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  1. Are you looking for wood or the black Ruger checkered NV grips?
  2. My son got bumped out of his MP school slot at Ft Leonard Wood a few years ago, he spent 2 months doing stupid shit like this.
  3. Had a TriStar do that, scared the $h17 out of me.
  4. Hi Will, I was on the fence, spectacular Vaqueros, but they are so specialized that the buyers market is extremely small. He put these in the right place to move them quick.
  5. The Pistolero from Pietta is also very nice entry revolver. The case hardened finish is terrific.
  6. The current production Pietta Great Western II is an excellent choice for a SAA copy.
  7. I really enjoyed the Clontarf you recommended.
  8. Ok, see you at EOT. I got some springs for you.
  9. Sarge, Do you need something just to get through the match?
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