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  1. Because many clubs have allowed .22 rimfire during the ammo shortage, I have been getting numorous contacts on how to set up the Henry short stroke rifle. I hope to produce a couple more videos about the Henry to help folks that want to do some easy mods to their Henry rifle. This video ONLY covers the short stroke mod and information on the bolt. The Video. I hope you like it. Please let me know if I could have done it different or better. Thanks! EDIT: at about the 4:30 mark, I mention 'width of buffer'. I meant to say 'Bolt'. s
  2. My brother bought a 'lemon' one time. I don't remember the contant problem, but on his 3rd or 4th visit to the dealership to get it fixed, he flat out told them they could have it back and he wanted a new vehicle..... period. He pushed the "Lemon Law" out on them and they had no recourse. Apparently, TN has a strong Lemon Law for consumers. ..........Widder
  3. Marshal, Thats a picture of my wife or girl friend (they both look alike) when I told her that TN Williams was a good shooter. ..........Widder
  4. Brownness would probably say..... ' if its that important, your members should have stocked up better when the supply was available in quantity. We at Brownells do appreciate the Cowboy business and will try to assist when possible. But, we have a LARGE consumer following and at present, we are trying to meet ALL disciplines that need reloading supplies. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or suggestions where I might be able to help." Sincerely, Brownells ..........Widder
  5. O.K. Phantomborg, I'll go first. With 10 folks, I would just have a plinking session back out on the farm. I'll admit, 13-15 is about perfect, in my opinion AND experience. ..........Widder
  6. What did the timer do to deserve punishment? ..........Widder
  7. I remember addressing anyone from Warrant Officer up to LT. Cmdr as 'Mister'. Once the rank of Commander or higher was earned, we addressed those officer by their rank..... Commander Smith, Captain Smith, Admirial Smith. Although I was only an E4, There were some officers in my unit that actually addressed me as Mr. Hill. There were times I actually felt like family to some of those folks. I don't ever recall dealing or working for an A$$ hole officer in the Navy. They seem to pride themselves on being courteous, that is, unless the sailor
  8. Hey Bull, when they started talking about the 'Perfect Posse Size', I was afraid somebody was gonna try to restrict your participation..... ..........Widder
  9. Everyone has a 'TOP 5' list in guns. Even YouTube has a 'Top 5' revolver list. TN Williams has a 'Top 5' revolver list of his carry guns. The reason he has a Top 5 is because there's no more room on his body to carry a 6th revolver because his AR takes up too much space. ..........Widder
  10. 3 cheers for Cliff Hanger and a cold one on the house! ..........Widder
  11. Now you know why Pat Garrett was killed. They wanted his valuable pistol. ..........Widder
  12. Here's the insult of the decade: TN Williams hired a new employee, which is a nice, young 22 year old female. She is a very nice and charming young lady. Heck, she don't even have pimples. Anyhow, during the 1st week of work, she was smiling at TN and getting a little friendly with him. Nothing of the 'personal nature', but only a friendly employee nature. Yesterday, TN ask her if she would like a Coke in the break room and she replied... 'SURE'. While they were standing around drinking a Cola and small talking, she
  13. Obviously, you've never been around when the Bunkhouse Boss hollers for me...... ..........Widder
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