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  1. SASS Leadership is going to be at the Great Outdoor show next week.
  2. I got a blued one Frio, it’s yours. A Pard helped me out last week and it’s my turn to pay it forward.
  3. SPF 2 pair of Joe Perkins Outlaw Grips for Ruger Bisley’s. Handsome Buckeye Burl. These are thin gunfighter style. $349 shipped.
  4. SPF Winchester 1897 12ga 30” full choke barrel. It does have some pitting. Perfect for cutting down. $99 shipped.
  5. Used are still out there. Rugers are tanks, don’t be afraid to buy a nice used set. I don’t think they sold a lot of the Bisley’s so it’s probably very low on their list.
  6. Correct. They shut down the New Vaquero line during Covid and New Vaquero are just now starting to trickle out. The Bisley’s are nowhere to be found.
  7. The New Vaquero Bisley only come in stainless and 5.5” barrels. I don’t think Ruger has made them in years.
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