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  1. Since it's a special category, I can't see why it couldn't have it's own round count (Like Cody Dixon rifle instructions).
  2. Then, aggravatingly, somebody else will get them mixed in their brass...
  3. I say give that man a spirit of the game.....award!
  4. I remember giving him a hard time at Fort Parker one year, because we were eating steaks that were so good, he was eating the bottom out of his paper plate. Another good man done gone. RIP, Goody.
  5. Keep on having fun, Widder. You're the fastest rootin', tootin', ice-cream lickin', gunfighter north, east, south or west of the Pecos! And I've seen the video's to prove it!
  6. Tell, I'm certain folks would much rather have Federal LP magnums for $95. Not enough difference between the primers to matter. Thanks for what you're doing!
  7. My congratulations to both! Well-deserved recognition! Possum
  8. Grow thick skin. You will always catch criticism from somebody, especially any time you try something new. Use critics as learning tools. However, if you never try, you’ll never succeed.
  9. ACP, While a single load could do both, the requirements for target shooting (esp. metal plates) and deer hunting are VERY different. I’d strongly suggest developing a separate load for each purpose.
  10. I don't see why not, except it would be about $300 for 25 lbs!
  11. Since you’re wanting to try CDL, I assume you have a club nearby that allows CD, which means there are shooters there engaging in CD and therefore there will likely be shooters using Marlins and shooters using Win 94’s. I’d suggest you talk to them and try their guns before making a purchase.
  12. After discussion with my local shooters, I voted yes to all 3.
  13. This year it opened New Years day. I think it likely they will do the same next year.
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