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  1. I have a Winchester 97 E series takedown 24” barrel 12ga. $595 shipped to your FFL I also have a blued Winchester/Miroku 73 357 short rifle $1069 plus shipping to your FFL
  2. Do tell, none of my wholesalers had them yet. They were just announced yesterday.
  3. Jim, There is one on the Ruger forum classifieds for $650 shipped, not mine just trying to help.
  4. I like APP. Fill to where bullet touches the powder.
  5. Great tool. I got one as a gift several years ago it’s in my travel tool box.
  6. I have amber for cloudy days, and gray for sunny days.
  7. I won’t sell a Ruger with the transfer bar removed. Too much liability.
  8. You guys really shot well Saturday. I need to step it up.
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