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  1. I'm with you Hoss. I firmly believe the price will come back down. Won't be where it was, but probably 30% higher than before.
  2. Punch out primer. Push wad (any) in as far as it will go. Fill to crimp line with dry rice. Crimp. Then push o-ring stock (6mm as SD said) in as far as it will go and trim off with razor. O-ring stock is much stiffer than RTV and is very resilient. The light, but correctly crimped shells give you excellent practice for grabbing and loading, but are also light enough to give good practice at shucking.
  3. Well, you CAN turn them over... Or just shoot the other direction.
  4. Well, I for one feel stupid. I should have went YEARS ago! Outstanding match!
  5. It is funny that we argued against Rank point scoring because penalties weren't the same for all shooters. As in a fast shooter could have a miss and still get only one rank point. And now we can argue the same for total time. (kinda) Because, a miss for a fast shooter can be a much greater percentage of stage time than it is for a slow shooter.
  6. When I agree with you and when I don't, I like the way you make arguments, Creeker.
  7. Creeker, I'm not saying I don't like some bigger and closer targets mixed in. And I admit, our targets are mostly considerably bigger than 16x16, so that may skew my perception. However, I think rifle targets at a lot of matches have become kind of a joke.
  8. And for what it's worth, I prefer pistol targets at 5-6 yds and rifle at 10-25 yds.
  9. The hardest I've ever been hit with splatter was a 45 slug coming back from a rifle target that was set at about 25 yards. Hit me right in the temple and literally nearly knocked me out. Target condition, position and stand make ALL the difference.
  10. I sure wish it wasn’t a 20 hour drive to get to this match, because it sounds like a FANTASTIC match! I love the scenarios and think the drawing tickets are a great idea.
  11. Cleared cookies this morning and tried again. Not happening. Doesn't matter anymore, except for curiousity's sake.
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