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  1. When I was stationed in Rota Spain a guy in my shop had home video of green water coming over the bow of the carrier he was aboard as part of a squadron deployment to a North Atlantic exercise. He said half the crew was sea sick. My room mate was aboard the Coral Sea when we kicked Qaddafi's butt back into the gutter in 86. He was woken up by the vibration of the ship as it was making its run to get on station. He said the rooster tail was higher than the flight deck during the transit and most of the fleet was no where to be seen when they finally slowed down. By the time they la
  2. I was party to sending a young sailor on a quest for a Left Handed Allen Wrench.
  3. Who would have guessed you were such a font of wisdom.
  4. Hobby lobby wants $35 https://www.hobbylobby.com/Art-Supplies/Drafting/Pens-Pencils/Mars-Lumograph-Drawing-Pencils---12-Piece-Set/p/80834260 Same set from Amazon is only $13 https://www.amazon.com/STAEDTLER-break-resistant-super-bonded-100-G12/dp/B0014E2S0Q/ref=sr_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=drafting+pencils&qid=1614524833&sr=8-14#
  5. 32 cal or larger C&B revolvers are legal in every category except Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl which requires C&B revolvers to be at least 36 cal. SHB Pg 13
  6. The Texas electricity bill the news is sensationalizing were not price gouging. Because of the way electricity is structured in Texas most house holds can pick their provider. Each provider has their own pricing scheme. I'll focus on Griddy as that is one of the ones currently in the news. Their pricing was based on the wholesale spot price. The spot price varies from hour to hour with the price being higher when the demand is higher. Normally the spot price varies predictably with it costing more during the summer and peak demand hours. With demand far outstripping supply the spot
  7. If you don't find one here Mossberg made barrels that fit the 870 for a lot less money than a Remington barrel.
  8. Might get a more accurate value over on the CFDA Telegraph. http://www.cowboyfastdraw.com/telegraph/
  9. One other thing. Light BP loads will not generate enough pressure to prevent blow by. Buy a good chamber brush and a swab to clean the fouling out of the chambers between stages. PAM / Murphy's mix will work well for this. You can tell you are getting blowby because the outside of fired hulls will be dirty and covered in fouling.
  10. First I ever heard of it but I does look awesome.
  11. I remember it too. On my way to Bahrain on an EP-3. We left Whidby Island and were to spend the night at NAS Brunswick before heading to Rota Spain. Coming in the night of the storm the countryside was very dark. We lucked out that our hotel and an Applebees across the road had power. Had to stay an extra day because, even though the runway was heated it iced up after we landed.
  12. I have three 44-40s already, 1860 Henry, 1866, and 1894 Marlin Cowboy. Got the backup covered.
  13. Beautiful rifle and 44-40 is the perfect BP round.. I I didn't already have one I'd jump on this one. BTW love the 66 in 44-40 I got from you a while back.
  14. You can fine tune the powder charge using a strip cut from a notebook cover. Cut it the same width as the bushing. The carefully coil it up inside the bushing so that it fits tight against the sides of the bushing. You can keep it in place with a little contact cement. Will not work for shot I've tried it.
  15. ClayBuster CB0175-12 wad 3/4 oz of shot Remington primer. Remington primers will give the lightest recoil. Federal s the most. #32 MEC bushing 3F APP or Shooters World Black if using a BP sub. Real BP any 2F powder. Triple 7 is 10 to 15% hotter than real BP or APP. You can obtain a 3/4 oz load from you MEC one of 2 ways. Drill and tap a hole into the end of the charge bar all the way into the shot cavity. Insert a long set screw into the chamber till you get the desired shot weight / stack height. You don't want the set screw sticking out past the end of
  16. Without the screws the stick will move onto the carrier after the last round is fired and lock the action open. If you wanted to do an over the top reload you couldn't. With a screw on only one end if you have to remember to put it into the magazine the correct way.
  17. How much shot are you putting in that shell? What powder are you using?
  18. No helo ever made can take the punishment that the A-10 does and still get its pilot safely back to base.
  19. I have a New Vaquero SS trigger if your interested. Send me a PM and we'll work out the details.
  20. All Navy O-6's are Captains; but only one officer aboard ship is The Captain.
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