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  1. I purchased one called a competition model. Didn't say it was 1 of a limited number. Feeds 38s fine. Problem I had was ejecting brass. Had it worked on and working fine now.
  2. Another great match. Thanks to all who put this together.
  3. I purchased from Georgia Arms before I started reloading. Good ammo.
  4. Max I will take one of the 5lb jugs of trail boss if still available. I will be at camp site 7 at GA state. Should be there Wednesday afternoon.
  5. May all Jedi have a wonderful day.
  6. I had a great time as well. Loved the stages. They really put a great match together. Looking forward to Southeast Regional.
  7. Will think my ride to the match is here. See y'all in a few hours. Got to catch the train.
  8. Had another great time at Ponderosa Pines. They really put a great match together.
  9. Branchwater great videos. Just wondering if the posse Marshall's be required to read the stages the way you did in the videos? Who knows, we may find another Johnny Cash.
  10. Headed north in a couple of hours. Hope y'all dry out before I get there.
  11. Was just looking at that. Up through Middlesboro
  12. For those that may be traveling up I75 North bound. In for a delay at the border of Tennessee Kentucky. https://www.wate.com/news/local-news/rock-slide-on-i-75-in-campbell-county-forces-lane-closure/
  13. Don't think it will be July summer heat. Just pleasant.
  14. https://choiceammunition.com/cowboy-action/ Didn't see Choice Ammo
  15. Target Sports USA still has some Federal small pistol magnum primers. $599.00 for 5000. I'm hoping some of the vendors my have some at the state matches. Not counting on the price being lower if they do.
  16. Hey Ringer just wondering if you snow birds are going to fly north in time for the match?
  17. Keep your expectations real. Be safe have fun. We all have our limitations. Improving is enough reward for me.
  18. I have only shot with Fast Eddie a few times. He is amazing to watch. Congrats
  19. I used RV Share last year when my better half came with me. There are several RV rentals site. Will be good to see see you.
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