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  1. Because they tried to survive outside of SASS. We can incorporate some more action, in Cowboy Action.
  2. I still think there is a chance in the next 5-10 years that we will see movement like this in SASS.
  3. Hi Dawg, These came of a pair Vaquero’s with a 2 digit prefix. I’ll bring them to High Noon for you to check out.
  4. I have decided that Yellowstone is basically a remake of Sons of Anarchy. Set on a ranch, with horses instead of motorcycles. Much more picturesque though.
  5. You’re like me, I’m always looking for another to make a pair.
  6. Wranglers and original large frame Vaqueros can swap grips not New Vaqueros.
  7. I’ll throw in whatever I can find with your new Vaqueros.
  8. The BSS is heavier, and replacement parts are much less available.
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