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  1. Actually we only have one person that calls it Ultimate Outlaw, all my partners that shoot the rifle from the hip still call it Outlaw. Rifle from the hip should be called "Rifleman"
  2. If I tried to aim it would change my timing and would probably cost me a miss and the time it took me to try to aim. I have been hip-shooting so long the muscle memory makes me really have to concentrate on getting my back sights up high enough. If you want to practice a little try placing a dot in the center of the target as a focus point. One of the clubs I shoot at used to place a dot on each target at the start of the match. I did much better on the first two stages until that dot got blasted off. Good luck, sorry for the bad language on the forum. I hate to use words like practice in mixed company.
  3. I try to stay out of the Outlaw discussions but this is a straight up question. Marshal since there are not hard and fast rules you can always get with the other Outlaws and ask if they want to allow aiming at a small target. We have shot poppers from the hip, miss a lot, others are really good at it. Yazoo City Gal has hit more poppers than she misses. Me, I miss most of the time. I like small targets occasionally, slow down and look at the center of the target.
  4. Maybe they can auction off the EOT buckles that have already bought and stamped with 2020 in them. It Its about the only chance of getting one that I will ever have. Kind of like a few speed matches I have been in. You know, I won it and I bought it. 2020 would be the I bought it year.
  5. I will send you an email.
  6. Slim, do I qualify for the discount if I have never shot the Tn State match well? Posse is getting pretty big.
  7. Dang, sometimes I feel like I have two left hands, now I know why PW is so good. Looks like he has two right hands.
  8. Very impressive and a good call on the shooters part. He could not lay down the rifle nor could he de-cock it. As long as he stayed safe... No Call.
  9. Lets keep this up front for the next two months. We had a board meeting this past weekend at Ponderossa Pines to discuss Black Gold. At this time it is on like Donkey Kong. Heat is supposed to be bad on this little virus so we have ordered plenty of hot. We probably will not be passing the jar like we used to but you are welcome to bring your own glass to raise in a toast. If you are uncomfortable getting out then please don't, if you are sick please stay home, if you want to come have the time of your life with a little shooting involved. Come on up/down/over to Manchester KY. We are also planning on having a motorcycle ride on Wednesday again. Depending on who is coming to ride will depend on where we go but it will be fun, it will be an adventure and it will involve at least one U-Turn. (Not sure why but that always happens with I am in the lead.)
  10. I use Dillon because they came with the press. I have RCBS and Lee if I change off of the cowboy calibers. I have seen Kajun shoot precision or at least he tries to use the sights. Not sure different dies will help him.
  11. Welcome and salute. Congratulations Jedi GF #304
  12. So did all of us.
  13. I have responded to John Kloehr and offered an orientation class first. I also have plans on ROI and ROII coming up. as soon as folks can get out again. We will take good care of him and hopefully get him shooting soon.
  14. Glad it went well Ringer, we missed you this weekend. Finely got to shoot a match.
  15. Good luck Ringer, just be careful, I had a friend that went into the hospital with a stomach ache and they sent her home with a baby. Just saying...check you bags before you leave.
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