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  1. TJB, About anything and everything can go wrong with all of our firearms in the course of a match. Yes, the 97 has a little reputation based on failures more so than other SG's, BUT... when you look at the percentages of 97 used in past years (when that reputation was more obvious), and when you consider the age of those 97's (mostly Winchesters of vintage age), and the abuse they were given BEFORE getting used in CAS, you can understand why that reputation exist. In recent years, when more folks have started using the SxS and the 87, I've started seeing more problems coming from the SxS than from those using the 97..... atleast in this area. My opinion: A lot of these SG problems, regardless of type, occur because the owner tries to do their 'slick up' job theyowndangself. They buy a cheaper brand of SG and then try to tune it up to save money. My 97's have withstood YEARS of abuse and are still running great. Of course, I'm also shooting some of the better models of the IAC, which are newer built, newer metals, etc..... BUT, my gunsmith knows his stuff with the 97, and as Kid Rich stated, my biggest gremlin in smooth feeding/ejections is from factory ammo. I've seen SxS come apart upon firing. I've seen the forearms fall off during firing. I've even seen RUGER firing pins break during a big match down in Georgia a few years back. Before making a determination about a certain firearm we use (abuse), look at the percentages of folks using those guns to help give a better indication of their quality. And remember, we ABUSE our guns greatly, especially the 97.. For me, I treat my 97's like a rented mule. Happy Holidays TJB ..........Widder
  2. Every time someone refers to me as being an 'Expert', it usually means I'm a drip under pressure. ..........Widder
  3. ITs because you've clipped their ears to short. ..........Widder
  4. $19.55 is probably the cost of a new broom. ..........Widder
  5. Basically, even the main matches are Speed pistol, Speed Rifle and Speed SG. The usage of a timer dictates how fast everyone performs.....or how slow, depending upon perception. Happy Holidays! ..........Widder
  6. Golly Eyesa, we've been friends for a few years now and I didn't know you wore a bra. ..........Widder
  7. If a state has the 'Constitutional Carry' law, can businesses, such as shopping malls, restrict and prohibit your carrying? If they do, are they denying your Constitutional rights? ..........Widder
  8. Scrappy, Not only get the LOP appropriate for her, But also the 'cant'. If she tends to shoot high and over the target, tell the stock adjuster that info. If she shoots low, tell the adjuster.. And in MY opinion, LOP matters and can be different depending on whether she shoots a 97 or a SxS, AND..... her method of loading and shooting the shotgun. Best regards ..........Widder
  9. Curly, Your recent description now helps me understand..... and thanks for the video. I have an idea as to the gremlin, but I will wait till you can call me. Right now, I'm thinking there is a problem in the manner the lever and carrier are connecting..... or I should say, NOT connecting. I'm retired and live in TN (eastern time). Call me most anytime. ..........Widder
  10. One of the better toothpaste I have tried with good results for polishing is the 'Charcoal' type toothpaste. But, one word of warning..... don't try to clean it up with cleaning oils or cleaning solutions. It don't seem to wash away easy with oil. BUT, if you clean it out with water, it cleans up easy. Some of the best advice on this thread was posted above by Garrison Joe. He shares a lot of good stuff with us on the Wire. ..........Widder
  11. Yea......nobody likes a small tit. ..........Widder
  12. I can do better than all those pix above. Here is a picture of a Nanner Split bowl after TN Williams has 5 minutes alone with it. ..........Widder O
  13. Thank you kindly. Deuce and Santa Fe River Stan are 2 of my 97 hero's. I've competed with both in side matches and can attest to their abilities, skill and speed. They both have seem to master their SG ability with the SxS also. ..........Widder
  14. Hey CG, Another opinion of mine: Phantom, in his own right, is a darn good 97 shooter. So its hard to impress him with someones 97 skills, etc..... A feller don't become a category Natl Champ using a 97 unless there is some real skill in his blood (although most Borgs run on 10W-30). ..........Widder
  15. Howdy CG. Here is my opinion... and its just an opinion not based on fact or any poll I've taken. BUT, before I give my opinion, I will say that some mighty fine and fast 97 shooters have told me in past years that the reason they don't play the speed events is for the very reason stated by Phantom. Now, for my opinion: The speed events can be an 'oyimoron', for lack of a better term. When a speed event, such as for shotgun, has restrictive or binding guidelines, then it really ain't a speed event nor equal for every shooter. Example: if the SG is staged on a low table and the 6 ft. plus shooter has to start themselves from the timer on the table, both hands on the timer, then it can become a handicap for that taller shooter. And if you reverse the situation, tall table/shorter shooter, it handicaps the shorter shooter and most of the ladies. Telling a shooter to start at Port Arms with both hands touching SG can enhance my shooting style but hinder the over the top shooter just a few .000's of a second. Red Knee and I both agree on this. And when events only allow ONE run (the 1st run), it becomes a very disinteresting event to me. I think Top Shooters enjoy the 'battle' a lot more than savoring a 'lucky' run. Well, that's just my thinking. That is why I lobby for the 97 speed events allow the shooter to 'start' at their preferred starting position as long as the hand isn't touching shells. Some shotgunners are best when the SG is staged on a table, some are best when its in hand(s), and some might be best at a port arms position or slight modification of port arms. Someone recently told me that the reason some of the speed shotgun events require staging on the table was because that is the manner in which the Cowboy World Record is set up. My reply was that the reason its set up that way is because Lead Dispenser choose it to be that way. AND, it was probably one of the fastest methods for his 'over the top' technique. And the 'over the top' loading technique was greatly served when the SG is staged with port up..... and no doubt, very fast. For me, staging on the table, port up or down, is fruitless for me to get a good run. I have to scoop up the SG from the fore end, which ain't exactly a good method. Ya gotta ask yeself......... is it a 'speed pickup' event or a 'speed shooting' event..... Have a good day. Sorri for being long winded. ..........Widder
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