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  1. Congratulations TJD, it is quite humbling isn't it. Well deserved, Thanks KK for pulling it off again.
  2. I have two with me this weekend that have not sent theirs in. Horse Doc and Cactus Red plan t o be there is I can get them moving. I will be glad to keep an eye on anything cooking in the school house.
  3. Cant wait to make this one. I have not actually shot my own regional before, shot a few others but not my own. Fist TN State, two weeks later Ambush. If I cant go West I sure as heck can shoot around here.
  4. I personally plan on cutting it from the hip. Done it once, clipped it twice over the years. This may be the year to cut the rope from the draw from the hip.
  5. As a Gunfighter I know the rules of transferring a gun from one hand to another, I know what hand is gripping my gun, I know I can not transfer a cocked gun, it has been explained in ROI and ROII, if I make the mistake I take the penalty. There is no appeal, there is no question, you can not transfer a cocked pistol from one hand to another. As the TO, if there is a question if it happened the benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter, if I am sure it happened I make the call. Next shooter. I will be teaching a ROI class and ROII class in November at ORSA in Oak Ridge, along with ROI at the TN State and our Regional.
  6. We are going to start as close to 9:00 as we can, should take 3 - 4 hours depending on the interaction in the class.
  7. I am only teaching ROI, I would need a bay to teach the ROII class and that would interfere with everything else going on Thursday. I understand there will be ROII at the Regional in Alabama. I plan on either helping teach that one or taking it myself.
  8. Barkeep would be the go to on this I would think....I agree completely, in case you needed a second opinion.
  9. Mossy Pops, thanks for doing this. It works well Jackelope, just noticed we were missing on the map. Oak Ridge Outlaws The entrance to the ORSA Action Pistol Range is off Monterrey Rd in Oak Ridge, TN. (GPS Coordinates: 35.990385 , -84.315100) We shoot the second Saturday of the month.
  10. Slim, don't forget the real prizes, Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels and they might just have a little JD to give away.
  11. That is hard to take, very sorry for your loss, We have missed you and Kitty Kitty these last few years. You and yours are in our hearts and prayers.
  12. Just say his name three times and he might appear.
  13. We have allowed it at a monthly match. Extra for the cool factor.
  14. Widder, it will not be the same without you but we will endeavor to preserver in you absence. There is also a ROI class offered on Thursday starting at 9:00 if anyone is interested. I think that is the time Papa Dave and I discussed.
  15. There will be an ROI class on Thursday morning if anyone is interested. Lots of shooting, large campground. What more could you ask for except for perfect weather which I understand the request has been put in for.
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