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  1. IF TW wins his category, Senior COWGIRL DUELIST, he'll brag about it for atleast another month..... On a more serious note, TW is still wearing arm braces for his injury but plans to remove them long enough to shoot the match. I suspect he will endure the pain and discomfort and try to have a respectable match. I still plan to have NO PITY on him and whoop up on him good. BUT..... he is still planning to digest Capt BB like a 3 course breakfast and spit him out before lunch time. ..........Widder
  2. Thank you Double Tap for taking care of this presentation. The JEDI Council appreciates it. Congratulations to Cemetery also. His resume is very impressive and he is a great asset to SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting...... and to the Gunfighter ranks. ..........Widder
  3. HC, it'll get even worse if TW ever learns to type. Have a safe trip and I'll see you Thursday, if not on Wednesday. P.S. - I'm bringing the Enchantress. But don't be alarmed, the owner ain't been practicing and will be way outta tune. ..........Widder
  4. Interpretation for TW: "Almost LNIB" means its been shot a lot, with a genuine imitation leather pouch (not exactly a real box, but 'almost'). The zipper is broken but that don't really matter.. AND... the pouch comes with a nice Walmart plastic bag to help keep it dry. Oh yea, one other thing to clarify. It does come with some ammo, but not in the .460 mag. I'm tossing in a handful of C45S (Cowboy 45 Special) for your shooting pleasure. They work great in the .460 Mag and won't hurt your arms when you shoot them. Thought you would appreciate that..... If ya need anything else I can help with, just let me know. ..........Widder
  5. I got a nice, almost LNIB, S&W 460 mag, 8" barrel, muzzle brake, etc... and ammo. I'll give you 1st refusal...... but the 1st refusal will come with a premium price. Of course, its still a good deal. P.S. - I'll trade you the 460 for the .500 Mag you have........ with ammo, of course. ..........Widder
  6. I just have ONE nagging question to all you folks coming here from far away places. What's so good or important about TN Williams that everyone is wanting to shoot with him and/or whoop up on him? After all, it ain't like he's a Little Elvis or Homer Trump. And surely he don't have some 'Tenn-a-Maniacs' wanting a copy of his new book..... "Chicken Feet, Possum Penis Bones, and Cinnamon Toothpicks". Just curious. ..........Widder
  7. My time is closer to 5.00 seconds...... I studder a lot. The Widder of old has become the old Widder of slow. And the only thing TW breaks is 'wind'. He wears one of them signs on his back side that reads.....'Stay Back 50 feet'. ..........Widder
  8. Hell's Comin's reputation with a 97 precedes him and the TN State should be so proud to have him and a few others of equal reputation coming from a galaxy, far, far away and bringing their '97 Light Sabres with them. Its gonna be 'Katie Bar The Door' next Thursday at the side matches and no place for the faint of heart. How fast can you say..... "6 in, 6 out, 6 down"? ..........Widder
  9. As wear and tear would eventually render my 97's needing parts, I contacted Outlaw Gambler and placed an order. Great service and super quick delivery. Just wanted to share some good info among our pards..... about a pard. Thanks, Gambler. ..........Widder
  10. For all we know, the bear eat a bunch of berries and died. THEN the woman shot it in the head to make it appear she killed it with a .22 I find it hard to believe its that easy to sneak up on a bear. ..........Widder
  11. I think you are on a Posse with Dr. Smellfunkus and Ivan Bottlestopper. I don't know why, but rumor is that Whiskey told Dixie NOT to put any children on a Posse with you or TW. Must have something to do with that background check. ..........Widder
  12. I've read two separate stories that at the Alamo, Santa Ana's troops number approx 1800. Another story, concerning Houston's army, was that when he defeated Santa Ana, the odds were only 2 to 1. This would also make Santa Ana's army about 1600-1800 men. Is there any actual numbers we can go by? ..........Widder
  13. Sam Houstons army was estimated to have nearly 800 men. What do you think the outcome of The Alamo would have been IF.......... Houston had directed his forces to the rear of Santa Ana's army and while SA's army was focused on The Alamo, Houstons men could have wiped them out by surprise. Just my thinking. ..........Widder
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