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  1. Kirk James, So if a .22 shooter doesn't have to knockdown knockdown targets, you are ok with them still winning overall? For the record, I'm not for letting adults shoot 22's without the RW rule for annuals. Otherwise, I'm fine with it, especially until the reloading component shortage is past.
  2. How are ya'll handling knockdowns in .22 category at your matches?
  3. Marshal, I use FFFg or sometimes FFg, but only about 40 grains. I will not run black powder through my powder measure, but scoop instead. Also, I don't use cards, I use plastic wads. WAA12F114 to be precise and 1 oz. shot. Good luck with it and ENJOY! Possum
  4. That sounds good, Rusty. That is good with him. Thank you
  5. I have a friend that has 1000 LRP he doesn't need, but he needs SPP. I doubt he wants to ship, however I will be at the Arkansas State Championship and Landrun and could make the swap there. Possum
  6. Like I said, running shorter ammo is not a big deal, I just wanted to know if this is a common problem and if so how to fix it. I’ve always been a proponent of feeding a rifle what it wants, but this is a rifle I sold to a friend and want to make sure it’s right.
  7. Here’s a picture of the round with lifter block all the way down so you can see how the cartridge is canted slightly and one where the bullet catches.
  8. GJ, I was talking about the hole the cartridge feeds into the breech through. I will post some pics in a few minutes.
  9. So, I have here a Uberti '73 in 45 Colt that won't feed 1.60" cartridges, yet will feed 1.575" ammo fine. The cartridges feed in at a slight angle and that makes them longer than the 1.604" receiver. The nose of the bullet hangs up on the feed opening. Has anyone else run into this and if so did you find a solution? And, yes, I know I can just use the shorter ammo, just would like it to run any normal 45 colt. Thank you, Possum
  10. I appreciate your cogent response and I agree with you on most of it. I just don't want us to make changes that in the end we regret, but can't at that point reverse. I know you feel the same in that regard. Possum
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