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  1. That was the first book I bought about CAS and found it to be very helpful. I, have since, loaned it out to multiple new shooters.
  2. I accidentally added an extra o. Should be shot a total of 10 shots. There were 11 bangs.
  3. I pretty sure the one before it wasn't a squib. And I tend to lean toward Happy Jack's Answer. But, of course, we'll never know for sure. Thank you all for your knowledge. Was just a weird incident that I had never heard.
  4. Nope, not this time. First bang was MUCH too loud to be primer only.
  5. I figured with a hang-fire, the first bang would be very muted, like a squib? This sounded like 2 regular shots,,,
  6. Yesterday, had a shooter shooting rifle, shot about 4 shots, then the next one the sound was Bang-Bang. Two distinct cracks about .1-.2 seconds apart. Second might have been slightly sharper. Shoot a total of 10 shots out of rifle. It was a '73 (if that makes a difference.) Any ideas? My only answer is maybe that shot had a little more powder and it broke sound barrier leaving muzzle, but I've NEVER heard this before.
  7. It sure was, Hellbender! That whole crew did a fantastic job, as always, of putting on the most rootin-tootin, high-falootin, fun, yet challenging match North, West, South or East of the Pecos. and I heard a rumor that next year you can shoot all 3 waves if you want to!
  8. No. Just getting ready to start shooting my ROAs some to stretch my cache of SPPs.
  9. Yep. Shaking it works pretty good! Thank you, gentlemen.
  10. I recently bought a Polish capper and when I went to fill it, I realized I knew of no easy way to put caps in with correct side up. Is there an easy, quick way to do that? Or do I just have to manually flip them as I fill it? Thank you, Possum
  11. Lead Shot for Reloading , Ballast weight (rotometals.com) But they've gone up to $139 for 50 lbs
  12. Some shooters (me) appreciate different shaped targets. Frankly, I’ve never heard any shooter complain about target shapes other than here on the wire. I would think whoever he bought the cutter from might offer files.
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