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  1. An unfired round is a miss, nothing about a P if all 4 targets are down. 3 shots fired, 4 shots called for, 1 miss.
  2. Good job everyone. Hard to put on a shoot of this magnitude. You all done great. Range looks great and it shows how much work has gone on over the last year.
  3. He is better known as SKITTLES. I ran by the range yesterday and talked to TKD, wow, what a difference since I was here last. These guys have put a lot into making this a premier range. We are moving to the range today, see everyone soon I hope.
  4. Lady T and I have arrived, maybe not quite at the range yet. We are out at the Parnell Creek RV park out on the highway. we will at least come by tomorrow to see who all is there. The range looks great from the pics, looking forward to this one.
  5. He is talking about the SE Regional held in Alabama this year. Looks like a bunch of reprobates to me. If you are interested look up North Alabama Regulators or Ambush at Cavern Cove. Great group of folks and the range is showing all the work they have been putting in to make this shoot one to remember.
  6. I got a nice 410 over/under for my second wife. I thought that was a pretty good trade. Sorry, could not help myself.
  7. Looks like it was a setting that affected the TG's by all of us that it fixed. Thanks to the moderator that figured it out.
  8. Santa Fe River Stan, thanks very much, . Fixed me right up.
  9. Probably cant make a post if I am not signed on either so figuring we are signed in. On the other hand it probably would not hurt to sign out and sign back in to see if that makes a difference.
  10. Any chance to get this info on the web site? I can not open any attachments on this forum for some reason. Just looked at the web page and did not see any current information.
  11. I get the same thing Stan and I reboot my computer pretty regularly. I also notice that the attachment says unavailable under it.
  12. Great News on the bridge completion. Lady T and I plan to arrive on Tuesday, see everyone soon.
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