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  1. I am thinking I might need to change categories to FCGF so if there are only 3 of us I might get a picture with the lovely Scarlett. Assuming I could maintain 3rd place out of 3.
  2. Waimea, since you are watching here, we need another Outlaw to shoot 3 of the 7 matches for the Magnificent Seven to have Outlaw Category and you know we dont want Bo to jump in. Back to Preacherman running a second match at Black Gold.
  3. I'm glad your excited Preacherman, I understand you are in charge of it.
  4. We are looking for a few not so good Outlaws to join us and we will have our own category.
  5. You could hang onto them until the next gun buy back in your area.
  6. Welcome to the madness. You are amongst some great Cowboy and Ladies up there. If you ever travel south we shoot somewhere near East TN every weekend.
  7. Dang it Randy, I was looking forward to meeting St Eli again for the sixth or so times.
  8. App is going in the mail this week-end.
  9. I use the never miss bullets from Outlaw Bullets in Florida or the lovely coated bullets from the lovely Ms Scarlett. Both sponsor more shoots and matches. than most of us can attend in a year.
  10. Add Iron Maiden, I have her and Whiskey Creeks money, just need to get it to CBB
  11. RIP Charlie Bowdre, he was a driving force in SASS and our area. He will be missed by all.
  12. I would think it would give the Junior shooters a chance to try GF without having to go up against Lefty or Sidekick or the other top GF's.
  13. Well, I am talking to Whiskey Creek about giving this a try. Put us down for a run at the GF. I have been chasing Evil Bob for years. How about some other Outlaws.
  14. Outlaw Bullets out of Florida and of course Scarlett. Cant go wrong with either one.
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