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  1. Here is the link to the Outlaw webpage. http://outlawshooters.com/outlaw-rules/
  2. I don't have to official schedule but I do know there will be a lasagna throw down on Friday during the pot luck dinner. Right now it looks like Cardboard Cowboy Cowboy and Tombstone. However, we welcome all cooks and competitors out there. I have heard a lot of follks bragging on their lasagna well here is your chance to shine. Slow Jen mentioned she might be up for a cook off. We also may be making ice cream on Friday afternoon if you have a churn and want to make a bunch of folks happy. See everyone in a few months. Blackwater...challenge accepted.
  3. Had a good time and had a good match. Deadlee wrote a fun match, and as mentioned the weather cooperated. A little trouble for some folks to get out on Sunday. All in all it was a good time.
  4. Looks like a lot of us will be getting to Alabama on Wednesday. Also looks like nothing will be going on so I will plan on firing up the griddle and grill to cook dead things. If you want to bring something by we will be glad to cook it for you. See everyone in a few days.
  5. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make Kentucky State 2024 a great success. Special thanks to Copperhead Joe, Cat-A-Tonic and of course Boots and Rose for sharing Pondarossa Pines with us. See everyone at Black Gold
  6. How do I shoot Gun Fighter? From the hip like it was meant to be shot.
  7. I will be curious how this goes, I personally would rather have the book given to me at registration. I will not have my computer nor phone on the range. How many shooters will not print off their own copy? How many shooters will forget to bring their copy? There is neither phone or internet service at the range. I don't think this is the right place to save a dollar. Just my view but we will see.
  8. We have had plenty of interest in RO II, we will be offering it on Thursday morning. If you want a refresher course or want to take if for the first time let me know. We have room for a few more.
  9. I am sending my check to Ray today to reserve my camping spot. If you have not talked to Ray and want to stay at the happening camping ground give him a call. Info is on page 3 of this thread or you can PM me and I will send you the info. See everyone in a few short months.
  10. Dang Yul, I thought the fact I had two was strange. I started with a LC Smith 16 double 24 years ago, I have come back to 16's shooting both the LC and a 97. Just glad I bought a lot of shells back when they were the same as 12 ga.
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