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  1. I’ll explain, crackheads stuff Choreboy in a metal or glass pipe to stop the crack from getting sucked up the pipe when they inhaled. The favorite pipe was to snap off a car antenna and stuff Choreboy in one end and wala crack pipe. If you saw Choreboy in a car during a traffic stop you had a good chance you had stopped a crackhead.
  2. Choreboy was the filter choice of crackheads in the 90’s.
  3. We will be looking into FMLA. The infusions are every three months and she’s only down a few days after. So I’ve just used sick days and nothing was said. But now that I’ve had a few illnesses of my own the days to help Beth are now an abuse because I’m not “sick”
  4. Yep, I was fully vested at 12 years and can take a reduced pension starting at 20 years. With a year and a half to go to hit my 25 year mark and full pension I’ll hang til then. He’s retiring in 2024 so I might hang on and see what change of leadership brings. The terrific health insurance we have is the only reason I would stay. Beth’s Chemo infusions are fully paid.
  5. I have a stock IAC 87 it’s an 06 prefix $785 plus shipping
  6. Nah, there is no law governing our sick time use. Luckily we have a contract and the FOP. Any face to face with this man is useless as he is never wrong.
  7. It’s a small department of 21 officers including the chief and captain and 3 detectives. I emailed a reply since it was Friday night when I got the email after he has left for the day. Yes, he sent me a spread sheet of all the time I used. I gave explanation for all the used days. Anything over two in a row requires a doctors excuse which I always turn in. He knows about majority of the time used. I guess the discouraging thing is the lack of concern and jumping right into the sick time abuse accusation, adding that future sick time will be closely monitored.
  8. Pretty upset tonight. After 23 1/2 years of useing just a handful of sick days per year. I get an email from the chief that I’m abusing sick time, and that future use of sick time will be closely monitored. I’ve had several illnesses this year including kidney stones requiring surgery, bad reaction to second Covid vaccine, then contracting Covid, and some oral surgery. This year I have used 29 sick days. Four of those sick days were to take care of my wife after Chemo infusions. I’m so discouraged.
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