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  1. Another option: don't use a bead. None of my competition 97's have a bead. And they all have 18.50" barrels. Just a thought. ..........Widder
  2. Pat, I was in Orlando in 69. They also had a group of 'Professional' barracks inspectors that were on a leave of absence from H3LL. ..........Widder
  3. Have you ever wondered WHY Marine barracks are ground level? When the Gunny SGT throws a recruit out the window, they only have to fall 5 feet. Know why the Navy barracks are built 3 stories high? Cause WE can fly! ..........Widder
  4. In your neck of the woods, ya got Three Cut. In Ohio, ya got Lassiter. BOTH are excellent smiths. If you want the same work, but with an octagonal barrel, call Snake Oil George in Oklahoma. ..........Widder
  5. I've often said that God gave Angels wings. He gave us chocolate. The donut is an added blessing. ..........Widder
  6. I'm sharing a little sadness with my Wire pards. I grew up with a handful of 'buddys'. From bed babies at Church, there was Eddie, Joe, Denny and ME. Later, at the age of 4, my family moved and another 'buddy' became a life long friend..... Charlie. Eddie, Joe, Denny and Charlie were my bestest friends all thru our teen years. School and Church, we were friends. Great friends. Never lied nor cheated one another. Shared secrets about our girlfriends, etc. A couple years back, Denny and Charlie passed away. Then Joe. Yesterday, Eddie pass
  7. YEP, know of Bart. Although he's a good writer, I just never took to his articles as much as I did for Skeeter. Seems like Skeeter had a patent on making you feel like 'you were there' when he told some stories. And sometimes, it could make you feel like some one you knew. Take Care. Hope you have a good shooting season. I'm healing from last August heart surgery and still haven't picked up a SG yet. And of all the gall, Red Knee told me last week that he's gonna 'kick my butt' next time we posse up again. He won't have 'No Mercy' on this old m
  8. Hello Widder,


    Is there a preferred way to reach you to discuss work on a Henry .22 Lever Action rifle I own?  


    Thank you in advance.



  9. Tequila, If you are in a restaurant or bar and have been ask to leave, does that only apply if the owner/manager has ask you to leave. Or, if ANYONE ask you to leave? Just curious. ..........Widder
  10. Billy, I didn't have to opportunity to ever meet Bill Jordan. BUT, I wrote him a respectable letter once about one of his Shooting Times articles concerning the accuracy of the customized Ruger 10/22. And, I also referenced a similar article in the American Rifleman published by the NRA. Bill actually replied with a HAND WRITTEN letter to me. He basically said those yahoo's that do accuracy test for the NRA couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and I should read their articles with that in mind. He also reiterated that his accuracy test
  11. Thats a good one, Sidekick. Gosh, I forgot about Skeeter Skelson and his tales of Dobe Grant...... and of course his 'Me and Joe'. Dobe was apparently Lt.Col Evan Quiros (sp). But no, the Sheriff I'm trying to think of is still aloose inside my brain. Its like Sheriff Jim ? EDIT: I found it. Sheriff Jim Wilson. ..........Widder
  12. Agree. I have read that Ruger plans to produce the 1894. Don't know what configuration, but the 1894 nontheless. Another good option is the Rossi 1892. I like the Henry models with those short, heavy OCTAGON barrels, but I have no experience with them to make a reliable comment. ..........Widder
  13. Highwall, this is a good 'camp fire' topic, of which I will gladly add my memories. I always enjoyed reading of Bob Milek, Rick Jamison, Bill Jordan and there was also a Sheriff that had some great stories in Shooting Times but his name eludes me at this time. Great gun writers and story tellers. They knew their stuff. ..........Widder
  14. At present in Tennessee, our permits are easy to obtain and are for both concealed and open. BUT, the Governor is about to sign a bill that we no longer will have to have a permit for carry. I think it's called 'Constitutional Law'. ..........Widder
  15. Airzona CCW test: 1. what is your name? 2. what is your age? Each question is worth 57 points! (sorri Kid, I just couldn't resist) ..........Widder
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