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  1. Weather looking good. Highs in mid 70s lowes in the 50s. No rain at least until Friday.
  2. Here is a link to a 2017 post on this subject. Buck D Law post an excellent explanation of what most of the faster gunfighter's do.
  3. There are about a thousand things that come to my juvenile mind, so I won't say a thing.
  4. My Winchester was also short stroked. I asked before buying because I read kits for these are not available. Only problem I have had was ejecting brass. Working fine now. Local gun Smith took care of it.
  5. Don't shoot Outlaw. Wish I could. I will look at the target then the front sight. I'm not fast.
  6. My Outlaw/Gunfighter coaches have all told me to look at something on the center of the target and shoot at it. Don't need no sights.
  7. I'm sure you will wear it with honor.
  8. Weather forecast looking good. Lows in the 60s and highs in mid to upper 80s. Front coming through on Wednesday so hopefully humid won't be too bad. Heading out Wednesday morning. About a two hour drive depending on traffic.
  9. I know several, including myself, that have purchased one from Long Hunter and love them
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