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  1. I can get you a new set for $1399 shipped to CA FFL.
  2. It this interfering with function? If not I wouldn’t worry about it.
  3. MH, pm me your email I’ll send a bunch of pics. I don’t know weight of wool.
  4. SPF Closet clean out, worn 3 times. top quality wool Black Watch tartan, pleated kilt, size 42” with 23” drop. You also get embossed leather sporran with sporran chain & belt. Scottish Dirk & Sgian Dubh set, Masonic Kilt pin, and Black Watch sock tabs. $219 shipped USPS Priority Mail.
  5. I’d be interested if Caboose passes.
  6. I don’t ride anymore so someone could put this to use. Black leather XXL with inner pockets with built in holster on each side. $59 shipped PayPal ok.
  7. Nope, don’t own one, and never needed one. So you really think a company could stay in business making a product and selling it for half what it cost to make? No you’re just kidding me. Of course we know government doesn’t have to play by the rules of business.
  8. There are plenty in circulation already. Just don’t make any more. All they do is sit in change bowls. If you think spend 1.8 cents to make a penny and 9.4 to make a nickel is just a drop in the bucket don’t ever go into business
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