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  1. It was a ton of fun. Here is some of our look at Day 1
  2. Several stages this year pay homage to Ambush matches of the past. There will be many Easter eggs spread throughout the match. Some props and some...well...you'll have to see for yourself. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the build process for many of these items that we will use this year. Here is a stage from 1999 which served as inspiration for the goings on at Stage 1. You can read more about that match from 1999, including reading the entire shooter's book from that year, at https://branchwaterjack.com/blog.aspx?post=3
  3. Out of all the Ambush matches that I have been to, this one will be the most recent.
  4. There is also a third generation of lee dippers...they were the OLD metal ones. I just double checked with the lee loader forum, and it looks like the red/black ones are in fact done in cubic inches. They even post the match for converting the cubic inch numbering on the red/black to the CCs for yellow. I'll save you the trouble... Here are the conversions for the red/black set to CCs (approximation) Red Black -----Yellow CI-------CC 0.020-------0.33 0.039-------0.64 0.052-------0.85 0.065-------1.07 0.069-------1.13 0.108-------1.77 0.129-------2.11 0.141-------2.31 0.167-------2.74 0.190-------3.11 0.205-------3.36 0.230-------3.77 0.258-------4.23
  5. I tell you what, I messed up my back in the setup yesterday. A cowboy who could help me out with that might find a little something special on the score sheet when it is all said and done...
  6. To find a red or black set, you're going to have to use a way back machine like ebay, estate sales, etc. They are measured in cubic inches, if memory serves. TheSe sets have measurements in between CCs. Date from the 70's.
  7. No, but a quicker 4-3-2-1 sweep http://branchwaterjack.com/blog.aspx?post=23
  8. I have also previously used rubber O rings in place of the string....
  9. tie a piece of string around the barrel and lever. Roll the string off the end of the barrel when you want to load. Roll the string back over to keep the barrel in place.
  10. The correct answer is: The test is subjective. You need to load enough powder so that, in the event that your rounds are tested, the people doing the testing of your rounds can determine that your loads produce at least the same amount of smoke as the standard round that they are using in the comparative test. from the SHB
  11. You will not get that from the ROC. The standard load and the testing procedures are outlined in the SHB. You can see some testing results that @Capt. George Baylor SASS#24287L did back around 2011: http://www.curtrich.com/0811SmokeStandard.html He also tested some 32 rounds in 2013: http://www.curtrich.com/201310smokestandardtest.htm But even he notes the following:
  12. Here is a graph comparing median stage times over the last 2 years.
  13. Part of the reason why that one was so fast last year was you had the option to start with a loaded shotgun. That cut out a couple seconds.
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