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  1. Ya'll don't forget; if you get your entry postmarked before February 1st, you get a $10 discount. We'll pass a good time fo' sho'! Possum
  2. All of ya'lls helpful advice is sincerely appreciated. He's been monitoring this post, so hopefully has seen something he hadn't checked yet. Just for the record, he's a pretty good gun mechanic and the professional he had put in extractor is a very good one, but apparently we were still missing something.
  3. A pard asked me this question today and I didn't know the correct answer, but I know some of ya'll will. Shooter's hand book says: Sights must look like sights available during the cowboy era—bead, blade, simple post, or otherwise approved front sights (such as the XS Cowboy Express) made of materials such as steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver are allowed. So, my question is if white plastic can be used as faux ivory? Isn't that what faux ivory is? Thanks, Possum
  4. A friend has a '73 in 45 LC that keeps breaking extractors. (5 in the last year.) He's put in most, but had the last one done by a professional and it broke this morning. I'd say it lasted about 2 months. Suggestions? Thanks, Possum
  5. Jim, We'd absolutely love to have you! If you don't enjoy our match, I will personally give you your money back.
  6. Look forward to seeing you guys! Our website has been up and down (they say they are working on it), so if at first it doesn't work, try again a few minutes later and hopefully it will come up. Possum
  7. Jim, I heard the same thing, except I was told (by an unspecified source) that she was going to work at Fox.
  8. Cookie Baker has volunteered her services for our lunches, again, so you know they will be great!
  9. So, seriously, how many grains do you think SHOULD be the minimum amount of FFg?
  10. I love Nevada's starting in middle. However, a few years ago, for our annual, I had that exact scenarios instruction. Had about 15% P's. Decided I'd never use it again. Then, a year or so ago, I waqs reading the WR scenarios and VIOLA! there it was. Looking at scores, there was no overage of P's on it either, so go figure. No. I didn't have other things going on to make the scenario complicated... Such is the life of a scenario writer.
  11. Graf and sons, also, is a good place to get BP.
  12. Hugely deserved! Magnificently congratulations, Deadhead!
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