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  1. The TN State, hosted by the Wartrace Regulators, was a darn good place to spend a weekend. The match was 1st rate. I got to shoot with Sadelia Dave and Tequila Shooter. And, I got to meet and shoot with Roy’s Creek Dan. He’s a good friend of Red Knee out in Oklahoma. And of course, one of my favorite Cowboys, and proud to call friend..... Max Montana. Thanks to ALL the Wartrace ‘Jack Daniels’ Regulars for help making this ole, cobweb feeling, Cowpolk feel a little younger again. POSSE 13.5 was a blast. ..........Widder
  2. Congrats to a great shooter. ..........Widder
  3. I ain’t never stole a single lollipop. But I have swiped a few Tootsie Rolls from the Halloween monsters and a few kids at Sunday School..... Besides, they ain’t suppose to be eating in church..... For the record, I’m on a borrowed computer because mine went down last week. So forgive my late and brief replies. THANKS EVERYONE. I was surprised and deeply honored. ..........Widder
  4. This is heartbreaking news. I’ve always liked AM even though we have never met. I’ll ask the Good Lord to help get you back healthy and guide the Docs as they give you the right treatments. Love ya Allie. ..........Widder
  5. That’s funny. You,ve learned about Curly Bill and his 97 work..... We had a great SG class. Probably about 40+ Folks attended. And, LEFTY did a great job. He,s a good speaker. My computer died on me last week and I gotta Do lots of back reading and see how much degredation has been put on innocent me... more later ..........Widder
  6. Yea, I corrected my mistake..... ..........Widder
  7. A friend just told me that Smith & Wesson plans to move its Springfield, Mass facility to my home town..... Maryville, TN. Anyone know more about this? ..........Widder
  8. As for the 'good range' of IAC 97's, the 06 thru 09 range are considered good. If an IAC has a prefix of CB, its considered my many to be the best. I have some 03 and 04 series IAC's that have served me well for years and years. I have a couple 09 series that are also very good. And of course, my CB models are my favorites for competition..... but my 03 and 04 series are my 'Speed' favorites. Any series can have exceptional shotguns and any can have lemons. With an 08 series, your odds are favorable that its a good 97. Has anyone worked on it or modified it? ..........Widder
  9. TN can't even get a simple story right. It was a BIKINI Volleyball GAME. The local female college volleyball team was playing the local Hooters Volleyball team. Hooters: 2 College girls: 0 ..........Widder
  10. Yea Capt, You can take him alright. Right down to the local DQ. Matter of fact, though he is a MOPAR MAN of Murfreesboro (MMM), he still might take a ride in the hot red Camero, but only for some refreshing ice cream. He'll even let you buy! ..........Widder
  11. TN knows this is true..... I hurt my right hand a week ago and it ain't healing very fast, particularly my right index finger. He knows my right hand pistol shooting is in 'slow motion' at this time and I hope to be able to function it well enough to minimize my misses. Regardless, my NEW shooting glasses seem to be real nice and may help me. As for TN and his good health, according to him, I'm actually feeling sorry for his competition and Capt BB. TN sez he's bringing more than just a few HooDoo dolls, etc..... He's bringin a 6-pack of "TN DOG WHOOPIN". The ole boy is gonna be unbearable that weekend. ..........Widder
  12. After a couple Nanner Splits, he can horizontally challenged also. Anyhow, all this 'picking on TW' is Capt BB's fault. He's instigated the whole thang. I, like many others, have kept quiet and tried to keep the waters calm. Why would nice folks like us (Slim, IMIS, Tyrel, Tequila, Dave, and myself) want to pick on little folks like TW. ..........Widder
  13. YES, I dry fire my CAS firearms without a worry in this world doing it. My .22 rimfire firearms are not CAS firearms. ..........Widder
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