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  1. Does anyone know if Surly Dave is still around. Just got a pair of Vaqueros with his alias on them.
  2. Can you show a pic of the 18” barrels with tape measure. A hair less gets you 10 years in the stone hotel
  3. I’d bet more folks die each year on the golf course that at all the SASS matches since inception.
  4. New Vaquero’s are now available for this price. Ruger has started their New Vaquero line back up and prices on used are dropping fast. I tried to tell folks to get while the getting was good, only a few listened.
  5. As I remember it a shooter was filmed shooting while walking forward, one for was always planted. The rule was clarified and you can’t do that anymore.
  6. I’m cleaning up the loading room. I have 15lbs of once fired Speer .223 Remington nickel cases. This is police range pick up on qualification day. 13.6lb is 1000 from what I research so 15lb should be well over 1000, I’m not counting it. $165 shipped USPS priority mail flat rate box. PayPal friends and family preferred but I’ll take USPS money orders, and checks. First I’ll take em gets em.
  7. Get the insurance. Ship with the stock removed. If you box is dropped the tang will get shoved into the stock and crack it. I’ve had to replace 3 over the years the stocks are very hard to find.
  8. So New Vaquero? Ruger really muddied the waters as some have used the term New Model. They never used that with the Vaquero line. They chose Vaquero and New Vaquero. They never named one a New Model Vaquero. Though you will see that on other Rugers.
  9. Not sure what you are looking for. Do you mean New Vaquero or original large frame Vaquero?
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