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  1. Wear safety glasses. ..........Widder
  2. Although it is solemn information, thanks for posting. I had not seen that before. Lets not forget those whose name is not on the Wall, who died a long and often suffering death from agent orange cancers. ..........Widder
  3. Don't forget 'Buck Teeth'. Those should be pronounced correctly. ..........Widder
  4. Birdgun, If you had 'hummingbird' thumbs, you could have avoided that bite..... ..........Widder
  5. Primer powered WAX bullets (no powder) in a cartridge pistol will zip that wax bullet out of the barrel faster than you can see it. Seriously. And the wax will disintegrate if you shoot it at bricks. I figured the same effect would occur with C&B pistols. RUBBER bullets will just about give the same performance, although from my personal experience, the wax bullets were more accurate within their effective ranges....... which would be 'close'. I never had a wax bullet recochet..... but I have a rubber bullet. If you decide to shoot these in a cartridge pistol, better performance is obtained by drilling open the flash hole. This will also help keep the primers from 'backing out' and making it difficult for your cylinder to rotate. On a side note: TOP BRASS use to make .45 brass that will use shotgun primers to power wax bullets. These things will amaze you........ and can be devastating on rats, pigeons, etc..... but they don't work very well on T-Rex or Sabre Tooth Tigers. Another interesting detail: Using the SHOT GUN PRIMERS only (no projectile) can also be devastating on a wasp nest at close range. The flame (or sparks) will singe the wings of the wasp and they normally fall to the ground unable to fly off. The concussion of the blast can also disorientate them. BUT..... be prepared with 2 revolvers, one in each hand, and shoot fast. ..........Widder
  6. I didn't keep up with all the stuff. BUT, I think it was the falsifying of records that was the big No-No, more so than any money 'donations'. I think other, more deserving and QUALIFIED kids were denied college entrance, etc..... so that some Elitist kid could get a degree of some sort. ..........Widder
  7. BUT..... in the back of your mind, is LINN KELLER the pin name of maybe Utah Bob, or maybe ALPO. Maybe even Father Kit Cool Gun. ? ..........Widder
  8. I'll say it because nobody else will: when a society puts NO VALUE on the unborn child, even up to a couple weeks before birth, then the value of ALL LIFE becomes diminished, worthless and meaningless to many around us. ..........Widder
  9. On the Henry .22, the recess in the bolt face for the rim is roughly .043 When the firing pin if fully pushed forward, it protrudes into that area anywhere from .025 to .035 This allows a 'safety margin' to dry fire from a max of .018 to a minimum of .008 Should you decide to dry fire the Henry, these are the numbers you have to safely dry fire without damage to the firing pin or the chamber face edge. Of the 100+ Henry rifles I have set up, I have yet to see one where the firing pin exceeded the .035 protrusion measurement. ..........Widder
  10. Why would you want to dream about being on a frogs backside? ..........Widder
  11. I hate to hear you're having the Covid stuff. I hope you have a mild case and get well soon. My case lastest a couple days with only minor symptoms. The wife's symptoms lastest nearly 3 weeks So get well soon my friend and if you are able to make it..... SAFE TRAVELS! ..........Widder
  12. Congratulations Slo Jen. YEEHAW! ..........Widder
  13. Well, our wild and crazy DQ maniac has turned into a Crow avenger. He went out and begat hisowndangself a crow (and other varmint) caller. Now he's dusting up crow feathers and crow feet with vengence on what they did to his garden. TN - 1 Crow - zilch (deceased, dead, fini. He now has a new slogan: If you got Crow problems..... 'CAWL ME'! BR-549 ..........Widder
  14. It might be the first time..... but I actually agree with Colorado Coffinmaker..... EDIT: sometimes, this 'Witness mark' can be caused by reloading 'resizing' die if it isn't adjusted properly. ..........Widder
  15. Maybe he should have made it a 'Private' question. ..........Widder
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