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  1. Billy Boots and Allie Mo, we would love to have you both at Black Gold. You will differently add it to you list each year.
  2. Sitting here in the drought belt I have to ask...what is the rain you talk about? Assassin, not to sure about that desert thing, dang near drowned last year right before BorderTown and after the last few years, seems WR gets wet quite often while the cowboys are in town. Like the rest have said, slickers and trash bags although I dont think the trash bags are period correct and certainty not one with a logo on it like Glad or Hefty.
  3. I think we are up to 5 attending the RO class on Thursday morning, if you are interested in attending please let me/us know so we will make sure to have enough books and pins. Should be fun, a great start to a even greater match. Getting close now, less than three weeks and counting.
  4. Black Gold because it is Black Gold, Tennessee State because the team puts on a great match with wonderful porps and location, BorderTown because it just does not get any better than Tombstone and I love the folks who put it on. If I can make those three in a year it is a great year. I also figure one of my favorites will be the one where I shoot clean, not sure that will happen again but hey, its something to strive for.
  5. Looks like a great time and turnout, I sure hope I can make next year.
  6. Lets get this one back out front, one of the best matches in CAS, get your apps in and let us know if you plan to attend the ROI class on Thursday morning. I have been told that I will have a class room and everything. See everyone next month at Wartrace.
  7. The problem with KK's Hoodoo dust is that he has not control over it after he opens that Pandora's box. I have seen that stuff cause guns to jump out of holsters, fall off of tables and various other maladies. I just need to make sure I aint around when he opens that kan of hoodoo on his posse.
  8. App went in yesterday, dont forget the ROI class on Thursday morning. Getting closer every day.
  9. Dang, first Missouri Lefty and now Hurricane Charlie, I am going back to Gunfighter and at my mature age Senior Gunfighter since Wider is wanting to run with the younguns. By the way that table being too tall statement was aimed at Too Tall who also beats me on a regular bases.
  10. What the heck was that about Charlie shooting Outlaw????
  11. Blackwater, hope you are well enough to shoot with us. Looking forward to seeing you either way. I cant see Wider at CaC but you can never know. You can always come shoot with him in about any match in East Tennessee.
  12. Dang Ringer, that hurts. I will tell Lady T what you said. I just hope Lefty has outgrown his outfit from last year. I could not even drink that one away and I really tried.
  13. Thankfully I do not have any pink pants, I do have nightmares from a few pairs from the last few years and yes Randy's outfit is one of them. I do have a nice pink shirt that works for me. Lets raise some money for cancer awareness again this year. The cause is near and dear to me.
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