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  1. Check that the grip frames are on straight and that the hammer is not dragging on a bur. What work was done to them? If you fire slowly and deliberately making sure the trigger is held fully rearward does it happen?
  2. Did the parts get swapped between pistols?
  3. Had to look it up. Sure would be fun to shoot one in a match.
  4. ‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Dawn Wells reveals what she’s grateful for in 2020: ‘This is the country I love’ The 82-year-old famously played Mary Ann Summers, an unapologetic 'good girl' who was stranded on an island with other castaways.
  5. Do you have any details about its service? How about a couple pics.
  6. You can convert it yourself. S&S Firearms sells conversion breech blocks. Also available from Buffalo Arms Everything you ever need to know about Spencer rifles, carbines, and shotguns
  7. Thanks. I am considering buying one. I need a 9mm carry gun.
  8. PM me your address and I'll send you one. I have one with a small split in the neck you can have.
  9. Found this https://www.f150forum.com/f6/diy-abs-module-rebuild-abs-pump-wont-shut-off-issue-solved-149387/#post1634106
  10. He painted people as the truly looked and captured the average human body better than any other artist.
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