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  1. Best one I ever heard was a made for TV moden wesern where the good guy racked the slide on his SXS coach gun to let the bad guy know he was serious.
  2. They why is it still a SDQ if my shotgun closed between the LT and the firing line???????
  3. I have been using tornado brushes for almost 40 years. Never had an issue. The guys that turned me onto them all belonged to the All Navy Trap and Skeet team. They used them daily on their guns to remove plastic fowling. The reason it doesn't scratch is because of its design. However if you ever break any of the coils throw it away and get a new on as a broken coil could scratch the bore. That said I have never heard of one breaking.
  4. Place a shim above the large roll pin on the barrel lug so that it is held in the down position. I cut mine from a shotgun hull. Two pieces on each side then cut flush with a sharp blade. Remove the shims and you have an ejector again.
  5. If the buyer wants to be able to easily switch between ejector and extractor I can explain how to do so.
  6. I prefer Piettas for C&B pistols. I have had both Navy and Army grips and prefer the Army grips. Whether Uberti or Pietta do Larsen Pettifogger's mods and replace the nipples with Slix or Tresso. Buy some Remington #10 caps, Real BP and properly sized round balls and you are all set for fun. Personally I would get a pair as shooting Frontiersman is a blast.
  7. Manual on the Luger http://www.mauser.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/P-08_Luger_Manual.pdf
  8. Optics planet has some nice Vortex and less expensive Leopolds on sale in those magnification ranges.
  9. Wonder if he has Farmers insurance?
  10. Take a picture just like this one only with tension on the lever like you are trying to finish the action cycle. Does the round just coming out of the magazine stay where it is or does it start to go into the magazine. If it starts to go into the magazine how far does it go? I wonder if the round is hanging up because the rim is catching on the magazine opening. Remember as the carrier rises the round coming out of the magazine tube gets pushed upward. Based on the picture there is a good possibility that the rim of the case is catching on the sharp edge of the magazine opening. You can test for this by pushing down on the rim of the cartridge coming out of the magazine just enough to center it in the opening. By design 44 WCF has a very generous rim and Starline brass faithfully copies this rim. It is possible that other brass manufacturers are not a exacting in their standards so the rim doesn't catch. How does the rim diameter and the diameter of the case just forward of the rim compare between your dummy rounds and the Starline brass?.
  11. Never knew they existed until recently. Three Cylinder Steam Locomotives They were made in some very interesting configurations. Southern Pacific 4-10-2 Number 5021 Union Pacific 4-12-2 Number 9000 Recording of the unique sound that a 3 cylinder locomotive made Alton & Southern 0-8-0 Number 12
  12. https://youtu.be/sOc5MsEUOAA
  13. Good thing those guy had their beer in a brown paper bag or we wouldn't have know how deep the water actually was.
  14. And you still don't know any better. How are you doing? Sure would like to see you down at Troublemakers.
  15. What if any work has been done to them, Caliber, Barrel lenghts, Their condition, and other details are required to give even a rough estimate of value. Pictures will help A search of the classifieds will give you some idea.
  16. Kids will get picked on no matter what their name is.
  17. Priming compounds are usually a thick liquid or paste that dries once placed in the primer cup.
  18. Lyman cast bullet handbook has plenty of case bullet loads that should cycle a semi auto. Some 30-06 loads exceed 2500 fps. Keep in mind you need the bullets to be properly sized for the barrel they will be fired in. You absolutely need the PROPER LUBE for the job. Hardness matters but remember Elmer Keith developed the 44 magnum shooting his favorite alloy of 16-1 cast lead.
  19. The Achilles heal of high altitude bombing is wind. Very hard to take detailed measurements of speed and direction from afar. Here is a link to a NOAA aviation website that allows you to see winds aloft at various altitudes. I did it for Dallas TX and the wind direction varied almost 90 degrees between the surface and 50,000 ft. Wind speed also changed based on altitude. Same for Denver CO. Direction only changes 10 or 15 degrees but the wind speed looked like a sine wave as it increased and decreased repeatedly with changes in altitude.
  20. Something to get you started https://www.oldammo.com/november04.htm
  21. An adjustable charge bar for you MEC is one of the best things you can buy.
  22. No Idea, Wife saw it on Facebook. No other information about it. Maybe one of our pards down under can fill us in.
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