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  1. Snuffy, nobody mentioned it, but as long as the caliber is legal, so would the pistols. ..........Widder
  2. Does missing the target and hitting a tree 1/2 mile down range count? ..........Widder
  3. My pistols fit 'SNUG' in my holsters. I like to be able to run short distances without them bouncing out. BUT, here is why I like them snug. My pistol barrels are only 3". Shorter barrel pistols might more likely to bounce out of loose fitting holsters. In essence, the amount of 'safe' fitting your pistols need to be in your holsters might depend on barrel length. EDIT: I like to put mine in the holster and SLOWLY turn them upside down without falling out..... BUT, if I shake the holster once, it will fall out. ..........Widder
  4. Allie... The car behind Ryan Newman that 'kissed' his bumper that caused the crash, I think was Blaney. I don't recall who hit him while he was flipping in the air. I'll have to look at the video again. Basically, he got kissed on the bumper, then HE hit the wall, then when he flipped, he got a 'slobber knocker' in his door and window side. ..........Widder
  5. 2 days later..... Less than 48 hours. ..........Widder
  6. TN Williams is a lying dog. His nickname in middle TN is 'TN Pinochio Nose'. Some of us Tennesseans are proud of our ability to tell big lies. We're some of the biggest liars in the world. And TN Williams has earned the 'Pinochio' award since his high school days. Matter of fact, he earned a scholarship to Hooterville University for his ability to lie. When they discovered that he answered all the questions on his application correctly, they disqualified him and canceled his scholarship. Thats why he ain't got a higher education. P.S. - It wasn't 2 stages over....... it was only 1 stage over..... ..........Widder
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if his racing pards and fans start calling him..... "Iron Man Ryan". You heard here first..... ..........Widder
  8. That's why he was a great champion..... In high school during 66-69, all of us NASCAR racing buddys had our own little 'pack'. There was a small group that cheered for the Ford drivers, some cheered for the Chevy drivers, and only a couple of us cheered for the Mopar drivers (Dodge and Plymouth). I was in the Mopar camp. Needless to say, going to school on Monday's was always fun if your 'camp' won. Of course, Tuesdays thru Friday was nagging each other about the upcoming race weekend. And don't forget, back then, nearly ALL of these popular drivers would visit various dirt tracks in the South and race on Friday or Saturday nights. One weekend, Richard Petty might show up. Next weekend, it could be Cale or Darrell at your local dirt track. The drivers and fans connected, as they still do. ..........Widder
  9. I think you left out: LEE MARVIN: U.S. MARINE. Served in the pacific during WWII. Awarded the Purple Heart from being wounded. ..........Widder
  10. Just a guess, but I bet somebody has already put an electric motor on one and don't have to use much leg power. ..........Widder
  11. As Tyrel already stated..... yes. Actually, its one of the safest ways around the track when they tuck in close and comfy. With ALL the cars going 195-200 miles per hour, all the crash momentum is basically traveling together. In other words, if you are going 200 mph and crash into a car going 190 mph traveling in the same direction, the crash impact isn't as severe as many think. On the down side of a crash, when the wall jumps up and kisses your fender or door panel, it Goody's time. Remember when Richard Petty use to do commercials for Goody's headache powders? On a side note: Dale Earnhardt would often give the race winner his signature 'kiss' after a race by cruising up beside the winners drivers side door and putting his tire up against it. This would cause a definitive round rubber burn mark on the door. I grew up when NASCAR heroes were Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt (I even remember when he drove the #2 Wrangler car) Cale Yarbrough, Allisons (I really like Davey) The Alabama Gang, Bill Elliott (Wild Bill from Dawsonville), and the one everyone loved to hate..... Darrel Waltrip. AND, I was sitting in turn 4, back when the JULY 4th race was called the Firecracker 400, when Richard Petty and Cale Yarbrough came out of turn 4 side by side and Richard edged him out at the finish line. That was Richards 200th NASCAR victory and his last. That was 1984. When Dale died 19 years ago, Feb 18, 2001, like many, NASCAR just hasn't been the same. ..........Widder
  12. Indeed. Even a farmer would know that..... ..........Widder
  13. KID, you should serious consider this offer (deal). ..........Widder
  14. KID, Ain't nuttin wrong with a Rossi lever rifle. Like most other rifles, the gracious touch of a knowledgeable gunsmith will make you a proud owner of ANY of our lever rifles used in SASS competition. As mentioned above, you could probably find a nice 66 or 73 for way under $2xxx. And, don't rule out a good Marlin. Some fine 'JM' Marlin's are out there on the market. Some under 1xxx. But if you find a good, nicely set up Marlin 'Cowboy', it could cost you a few bucks over 1xxx. Just remember, in most cases, you get what you pay for. And the performance you get out of it usually coincides with the performance you put into it. Safe shooting. ..........Widder
  15. The GFer's in Michigan never cease to amaze us with their skills and dedication to SASS. SARGE has come highly recommended and has been officially recognized as JEDI GF. He is now JEDI GF #302. Congratulations SARGE. And THANK YOU for being a credit to SASS and the GF ranks. ..........Widder
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