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  1. Red Knee sez he's comin. Sez he's gonna whoop me this year. I say thats a bunch of doodly squat! ..........Widder
  2. Thanks for posting the pic, GOODY. Appreciate it. Howdy Capt. Yes, I work on these, and like the others, they can be short stroked also. Sending you a PM. ..........Widder
  3. I posted this here because many of our younger shooters use the .22 lever rifles AND, some matches are starting to have Side Match Speed Rimfire competition. I have worked on a few dozen of the Henry .22 lever rifles. Inside, they are all the same. But recently, I was given a 'Silver Eagle' model. WOW..... what a beautiful rifle. Naturally, if you're looking to buy a rimfire rifle, especially a lever style, you want to get one that feels good to ya..... and maybe looks good also. BUT, before you put down those hard earned bucks, ya owe it to yeowndangself to check out a Henry Silver Eagle. That IS a beautiful rifle. I prefer the shorter barrel models like the Evil Roy or a Youth model. But the Silver Eagle has the 20" barrel and it feels great and balances really nice when you lay that front site out there on your target. Wish I knew how to post a pic, but apparently they call it the Silver Eagle because of the engraving on the receiver and the engraved Eagle on it also. Hope I didn't fling a cravin on any of my Wire Pards..... ..........Widder
  4. If SASS starts allowing its members to use the forum to list problems of named gunsmiths, they will have to also allow gunsmiths to list names of customers to avoid doing business with..... Actually, if Dr. Bottlestopper has a problem with Gunsmith Mr. Smellfunkus and post his displeasure on an open forum, other gunsmiths will have a good reason to refuse doing any business with Dr. Bottlestopper. Something to think about. ..........Widder
  5. TN, that video is somewhere on YouTube but I can't seem to find it. You are correct, Red Knee, Traveler and myself were challenged by 3 other WB 97 shooters. They started with SG's stoked with 6 each and we started with SG in hand and other hand touching shells in belt. We edged em out just by a split second when I engaged our final KD, which fell just before they put their last SG target down. The other team was Cardboard Cowboy, Billy the Avenger, and Slater. It was a hoot! P.S. - that was when Traveler and Red Knee were in their prime..... ..........Widder
  6. Warden, You have one of those super rare .. "Hermit Marlins". ..........Widder
  7. Snake Eye I have GREAT results loading the .32 H&R using: Clean Shot Red Dot Bullseye Titegroup I have had Good results using: Unique Universal ..........Widder
  8. Hells Comin, You might want to also worry about Red Knee. He's gunning for you..... ..........Widder
  9. I knew there was something that Matt and I had in common..... I don't shoot every weekend either. ..........Widder
  10. Its possible the powder manufacturer has changed their chemistry. Interesting and also possible. I remember a few years ago that Unique started advertising as 'Cleaner'. I guess if they can make it cleaner, they can also make it dirtier by omitting certain 'stuff'. I agree that your loads seem more than adequate and 100 rounds shouldn't be creating gummy issues. By chance, have you changed lubricants? ..........Widder
  11. I have used CLEAN SHOT in .32 H&R, C45S, and 9mm. I find it clean...... as clean as anything I've ever used. But I've never found any powder that was actually.....'Clean'. I also use Magnum primers in my reloads, which I have found to help complete burning of the powder. One item that I have found consistent with EVERY type powder I have tried, whether a big magnum load or a target type load, if you don't use sufficient powder, there always seems to be inconsistent burning of lightly loaded ammo within its given loading specs. I try to load an 'ample' amount of powder within the load ranges of published data. ..........Widder
  12. Your a patient man, Big Country. "and thats about all I gotta say bout that". ..........Widder
  13. I blinked and had to go back and replay a stage..... One other thought..... its a good thing his TO was getting paid by the hour..... Good videos. Thanks for posting. Keep em smoking, Matt. ..........Widder
  14. Here is some personally chronographed 9mm info: Berry's 115 gr. OAL= 1.125 Pistol: Sig P320 4.7" barrel CLEAN SHOT: 4.4 gr. Avg Vel: 1154 (5 shot velocities: 1148, 1150, 1155, 1159, 1161) POWER PISTOL: 6.1 gr. Avg Vel: 1139 (5 shot velocities: 1121, 1129, 1142, 1146, 1157) POWER PISTOL: 6.5 gr. Avg Vel: 1138 (5 shot velocities: 1112, 1130, 1136, 1157, 1157) NOTE: as you can see, Power Pistol velocities didn't give a higher velocity average in the 6.1 and the 6.5 grain loads. ALL THE ABOVE LOAD DATA WAS USING THE BERRY 115 GRAIN BULLET. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Scarlett Darlin's 124 grain lead bullet. Sorry, I didn't write down my OAL for this bullet. Pistol: SIG P320 4.7" barrel CLEAN SHOT: 3.5 grains Avg Vel: 977 (10 shot vel: 971, 971, 973, 976, 976, 978, 978, 982, 982, 983) 12 fps variation on this load. CLEAN SHOT: 4.0 grains Avg Vel: 1025 (10 shot vel: 1010, 1017, 1019, 1022, 1022, 1024, 1029, 1029, 1035, 1043) 33 fps variation on this load. Needless to say, my favorite load for the 9mm is with CLEAN SHOT. It is accurate and clean. It meters GREAT and CONSISTENT in the powder hopper. ..........Widder
  15. SASS doesn't have an 'OVER THE BERM= MDQ' rule. Does that mean that ALL SASS clubs must do away with their Over The Berm penalties? I don't think so. The "spirit of the SASS organization" is that it allows SASS affiliated clubs to have variances that are allowable at the local level, although they emphasize some of those local allowances are not permissible at the State and above SASS matches. ..........Widder
  16. Gunner's method in re-establishing proper timing on the Marlin carrier is 1st rate and in my opinion, the best method available. HINT: if you are having the Marlin jam and, if you are shooting short OAL in your ammo caliber, you may want to consider asking Gunner to give you a .005 height increase in his fix. If you are shooting Long OAL ammo for your caliber, resetting factory timing should work fine for you. ..........Widder
  17. Dear Moderator: I'm just being curious and sorta humorous, BUT... what would happen if everyone click the 'ignore' for the Mods? Surely that wouldn't be helpful. .........Widder
  18. I use to have a list of 'Oxy'morons but I discovered they are better stated when 'triangulated'. ..........Widder
  19. Well deserved, I'm sure. Congratulations Matt. ..........Widder
  20. ooooooh, how sweet. NAME? I always like the name 'Crockett'. Its a good strong name with loads of character. He or She? New personality and characteristics will bring some new excitement and joy into your lives. ..........Widder
  21. Very good and valid point. When I use to work on Marlin's, most (probably 75%) of them would already have the 'lever-trigger' safety bar removed or disabled. And it seemed that the other 25% wanted it removed or disabled. And the number of aftermarket cross bolt safety replacements are staggering. And those that don't have the replacements will have the factory disabled by torqueing down the screw in its 'fire' position. ..........Widder
  22. As a side note, he can legally GRAB 4 shells in his hand(s), but he can't load more than 2 in the SG at a time. P.S. - his technique is also one of the slowest techniques to use the 97, in my opinion. ..........Widder
  23. Lumpy, I can't hear a jet engine...... But I can put some compressed air to it. Thanks ..........Widder
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