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  1. Dang Titus, it takes me until August to get over Black Gold. You must recover quicker than I do.
  2. Should have a pretty good crowd, I am trying to get a few of my fellow Outlaws to join me. May see Creek and Joe but I wont hold my breath.
  3. I cant believe Ringer is still in town. I hope to be there. Weather is looking pretty good for that morning.
  4. I don't think anyone got a count but that was when we inducted that young punk, Missouri What's his name, you know world champion Gunfighter, soon to be shooting Outlaw with me. O' yea, Lefty that is his handle. Missouri Lefty, most have never heard of him but someday he will be famous. Yep, I am liking the sound of Senior Outlaw more and more.
  5. Just added this one to my calendar and wow is my calendar filling up. Looks like work will be getting in the way again this year.
  6. I would think it would take Artistic ability but since I don't posses any I really don't know.
  7. I saw that thread about the picture of Billy the Kid and I was talking to Copperhead and he said something about giving away a picture of Billy the Kid at Black Gold or maybe he said he was giving away a picture of Billy the Avenger as a kid, you know cell reception can be tricky up there at Ponderossa Pines. Anyway, not sure how these rumors get started but sometimes they grow wings and just take off.
  8. It has always worked for me. It may take a few days but someone has always gotten back to me on any question I have asked via email.
  9. I guess I am as guilty as you at this point. This is one of my favorite shoots and one I am deeply involved with. As stated it is more of a family reunion where you like everyone in your family. I am sure we will push the limit of shooters again this year, it just keeps getting better and better. It also gives me something to think about during the cold winter months.
  10. With this unbelievable cold snap, I am trying to channel Black Gold, of course next July I will be trying to channel this cold snap.
  11. I have heard rumor that we will have two new Outlaws teaching lessons at BG this year. Maybe I need to start Senior Outlaw.
  12. Finely got home from our trip out west and was going through a months worth of mail and catalogs and noticed a beautiful set of knifes and a familiar name on the cover of A.G. Russell KNIVES. Congratulations to one of our own, Larry Page or in the cowboy world Tucker T Fudpucker. (Don't want to miss type that one) He does make beautiful knives and the honer of the cover of Russell's is well deserved.
  13. I hate to see or actually hear a GF double discharge. Most of the time they start with a stagger between the shots for the first 6 but they get closer and closer together so the last four sound like two. If I can not hear both shots I will call them on it. The first time I will give them the benefit of dough for an AD but after that I will call it a P, SDQ, MDQ. My biggest pet peeve is when an Outlaw does it and claims it is allowed in Outlaw. They forget that a few friends and myself started the Outlaw category and wrote the rules my own dang self and the very first one is all SASS rules apply. I hate that this was encouraged by a few people and will not run a clock or shoot Outlaw at any match where it is allowed.
  14. Thanks to all of the folks that make Bordertown one of, if not the best, shoot in the country. It takes a lot of workers and hard work to make a match like BT work like it does. Bobcat Brian has been Match Director for a few years now and it just keeps getting better and better. Sassy Dancer as TG and one of the hardest working cowgirls I know, Miss Chance, TA Chance, Quicksand, Windy City Red, (the best awards announcer in SASS) and a few others are the up front faces but all the hard workers behind the scenes is really what makes a match like this so great. Thanks to everyone, I already miss Arizona and want to come back as soon as I can. Lady T, myself and my whole crew had a great time and it keeps getting bigger and better. Thanks from all of us. See everyone next year Posse 5 rocked by the way. We had to top shooter, top lady shooter and many category winners on our posse. We had fun and still got the work done. Thanks Posse 5 for making my job easy.
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