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  1. DPMS type use easily available magazines. Stoner/Armalite only use their proprietary mags.
  2. I retired from Active duty Army in 2003. This past weekend for the first time since, I practiced failure drills (Mozambique some call it) was pleasantly surprised I could still do it in under 2 seconds. Don't mess with the old guys.
  3. I consider myself a pretty decent shot and enjoy a challenging stage with more difficult targets. My better half of 42 years (alias May B Knott) however has poorer eyesight and a lot less training and experience, yet the smile on her face after a clean stage/match is way worth the current standards embraced by the majority of SASS. So yeah, big easy to hit targets make it more fun for everyone, even if you're not that one.
  4. I would add, compliments to the shooter for not dropping the gun and maintaining 170.
  5. I have. Excellent addition to my MEC9000. The wife even mentioned that the shells load easier that before.
  6. You have to loosen the buffer tube to insert the retaining pin, then tighten to hold the pin in under spring pressure. Yes loose parts rattling around will cause problems.
  7. Ranger Dan


    Jus cuz you caint see em, don't mean they aint shiny. I stand by my statement. 44WCF shiny cases even after firing...
  8. Correct. Course that would never happen cuz ya know... rifle not last
  9. Seen this one before and got it wrong... No Call. Totally legal to stage pistols after the course of fire has started and fire other guns.
  10. Click 1 = safety notch. click 2 = bolt releases cylinder. click 3 = bolt locks cylinder. click 4 = hammer locks in sear. I'm not a gunsmith so not sure that 3 and 4 could be timed to happen together. He could have just ground off the safety notch on the hammer, I have heard some do that since no one actually uses it in CAS, and it is unreliable.
  11. I had a similar problem. Ended up being the spring that kicks out the final, finished cartridge. It had a bur on the end and did not fit all the way into the hole, causing it to interfere with the part that pushes the case into station 1.
  12. TN Tombstone is spot on. I have only been to a few "big" matches, this one takes the cake... err a errr ... the chicken. So much fun. So many little details that just made it all come together. Hats off to the NAR crew.
  13. Your understanding is incorrect. The first click on a 4 click is the safety notch. 3 click guns have no safety notch because Uberti put a rod up through the hammer that holds the firing pin forward only when the trigger is pulled. This "retractable" firing pin is the safety feature, hence no safety notch needed. It has been known since the beginning that the safety notch is not "safe" and will break if the pistol is dropped anyway, which is why we only load 5 in a sixgun.
  14. So it's just "I am shipping a gun to this FFL"? Or do you provide the CA DOJ with the make model and serial number of the firearm, as well as the individual who is the end recipient? Thereby providing the CA DOJ with an entry to their "Gun Registry" ???
  15. I do. If you scroll down to the comments, all the "misinformation" is listed with links to ATF. It is much simpler, cheaper and legal to ship it yourself to the buyers FFL. So if I buy a pistol in Arizona from a seller from Montana, he can ship it from Arizona, with me present at the shipping center to my FFL in Tennessee. There is no reason to pay an FFL to ship a gun. Which brings us back to the whole point of this thread, the reason many FFLs will not do business in certain states. California is the perfect example, you must ship from an FFL, private sales are banned, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of their mess. Dealing with the federal laws is difficult enough for many gun dealers, add California or New York's crap is just not worth it. I support any business that refuses to ship to those states.
  16. So much "misinformation" here. I will only address the first one. FTF because we want to see the guns and inspect them, they are used ya know. Seller wants to meet the guy buying cuz he hast to trust the buyer to make payment, usually at the meet, then arrange transfer/shipment to FFL. NOT from FFL.
  17. .277 SIG Fury Demystified - GunsAmerica Digest Good comparison to the 308 and 6.5 creedmore.
  18. I bought the reamer from Brownells and opened the throats in my Ruger old model Vaqueros to .430 and shoot .428/.429 coated bullets. Works great. Currently using 180gr truncated cone flat point bullets and 4.5 gr of Titegroup. Also reamed the forcing cone to 11 degrees. I get no leading.
  19. TN state WB match last year: Stand and deliver starting with pistol single tap 5 pistol targets, next single tap 5 rifle targets twice with the rifle, next repeat the pistol instructions, next engage 6 shotgun KD in any order, and finally, repeat pistol instructions. Juggling the 3 guns on the table with brass and hulls flying all over was just a hoot.
  20. Very few are chambered in Pistol calibers. I have one chambered in 44WCF, it is legal.
  21. Double pistol cases (we need 3 of these) and 3 double rifle cases as posted earlier. Amazon.com : Exos Double Pistol Case (Black) : Sports & Outdoors
  22. Finally an answer that makes total sense! /sarcasm
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