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  1. There will also be an ROI class offered on Thursday morning. Let me know if you are interested in attending.
  2. My app will go in the mail as soon as I get home near the end of this week, Going to Call Ray and reserve my regular 5 campsites. See everyone at Wartrace.
  3. Pulled in today to start the finish up work, A few folks are already here, waiting on the rest of you all. Lets go to Kentucky.
  4. I am glad you asked, it is $25 first time, $10 refresher course. See everyone there, I will be arriving one week from today.
  5. Great Job again Branchwater, this is exactly what I did at the GA State on stage 6. I got to explain why it was the dreaded trifecta. 25 seconds of shooting and 25 bonus seconds for not being able to count.
  6. Yes we will have an ROI class on Wednesday morning. Ruff Kut will be helping with this one. Should be a good time and I will guarantee you will learn something.
  7. Congratulations to a great Cowboy. Good shooting and I hope to see you soon.
  8. Not sure what banquet they were attending. That was the fastest and smoothest I have ever seen a group that size get fed. I even complimented the caterers on a fantastic job.
  9. One of the best I have been too, great job to everyone who worked so hard to make this work. Both Paradise Pass and SASS, way to make it happen
  10. It was a joy to run the timer for him. He was liquid smooth Congratulations Purly
  11. He fought through the pain and endured to preserver. Congratulation Ringer. It was fun to watch
  12. If you will look at the picture posted of you on the Black Gold thread that is just the beginning Congrats my friend, there are more Outlaw Regulator then one would,like to know about
  13. I was going to say that I was pretty sure that was us pulling you back out after you went in on your own and found out you could not turn around once you were under there. We cant help it that you were the thinnest one there at the time. Jake and Lefty had not arrived yet.
  14. You will be missed, we will find a place for you to stay if you decide to come up. I have an extra camper right now. I plan on leaving on at Joes for a while so I will have a place to light when I am up that ways.
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