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  1. I have two for sale in the SASS Merchant Corner section of the SASS Forum
  2. Dennis Yoder rig $299 plus shipping 38” to center hole.
  3. I’m talking to all the Cowboys who said they would never own one or have any use for one.
  4. Have your pediatrist write a letter requesting that you be allowed to wear a athletic shoe. SASS has no problem accommodating a medical condition
  5. SOLD 2 sets of like new Eagle Grips New Vaquero Bisley thin Gunfighter $209 plus $8 Priority Mail secure flat rate box. These are $129 each plus shipping new, save over $50 First I’ll take em gets em. Paypal friends and family preferred.
  6. I got an unmolested SKB 100 12ga for $1175 plus shipping
  7. Michael112 Responded to my ad I’m looking for a Ruger MPR of course his friend Carter Klaus had one. A quick internet check he’s been on other gun forums scamming. Wanted Zelle payment didn’t even want a FFL. total scam
  8. Michael112 Carter Klaus is a scammer carterklaus420@gmail.com
  9. Well I had no luck copying and pasting. Help
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