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  1. As others have said, go to matches and try to shoot both before buying. I have been in shooting for 7 years now. Uberti Smoke Wagons for the first 6 1/2. Got a pair of Ruger Vaqueros this summer. Ubertis are great. Rutgers are better in mho.
  2. I also purchased a few tickets. I really didn't understand the logic behind some of the laws in CA.
  3. Thanks for a great match. Made a lot of new friends. Got a free gun cart wash. Hope to make it again next year.
  4. I am already looking for a Hawaiian Cowboy shirt.
  5. Congrats Tombstone. This is well deserved.
  6. Being the slowest Gunfighter in the east, East Tennessee that is, I have to shoot clean to be competitive.
  7. Congrats to both of you and welcome fellow Jedis.
  8. I have been told by several that they were surprised about my alias.
  9. This was discussed at the Black Gold RO class. Cassalong Hopidy was our instructor and said his level was high. Steps he said he took was to wet tumble brass and wear disposable gloves. Hope he sees this post and comments.
  10. Will you accept a personal check? If so let me know where to send it and I will take these.

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    2. Medicine Creek Johnny

      Medicine Creek Johnny

      Says it was delivered

    3. Uncle Ethan # 94321

      Uncle Ethan # 94321

      Thanks Will pick them up tomorrow or Friday

    4. Uncle Ethan # 94321

      Uncle Ethan # 94321

      Picked up the guns today. They look great. Thanks

  11. Is this a Ruger NEW Vaquero? I'm looking for one if the price is reasonable. Thx

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    2. Uncle Ethan # 94321

      Uncle Ethan # 94321

      Yes it is a New Vaquero 5 1/2. I have attached a couple of pictures.

      I would take $650 for it plus shipping.

      Let me know if you are interested



    3. Kid Vic

      Kid Vic

      Nice looking piece but I will have to decline..... thx

    4. Uncle Ethan # 94321
  12. if the Bisley hammers are still available I am interested.

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