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  1. Some Wolff springs and use will smooth it right out.
  2. Did they include the spring, plunger and pin. I’ve been seeing stripped hammers being offered by Brownells and Midway.
  3. I just listed a pair on the Merchant Corner. $1199 plus $25 shipping to your FFL
  4. I have one, actually two if you want a spare. Email me at barleycornoutfitters@gmail.com
  5. 2 blued Super Blackhawk hammers. I found these while cleaning up. Very hard to find blued as Ruger doesn’t make them anymore. These are the lower, wider spur hammers that drop right in to Vaqueros and New Vaqueros. $175 shipped. I’ll also accept 2 stainless SBH hammers and $110
  6. SASS is still a for profit company, unless something changed since December of 2018 Misty Miller December 7 at 9:11 AM John, et al: James Scott Love emailed me about this last night and I went in and “fixed” the FB designation. We have no clue how that designation was added- or when. FB got it wrong. SASS has not converted to a nonprofit. Should you have questions like this again in the future- please just shoot me an email or give me a call at SASS HQ. I wouldn’t have seen this post to be able to provide you with an answer in a timely manner. Thanks!
  7. That’s a 4 5/8” barrel. Notice the ejector rod housing it’s about the same length as the barrel.
  8. I called the Birdsheads were sold. They were Single Six not Vaqueros. Still a very good deal!
  9. My number were off. I found this. Member Stats (as of 8.25.2015) Membership Type- Description- Total # Annual – Active Annual, renewing annually members: 19867 Corporate- Corporate members:7 Endowment- Non- renewable, no revenue impact:97 Life- Non-renewable, no revenue impact: 7568 Patron- Non- renewable, no revenue impact: 53 Military- Membership “on hold” while on deployment: 9 Inactive- Inactive members: 67750 Invalid- SASS #’s marked as invalid; skipped #’s that were not issued:41 None- “None” is a classification for members who do not want to be contacted by SASS:3328 Deceased- Deceased SASS members (upon notification to SASS HQ, the members profile type is marked as deceased:1768 Unknown- Variance in un-issued SASS numbers:2722
  10. Misty posted something a while ago should be in the archives
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