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  1. But even with a Nevada, some folks will argue on whether or not it has to start on an end.
  2. There were also Civil War era Spencer carbines that were converted to shotguns. Probably doesn't meat all your criteria, but they are neat little guns you find up for auction every once in awhile.
  3. My 5 minutes... I want consistency. Why is it legal for my to carry one long gun in a certain condition sometimes but not legal for me to do the same in other times? And, why, for those times that it is legal for me to do it, it not be legal for me to carry the other long gun in the same condition at those same times? So, either go back to the way we had it, or, if it truly does not matter from a safety standpoint, update it to allow the same condition for all at all times. Makes no matter to me.
  4. There is a process for Posse Officials to do that now. If you are one of those officials, and have questions of illegal ammunition, illegal firearms and/or modifications, illegal costuming, inadequate blackpowder smoke etc all, why are you not making that call?
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