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  1. RO I will be offered Thursday morning, I think it is at 9:00 in the school house. Now on to the important stuff. Cooking at the campground went over well in Georgia so I thought I would offer to cook Wednesday and Thursday evenings for dinner. Wednesday evening will be good for hamburgers so if you want to join us please bring a burger or two and we will throw it on the cooker. we should have plenty of buns and condaments. I am open to suggestions for Thursday evening,
  2. It was an awesome show, She was smooth, smooth, smooth.
  3. Thanks to everyone who put on such a great match, it takes a lot of hard work and a good team to make it work. Good job everyone.
  4. Meanwhile, back at the campground, the cowboys are sitting around the fire telling lies...again, drinking whiskey....again. Since I dont see food on the schedule we are looking at cooking at the campground Wednesday night we will fire up the griddle and or grill for hamburgers, if anyone wants to join us please do. We normally have a few left over but you might want to bring some road kill with you to make sure Thursday I will fix spaghetti, should have enough for a small army, bring some bread or desserts or your company Friday looks like steak night, probably will not have extra so bring your own, we should have salad, tators, and fixins Saturday, some stry-fry and left overs if there is any See everyone in a few days
  5. I don't see it on the schedule but it is normally on Thursday at 10:00, Bring something to drink and maybe a snack if you need one.
  6. I have to say a great big thank you and good job on the Alabama State Match. Branchwater wrote some fantastic stages, everything was on the range, the range looks better and better every time I go down there. Scotch Before Noon, TKD and Buzz have been working hard and it shows. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in the match it takes a good team to pull that off. Barkeep in the chicken suit was fun, the match did put the fun factor up front. That dang song keeps going through my head but what the heck. Again great job, thank you and we will be back.
  7. It was a great shoot, it was good to see old friends and meet new ones. I was lucky enough to Three Gun Cole on my posse. Fantastic shooter and he never stops working. Posse 8 was a great posse to run. Thanks to everyone who made the match despite fuel prices, primer shortages and other shoots going on. Hope you all come back next year and if you get the to missing the Pines and the folks, well there is always Black Gold in July. Y'all come back now you hear.
  8. From OP, no call. I would call that a beautiful transition. Just the view from my saddle.
  9. I am very sorry to hear this, he will be missed by all that knew him. We will have to raise a toast to him around the campfire.
  10. A few years back Copperhead Joe was looking for awards for Black Gold and of course Coal was the answer. The first year he had chunks of Coal Mounted on plaques. Pretty unique except there were awards laying everywhere up there. Walk down the drive and coal was laying everywhere. So the next year he found someone who would grind the Coal down and mix it with epoxy and cast it into shapes. The first year was a revolver and the next was a rifle I think or it may have been the other way around. Anyway they were very unique and fit with the area. I would post a picture but I would have had to win my category to actually receive one. Maybe one of the winners could post a picture. I just got to unpack them.
  11. He never said a word about it yesterday. Congratulations Fast Eddie.
  12. Sorry to say the Tennessee/Kentucky crew will not be able to attend this year due to fuel prices. It is costing about 50 cents/mile to travel right now. Sure will miss seeing my friends out west.
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