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  1. Problem is those are not tall enough for an RV.
  2. Internet lore has it that Alliant and Hodgdon got into a bit of a tif when Clay Dot came out as Hodgdon thought it sounded too much like Clays and therefore a copyright infringement. Part of the settlement was that Clay Dot would not be marketed as a cartridge powder.
  3. I use 60 grains ( 4 cc ) of FFg under 1 oz of shot for big matches as I love the BOOM. For monthly matches I use 35 grains by weight of 3F APP under 7/8 ounce of shot. As for Duplex loads, They are not legal for SASS. SHB pg 26
  4. Judge Issues Injunction Blocking Three Parts of Maryland’s Unconstitutional Carry Restrictions from Going into Effect
  5. That works out to about 36.5 grains by weight of APP. That would make a great 1 oz 12 ga load.
  6. 35 grains by weight of APP and 7/8 ounce of shot will take down any KD if you do your part.
  7. Proud Step Grandpa. I am constantly amazed at their accomplishments. Hard to wrap my head around the fact that the oldest one is a Senior this year.
  8. Not true. My Granddaughters are tougher than most boys. Both are excellent shots and have taken game out past 500 yards. They both archery hunt and fish as well. The youngest has been running trap lines since she was 8 years old. She shot her first Alaskan moose when she was 10. It was taken just shy of 500 yards and weighed 1800 lbs. Their dad is constantly asked by the parents of other girls to teach the skills those young ladies have to their daughters.
  9. If you used a debit card you are going to have a hard time. NEVER EVER use a debit card for online purchases. Even if it has the Visa or Mastercard logo you do not get the same protection that you do with a credit card. I gave up debit cards long ago because it is 1000 time harder to dispute fraudulent charges. I use a rewards credit card and pay it off every month.
  10. The primer still backed out. However there was enough pressure to force the case back against the recoil shield. When this happened the primer was pushed back into the case.
  11. It really is that long. A Pontiac-Shaped Work Of Art
  12. How to Make a 'Broomba': A Robot Vacuum Turned Into a Halloween Witch’s Broom
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