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  1. Correct, they do not have an 07 manufacturers FFL. They can’t manufacture firearms.
  2. I just got an interesting email from Taylors & Co. They are introducing an American made 1873 chambered in 9mm
  3. I highly doubt you will find a Cimarron 87 for under $400
  4. I was hoping to find past scores maybe, but can’t seem to find anything online.
  5. Negative. Did not want to disclose. Don’t really care about real name. I want to know his alias.
  6. So I got two sets of Vaquero Bisley’s in one set 357 ones set 45. I bought them from a shop in VA that was handling a SASS shooters estate. I would like to know his alias. I don’t even have a name just the FFL handled the transfer. Son in law says he was a big man and from VA the only buckle was a Comin’ At Cha 2011 Champion. Who can solve this mystery? Ready, set, GO
  7. Satan came up with detent balls and springs, to make me swear and loose my temper.
  8. SPF two sets of Altamont Classic panel checkered Rosewood Fleur De Lis for New Vaquero with or without key lock $96 shipped.
  9. SPF 2 sets of Altamont slim panel grips. Rosewood Fleur de Lis w/ star medallions $96 shipped.
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