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  1. Creeker, you are the one being misleading by using gross exaggerations. We weren't talking about changing the game into something totally different and that's not what Coke did. They changed their formula only slightly, but that change made a huge difference in reducing the products desirability. Again, I'm not against some changes (some are inevitable and some are desirable), however, we HAVE to be very careful with what we modify. Can we at least agree on that? Our sport's appeal is largely cultural. We will not ever have large numbers of minorities as members and it would be a waste of effort to try to bring in people who have no cultural history of (for lack of a better term) playing cowboys and indians. I think we need to establish what we truly love about CAS, besides the wonderful people, and promote that to our target audience. Possum
  2. So if we're not emulating a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood character or Wyatt Earp, Ike Clanton, Billy the Kid, etc., why exactly are we dressing up? I'm not pretending to be anyone else when I'm shooting (or not), and I just consider it part of the sport/hobby, but why are we REALLY dressing up in old west clothes? Why do we have start lines and props based on western movies and shows? (I don't mean this rhetorically.) As far as the other things I said, I don't like them either, and frankly, I hope I'm wrong. I love this sport and I hope it lasts forever, but I believe in being realistic and with few exceptions, I believe the old western shows were the main force behind most of our shooters desire to become cowboy action shooters. There is still a large untapped group of like minded individuals out there who do not know about cowboy action shooting and THEY should be our target market. Perhaps the western video games will bring new interest, but I still think those numbers will be limited. Ya'll remember New Coke don't you? They had the brilliant idea to change their formula to a new and IMPROVED drink nobody liked and they lost costumers that they've never gotten back. Let's avoid their mistake. I'm certainly not against all change. For instance, I like Doc's ideas...
  3. While we need to increase membership (or at least stop the bleeding), we absolutely should not 'dumb down the sport' to make it more inclusive. We would, at that point, lose what WE liked about the sport when we joined and we would lose more shooters than we gain. It's a fact that not everyone can afford this sport. That is the case with ALL sports. There will always be somebody out there that won't even spring for their own yard dart set (bought on sale at a yard sale). If a person doesn't want to shoot our sport bad enough as is, to buy the cloths, guns leather, etc. required, do we even want them? I don't think so. When we were young, there were many movies and shows on TV that promoted the cowboy way/life. They promoted good morals and values. This is not the case any longer. There is very little out there to help anyone want to emulate The Duke, Roy Rogers, Josey Wales, etc. Without that, I, sadly, think we are destined to continue losing numbers as the old ways are forgotten. These are just the cold, hard facts as I see them. There are things we can do to bring in more like-minded folks who aren't familiar with CAS, but let's not shoot ourselves in the foot while trying to learn a new dance.
  4. You got to be woke to the smoke, diggin' the choke, the pull of the yoke. It ain't broke.
  5. I'm in, T! We had a great time last year and we are really looking forward to the next one. Possum
  6. I like to shoot knockdowns when shooting one shot drills. They are smaller and you can easily tell when you hit them. We have an excellent bank of targets to do this with or shotgun knockdown targets work great too. Possum
  7. I'm yer huckleberry. All targets should be square or circles. Oddball shapes make me miss.
  8. We used to have a shooter who filled his 45 cases with Triple 7, then crunched in the bullet. He thought it was hilarious when folks cried out in pain as his ammunition damaged their hearing. When timing for him, I'd start the timer, then set it down and use both hands to cover my ears to avoid losing more hearing. I must admit. I'm glad he found something else to do. I'm sure the WB set the ammunition limits they did to include common factory loads. And while that is the way it should be, most shooters soon realize that ammo is a little hotter, louder and does more damage to the targets than lighter loads would.
  9. While I would shoot it as is, I think this is a crappy answer and attitude. Every effort should be made to keep staged targets equal for all shooters. Period. Unless, of course, it is done as a friendly "joke" to a shooter who enjoys that sort of thing.
  10. I know it's different two-handed, but shooting gunfighter, my pistol run times are the same with 125's as with 158's.
  11. I don't think there is any specific rule covering this, but in the interest of fairness, target placement should be as consistent as possible for all shooters. That's just good sense and common courtesy.
  12. I find the Dillon dies to be the smoothest in my 650
  13. Avoid cheap leather holsters. You might as well just keep your pistol(s) in a bag like Mattie in True Grit.
  14. Our prayers are going out for a great man. We love ya', T-Bone.
  15. Over wood is what I've always heard.
  16. click on messages icon. Go to inbox. Click the box by each message you want to delete. A note will pop up at bottom with the option to delete them.
  17. Here's how I make mine: De-prime hull. Put a wad in (any wad will do). Fill it as high as you need to with rice to get a good crimp. Crimp. Push 6mm O-Ring stock into primer hole as far as possible (which will be to the bottom of the wad) and trim flush. I like O-ring a lot better than hot-glue or silicone as it is stiffer and lasts for thousands of firing pin hits. If I give you advice and it doesn't work, you did something wrong. Possum
  18. First of all, which chant are you using while cleaning? Pro tip: empty your bladder before beginning. Next, open your beer BEFORE starting the cleaning process. If using Ballistol, wait until wife leaves house if doing it inside. WARNING: clean her toothbrush REALLY good before putting it back in bathroom. Don't listen to the guys that tell you to always function fire your guns after taking apart/cleaning. I actually like weasel piss better than moose milk(equal parts alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, murphy's oil soap) for cleaning, but still use Ballistol for lube/protection. The air compressor is helpful. If I give you advice and it doesn't work, you did something wrong. Possum
  19. We've NEVER has this kind of response. In fact, to my knowledge, we've never gotten an email back asking ANY questions. I think our shooters know if they have a question, it will be answered at the match. All of our shooters seem to appreciate it and many of them print out their own copy to bring to the match just to be able to read along. Sadly, I think your second sentence says a lot.
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