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  1. That is so good. And I can relate to that story because my Dad did about the same thing. He was born in Sep 1925. In Dec 41, he was only 16 and tried to join the Navy after PH, but his Mom & Dad said....NO, you're only 16. BUT, when he turned 17, he dropped out of High School and with his Mom and Dads permission, he joined the Navy. He served on the USS Blackhawk. Sometime before the end of the war, he got injured by shrapnel in his back, which caused some minor issues. He was sent home and given an Hon Discharge under Medical Conditions. He lived till he was 85 and rarely talked about the war until I ask him about his injury. Thats when he told me about the shrapnel in the back. I said: How did you get shrapnel in the back. He said: There were some explosions going on around us and I was RUNNING FROM THEM. We all laughed because he could tell stories and still add a high degree of humor to them. God bless ALL those men and women who have committed and still commit, their unselfish service to our Nation. ..........Widder
  2. If you've ever seen TN shoot, trust me..... I wasn't worried. ..........Widder
  3. This bit of humor will make TN Williams choke on his Nanner Split..... ..........Widder
  4. Because of my long life involvement with firearms AND my regular attendance at reasonably size Southern Baptist Churches, I have had numerous request to help folks learn about firearms and in particular..... shooting those firearms. There have been numerous times when someone thought their firearm was empty and when I ask them to show me, they would cock the hammer, pull the trigger and get a resounding 'Kaboom'. There have been numerous times when some folks thought their Ruger 10-22 was empty, relaxed their aiming poster, and pulled the trigger to show me it was empty. YEP, another 'pop' would occur. I agree with ya Smokestack. I have an ole saying I remind folks on occasion: "If it wrong and everybody is doing it, its still wrong. But if its right, its still right even if nobody is doing it." I would prefer not to acquire a nickname of 'Barney'. ..........Widder
  5. Levering the 1st round and watching it fly out of the port is not a fool-proof indication that it was in the chamber. Something to think about before handing out SDQ because you 'thought' that 1st round was in the chamber. ..........Widder
  6. And the other 35% don't know which half..... ..........Widder
  7. Speaking of Tripe, here is a true story: The Bunkhouse Boss always likes to try new and different foods at various restaurants. We were at one of our favorite Mex places and she ask the one of the waiters for a recommendation, as she always liked something new. Waiter sez: Try our Tripe soup. Of course, he used a spanish name for it, which I don't remember. When he delivered that bowl of soup, it smelled AWEFUL. I mean, the word YUCK don't even do it justice. She said: What is this smelly stuff? I said: Cow stomach. I thought she was gonna gag and throw up. Needless to say..... she didn't eat the soup..... ..........Widder
  8. Maybe rich means having a good bankruptcy lawyer..... (just jokin) ..........Widder
  9. I got it Allie. Thanks.... Christmas card with well wishes will be in the mail tomorrow. ..........Widder
  10. Ya know, I've eaten and enjoy ALL kinds of foods from Steaks, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Asian, etc..... And I really enjoy Mexican. Tonight, while eating some Mexican dish, I realized that I have NEVER had a Mexican dish that I didn't really enjoy. I can't say that about all the other foods. Tonight, my 'steak' Fajita is great. Locally, they extra sautee and fry my onions, green peppers and tomatoes. Along with either Steak, Shrimp, or Chicken. I like the tomatoes much better than red peppers. Now you know the secret to my success in life......... ..........Widder
  11. Hey Allie, for those of us who might be interested, can you PM us (me) her real name and address. I think an abundance of Get Well and Christmas greetings might help cheer her up and let her know we bid her well with our Prayers and well wishes. Thanks ..........Widder (you also have my email)
  12. Probably at a Chippendale's audition..... P.S. - not all strippers are female! ..........Widder
  13. In my opinion, its bad Mo-Jo, and here is why. I have seen dozens of 'No -Fires' on the 1st hammer strike because of high primers. 2nd hammer strike or sudden bump and 'BLAM' goes the round. Now, some of you who don't believe me just load some ammo up with a high primer, stick it in your chamber, cock the hammer and pull the trigger. Then share with all of us the results. Dropping the hammer and getting no results IS NOT an indication that the chamber is empty. Sorry fellers, that just how it is. EDIT: I was never crazy about the SDQ penalty for this infraction. But to 'test' or check a firearm to see if the chamber is empty or not by dropping the hammer ain't exactly a sure fire test process. ..........Widder
  14. "What is RICH"? interesting topic with various meanings to many folks. During certain times of each month, I feel rich if I have a few bucks remaining from my monthly budget. Last month, I bought me a new ATV (Yamaha Kodiak) and felt rich because I could afford to finance it. My credit was good enough for that. Hopefully, I'll find myself rich enough to put gas in it and haul it around to some local mountainous trails. Some folks are rich in wisdom or intelligence. Some are rich in family and love ones. Some are rich with a good friend or two. Some are rich with a good talent, such as singing or playing a musical instrument. Even in our game of CAS, some are rich with good eye sight and good abilities to shoot well. Sometimes, being rich isn't necessarily having lots of money or possessing a material item but rather rich in the absence of 'things' in life, such as bad health issues or enemies. Its kinda like 'Peace'. Peace isn't necessarily the absence of conflict or war. Peace can be found in ones Faith, Hope and Love. ..........Widder
  15. Thanks for the info, GJ. Looks like 'they' copied my idea..... ..........Widder
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