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  1. Korupt Karl pulled off the surprise of the night at Comin at Cha when he represented the JEDI Council and announced this: 2020 JEDI GF of the YEAR is....... TEXAS JACK DANIELS. He tricked TJD into helping out by telling him a new JEDI would be 'pinned'. What TJD didn't know was that HE was being recognized as the 2020 JEDI GF of the YEAR. I understand his surprise response to Karl was an appropriate........ "You SOB". Congratulations Texas Jack Daniels. Your contributions to SASS and as a GF are appreciated by many. P.S. - Thanks to Korupt Karl for helping take care of this at an appropriate venue. ..........Widder
  2. Wish you a speedy and complete recovery Randy. ..........Widder
  3. Randy St. Eagle, even while hampered in the past with his injured hip, will now become a terror on the shooting stage. The Duelist better be prepared for a 'dust up' when he returns. And I know a few of us GFer's will often get 'humbled' by his great transitions. But the key thing to watch is when he puts those whoopins on ole TN Williams. hehehehehe! ..........Widder
  4. I use to own a Silver colored Chevy Silverado. My plate was: AGADO (hint: Ag is the chemical symbol for Silver) ..........Widder
  5. They got some salve that will help take care of that. I had a vertigo jump on my back just the other day and the salve got rid of it. ..........Widder
  6. Officer: may I search your vehicle? Driver: No thank you. That will be unnecessary because I haven't lost anything. ..........Widder
  7. Thats SOP for TN. Here's how it works: Tonight, or maybe tomorrow, he starts planting these thoughts in her mind about special foods and deserts and such. He talks about that special food all day tomorrow. He convinces her that because she is such a great cook, she can probably make that 'special dish' on Saturday. She doesn't focus on HER B'day, but rather 'The Dish'. Then it happens..... on Saturday morning, he tells her to forget about the dish because he's gonna take her out for her Bday. She is overwhelmed. She now realizes her man thinks more of her Bday than he does his own special dish. So where does he take her? To a fancy restaurant that specializes in HIS special dish. Basically, He kills 2 birds with one stone. He becomes the twinkle in her eye once again. She is treated like a Queen on her Bday. He gets his special dish. He becomes her Knight in shining armor. AND.....when he goes to the next gun show, he can probably safely bring home a new toy. Ole TN Williams might be ugly, but he ain't stupid. ..........Widder
  8. I've heard it all now. TN has now burnt his arm, in addition to his hands. I ask him..... "what are you trying to prove or accomplish'? TN sez..... "I figure if I can burn enough parts of my body before the state match, I should be a BALL OF FIRE in a couple weeks". Give me a break! ..........Widder
  9. Nasty Nels, thanks for posting and I'm glad you were able to make the announcement. Trainwreck has an impressive resume of which we all can be proud of his JEDI recognition. Congratulations Trainwreck. ..........Widder
  10. I guess its possible if a banana slips out of your hands fast enough, a tender handed person could get friction burns. It could also be a freeze burn from a DQ Blizzard. ..........Widder
  11. Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Considering Red Knee and I will not be at the TN State this year, the list of 'excuses' has seem to disappear from wire conversation. No broken arms or injured wrist stories. No shoulder injuries from being bucked from wild stallions, etc..... BUT NOW, guess who 'burnt his hands'? YEP, TN Williams. He called me seeking some sympathy this afternoon but until my body gets better from recent surgery, I told him I didn't have any sympathy to share. He's got 2 weeks to heal but don't be surprised if he shows up with wrapped hands, and probably in a wheel chair due to an ingrown toenail. ..........Widder
  12. Lots of various things to be advantageous to the GF. Stuff like: 1. When the option allows, is it better to use pistols 1st or last. 2. If you have a split pistols stage, is there movements between pistols? Is there restaging areas available? Are pistols back to back? 3. Double cocking vs. alternating cocking. (not talking about double discharging) 4. Is it best to start with left pistol or right pistol........ or is it best to start on the right or left. 5. Rules concerning a pistol malfunction and how to best handle some of those situations without earning a penalty. 6. How to blaze thru a stage when double duelist style is required. etc........... ..........Widder
  13. Ideas such as this always have good merit. Venue will have an impact on participation (and maybe weather). But it sounds exciting to me. ..........Widder
  14. Capt, You shouldn't insult that dog. Speaking of animals and TN Williams, I gotta share this with you. A couple years back at the TN State match, TN invited Red Knee to stay over and go on a DEER hunt with him on his private land. Of course, Red Knee being from Oklahoma and enjoys the outdoors, he accepted the invite. To 'enhance' the hunt, Red Knee shared a hunting secret with TN about how they do it in Oklahoma. So based on Red Knee's advice, they went out and bought a 'deer suit'. One of them outfits where 2 people get inside and usually trot around in parades and circuses. BUT, this time they would be prancing around in the woods. Red Knee takes the front position, TN takes the back position. They spray this strong doe scent on the deer outfit and start prancing around on the edge of a huge corn field. Then it happened.....a BIG BUCK catches their scent and starts charging full bore to see his new love. Red Knee sez....... "Here he comes. Get the rifle and pop him when he gets closer" TN Williams sez........ "I forgot and left the rifle leaning against the tree and we ain't got time to get it now. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?" Red Knee sez........ "Well, I'm gonna bend down and pretend I'm eating some grass. If I were YOU, I'd brace myself". ...........Widder
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