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  1. I thought the same thing about the person holding the camera. I get a little shaky meowndangself when I look at pics like this. ..........Widder
  2. When you shoot OUTLAW and have situations as you described, the rest of us Padiwans ain't gonna feel any pity on ya..... Heck, I've seen many of them do things with their pistols that most of us only dream about. And some of them can smoke with their SG also. ..........Widder
  3. I don't know the answer to your question, but its my understanding that Bacteria and a Virus are 2 separate animals. Fired brass may very well kill any and all bacteria...... but a Virus might actually thrive in the same conditions. My post reflects only those comments I have heard during all these C19 news briefings and I have NO knowledge of how Germs, Bacteria or Viruses live or die. ..........Widder
  4. And this is from a man (?) who thought Nunchucks was a steak that Nuns eat during a religious ceremony. Then later, when he found out different, he used them to bust his skull and test jockey cup integrity...... ..........Widder
  5. One of the pistols I had referenced in my OP was a very used S&W model 41 .22 semi-auto. Over the years, the slide 'lock' device had maintained its integrity BUT, the area of the slide that mates with it had worn and actually beveled to a degree that the slide would not stay open, EVEN if you held the slide back and manually pushed up on the slide lock device. Indeed, this was very strange to me. S&W had to replace the whole blame slide to fix the problem and charged the owner accordingly...... 'ouch'. After reading all the good stuff posted above, here are some of my thoughts: 1. whether its a good or bad technique to use the slide stop mechanism as a slide release, if its purpose of locking the slide back once the mag is empty is compromised, then the shooter MUST rack the slide completely in order to chamber the fresh round from the mag. When the slide lock functions as designed, the shooter only has to rack the slide slightly rearward to chamber that fresh round. 2. In my younger years, I have used the slide lock as a slide release but the past couple decades have made me look at it different for various reasons. I've grown to use the 'sling shot' technique to feed a fresh round from the mag AND, just in case I ever have to reload with only the use of ONE HAND, I will be able to do so using the Slide Stop to release the slide. Kind of an insurance policy when everything else might be going south. PLEASE NOTE: I didn't start this thread to make it sound like there is a right or wrong technique in using the Slide Stop/Release mechanism but rather WE can share input from experiences and thought. Good post above. Thanks fellers. P.S.: Black Angus, I have also seen some videos of various competitions as you mentioned and I noticed the same thing you mentioned. Interesting. ..........Widder
  6. This is something WE semi-auto pistol shooters can talk about. I've witnessed over the course of a couple decades of shooting that MANY folks shooting a semi-auto pistol will often use the 'slide/bolt lock open' device by pushing it down to release the slide/bolt when chambering a first round. AND... I've witnessed MANY folks who will pull back on the slide/bolt to release it when chambering a first round. My observations have shown me that those who use the lock open device as a Slide/Bolt Release mechanism for an extended period of time have started having their slides NOT lock open on the last rounds, but rather close. AND... contrary to that, I've observed those shooters who ONLY use that mechanism as a Slide/Bolt Lock Open device have a greater reliability of the Slide/Bolt locking in the open position after a last round has been fired. This past summer of 2019, I noticed on a couple of pistols were failing to lock open because the locking device was wearing heavily on the edge of the Slide/Bolt because it had been used as a 'Release' device. My thinking is that these devices will function much more reliably for a longer period if they are used as a Locking or 'Hold Open' mechanism and NOT as a 'slide/bolt release' mechanism. Have any of you experienced this OR have any of you Semi-auto pistol shooters used this device as a 'Release' mechanism over the years and have not had any issues with failure of your slide/bolt locking open after the last round is fired? Thanks for your input. ..........Widder
  7. My family spent part of the day at the Veterans Cemetery paying respect to my Dad. WWII veteran, US NAVY. Injured in battle and discharged with disability. He passed away in 2011. I've know a couple back in the late 60's and early 70's who were killed in Vietnam. But I've known 4 who came back, 3 of which later died of Agent Orange related cancer. The 3rd has suffered health issues for 30+ years, AO related issues. Many unsung héros who have paid the price. God Bless them. ..........Widder
  8. You might not do it any more........ but do you do it any less? ..........Widder
  9. I knew my post would lure you out of the DQ. TN Williams real definition of tail gating is using his shopping cart to buttbump the woman in front of him at Walmart, just to get her to turn around so he can check out her face. Of course, then he says 'SCUSE ME'. And often times, he'll say.....'I thought you were someone I know at Dairy Queen'. ..........Widder
  10. O.k., so he uses the pipe wrench to step up on the bumper to then step up over the tail gait of the truck. I guess the rest of the world is crazy cause most of them just lower the tail gate..... ..........Widder
  11. Howdy Dan. Your info is exactly what Slater and I have discovered by actually calling LTT business. (Slater is a fellow Cowboy and FFL holder who tries to keep good pistols and other firearms in his inventory). We have also been informed (just as you already know) that an LTT Beretta is better than the factory Beretta LTT. The factory will incorporate 'SOME' of Earnest Langdon's mods in their pistols, but those you get directly from Langdon Tactical are the cream of the crop. Right now, I'm seriously considering the Langdon Tactical edition of the Beretta 92 in the compact series Slater is considering the Full Size, Compact size and probably the Centurion model. The Cost is the shocker, but not out of the question if I decide to get one. Looks like the Compact model might run $1100 plus, depending up a couple mod variables. Heck, that cost as much as my P229 Legend and just a tad less than my Springfield TRP 6" in 10mm. ..........Widder
  12. Allie, I establish a motto long time ago that I strive to live by: "why procrastinate today when you can wait till tomorrow and start procrastinating". ..........Widder
  13. So now WE all know who the Prancing Stud Pony is. ..........Widder
  14. About once a week, I get a text message from somebody telling me that they saw my 'Profile' and how much WE may have in common. They attach 'pictures' of which I NEVER open. And also tell me that I should meet up with them, etc......... Now, the ONLY place that list my 'Profile' is the SASS wire. Where do these people get our profiles that make them think we want to 'hook up' with them? I know it ain't my financial profile or my medical profile. Looking at both of those, folks would never want to hook up with me. Do Y'all get the same junk? ..........Widder
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