE ZONES AND ADDING FIREARMS PRIVACY PROTECTIONS
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