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  1. My boss showed me a video this morning of their cat at the patio door this morning with a fresh bird it wanted to give to his wife.
  2. Why not locate a few new shooters and sell them for what you paid for them? Yes they are worth twice what you paid for them but locally we have more than one new shooter that cannot shoot because they cannot find any primers at any cost. Good Karma is always repaid 10 fold.
  3. Here is the intended order of the episodes Serenity Part 1 and 2 The Train Job Bushwhacked Shindig Safe Our Mrs. Reynolds Jaynestown Out of Gas Ariel War Stories Trash The Message Heart of Gold Objects in Space Lastly a Movie was made after the show was cancelled to tie up several of the loose ends. Its title is also Serenity.
  4. Aviation Giants Enter Final Stretch to Replace Black Hawk As the Army prepares to decide on a replacement for the venerable but aging Black Hawk, competitors are putting the finishing touches on their offerings. The service is expected to make a decision on its future long-range assault aircraft, or FLRAA, program this fall, a decision so imminent that the Army has entered a “quiet period” on the competition. Future Vertical Lift — which includes FLRAA and the service’s future scout helicopter — is one of the Army’s top three major modernization priorities as the service prepares for great power competition with China and Russia. The first Army unit is slated to be equipped with FLRAA by fiscal year 2030.
  5. Sheesh ‘There’s an Air Force base here,’ say annoyed cops to people calling 911 about jet noise. “Enjoy the sound of freedom." “We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not call the police department or 911 about the jet noise” from the air show, the police department wrote. “It is a complete waste of our resources and you are potentially putting people at risk who really need help.”
  6. Google the series and you can find the proper order to watch the episodes in. The network executives aired the series out of order as a thinly veiled way to ensure the series would fail.
  7. Dancing mania Dancing mania (also known as dancing plague, choreomania, St. John's Dance, tarantism and St. Vitus' Dance) was a social phenomenon that occurred primarily in mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. It involved groups of people dancing erratically, sometimes thousands at a time. The mania affected adults and children who danced until they collapsed from exhaustion and injuries. One of the first major outbreaks was in Aachen, in the Holy Roman Empire (in modern-day Germany), in 1374, and it quickly spread throughout Europe; one particularly notable outbreak occurred in Strasbourg in 1518 in Alsace, also in the Holy Roman Empire (now France). The mysterious case of dance mania that broke out in Medieval Europe
  8. My Grandpa drank between 3 and 4 quarts almost everyday that I can remember. Grandma readied a 1 gallon coffee pot each night before bed and got up between 4 and 5 every morning to plug it in.
  9. It will all depend on what the rifle's headspace is. As there is no SAAMI spec for 45-60, firearms tend to be all over the map.
  10. Happens a lot more often that you would think.
  11. Meet Joseph L. Owades The man that created lite beer and fathered Craft Beer brewing in America. <quote> Joseph Owades invented light beer in the 1960s, revolutionizing the American beer industry, then in the 1980s became an essential figure behind the craft beer phenomenon. (Courtesy Owades Family) "He lived long enough to see light beer become a national phenomenon," his son Stephen Owades, an MIT-educated musician in Cambridge, Mass., told Fox News Digital in a phone interview. For an encore in the 1980s, Owades provided his brewing expertise to a generation of young entrepreneurs eager to make small-batch American beer but lacking the expertise. America now boasts more than 9,000 craft breweries, thanks largely to the success of Owades-aided pioneers. Anchor Brewing, Samuel Adams, the former Pete’s Wicked brand — each on the list of the earliest, most successful and most influential craft breweries — were among the companies that hired Owades to pair his technical precision with their passion. <end quote>
  12. The Great Gama Being undefeated in a career spanning more than 52 years, Gama Pehlwan was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.
  13. The place in Crete was run by a Spaniard. He was a big fan of the Real Madrid football team.
  14. I'm just thankful that eye bleach wasn't required.
  15. If you have the ability to reload them there is nothing wrong with 44 Special. As most modern 44-40 firearms are the same bore diameter as 44 special/magnum they will work and are not that hard to come by.Bullets for 44. If you choose a rifle in 44 Special/Mag you are going to have to carefully inspect your brass to make sure that you don't get 45 colt and 44-40 mixed in with it. Those that shoot 44-40 have this issue with 45 colt brass.
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