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  1. I figure ol' TN will be shooting a wimpy 38. I'm bringing a couple rifles in 44-40 and my 56-50 Spencer. Just have to decide on how many style points I want to spot him.
  2. Herkimer Battle Jitney From the Movie Mystery Men. Apparently it is on a lot in Somewhere off the 215 in SO Cal. Lots of excellent info here. Sorry it is a FB group
  3. I am. Even thinking of shooting my 56-50 Spencer just for style points.
  4. To add... Try the same pistol in different barrel lengths, Different grips, different hammers, short stroked, not short stroked. You may be surprised how seemingly subtle changes make dramatic differences. I bought a pair of 75 Outlaws. Came with stock grips and a very thin set. Tried both on a plate rack. 25 rounds each hand with both style of grips. Fired a total of 100 rounds and switch grips every 10 rounds. Kept score with each hand and style of grip. Discovered significantly fewer misses with the thin grips. What made the test special was neither the stock or thin grips felt uncomfortable in my hands. The were different but until I did the test I had no real preference for one over the other.
  5. Shirt arrived today. Taking to the cleaners to have it pressed tomorrow.
  6. Don't buy what's popular with everybody else. Buy what fits your hands and feels the best. I started with Rugers. but I liked my second a lot better than the first. First set were what everybody else said to get. My second set were the same caliber but different grips and longer barrels. Just those 2 changes dropped my miss rate by about 20% I now shoot 1860 C&B with Navy Grips. Like them but building up a set with Army grips to see if I like them better. Tried 1858's but didn't like them as much as I did the 1860s so I sold them. Also slicking up a set of 1872 open tops to see if I like them better than my Rugers. Best advice I can give is try every style gun you can borrow and then buy what works for you.
  7. 3 boxes of Large Pistol Primes in one of those pics. Early bird gets the worm primers don't cha know.
  8. Tape will cause the fitting to crack. They are not very strong. Look closely for cracks. If you don't find any you might have to replace the hose.
  9. Queen Victoria: Then our Navy rules the Ocean. Admiral:....Almost entirety, your Majesty..... Queen Victoria: almost?...... Admiral: Unfortunately, just here..We're having a bit trouble with p-p-p-p Pirates..... Queen Victoria:.....what does it say on my Royal Crest Admiral? Admiral: I hate Pirates....Madam Queen Victoria: That's right......HATE them!! With their idiotic chattering, Their ridiculous looking Hats and their disgusting Roaring!! I want them, SUNK Admiral!! Do you hear me? Cut them, rot them, feed them to the Sharks, I don't care Admiral!! I HATE PIRATES!!!!!!!
  10. Well Biden is starting to air ads. Two so far today. Thank God for my DVR
  11. Local clubs here all make allowances to keep our members shooting. From Assistance carrying long guns to special categories when they cannot shoot all 4 guns to driving them to and from the matches. Whatever it takes. We don't consider it bending over backwards, It is just part of what we do for our friends.
  12. Smartest thing I have ever done or ever will do is staying in till I had 20 years. The cost benefits of retiree medical are worth it. Right now a medicare supplement will cost the typical retiree about $1000 per person per month plus their medicare part B and part D premiums. Depending on the plan you pay for you will also have co-pays to budget for. A military retiree eligible for medicare will only pay their part B premium and nothing else. Only co-pays are for prescriptions picked up at a local pharmacy and a few select name brands via mail order. I figure that my retiree medical is worth north of $25,000 a year for the wife and I. That is a lot of peanuts.
  13. Kids might like the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Space Theater There are also several museums with a couple dedicated to Texas History. Unless you are really really into modern art, skip the Cadillac Ranch. You'll thank me
  14. I bought the Super set. It has the stubby and regular length handles. Both are magnetic. I would like 2 middle length handles. One magnetic and one not. I don't one that has a hollow handle with a cap. The cap always ends being a problem.
  15. ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ Every house I was ever in in Spain had at least one of these. Some had several different sizes depending on how many cups they wanted to make. They can also be found in just about every Italian household.
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