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  1. Going through a similar process, only with a rifle and 38 special. I have noted that different head stamped brass have different rim thickness. This makes a big difference in firing or not when light hammer strikes is an issue. Thicker rimmed brass is more reliable than thinner for obvious reasons. This relates to head space, the few thousands of an inch tolerance for head space added to the few thousands tolerance of brass rim thickness equals a few thousands too many to fire. Find the thinnest rimmed cases in your collection, load with the hardest primers and when you get 100% reliability, you have the minimum hammer strength required to fire anything.
  2. Not the best video I have seen. The only reason to remove the stock and lower tang is to be able to remove the bolt, and he never removed it. Normal cleaning involves removing the side plates, loosen the lifter and lever springs, remove the links, lifter arm, lever, lifter. Clean all these parts and the inside of the receiver of carbon. You can usually clean the bolt face without removing it. Once a year or so, you should remove the bolt and thoroughly clean it. Light 38s have a lot of blowback leaving carbon on these parts. I use RIGG gun grease on the links and lever, CLP on the bolt and lifter area where the most carbon will build up.
  3. I have only known Branchwater Jack for a few short years shooting at Wartrace TN. He has always impressed me with his knowledge and Spirit of the game. Congratulations, well deserved!
  4. What is more useful that Primers ???
  5. Was wondering when someone would pick up on that LOL. Those are LRP I have had for 5 or 6 years. Useless for CAS.
  6. Not only is this a great meme, she managed to frame the picture perfectly so you can't see all the crap on the benches. To the right of that bottle of solvent are 2 1911s still very dirty.
  7. My wonderful better half (AKA May B Knott) is very creative and loves this time of year (fall). She decided to try meme making and, well here ya go.
  8. My wife shoots a 66 in 38 for CAS. When I got her a 73 in 44-40 for WB she complained about how difficult it was to load. Got one of these and put in on, she is happy now. I liked so much I put one in my 73 also. Only issue I had was needing to bend it a little to increase the tension so it would close under tension of 10 in the mag. Great product.
  9. I just bought a 2020 f150 4x4 with towing package 3.5 ecoboost to tow a 7000 lb Puma. Truck is rated to 11,500 towing capacity so it handles it just fine. I am using it for 2-5 hundred mile trips. If I were to want to tow similar weight 5-6 k miles per trip, I would go with a diesel. Don't matter which gas puller you get, it won't last as well as a diesel. I tow the trailer short distances, park it and run around in the truck. Long road trips, you will be way better with a diesel.
  10. Obviously Alpo doesn't want to search the interwebs himself, so he suckered us into doing it for him. Well played Alpo, well played...
  11. It could. Range capability being the limiting factor. I see a lot of PCC "side" matches offered at large matches.
  12. Looks like fun. The biggest difference I see from CAS is the full use of the left and right limits of the range. CAS rarely has targets not straight downrange from the firing line, even with downrange movement we seldom shoot to the left or right of that movement.
  13. I did try this method but when your gun is real slick like mine is, pressing the carrier down causes the lifter arm to hit the lever, causing the bolt to move forward leaving even less room to insert the shell. Over the top reloading is faster if you can do it reliably. I was never able to find a reliable technique. Over the top I can reload maybe 2 out of 10 attempts without errors, using the loading gate I can reliably load 9 out of 10 times without error.
  14. I shoot 44-40 and have never been able to perfect an over the top reload. I put a 66 style loading gate on my 73s and reload with my left hand, I'm right handed shooter.
  15. We say goodbye to a great Cowboy, friend, and mentor. Rest in Peace Pappa Dave. Ranger Dan May B Knott
  16. I'll bring my new fangled Automatic Colt Pistols and an umbrella. I know, I know, they're just a fad and will never really catch on... but it's the only way I can beat Possum Williams, cuz he don't have one yet.
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