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  1. The arrangements will be announced on Monday. Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home is handling the arrangements. There is a tribute page at the link below. https://www.mayeswarddobbins.com/obituaries/Vernon-Duncan/
  2. It with a sad heart and bluery eyes that I start this new thread Judge em All Duncan passed away today at 11:15. A very wonderful man and good friend. Rest in peace my friend. Judge touched many lives and made friends everywhere he went. He never knew a stranger or at least they were not a stranger for long We will miss you brother. My heart goes out to Yazoo City Gal and Doc Duncan. May peace be with you.
  3. Pray for a gentle passing and strength for his family. Yaz and Doc, we all are hurting for you and everyone will feel this loss.
  4. There is nothing like camping on the range. Some of the best times I don't remember. I have heard rumors that the target elves are at Pondarossa Pines this weekend moving targets. Cant wait to see what they come up with for Black Gold.
  5. Ray said he would keep his whole campground open this year. If you are planning on camping or want to join us, the campground is about 15 minutes from the range as long as you dont catch a train in Wartrace. It is called Sale of Champions campground. There is a post from a few years back that had the wrong address. If you are having trouble finding it try 825 Whitthorne Street, Shelbyville, TN
  6. There are a few MD that can shoot their own match well, I am not one of them. Welcome to the world of MD.
  7. The campground we use is the Sale of Champions Campground in Shelbyville. I will talk to Ray and tell him he may want to leave the full campground open until after the match. He normally closes half of the grounds.
  8. Congratulations to all the winner. It was a great match and very little rain while the shooting was going on. I think everyone had a good time. I sure did. Thanks to Copperhead, Boots, Rose, Whiskey Creek and all the others who put in so much work so we could have fun. See everyone at Black Gold. It was good to see Shaddai, and wonderful to see Perfecto and Jake take the KY honors.
  9. I have volunteered to help Shaddai with the class but forgot to ask him last week when it would be. He will chime in here soon I am sure. Just 12 more days to get ready. Colts fixed, rounds loaded, getting my head right??? OK maybe that one was pushing it a little. NRA show next week then going to Copperheads on my way home. Should be there next Monday evening at the latest. Load up and come see us at the first Kentucky State at Ponderossa Pines. If you don't make the first one you cant say you made them all.
  10. Hangman, you have picked a good one to start with. If you enjoy it, as I am sure you will, go ahead and book your room for Black Gold. Same place, more fun if that is possible. Most of the same people.
  11. I may be traveling with you all some in a few years. That is what Lady T and I have in mind to do also.
  12. Sorry Waimea but it will not be Tombstone this year. That is too far for me to travel while I still work. Maybe next year after I retire. It would be two days each way plus the shoot days. I just dont have the time off to make the trip. Maybe a few that are closer or maybe already retired can help round out the Outlaws. The trip out west takes most of my vacation time and I still have to work on the road to do that trip.
  13. KK lets save that for Black Gold, remember we are supposed to be more serious at this match. You know it is a state match. Sorry Maiden I couldn't resist
  14. Still have a job to do. Not everyone gets to go to shoots for a living. You could have listed the date too so I don't have to go the the main page and look it up. Looked it up 8/30 - 9/1 I will have to take a look and see if it is possible. I haven't seen Deuce in a few years. Always fun seeing my friends up yonder.
  15. That was the person shape target and I was going for head shoots only
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