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  1. TKD is out of town and won't have a chance to update the Wire for a while, but I thought y'all might like to know that the schedule has been updated. https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/ambush-at-cavern-cove
  2. I was specifically referencing the definition of 'port arms' which he was specifically referencing.
  3. and whether or not they choose to follow SASS rules...
  4. You also have folks doing zero time events insted of or in addition to speed events.
  5. https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/2020 State CAS Agreement FINAL.pdf
  6. @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495LI will admit, that if we are to take a hard interpretation of the safety convention - and insist that the entire convention must be followed and not overridden... Six-gun revolvers are always loaded with only five rounds and the hammer lowered and resting on the empty chamber. The use of only implies that six-gun revolvers may only load five rounds exclusively - and nothing else besides.
  7. "unless otherwise directed by stage design/description" Sounds like the stage instructions dictated 9 in the pistol. Stage conventions happen "unless" overridden by instructions. No different than the instructions stating that shooter must set pistols on table after firing. The convention was overridden by stage instructions. Safety convention, hammer must be down on empty, cannot be overridden.
  8. On this...my son's 66 likes his OAL a little longer. If we crimp our 125 gn 38s on the crimp groove, it feeds in our 73s just fine, but his 66 has a hickup to it. We lengthened the OAL a bit and his now feeds just fine. 73s are still ok with the longer bullet. Someone said it may have to do with the ramp angle on the carrier. All I know is that it works!
  9. And what is the consequence (penalty) for not loading under the direction of a LTO? Are we going to start awarding SDQs for not following loading/unloading table procedures?
  10. Their website now breaks out scores that are uploaded there by Miss, procedural, MS where it used to not.
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