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  1. I remember hearing of a man practicing gunfighter at a range in Florida who ended up shooting himself in the liver and died. I remember hearing of the young man grazing himself at the LT. I've been witness to a shooter who had a pistol blow up and had to go get fixed up, but his was not bad. However, that's in 18 years of being in this sport. Overall, I'd say it is VERY safe. Possum
  2. Well, it was mostly just smoke and air, but it’s cheap.
  3. I have an old 4 lbs jug of used Titegroup I’d sell cheap.
  4. Welcome, Slewfoot. I hope they get you figured out and fixed up really soon.
  5. Still available. $649 for GMM. Delivery included.
  6. I had mine done and really like them. One thing to keep in mind is that the octagon barrels are a little heavier so if you want the same balance go an inch or so shorter.
  7. Jack, I can't answer that as I was not TG at the time TS, That's a shame as that's never a good answer.
  8. That’s exactly what was done at the SW Regional.
  9. I use the pins for the cases I’ve used for BP. Smokeless cases get Dawn, Lemi-shine and Stratosheen. Works for me.
  10. I can’t answer that, Jack, as I was not yet a TG. However, the ones discussing it were very sure of what they voted on and we’re unhappy that the rule was not exactly what they had approved.
  11. This was discussed at the SW Regional at some length. What we were told was that what was voted on was the shooter had until a gun was fired to correct it. What went into effect was until you removed your hand.
  12. What was put into the rule book by the ROC, regarding leaving the table with a cocked rifle, was not what was voted on by the TG’s. And it should have been long guns, not just rifle.
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