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  1. Darkness Falls Dark Day on the Santa Fe Comin at Cha These are the only matches I'm certain I can commit to that meet the stated criteria.
  2. My preference is one stage per bay. HOWEVER, if we were having to set and tear down steel for every match, I'm sure I'd prefer 2 (or more) stages per bay. As ssaid, with just a LITTLE bit of effort and a TINY bit of imagination, shooting 2 different scenarios on the same bay should be no problem. This seems to be a regional thing, because I've been shooting for 16 years now and have travelled to several different states and other than Mule Camp, I've never shot at any club that had to set steel before matches. I guess we're just extremely lucky down here.
  3. Eyesa, I've used both and they are perfectly interchangeable for what we do. Possum
  4. That sounds good to me. I think rifle has become something of a joke the last decade.
  5. Smoken D, Please know what y'all are doing is very much appreciated! We are blessed with what we need, but many, many people are not. Possum
  6. Thank you all for your concern. As far as I know, everyone survived the Laura. However, it's not good. EVERYONE had damage of some sort to their house and property. Tress down EVERYWHERE. We live about 150 miles north of the coast and it hit us as a cat. 4. Winds clocked at Fort Polk airport at 154 mph. I'm not complaining, however, as we have food, water, shelter, a good generator with plenty of fuel available, window units for A/C and plenty of love. My local range in Lake Charles, Muskeeta Flats, did not survive the storm. Not sure how many of you saw the pictured on FB, but it's just destroyed. We will rebuild. Possum
  7. I was reading this and thought, "That is exactly how our club does it!". Then I looked at the poster and what do you know... it is our club president.
  8. I sent my locks to Steve Young at stevesgunz.com and he made new, music wire springs for mine.
  9. These days, I'm only shooting around 4000 rounds of 38 a year. So I consider a sleeve (5k) a year's supply.
  10. I see good in most everybody, but still contend that cowboy action shooters are the best of the best. Maybe I'm not realistic about this, but I don't care. It is my perception. I strive to be better because I perceive I'm around better people. Wasn't trying to disrespect you, I meant it takes the negatives and the positives and all the middle stuff too. But none of this has to do with the OP, so let's move on. My apologies to the original poster. Possum
  11. Of course it's perception! However, sometimes perception is reality. You live in yours. I live in mine. We are all the center of our own universe. I just CHOOSE to look for more positive stuff, while you look for more negative stuff. They say it takes all kinds.
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