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  1. Part of this is driven by the calories per serving gestapo. A lot of snack foods had too many calories in a serving. The manufacturers decided that the easiest way to comply was to reduce the size of the product. On paper it complies with the regulations and by reducing the size slowly over time most consumers are unaware that they are paying the same amount for less product. Fast food is another example. I would love to have a bigmac, mcmuffin, sausage biscut ect from 30 years ago. Bet the difference in size and weight would be easily noticable .
  2. Have the Kid check with his homeowners insurance agent. Even thought the fire was not at his home the tools may still be covered.
  3. What will your OAL be with the 125 gr FNFP loaded in the .357 case.
  4. Had a friend that used to say that if anyone ever kidnapped his wife it would be like hitting the lottery. He claimed that after a couple of days they would be offering him money to take her back.
  5. I haven't seen a pig with that much fat since I was a teenager. Neighbors used to butcher hogs every fall and process the entire animal. They would have wash tubs full of cracklins and a pallet of containers filled with head cheese. Took about a dozen smoke houses for all the hams and bacon.
  6. I wonder if the Minie balls they were shooting were hard cast or pure lead?
  7. I'd like to have seen the process of getting all those kids into the pajamas.
  8. Just because you can see a cell tower doesn't mean that your cell carrier uses it. Most carriers do not share cell site locations. Especially towers Find Your Nearest Cell Tower in Five Minutes or Less: 2019 Edition
  9. BTDT Insurance company calls my work about accident. When I call back they tell me my truck was involved in a head on near San Antonio. Tell them that's not possible as my truck is in the driveway and I have plenty of people that can vouch for me and the truck. They send out an adjuster and it is obvious my truck was not involved in a major accident. He does some digging and the PD report has the right year, make, model but the VIN is one digit off. My truck was built in Canada and the VIn starts with a 2 but the vin on the insurance card the PD copied and the report starts with a 1. Turns out someone had sold my insurance card and info to someone so they could use it fraudulently. Unfortunately I cannot get the incident removed from my insurance record.
  10. Or in hte hospital because one of fido's canines snagged a lip, nose, or other part of his face and ripped it off. Someone does that to me and the headline would read " Boyfriend acquitted of murder after video of incredibly stupid stunt is discovered on her phone."
  11. Yep almost all dogs love to have their ears scratched. Another favorite is between their back hips and the base of their tail.
  12. Before it was made against the rules I shot rifle and pistols, Went to grab shot gun shells and found by belt empty. Unholstered pistols and set them on prop and proceeded to race back to my cart for shells. Grabbed a handful and raced back dropping a few along the way. Managed to end up with enough to finish the stage. I didn't see it but I was told that the look on the TO's face when I took off was priceless. Who besides me has tried to shoot their rifle only to discover the safety is on?
  13. If you wern't careful that top turret could shoot hit the props
  14. Replace the ejector spring with the one from Steve's Gunz and they will quit flying so far.
  15. Yep Fishing With Grenades and Cooking With C4: A Veteran’s Vietnam Food Memories
  16. Yep V-22 Osprey Marines and USAF currently have them. Army and Navy will have them before long. V-22 Had some serious growing pains but now is combat proven. Popular Mechanics write-up
  17. LAMM sounds great but I would limit it to true rifle calibers. At the distances you are shooting at pistol calibers will be very hard to accurately score. Even 30-30 rounds are hard to hear ring steel out past 100 yards.
  18. If you want it to run smooth and fast buy the video Nate Kiowa Jones made from his web store at Steve's Gunz. Also buy the ejector spring and Stainless Steel mag follower. Try loading .38 specials with 125 gr RNFP or LTC with an OAL if .,505 to 1.510. I have 4 Rossi 92s and they all like this OAL and bullet profile. Be prepared to experiment some as each 92 can be picky about the OAL that it likes. Definitely load dummy rounds to check how well the action cycles after you do the mods in the video.
  19. Very hard for unarmed police force to effectively counter a deranged individual that is armed with a bow and a large supply of arrows much less firearms. Unfortunately this factoid will be covered up.
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