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  1. Just couldn’t get off work. Glad everyone had a good time
  2. I can add that of the 21 officers on my department only two of us had a bad experience with the second dose, five did not get vaccinated because they had the Covid and need to wait, and two decided not to get vaccinated.
  3. I got very ill from my second Pfizer shot. Got it at 11am worked 11p-7a by morning I had chills headache and every joint in my body hurt. Felt like a train hit me. Was back to normal in two days.
  4. You’re being childish. So please stop busting my balls every time I buy a gun. You made your point last month, grow up, and cut the crap.
  5. The Cimarron Pistolero is made by Pietta and has the traditional 4 click hammer.
  6. They are behind I just got a spring order from January
  7. You can use the pins spring and plungers from the hammers you take out. They interchange. You can also make the pins from 1/16 hardend steel drill bits. Lassiter told me this tip and they are stronger. You can cut the bits to length with a dremmel cut off wheel. You can get 5 bits for a buck at harbor freight.
  8. Joe, it’s yours. I think Lefty will be able to shoot my 97 as is. My youngest is still a ways off from shooting. Give me a crack it it when your granddaughter out grows it.
  9. The only thing I could figure on that set was the grips were real Ivory. Otherwise the bidders got swept up in auction fever.
  10. Where to begin? I was born in Pittsburgh, my Dad was Korean War veteran and Westinghouse technician, Mom was a nurse. I've worked since I was 11 years old delivering the Pittsburgh Press. In my teens I worked at McDonalds and, put roof's on with my dad. We went to church every Sunday. We were not rich, but we were not poor. I was lucky to get C's in high school, I stared out the window waiting for the bell to ring. Looking back I wish I had paid more attention. In my senior year I joined the Army Reserve as an E-1. I went to basic training 6 days after I graduated high school, I turned 18 at F
  11. I enjoy shooting many Smoke in the Woods with Blackjack. He made Pale Rider Gunfighter look easy. At the match he always reminded us to leave some ammo on the tables because he would take the scouts through and let them shoot. He would always say the kids loved shooting the black power rounds. Rest easy Blackjack
  12. There is now Gunbroker Pay. I also use Clearent and Swipe Simple for my card processing
  13. Looking for stainless steel original Vaquero base pin with shoulder, and a trigger. I would also be interested in New Vaquero trigger.
  14. Because they support law Enforcement 100% Officer Kuzak shoots for team Glock. He survived an ambush and was shot 5 times. He’s a local Pittsburgh hero.
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