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  1. You could learn to do SO many things incorrectly and then have to unlearn them to improve. Proper practice is critical and most of that can be done dry-firing. NOT all, but most.
  2. I had a posse at CAC once, that while it looked like an excellent posse on paper, turned out to be a nightmare. On our first stage, NOBODY would go to the loading table until I threatened to make it shoot in order. Even then, the “great” shooters I had wouldn’t help with posse chores, because they were too busy trying to game the stages. it was the shooters from my local clubs who stepped up and saved the day. I have shot “in order” before and they shifted first to last every stage. I didn’t really care for it, but it wasn’t intolerable.
  3. If you REALLY want to flaunt your wealth, you could buy it and use it for CAS.
  4. While I agree that we are in the entertainment business, I don't believe CAS should only be about how fast you can manipulate your guns. As a shooting sport, I think the ability to use your sights should, also, be a required skill. Now, before y'all excoriate me, understand I'm not for small and distant targets. However, I think we have progressed a little too far toward "we want EVERYBODY to have a clean match". Isn't that what's happened to our education system we so lament? Let's dumb it down until even the densest child can pass, even though that means the brighter ones wil
  5. Another factor effecting price hikes in the ongoing devaluation of the dollar. This was greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 boondoggle.
  6. FLR, That doesn’t always apply. The timer could have missed the 11th shot or 13th, 14th and 15th shots. Doesn’t mean it DIDN’T record LAST shot.
  7. As stated, the time recorded for the shooter was incorrect. There is no provision to adjust that, so even though it negates the earned penalty, the ONLY correct solution is a reshoot.
  8. Kendall, Sorry to hear you won't be able to play with us. I hope you all the best. Possum
  9. Beans, congratulations on winning the shotgun. This is a very nice thank you note and I'll make sure Hellbender sees it. We are indeed lucky to have Hellbender as president. Possum
  10. We nearly always email upcoming scenarios to our shooters a few days to a week ahead of time. As already stated, no downside I’ve ever heard of. Another upside is; I think we garner more interest in the match and get a shooter or two who might have forgot about the upcoming match or just think the scenarios look fun.
  11. My suggestion is to call C&I for their advice.
  12. Some of that increase is the devaluation of the dollar. Some is simply supply and demand. I think as they become more available the price will come down more, but not to where it was before.
  13. To give the shooter a choice, as I said. If said shooter wants to challenge himself - shoot knockdown plates... if not, engage stationary targets. Choice & variety would be the short answer.
  14. And it doesn't have to be a dump. Could be 3 target Nevada, etc., that was just an example.
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