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  1. Arm bent, below chest level, I register as Gunfighter most of the time and shoot it Outlaw style, Most of our local clubs offer Outlaw and we end up being the largest category a lot of times. It will never be recognized by SASS which is fine with me. I have discussed it with Misty and a few of the Wild Bunch members and am fine with it the way it is. If you have any questions I will be glad to discuss with you. Send a PM and I will get back to you.
  2. I saw a picture of the awards, man I got to get me one of those. Maybe I can at least pick up a third place with all of the Outlaws that show up for this match.
  3. Matthew Duncan, the Oak Ridge Outlaws shoot the weekend between those two matches, we would love to have you join us and we are about half way between the two ranges.
  4. Kentucky State is quickly approaching and applications are rolling in. Sign up early, sign up often. Going to be a little different than Black Gold but will be one for the books. We always have a good time and the shooting is great.
  5. The powers that be behind Black Gold are meeting in Florida this week to make plans for the festivities. Get your apps in and get ready, this one will be one not to miss.....again.
  6. Congratulations Kid Rich. Looking forward to shooting with you again.
  7. If it is XL it is fitting, if it is just a large it will be a little tight
  8. Very Nice Creeker, I had to put mine away, I was afraid I might skin it up
  9. Dont be overdoing it Blackwater, Does the ol sawbones know you are already lifting and moving like that? Copperhead, do you want to offer a RO class at Black Gold or KY State or both. I will be glad to teach one if you would like to offer it.
  10. It may be more the ejectors than the hammers. Does it have spring ejectors? I did not see that addressed in the description.
  11. I know I have been remiss but I have got both applications on the way. Might even be able to make it up in March.
  12. For those that may not know where the heck they are talking about I went to the webpage and directions. Looks like it is in Bowling Green KY.
  13. Not sure how many we have signed up yet but I am sure the apps are coming in now that the new year is here. Come to Kentucky and visit with family and friends. If you aint one yet you will be by the time you leave. Blackwater, take care of yourself, I have lost too many friends and spoken at too many funerals. Would like to take a few years off if at all possible.
  14. Blackwater, dont rush it and we all hope you can shoot with us at Black Gold, I know you will be there if you are on this side of the earth so we will at least get to visit with you but hopefully shoot with you also. Take care of yourself please.
  15. I will have you know, I can walk a straight line most mornings at Black Gold and I can always dance. I have happy feet all the time its just that they have a tendency to drink too much sometimes up there.
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