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  1. Situations such as you mentioned are hard to bring to the attention of others, even the MD. BUT, if you were sure it was illegal, did you make the call on that shooter after they shot the stage? ...........Widder
  2. Based on your stated usage and purpose, I would seriously consider the .38/.357 and never look back. Good luck. ..........Widder
  3. You ask, so I will reply: My bible and religious beliefs make be believe that Angels do exist. BUT.....when an Angel(s) make an appearance, there nothing in my belief that it is done in a formation of a cloud. ..........Widder
  4. BLACK GOLD! Its in Kentucky. I missed it this year but its still my favorite place to go. WHY? its just right. Nobody is a stranger and quiet honestly, everybody is family. And although it ain't a State or above recognized match..... its still a favorite for MANY a pard, far and wide. EDIT: Because others are mentioning their other favorites, I will mention mine also: TN State. Wartrace is just a fantastic place to shoot and the Wartrace Regulators go all out to see everyone has a great time. Its a beautiful range and TN is just beautiful during the fall. I don't know how they do it...but I bet their crew don't sleep from a couple days before the match until the lights go out after the banquet. ..........Widder
  5. Indeed, call Henry. They may send you one free. But, if not, I think their stocks are only about $40. 201 / 858-4400 ..........Widder
  6. THIS ^ Henry .22 Evil Roy model Henry .22 Golden Boy Youth 4 Ruger 10/22's, all fully custom. S&W model 41 2 Browning Buckmarks Ruger MK IV Volquartsen custom WInchester 9422 Browning 1911-22 (7/8 scale) S&W M&P Compact .22 Marlin model 101 (this is a single shot, bolt with the cocking handle shaped like a 'T'. 2 Marlin model 60's. Although cheap in price, these are every bit as fun as the Ruger 10/22's. ..........Widder
  7. TN, but we ain't talking about a 'broke' gun. We are talking about an 'Illegal' firearm being used in a category where it can't be used. ..........Widder
  8. O.K..... lets look at it from the SOG point of view. Lets say the pistols are LAST. Lets say the shooter decides to 'take a gamble' and shoot the illegal pistol to earn a 10 second 'P' instead of the 25 seconds for unfired rounds. THEN, its decided that the shooter really should earn a SOG for that type of conduct. QUESTION: would the SOG benefit the shooter from getting a DNF? And if the shooter suspected the SOG would be applied and decided the SOG was better than the DNF, would that warrant a SOG? Looks like one of them "dang if you do and dang if you don't" situations. P.S. - actually, I personally don't see the SOG being applied in this situation, but like you, I been wrong before. ..........Widder
  9. Gamer thoughts: Shoot the illegal pistol on the 1st stage as needed: 10 second penalty. If you only shoot the legal pistol and take 5 misses without shooting the illegal pistol, you've added 15 more seconds to your stage time..... Your on your own for the rest of the stages. If you are lucky, your backup pistol won't be needed until only 1 or 2 stages remain for the day. And hope you don't need it for 3 stages..... ..........Widder
  10. I haven't had to opportunity to try out a Squibber 97. But, my Go-To-Pro is Curly Bill Kelly in Harriman, TN. Another popular 97 guru is Outlaw Gambler. ..........Widder
  11. Try Bud's Gun Shop or Smoky Mtn Gun & Knife in Sevierville, TN. I know what your thinking.....'Those Gun stores don't carry sanders'. Well, you are correct. BUT... caddy-corner to both of those gun stores is an 'equipment' type store with all kinds of craftsman equipment..... Tool, accessories, itty bitty parts, big parts, etc... I just don't know the name of the store..... but its right next to Bud's and Smoky Mtn Gun. ..........Widder
  12. I know of 2 in Illinois: Cowboy Carty and Billy The Avenger. If Deuce is close to you, he can probably help you out also. ..........Widder
  13. awh..... she's already posing for you. Ya done good. ..........Widder
  14. They got indoor plumbing also..... and some 'inhouse's, if you know what I mean..... Must be why they call it the Garden Inn..... ..........Widder
  15. That rig would make even Ben Cartwright jealous. Beautiful. ..........Widder
  16. Slater, Red Knee and I managed to get a couple rooms in Murfreesboro. I think it is the Holiday Inn Garden... or something like that. EXIT: 76 Right off I-24. A quick drive on I-24 EAST to exit 97 will take you back to the range. Safe travels everyone! ..........Widder
  17. "Optimum Performance" level. Its a level of performance EACH of us possess within the parameters established to accomplish a task. Example: The worlds fastest track star has established his/her speed records by running straight, with no obstacles in his/her path to interfere with their performance. BUT, that speed can't manifest itself if there is a couple of hurdles they have to jump during the race. When it comes to our game of Cowboy shooting, we also possess an Optimum Performance level, within our own self. I ain't saying these numbers are exact nor actual, but I will use them for examples to show how Optimum Performance levels are effected when we play our game. Assuming plates are 16x16 or 18x18, a Traditional style shooter can normally run these targets at distances from 4 yards to around 7+ yards. Regardless of their shooting abilities (slow or fast), they should be able to maintain a high % of hits. Move those same targets out and their performance will diminish, either in speed or hits..... or both. The DUELIST can run those plates at their individual capabilities at distances from 4 yards to approx 6 yards, maybe a tad less without consciously slowing down... and still maintain a high % of hits. Move those same targets out beyond 5.5 or 6 yards and their performance will diminish, either in speed or hits..... or both. The Gunfighter can run those plates at their individual capabilities at distances from 4 yards to approx 5 yards...maybe a tad more without consciously slowing down...and still maintain a high % of hits. Move those same targets out beyond 5 yards and their performance will diminish, either in speed or hits..... or both. There will always be an exception to these things and those shooters are rare..... usually rare enough to consistently finish top 10 among 1000 shooters. And put those targets tooooooo close, and our Optimum Performance levels will somewhat be bridled. This is due to angles.....and speed will jump up and bite ya. This has been my observations AND a fellow cowboy shooter and I tested this theory a few summers back with results as reflected above. ..........Widder
  18. BUT..... CCI wasn't in the dream. ..........Widder
  19. Oh No...... looks like TN Williams is having Ice Cream withdrawal. Somebody please, take him to DQ quickly and get him one of them Intravenous Nanner Splits. ..........Widder
  20. Whew....... Griz, you had me worried. I thought for a moment that was one of them 'gender change' operations..... ..........Widder
  21. And he would probably prefer you didn't in public also............. (I couldn't resist) ..........Widder
  22. They saved the outer, clean edges for ME..... ..........Widder
  23. Dusty Devil, I can't speak for other shooters in answering your questions. But when some clubs put on an Annual or State Match, they like to garner more revenue coming in, than money being spent. And therefore, they try to set up matches to draw the crowds. I ain't saying that Big & Close will draw in the paying customers all the time, but it does appear that those matches that have a high % of Clean shooters do very well in their reputations. And when the Bunkhouse Boss is traveling back home to Bucksnort, it is always a good thing when she can brag about shooting clean OR having one of her best matches ever. And this is usually accomplished with target sizes and setups. I will also add that I've rarely, if ever, witness any amount of shooters who are proponents of Stand & Deliver type stages or dumps. But Target sizes and placements is an ongoing discussion among shooters and its obvious that clubs are trying to cater to keep the customers and the $$$ coming in. ..........Widder
  24. Ethan, my long lost friend, it would be good to see you also. Hope 'The Family' is doing well. You will enjoy this match and the location. And more likely, the weather will be fantastic here in TN this time of year. Safe travels. And bring your 'A' game because there are some hot shot duelist at Wartrace... ..........Widder
  25. JEDI Creeker, I agree. But I have also experienced frustration in the face of our young shooters and the occasional 'spouse' shooter when targets become set 'further out'. And contrary, those same shooters tend to enjoy those stages where they have a better chance of shooting CLEAN within their proficiency levels..... which I often refer to as 'Optimum Performance' abilities. Good post. ..........Widder
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