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  1. The rot is not limited to the PRoK. Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Massachusetts are just as bad. Virginia and several other states are teetering on the edge. Texas, Idaho and Florida are under attack by bloomberg and his billions.
  2. Some good reading about using Donkeys as guard animals. Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep A bray keeps predators away Guard donkeys protect goat, sheep herds. Donkeys as Livestock Guardians: Pros and Cons
  3. Get a tan colored one so you can put a wig on him. That'll get the attention of trespassers.
  4. IIRC the shooter would have had to jack out the 10th round to avoid the P for an over loaded rifle. If he jacked out any of the first 9 and used the 10th round in the rifle to make up for the jacked out round the shooter still earns a P for illegally acquired ammo.
  5. And people say our rule book is convoluted.
  6. For me the difference is that my Dr. doesn't appear on MSM pushing his political views on others.
  7. The only way SASS will survive is by transitioning to non-lead frangible bullets and lead free primers. However you will first have to find a vender that will cater to the bullets that CAS shooters prefer. Nontoxic and frangible bullets Wonder how many of them own stock in one of these companies??? Remember follow the money. Welcome to Frangible Bullets FRANGIBLE AMMUNITION AND GREEN BULLETS Fenix Ammunition, LLC
  8. What the kid in the back is playing
  9. NASCAR is way more popular in Indianapolis. When I was stationed there you could easily get tickets to the indy 500. If you wanted tickets to the Brickyard 400 better have really deep pockets or know somebody. Because we were active duty we could have two tickets at face value. If you were not going to use them there was easily a hundred people at Naval Avionics Center Indianapolis that would gladly pay you for them.
  10. Don't forget that the non-lead requirement will apply to primers as well.
  11. Like I said follow the money. In his case by making them all illegal he was maximizing his profit.
  12. Plus if you let that 2X4 hangover the edge of the bench slightly you can let the spent primers fall into the waste can.
  13. Because you are using fiber wad and cards all you need to to is adjust them to get the right stack height. If you are a little too tall or short even doing that you can always adjust the shot or powder slightly. I use plastic wads and can get everything to work out by changing the wad, and/or the amount of shot for my desired powder charge. Unlike loading smokeless you can tweak the load to get the right stack height.
  14. Make a holding fixture like the one Colorado Coffinmaker uses. For punching out the actual Make one out of the depriming stem from an unused rifle die. You will need a coupling nut and a regular nut that fit the stem. If the stem is too short buy a bolt with the same threads as the stem and use the coupling nut to join the two together. It will speed up the process if you make a centering jig out of a piece of HDPE plastic. Cut two circles out of a piece of 3/16 or 1/4 HDPE plastic that are slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the shell. Drill and tap both so that they will thread onto the stem. Thread one of the HDPE disks onto the stem and all the way to the down till it touches the depriming pin holder. Next thread on the regular nut followed by the second piece of plastic. Now thread on the coupling nut until it lacks a couple of threads before the stem protruds above the nut. Now screw the plastic up till it touches the coupling nut and lock it in place with the regular nut. If you accidentally set off a live primer the plastic disks should contain any shrapnel and protect your hand.
  15. Once you install a conversion cylinder in a percussion pistol, it is no longer governed by C&B rules but, has to comply with the rules for cartridge revolvers. So the question I believe you want an answer to is whether or not 32 ACP is a legal cartridge for SASS. Once that is answered then it becomes a question of whether or not the revolver in question meets the definition of a main match revolver.
  16. I think we need a new category. Call it the Minute Man category. Winner is the person whose average stage time for the match is closest to 1 minute.
  17. Apologies to my California pards but this not an attack on you; it is the realization that the U.S. is slowly being destroyed from within. Ever since the PRoK enacted the jungle primary system and made it legal for a third party to go door to door to collect absentee ballots; the state's election system has been corrupted. It is no longer a democratic republic but a state run by criminals using mob rule to justify their actions. The sad, disturbing, and totally terrifying part is that the PRoK is far from alone. Over 10 % of the U.S. is infected by a corrupt and rotten political system that makes a mockery of the Democratic Republic our forefathers envisioned. Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Virginia to name but a few are infected with this disease to varying degrees. Words cannot begin to describe the dispare I feel for the future of my country.
  18. Nontoxic and frangible bullets Wonder how many of them own stock in one of these companies??? Remember follow the money. Welcome to Frangible Bullets FRANGIBLE AMMUNITION AND GREEN BULLETS Fenix Ammunition, LLC
  19. Don't let my wife see it or I'll be out looking for one.
  20. Speed of the expansion of space is 200 Km/sec or 656,168 fps. Projectile from the US Navy's rail gun has a velocity of about 2.5 Km/sec or 8202 fps
  21. The loading gate on a 92 sits slightly above the mag tube. As you feed the bullets in you need to angle them ever so slightly. You can also hold the rifle at a 45 degree angle with you right hand while pushing the rounds through the loading gate with your left. Another thing is to remove the mag tube and with a round file put a VERY SMALL bevel on the top of the opening.
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