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  1. As wear and tear would eventually render my 97's needing parts, I contacted Outlaw Gambler and placed an order. Great service and super quick delivery. Just wanted to share some good info among our pards..... about a pard. Thanks, Gambler. ..........Widder
  2. For all we know, the bear eat a bunch of berries and died. THEN the woman shot it in the head to make it appear she killed it with a .22 I find it hard to believe its that easy to sneak up on a bear. ..........Widder
  3. I think you are on a Posse with Dr. Smellfunkus and Ivan Bottlestopper. I don't know why, but rumor is that Whiskey told Dixie NOT to put any children on a Posse with you or TW. Must have something to do with that background check. ..........Widder
  4. I've read two separate stories that at the Alamo, Santa Ana's troops number approx 1800. Another story, concerning Houston's army, was that when he defeated Santa Ana, the odds were only 2 to 1. This would also make Santa Ana's army about 1600-1800 men. Is there any actual numbers we can go by? ..........Widder
  5. Sam Houstons army was estimated to have nearly 800 men. What do you think the outcome of The Alamo would have been IF.......... Houston had directed his forces to the rear of Santa Ana's army and while SA's army was focused on The Alamo, Houstons men could have wiped them out by surprise. Just my thinking. ..........Widder
  6. If you decide to use a Hornady XTP, their 300 grain XTP 'MAG' would be a good choice. Their 240 and 300 grain XTP Mag bullets are thicker/harder type bullets and seem to have a little better penetration than other XTP bullets. Sorri, I haven't taken any big game with it..... but I dissimated a groundhog with one and it literally turned it inside out and unrecognizable. As mentioned above..... bullet placement is paramount to effect kill shots. ..........Widder
  7. "to what tune?" That's funny. I think my 'spell check' did that.....atleast that's my excuse for now... BUT, just for those interested........ HERE IS THE TUNE:
  8. Chicken George, Hells Commin, etc..... For all those coming from other states, ya might consider bringing some sort of Nasal Spray. Pollen (Polin) effects ALL of us, even around here. And a little precaution can turn your weekend into a more pleasant event, especially if you're not fighting a sinus infection or runny nose. I ain't a doctor..... but trust me on this one. I don't have bad allergies, but I do keep my sinus situation to a minimum by using a little vaseline in my nostrils. Every little bit of precaution helps. Safe travels. ,..........Widder
  9. No doubt, Black Gold is probably the most relaxing and funnest places a Cowboy could be. And indeed, I'm trying to figure out how I might make the trip and be able to stay the whole time. CPRhead Joe and Klan make you realize you're at the right place and right time to enjoy life with great folks. If you've ever been there, you just can't say enough good stuff about the place, people and the match. IF SASS awarded 'stars' or 'ratings' for venues and matches, Black Gold would most certainly get ***** (5 stars) or 'AAA'. With or without me, it'll be a dandy. Rumor has it that even Korupt Karl is gonna be there this summer. ..........Widder
  10. I hate to tell you this Capt BB, but the combination of 'Beauty, Sleep and Capt BB' is call the Oxymoron Trifecta. You might get enough rest to whoop up on a few folks on Friday, but looking beautiful won't be part of the equation. As for me, I'm old, ugly and slow and I already 'rest' all during the day..... I'll be in Bell Buckle Wednesday. Likely, Slick McClade will be there Wednesday evening also. He and I will be sharing a room on Wednesday at the B&B but then he'll have his own room for Thursday on. ..........Widder
  11. HEHEHEHEHEHE. And what's funny is that TW believed that $15 bill was real. I took the $9 bill and paid Capt BB the money I owned him. I used the $6 bill to buy a burger and Pepsi down in Alabama. Ya just don't wake up on the morning and put one over on Ole Widder. ..........Widder
  12. Buckshot, The good 'hot' stuff in .45 Colt in the rifle (16-18") is basically equivalent to the .454 Casull in a 7" pistol barrel. I've choreographed em, using bullet weights of 250 and 300 grains. If she is shooting a Marlin 1894, it helps to have a real good recoil pad because recoil can be a real thumper with hot loads. ..........Widder
  13. If Capt BB is on any string...... its the 'G' string. And the only string TW is familiar with is the string of nanner splits he can eat at one time. And ya want to hear something really funny about these two fellers....... They're BOTH a Black Pin. They got a lot in common. ..........Widder (I saved my best for last. I knew I could manipulate both of them into a conversation about each other..... )
  14. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Ruger shooters and mechanics in SASS and a good many of them read these threads. And for this one, most of us (myself included) are eagerly waiting to read Larsen's information to help us learn more. Thats says a lot about a mans reputation and character to help when needed. ..........Widder
  15. But, evil don't sleep, its takes no holiday, no rest, etc......... It will take your money, heart, soul, and Cadillac..... ..........Widder
  16. Here it is, 7:45 on Tuesday morning, and Capt BB has already put a post about 1 hour EARLIER today. I guess 'trouble' never sleeps. I heard a rumor he gets up early to 'dry fire practice' just to whoop up on some Tennessee boys. Well, that's a worthy cause, for sure..... CAPT..... I guess I'll see you at Cleveland this weekend. Bring your 'A' game again. The 'Enchantress' is looking for revenge! ..........Widder
  17. I ain't complaining about physical infirmities. Just because I broke my left wrist/arm TWICE before I was even eleven, you won't hear me complain because its almost healed up. ..........Widder
  18. I was talking with TN Williams this afternoon and I told him that I was trying to think of EXCUSES as to why I might not have a good match. So I ask him if I could borrow his 'Book Of Excuses'. He said he already loaned it to Capt BB. Go figure! ..........Widder
  19. I bought an 8# jug. It will last me a long time......real long time. ..........Widder
  20. JBar and LINN: my bullets were Sierra 124 gr. JHP and with BOTH powder charges, my OAL was 1.095 NOTABLE Other Info: with 5.5 grains of BE-86, my minimal OAL would have been 1.045 before creating a compressed load. with 5.8 grains of BE-86, my minimal OAL would have been 1.075 before creating a compressed load. Using this bullet, the OAL of 1.095 allowed the loaded round to fully chamber and the slide to lockup correctly. Any OAL greater than 1.100 didn't seem to allow proper chambering UNLESS the slide jammed the bullet into the lands. Personally, I don't set up my reloads to 'jam' into the lands..... Best Regards, ..........Widder
  21. I only got a couple 9mm pistols. BUT, recently I was able to get some BE-86 powder to check out in 9mm reloads. VERY PLEASED. I only used it for 124/125 grain JHP bullets. Using 5.5 and 5.8 grains, the powder charge left me approx 1/4+ inch space in the case to seat the bullets without having a compressed load. Functioning was perfect. Velocities in the 4" barrel 9mm averaged approx 1190 fps. (H&K P30-L) Velocities in the 5" barrel 9mm averaged approx 1215 fps. (S&W Competitor - performance center model) There were no discernible pressure signs. Accuracy was as good or better than my previous favorites of Blue Dot or CFE. And based on my previous testing of Power Pistol, it appears that BE-86 might yield slightly higher velocities when compared 'grain to grain'. My Chronograph is set about 8 feet from muzzle. I might add that BE-86 also metered great in my RCBS powder charger. My new favorite 9mm powder for loading up 124/125 JHP bullets will be BE-86. ..........Widder
  22. ROOMS AVAILABLE if you are coming to the TN State and don't already have a place to stay, a real nice B&B in Bell Buckle has TWO rooms available at this time. A few of us have already made our reservations. Its a nice place, right next to the small town of Bell Buckle and that great restaurant there. AND... a short drive to the range. Call Marie or Anita (sisters) at: 615 / 971-9365. (printed with permission). See you there! ..........Widder
  23. Chicken George, Don't show those to TN Williams. Randy sends TW a copy of the stages from last years Bucksnort Annual Roundup Cowboy Match just to keep him confused. ..........Widder
  24. For all you 'newbie' visitors to Wartrace, there ain't no small nor distant targets..... trust me. As a GF, the target placements, scenarios, etc..... could not be better to allow middle of the pack shooters to have some good runs and shoot clean. This is one of those matches where Mr. & Mrs. Sloberknocker are driving back home to Bucksnort and Mrs Sloberknocker tells the hubby that she shot one of her best matches ever and loved the target setup. That's just how it is. Big Whiskey and the Moonshine Regulators do a tremendous job in every respect. And you'll love the Friday night giveaways. Side matches have no limit and best run of the day wins. And don't forget the RIMFIRE Speed Side Match.. I'm sponsoring that again. Bring your favorite lever or pump .22 and wear those targets out. And if you've never handled a Widder Soft Stroke, track me down and check out mine. And don't forget the 'Cut The Rope' challenge. and of course, you'll get to meet TN Williams as he kisses all the women and hugs all the babies...... Just don't get in a liars contest with him........ and don't loan him any money..... ELEVEN DAYS AND COUNTING! ..........WIDDER
  25. I had ONE miss last year. It was at the Wells Fargo stage. 3 targets, side by side. The one in the middle was a 24x24....... and it was close, real close. Maybe 5 yards or less. Guess which target I missed on the wholeblamematch? 12 stages of 'Burn em down, run and gun' bang-n-clangin. And I miss the biggest, closest piece of steel on the whole blame range. The 'TN Williams' curse is real. ..........Widder
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