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  1. My cell number is 52-817-8124 - please send me pictures of the 357 Marlin - Thanks

  2. Legal!! Always legal! Thanks Kid Drover
  3. How much smoothing out the dimple on the loading gate leading into the magazine tube do you think would be allowable. When reloading on clock, the rear of the case on my 38's has a hard time clearing out of the dimple creating an extra amount of effort to get them into the magazine tube. It isn't only the time, but the effort leads to more time acquiring a site picture. Thanks, Kid Drover
  4. Great time had by all!!! I just woke up from the State Shoot!!! Had something to do with Rattle Snake Juice; not to clear on the subject. But, I know I had a GREAT TIME!!! Joe and his Gang know how to do a shoot "Right"! Congratulations to all the winners! My category was won by a Gentleman Cowboy and a Great Shooter! Doc Roy L. Pain! Congratulations, Doc!!! Thanks for stopping by, Knob Creek Drover
  5. H.K. Uriah, You have a personal invite to send in your money and application for Guns of August 2021! Which, of course, will assure someone from New England would be there! You won't be disappointed!!! Knob Creek Drover
  6. Hey Ringer,


    Are you still making coated bullets?


    I hope you and Miss Behavin' are well!!!


    Knob Creek Drover

    1. Ringer


      Wrong Ringer.

      You want Lead Ringer.

  7. Yeppers, It was a great one! A great time was had by all! And, Indy, Congrats!! to you for your Elder Statesman win!!! KCD
  8. Howdy Jeb,


    This simply is not an offer.  You will probably sell the pistol for your asking price, or decide just to hold on to it.  I am just letting you know I have been looking for a Vaquero for a couple of months now.  My budget is very tight.  I have $500.00 I can put toward the pistol, plus $20 for the FFL that would receive the pistol.   So, if you reach a conclusion you want to move it, and you can let it go for $500.00 including the shipping, I would be interested in being it's new owner.  


    Thanks for your time, 


    Knob Creek Drover

    1. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654


      I think I'll pass.  It's a new unfired gun ,would be close to $700 in a store, I think $550.  is fair.

      Thanks Jeb

    2. Kid Drover

      Kid Drover

      I know you will sell it for $550, just keep me in mind.




      Knob Creek Drover


    3. Jeb Stuart #65654
  9. Got the shotgun.  Thanks!

  10. If your shotgun is still for sale, would you be willing to sell it for $350.00 shipped to my FFL?  If you would, I will take it.




    Knob Creek Drover

    1. wyliefoxEsquire


      Merry Christmas

      I will reply in a few days


    2. wyliefoxEsquire



      I would be happy to do $375 and I pay for shipping.


    3. Kid Drover

      Kid Drover

      Ok.  You gotta deal.  Please send me your name and address with phone number.  I will send you a check and and the FFL paperwork.  Thanks,  Knob Creek Drover

  11. Up until NOW.......This is a STUCK UP!!! (I just couldn't say "stick up", cuz a cowpoke that has problems on this here wire, has to be awful dumb) 100% Feed Back for the Cowboy Classifieds! (Heck, it even fixes my speling!) KCD
  12. I am reducing the price to $350.00. I changed my mind on the price because it would make someone a real cool pistol, and at my age, I just don't shoot it anymore. If anyone wants the pistol, please be firm in wording. Thanks, KCD
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