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  1. A little old to be a roadie and a little young to retire. Dang what a predicament. Think I will have to stick with the KY State and Black Gold this year.
  2. Hate I will miss the Bar 3, maybe after I retire I can get back into TBones good graces and work my way up to a camping spot again.
  3. BorderTown App is in so now it is back to the KY state and then Black Gold. Now all I have to do is fill in the rest of the year.
  4. I am hoping my ponies know a short cut. See you all this fall.
  5. Run ponies Run, The Tennessee/Kentucky crews apps should be speeding west tomorrow.
  6. Probably will not be able to make the Crap shoot but will be there early to help with the State shoot in a few months.
  7. Today was our fearless leaders Birthday by the way, not that it matters to the the KY State match but it will get this thread back to the first page. By the way, he did not get what he wanted for his Birthday. Other than that one minor happenstance Copperhead, I hope it was a good one.
  8. Congratulations JM, way to keep showing us young'uns how it is done.
  9. "I'm Your Blackberry" sounds like a great starting line to me, now just have to come up with a good story. Wait, that story may just write itself or it may have already been written.
  10. I am sure we can take care of that swelling you are experiencing, I am assuming it affects you hat? If the gate needs expanding I am sure Boots would love to fire up one of the machines and make a hole. See you in Kentucky.
  11. Congratulations Oklahoma Dee, good to see you are still at the top of your game. Gives the rest of us hope.
  12. Congratulations Blackhawk, but you will always be Blackberry to me though. Thanks Pruly.
  13. I am truly in shock. Fellow Outlaw and fun guy to be around. Heart goes out to all his many friends, family and lovely wife Cindy. He will be missed by all who knew him. Dang, what a shock.
  14. Everyone probably will take a pay cut when I retire next year. Better tighten you belts is all I can say. I hope to get a get well card from the IRS.
  15. And here I thought they were just part of the Derringer family. Tombstone, family and friends plan to be there. Fed-X will not let us down.
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