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  1. Marshal, The serial number is 020 3172, I'm not sure what that makes the year it was manufactured. IAC Billerica MA on right side of barrel. I hope this helps.
  2. I have a very good 97 Norinco 12 ga pump for sale asking $750 plus shipping. PW
  3. Thanks great doing business with you, enjoy.
  4. Yes, thanks for the info guys!!
  5. Anyone ever buy from Primo Reloading, are they a trustworthy company?
  6. I received paperwork from your FFL for address, I sent pistols the next day. I sent a tracking number and copy of the receipt to the phone number you sent me on Friday at 11:38 am. UPS said they would arrive to your FFL on Thursday. PW
  7. Congratulations, I'd like to thank you for all of your Youtube content also great work!!
  8. I am looking for a SKB 100 0r 200, hoping someone has a back up or a safe queen they want to sell. Thanks
  9. I have two sets of Cimarron Pistoleros for sale, One set is 357 and the other is 45lc. They are completely stock , they have one match on each set of guns. I would like $800 for each set plus shipping to your FFL. PW
  10. Brownells has CCI small pistols primers in stock now.
  11. Thanks for the info, just what I needed.
  12. I'm looking to send out my back up 97 to get slicked up, who is the best 97 gunsmith to send this to?
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