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  1. Was hoping to top off the tank and head off in the morning. Most of the stations I passed were 3 deep at the pumps. May take the old CB just in case
  2. Gatorade, couple of granola bars and a square or two of dark chocolate. When it's hot and humid I started carrying a few pieces of watermelon.
  3. Sent an email to EAA asking when these guns may be available. Their response. Support <eaa.support@eaacorp.com> Mon 5/3/2021 3:18 PM View Helpdesk Ticket Hi Ron, They are currently being shipped in limited quantit
  4. This is/was a great range. Glad I made it last month. Hope you find a new home soon.
  5. You can add Charles Daly 512t to your list. This is my 2nd year shooting one.
  6. Had a great time. Thanks to all who made this match possible.
  7. Nice meeting you and glad you had a good time.
  8. Just got this email from Choice Ammo Greetings from Montana in these Crazy Times! Thank you for being a valued Choice Ammunition customer. We wanted to reach out to you with some information that may help you with your existing order, or one that you are interested in placing with us. Please know, we are doing everything we can to get ammunition out the door and in your hands as quickly as possible. We are however, reliant on suppliers providing your quality components to us- and if there is a delay from them, we will load your ammo just as soon as your components arrive. Your p
  9. I'm planning on coming in Wednesday.
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