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  1. Big thanks to all who put this match together. Stages were great. And the weather during the match NO RAIN. Hope to see you'll in April.
  2. Target on the left end is down. Shooter engages target on right end and misses. Clear miss?
  3. If a clear miss at a standing target, then I would say still needs to engage down target.
  4. My problem isn't picking brass up. It's seeing it amongst all the rocks and other non cowboy brass.
  5. So there are 6 sg targets. One is down. What position? If the first round was aimed in its direction l would say he was good. If however, if the first shot was aimed at one of the other targets, then he still needs to engage the down target. May end up being a judgement call by the spotters.
  6. That's my problem. Damm burocrates expect me to work.
  7. Congrats Jen. It was great watching you shoot.
  8. Got it today. 5 1/2" Old model Vaquero fit like a glove. Thanks
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