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  1. I did finally get my order from Choice Ammunition. It took several months.
  2. Yes find a lawyer ASAP. Also tell him NOT to leave. Envision would take some time and as this has been his residence may have some rights.
  3. I just received my order from Choice Ammo. Placed it several months ago.
  4. I'm interested. Any action work done? Barrel length?
  5. Looking like its going to be a beautiful day. Not going to be able to make this one. Grandson has a soccer game and I haven't been to one yet.
  6. Only one day this year not both days. Next year NO RAIN
  7. Rain was only 1/2 as bad as last year. Had a great time. Stages were just right. Not a lot of questions and no p traps. Loved camping at the range. You'll did a great job.
  8. I have both in 357. Purchased Miroku already short stroked from Navy Arms. Like them both and shoot both. Uberti has a longer track record and parts, from what I here are easier to come by. Also I don't know if a short stroke kit is available for the Miroku.
  9. Yep these don't stay unsold long.
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