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  1. Quite an extraordinary person.
  2. There's still a website Happy Bottom Riding Club
  3. Rifle #1 Mfg in 1946 Rifle #2 Mfg in 1947 It is missing the rear sight and the plug screws for the receiver sight. It also has the finish worn on the bottom of the receiver as shown in the last picture. Other than the spot I pictured both rifles are in good shape. They both have minor dings in the wood, and some blemishes in the blueing that you would expect for rifles this old. Both are mechanically sound and have years of use left in them. I bought them with the plans to rebarrel them in 38-55. It looks like I'll never get around to doing that so I need to sell them to make room in the safe.
  4. I have 2 model 36A-Dl in 30-30. The difference between the 366 and the 36A-DL is these have the old style square bolt. I'll pull them from the safe and post pictures later today. Want $800 plus shipping to your FFL for #1 and $750 plus shipping for #2 Both are factory drilled for tang sights or receiver sights
  5. Ian explains it very well in the below video.
  6. A competent gun smith can fit a new V spring to the action on your TTN.
  7. When my wife had horses she tied reflective streamers, Pie pans, wind chimes and other stuff that would flitter flash and make noise in the wind all around the barns and arena. This got the horses used to movement and noises so that they wouldn't spook in the arena with people moving and the occasional dumb @$$ with a flash camera. She also tied pie pans and tin cans to their saddles to condition them for the same reason. Occasionally she sold a horse a horse never got over used to all the extra movement and was sold.
  8. Shouldn't the flow be Hot Rock > Steam > Roundy Roundy > Then Sparky Sparky.
  9. It appears that someone removed the engine. Wonder who’s 4X4 it’s powering?
  10. Gas checks are legal for long range competitions
  11. The Only Man Who Flew Both The F-22 And The YF-23 On Why The YF-23 Lost Test Pilot Paul Metz gives an in-depth brief on the YF-23 and the Advanced Tactical Fighter program, including his thoughts on why the F-22 won.
  12. The double arrows at either end of the navigation panel take you to other Aircraft
  13. Cockpit 360 tour http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/cockpits/CW_tour/CW-30.html RSO 360 Tour http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/cockpits/CW_tour/CW-31.html
  14. This SR-71 Blackbird Cockpit Tour Is The Most Fascinating Thing You’ll See All Week
  15. Not the same one. That one was made by Raven Aerostar. It was launched on Feb 1st a little north of Moriarty NM.
  16. Look what changing the key can do to something like the Imperial March.
  17. Look close and you can see that they are refilling them.
  18. The problem with shooting down the balloon is not where will it land, but where will the projectile(s) used to shoot it down will land. Reports have it at an altitude of around 40,000 ft. Well within the altitude ceiling of fighter aircraft. If you use the 20mm gun those rounds will impact earth tens of miles from where they were fired. Use a surface to air or air to air missile and you have the same problem. Fragments of the missile will land tens of miles from the impact point. News reports claim that it is not a hazard to commercial aviation yet a lot of aircraft cruise at or above 40,000 ft. A quick check shows no aircraft above 50,000 ft. Normally balloons of this type are above 80,000 feet and I suspect that if this one was above 60K it would have never made the news. My guess is that it got the attention of somebody when it made its way onto a flight briefing.
  19. You know it snows too much when you start naming snow plows.
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