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  1. Saddened to hear this. He was always a pleasure to be around. RIP, T-Star
  2. 550 is great. 750 is great. I don’t like the case feeder on the 550, as it crowds it up too much, but love it on my 650.
  3. Matthew, glad her eyesight is returning. Must have popped her pretty good!
  4. Just a reminder why we wear safety glasses: This past Saturday while timing for a shooter, a significant portion of his bullet came back and hit my prescription safety glasses so hard it knocked the lens out. The screw was nowhere to be found, but the glasses were repairable without any permanent damage. My soft tissue wouldn’t have fared as well.
  5. I mis-remembered about the book. It wasn’t Doc that wrote it, it was Bounty Hunter.
  6. He is a former world champ. He wrote a book on CAS. He sold SG targets. Been a long time since he shot CAS.
  7. I remember hearing of a man practicing gunfighter at a range in Florida who ended up shooting himself in the liver and died. I remember hearing of the young man grazing himself at the LT. I've been witness to a shooter who had a pistol blow up and had to go get fixed up, but his was not bad. However, that's in 18 years of being in this sport. Overall, I'd say it is VERY safe. Possum
  8. Well, it was mostly just smoke and air, but it’s cheap.
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