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  1. Bayou Blast is coming up quickly. We still have about 20 spots open. If you were wanting to come please get your entry in soon. Possum
  2. OFGC! One FINE Gun Cart! Incredible workmanship, Yul!
  3. Considering that the vast majority of household receptacles are 15 amp, I can't see your casefeeder taking over 10 amps or using more than 120 watts.
  4. I wasn't the TO, but after I yelled SQUIB and the TO said whatever he said, the shooter did stop and lay the gun down.
  5. Thank you all. That was also my interpretation.
  6. Yesterday, we had a fairly new shooter who while shooting pistol had his first round go "pop". Since it was obvious it was only the primer I yelled, "SQUIB!" and he set his gun done. Upon further investigation, after he was done with the stage, we found that the round in question had had the primer inserted sideways. When the firing pin struck it it went BANG, but didn't set off any powder and the bullet didn't move in the case. So my question is: should the shooter in this case be offered a reshoot as it would have been perfectly safe for him to continue the stage? Possum
  7. As with many others, Snake-Oil George did a fantastic job on mine. My advice is if you are shooting 44's or 45's go with 5.5". If 38's go 4.5-5" depending on what you have and how you want them to feel. The octagon barrel is somewhat heavier than the round barrel and adds weight up front. I went with 5.5" barrels and wouldn't dream of ever going back. If you follow my advice and it doesn't work, you did something wrong. Possum
  8. I don’t feel like the strato-sheen gets my BP brass clean enough inside, so use the pins for that brass only. Otherwise, the strato-sheen works great.
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