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  1. I load for my son who shoots a Uberti 73 carbine and a pair of NMV in .44 magnum. 200gr badman RNFP bullets over 4.5 gr Titegroup. I use exactly the same load in my 44WCF. Works excellent, no complaints from the Wartrace Regulators.
  2. Had exact issue with mine a couple months ago. Replaced the coil "return" spring fixed it. Your pictures look exactly like mine before replacing. The spring looks kinked.
  3. I have a 226 Legion and the P320XFive Legion. The 226 being double action has the short reset trigger, night sights, better grips and the frame has an additional cut below the trigger guard for the shooting hand 3rd finger. It is very comfortable to shoot. I would classify it as a high quality combat pistol. Tex Jones explained the 320xfive Legion, I'll just add it is my "competition" pistol. It is striker fired single action with no safety.
  4. My .257 Roberts has taken much game. First rifle, given to me by my father. Great flexability with 87g HP for varmits to 120g SP for deer. You got the right gun!
  5. I was watching that, blew my mind that they were so wrong.
  6. To add to TWs Murkiness, if an unfired shotgun round is a miss if you only fire 3 in a 4+ string, all targets hit. Then in the scenario where the flyer is missed by an unfired round (misfire, dud whatever you want to call it), would not the next shot be legal on the makeup target?
  7. The way it has been explained to me is in the Miss Flow Chart the statement "Did the shooter engage the targets in the correct order" should include "With the correct number of rounds". With shotgun KD targets to be engaged in no specific order when all the targets have gone down, you cannot call a miss because they are down. This points to a Procedural.
  8. No, miss can't cause a P... Now if you knocked down all 4 with those 3 rounds, then no miss. P cuz you didn't use the correct number of rounds.
  9. Do you count how many unfired shotgun rounds are in your belt after every stage and count them as misses? Of course not. As PWB points out, rifle and pistols are loaded with a specific number of rounds, you may reload an unfired or jacked out round, not for a missed fired round. Opposite for shotgun, you can reload for a missed fired round, hence the 4+, 4 being the minimum to knock down 4 targets. If you only fire 3 you did not engage with the correct number of rounds to complete the stage.
  10. see TW post above yours. different rules for different firearms.
  11. Sorry, to me misfire=failure to fire=primer did not ignite. Squib=fired=primer ignited=projectile may or may not exit the barrel.
  12. Failure to follow the stage instructions. When the instructions say 4+, you MUST fire 4 shotgun. Note: FIRE 4 shotgun, not engage 4 times. Additional rounds may be fired to makeup misses. Firing 3 would be failure to follow the stage instructions = P.
  13. That was PWBs interpretation, he did not quote a page. I believe it refers to an interpretation of the instructions when shotgun is 4+, ie 4 targets and they can be made up with extra rounds. You must fire the instructed number of rounds before engaging in makeup rounds. In this situation, the shooter engaged the makeup knockdown before engaging the actual target (the flyer) so it could have been a P, but the lesser penalty would be a miss on the flyer and never mind that the makeup was hit. I guess it is similar to 4 KDs close together, you hit 2 with 1 shot so only shoot 3. The instructions say 4+. Not shooting 4 shots would be a P even though all the targets fell.
  14. Ah, what you missed (pun intended) is because no shot was actually fired (it was a misfire) then the flyer was not missed until the 4th round was fired and just "happened" to hit that pesky makeup target which cannot be hit with the 4th round. The proper sequence to maintain a clean stage would have been to shoot the 4th round "where it was" (the flyer) and the 5th round can then be shot at the makeup target. I know, convoluted logic, but that's the rules.
  15. I agree a restart if the shooter could have been stopped before shooting another gun. Given that situation, how would you restart since a round has been levered in the rifle then misfired. Would you have the shooter empty and reload on the line or send them to unload and reload... next shooter ?
  16. I replaced (repaired) a front sight on a Winchester model 94 30-30 using the 380 black max. Also used brownells low temp silver solder to repair the front sight on one of my old model vaquero's. This took a little more practice, as getting the temp right is key. Both turned out fine and have held up after firing.
  17. Following this story closely, I figured he was affiliated with SASS. Prayers.
  18. I have a 2010 GT as my everyday drive. Love it! That said, since I bought it used, I have done much research and in 2011 Ford updated a lot of things i wish I had now. Mainly the v8 engine is 4.6 liters, 2011 is 5.0 liters, also upgraded the front suspension for better handling. If I were lookin to buy now I would like a 2011-2016 GT. Also don't forget about the Shelby GT, I have seen them for under 30k with only 50-60k miles on them. Now there's a midlife crisis car.
  19. Correct, however you still must holster your pistols to avoid penalty, just not on the clock since the last round has been fired.
  20. I'm with Burt on this. SASS default is pistols are holstered at the beginning of a stage and re-holstered after firing. This stage has deviated from SASS default already by staging the pistols on a window sill. Therefore the SASS default to re-holster is no longer in effect. Since the stage directions do not specify what to do with the pistols after firing, the shooter has a choice, restage or holster (not re-holster since they didn't start there).
  21. AND the guy is still alive... just confirms my opinion of 9mm as a self defense round. What good is a 15 round magazine when it takes half a mag to stop one bad guy. Previous shooting involving a LA patrol officer who also happens to be a top ranked competition shooter had to double tap an attacking knife welding perp 3 times to stop him. I hope most LEO are taking note and carrying extra mags.
  22. If you are buying strictly for CAS use, it really doesn't matter. If you plan to use this rifle for hunting, self defense, plinking, I would go with 44 magnum. Simple reason is availability of ammunition. You can go into any gun store in this great country and find 44 magnum ammunition, not so much with 45 colt. Just my 2 cents.
  23. I recently short stroked a "early model" uberti SRC. From your picture it appears to be the same. Yes the links are shorter than current production. Since my rifle will only be used for CAS, I did some careful filing and got the links to fit without having to force the action closed. Works great now.
  24. Did I mention that when I told her I couldn't find any small pistol primers she called her dad and he found 3000 for her. We been married 40 years
  25. So far as I am aware, the 170/180 is the same as Cowboy. 170 is horizontal, 180 vertical. When muzzle clears leather it must be within 180 vertical and immediately transition to downrange. This can be done with a canted holster just like it can be done with a crossdraw.
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