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  1. PATRIOT, you can remove the blade. Without the blade, you will have a nice 'U' shape rear sight. THEN, put a "Sure Hit" front sight on it and it will serve you greatly. ..........Widder
  2. Eyesa, and that is exactly why you go into the woods with someone who is slower than you..... or carry atleast ONE round to shot em in the leg..... ..........Widder
  3. Chili, I can recommend 3 from personal experience and ownership. They are are great .22 pistols and would say that all 3 have been 100% reliable with various ammo I have shot in them. 1. S&W M&P 'Compact'. DA/SA. And I like the safety better than the Ruger SR22. The S&W safety is UP for safe and flick down to fire. 2. Ruger SR22. DA/SA. The safety is UP to fire and flick it down for safe. For me, this is opposite of most pistols I am use to. 3. Browning 1911-22. SA only. WOW, what a neat little pistol. It about 7/8 scale of the 1911 and it functions like the 1911. These pistols are available in MANY decorative finishes. ALL 3 of these pistols hold 10 rounds. I own all 3 and shoot all three. I carry the little 1911-22 in my pant pocket while on the mower and working outside in the yard. BUT..... I leave the S&W .22 loaded in the house for the Bunkhouse Boss to grab if ever needed. She is a non-shooter and the S&W is the one she would prefer to use if needed. Its easier to flip the safety DOWN (off) and fire than to flip it UP (off) like the SR22. I've owned the Walther P22 and it was o.k. I just personally didn't think it is as good and reliable as those 3 I mentioned above. Now, if ya wanna talk about bigger framed .22 pistols, start another thread on the Ruger MK series VS. Browning Buckmark, VS. S&W Model 41, VS. Volquartsen Scorpion, VS.....etc........... ..........Widder
  4. My 'mental' game is basically non-existent. Like most, I do think about not screwing up. BUT, Stan is the Man and on any given day, he's World Champ Cowboy. His advice above should be wisely considered if someone is wanting to excel in this game/sport. And anytime DOC gives advice/info, it should also be wise to listen. When DOC speaks, even E.F.Hutton listens..... ..........Widder
  5. same as: Jabajada Arderdah..... which means: The crocodile that walks like a man. ..........Widder
  6. Hey PWB, Ya know TN Williams is just messing with ya. He ain't had his 1/2 gallon of Butter Pecan Ice Cream tonight. How would you like it if he had your phone number and calls you during your nap time in the afternoon to brag about his lobster and steak lunch he's eating with a banana split for desert? Oh yea, he loves banana splits and Butter Pecan Ice Cream. ..........Widder
  7. Proof that even the best can have one of those moments..... Ya handled it well, ShyAnnie. ..........Widder
  8. Hey Pards. I pretty much know the answers to both my questions. The reason I posted those questions was because some previous comments were limiting some of the variable options, which could be beneficial or not, depending upon the shooter and stage scenario. EMN is correct, in my opinion, that its better to do what has been done countless times than to try something that you've only done a few times. I've seen some incredible Duelist and DD in my time, and I believe the technique is 2nd to none, especially when the Duelist/DD knows his 'profession' well. ..........Widder
  9. Good topic Billy. From witnessing and some rumors of great Duelist and GFer's, my thoughts are basically the same as my thinking of the SxS vs the 97. The advantage comes from the shooters practice and training..... with a big plus going towards the mental aspect once the 'Beep' goes off. There are some darn good Duelist (or DD) who really know how to 'play the stage' that allows them optimum opportunities to get the most from their transitions, etc..... With a darn good GF, they also 'play the game' to their optimum with emphasis on such things like 'lead change' or 'cross over'. As for my using the SxS and 97 as an example, let me explain: If a 97 shooter loads over the top, its would seem an advantage if they engaged the targets in a Right to Left motion. This technique lets the load port follow the loading hand. If the over the top shooter shoots left to right, their loading hand is chasing after the port for each shot. Just my opinion, but a few .000's is lost in the Left to Right technique. The opposite goes for the right hand loader. Engagement of targets in the Left to Right motion would be the most efficient, because the port and the loading hand are working together to allow the shortest movements of SG and hand to place subsequent shells in the port for firing. The Right to Left motion would have the loading hand chasing after the port for each shot, therefore the least efficient. When either the Duelist (or DD) or the GF approaches a stage with the knowledge and ability that masters their category style, they are truly a treat to watch and shoot with. ..........Widder
  10. QUESTION #2: Duelist (or DD) draws 1st revolver and shoots 4 rounds.....thinking it was 5. Shooter LAYS revolver on a prop, OUT OF HAND. THEN draws 2nd revolver and shoots 5 out of it. Whether shooter fires the remaining round in 1st pistol or not, my question is: under this scenario, would the shooter earn a 'P'? NOTE: 1st pistol wasn't reholstered but rather laid on prop BEFORE 2nd pistol was drawn and cocked. ..........Widder
  11. Tyrel, Tennessee is 'In Charge' at his house regardless of what makes momma happy. Just last week, he mopped the kitchen floor and vacuumed the carpet whether she wanted him to or not. Then yesterday, he went grocery shopping and 'told' her to stay home while he went to Walmart and got the Ice Cream. I tell ya, TN 'is' The Boss! ..........Widder
  12. I agree. And you'll be glad you went. ..........Widder
  13. Although I shoot GF, I still try to read these good topics and try to grasp some of the things others are dealing with in other categories. QUESTION: Wouldn't the only exception to this (your previous post) transferring of revolver and reholstering are when the revolver(s) are shot last on the stage..... assuming there is a prop for proper/safe staging? Therefore, 'reholstering' would not be a requirement until the firing sequence is complete and stage run is finished. EDIT: I've seen MANY Duelist waste time reholstering their 1st revolver before drawing their 2nd revolver on a stage where a good prop is available to place their revolver. And I take time to remind them of such to try and help them out. To my surprise, some of them didn't know they could do that and it REALLY helps out when revolvers are last. ..........Widder
  14. Great video JEDI Jed I. Hi quality fun, no doubt. ..........Widder
  15. Pards, Thanks for the info. It will be helpful in his decision to keep or sell. ..........Widder
  16. Fireball, Indeed, that is a good deal. No, I don't need another one. But, an added plus to this pistol is its convertibility into the .357 SIG caliber with just the barrel change. The Mags are the same. My first SIG was a P229 in .40 My friend wanted to buy it so I let it go. Then I wanted another so I replaced it with another P229 Legend. My P229 in .40 was flawless in function, reliability and pretty darn accruate. Its one tough pistol. ..........Widder
  17. Hey Tyrel. I'm glad you understand the situation. The 'Chernobyl Kid' is easily distracted by DQ. His consumption of a DQ treat is just like another 'isotope'. ..........Widder
  18. Everybody knows a even a good Snickers bar will melt down when it gets hot..... As for your Nuclear Powered Muscle Stimulator, you might want to change your alias to 'Chernobyl' if you decide to play "The Game"........ ..........Widder
  19. Have a great time today Sam..... and keep em smoking. I know what you mean about aging and such. At 68, I'm trying to 'teach' some of these young whippersnappers how to 'respect' us older folks, but its getting harder each year to keep them in line. They should know that its 'bad luck' to whoop up on one of us older folks during side matches..... EDIT: And yes... every time I have a chance to beat Red Knee in a side match, I don't plan to keep it a secret..... ..........Widder
  20. 1. around 1967-68, I bought a cheap nickel plated .22 from a friend..... $60 (yes, it was cheaply made) 2. My first REAL pistol was around 1971. Ruger Blackhawk in .357........... around $98. ..........Widder
  21. Yea. I just couldn't resist, my fellow Borg. ..........Widder
  22. That's not a problem..... I'll just declare my fastest run to go into the books..... ..........Widder
  23. This would be an interesting topic with LOTS of post except a true Duelist can only type with one hand and therefore, won't waste much time trying to type out a comment. A Double Duelist will 'hunt n peck' with both hands and a few of them will post a comment, such as TN Williams. Actually, he was probably reaching for his morning cup of joe while typing and submitting his post..... On the other hand, as a GF, it only took me about 45 seconds to type out this post..... ..........Widder
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