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  1. I know Dillon has a very limited warranty on anything electronic and I've had this tumbler for about 14 years. I will call them tomorrow anyway. Thanks, Possum
  2. As NULL said, apparently Dillon does NOT offer a replacement motor. However, I thought PERHAPS someone had found a source for a replacement motor.
  3. My Dillon tumbler's motor crapped out on me and I haven't yet found a replacement. It is Emerson part #17391, model K33ZZDDC-1329, 115 volt, RPM 3400, 1/20 HP. Anybody know where I can get a replacement? Thanks, Possum
  4. That was the first book I bought about CAS and found it to be very helpful. I, have since, loaned it out to multiple new shooters.
  5. I accidentally added an extra o. Should be shot a total of 10 shots. There were 11 bangs.
  6. I pretty sure the one before it wasn't a squib. And I tend to lean toward Happy Jack's Answer. But, of course, we'll never know for sure. Thank you all for your knowledge. Was just a weird incident that I had never heard.
  7. Nope, not this time. First bang was MUCH too loud to be primer only.
  8. I figured with a hang-fire, the first bang would be very muted, like a squib? This sounded like 2 regular shots,,,
  9. Yesterday, had a shooter shooting rifle, shot about 4 shots, then the next one the sound was Bang-Bang. Two distinct cracks about .1-.2 seconds apart. Second might have been slightly sharper. Shoot a total of 10 shots out of rifle. It was a '73 (if that makes a difference.) Any ideas? My only answer is maybe that shot had a little more powder and it broke sound barrier leaving muzzle, but I've NEVER heard this before.
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