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  1. I find the Dillon dies to be the smoothest in my 650
  2. Avoid cheap leather holsters. You might as well just keep your pistol(s) in a bag like Mattie in True Grit.
  3. Our prayers are going out for a great man. We love ya', T-Bone.
  4. Over wood is what I've always heard.
  5. click on messages icon. Go to inbox. Click the box by each message you want to delete. A note will pop up at bottom with the option to delete them.
  6. Here's how I make mine: De-prime hull. Put a wad in (any wad will do). Fill it as high as you need to with rice to get a good crimp. Crimp. Push 6mm O-Ring stock into primer hole as far as possible (which will be to the bottom of the wad) and trim flush. I like O-ring a lot better than hot-glue or silicone as it is stiffer and lasts for thousands of firing pin hits. If I give you advice and it doesn't work, you did something wrong. Possum
  7. First of all, which chant are you using while cleaning? Pro tip: empty your bladder before beginning. Next, open your beer BEFORE starting the cleaning process. If using Ballistol, wait until wife leaves house if doing it inside. WARNING: clean her toothbrush REALLY good before putting it back in bathroom. Don't listen to the guys that tell you to always function fire your guns after taking apart/cleaning. I actually like weasel piss better than moose milk(equal parts alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, murphy's oil soap) for cleaning, but still use Ballistol for lube/protection. The air compressor is helpful. If I give you advice and it doesn't work, you did something wrong. Possum
  8. We've NEVER has this kind of response. In fact, to my knowledge, we've never gotten an email back asking ANY questions. I think our shooters know if they have a question, it will be answered at the match. All of our shooters seem to appreciate it and many of them print out their own copy to bring to the match just to be able to read along. Sadly, I think your second sentence says a lot.
  9. Got my pistols scratched on. I am VERY happy with the results! This was done by one of our local shooters who used to be a tattoo artist, but turned to engraving a couple years ago. If you're interested search on FaceBook for Smokewagon Engraving.
  10. I find this hilarious! Because I consistently see the scenario writer get more P's than anyone else. And this most certainly includes me when I write them. Possum
  11. We nearly always email our shooters the scenarios for our monthlies. It seems to be well received and brings in a few more shooters. I'm with Creeker; if your shooters get confused by getting the scenario early, it's the writer's fault. Possum
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