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  1. I am thinking the original was in Black and White, you all look so young.
  2. I think Widders question is, if the stage instructions say gun in hand, shooters discretion, can the gun be in motion at the beep.
  3. It may have been a surprise to her but to the rest of us no surprise, it is a well deserved honor. Congratulations Scarlett.
  4. I have been told by the Gang that it is on for next year. Guess that means we are coming West if the Pony Express is quick enough next year.
  5. Good luck my friend. you both will be missed. I hope our paths cross when you are in the states.
  6. Congratulations to a Great Cowboy and good friend. I do wish I could have seen the buckle, maybe you can bring it to KY next year.
  7. My favorite match and I have missed it for the last few years. Enjoy the match and the town.
  8. Wonderful achievement, congratulations and I am looking forward to shooting with you in OK.
  9. So Jiffy in the shotgun, does Skippy in the pistols help with the slip hammer?
  10. Like CBB suggested, identify your TO's and the order they will run the timer. I dont want my TO's to run more than 7 shooters, I get my score keeper to let the TO know when they have run their 7 shooters. Make sure the TO's are doing their job and looking where they need to be. Be nice, have fun. If you are having fun the rest of the posse will too.
  11. Maybe you could get your service dog to bite him, better make sure he bites both hands since I am pretty sure he could beat most of us one handed.
  12. I would recommend going to Senior GF, at least that's what I did.
  13. I thought in Alabama you could commiserate with someone as long as they weren't closer than first cousins or something like that.
  14. When you hear gunfire and automatically start counting rounds fired.
  15. You can always ask Whiskey Creek Johnson or Whiskey Hayes, I am sure they will have an opinion.
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