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  1. Let's spread the word and get more pards signed up! 2021-07-22-07-13-52-843.mp4
  2. As a shooter, over the past several years, I will usually ignore everything EXCEPT the one command that I, as a shooter, must comply with on the firing line Peanut gallery yells anything, I will probably ignore it. Now, there may be consequences of that action, by I do not have to acquiesce to most of what comes out of the peanut gallery. Usually, I know up before they tell it. I know the long gun is empty when I toss it, whether or not it closes.
  3. They changed this rule a while back specifically prohibiting this action. It used to be a gray area... SHB pg 22 SHB pg 27 it is not a gray area any more...
  4. Kind of reminds me of the Pony Express Postal Match that the Doily gang did several years ago.
  5. One time I love this transition is when you shoot long gun at point A, have to take it with you to shoot pistols at point B. You have long gun in one hand, pull pistol with the other, and crack off a couple shots as you drop off the long gun and draw the other pistol.
  6. vielen dank für das video. Ich möchte schießen gehen
  7. I remember, several years ago, I was TOing a shooter who I knew always shot silver senior duelist in the double duelist style. First stage, he kind of shocked me a bit, pulling both pistols out, shot one dry, then the other, then holstered them both and went about his business. This was at a state championship match. He was a descent shooter, but didn't win many awards. He realized that there was no one from his state shooting Silver Senior Gunfighter, so he signed up for it, but didn't tell anybody. After I called out the time, polled the spotters, and went
  8. Phantom is spot on with this one in that, while the TO cannot override the spotters, he may be in a better position to see edge hits, can question spotters as to the location of misses, and can provide his personal observations. ROI pg 25 ROI pg26
  9. That scenario doesn't hurt too much. However, going the other way, the boom, boom, pop, boom boom just cost you, at a minimum, 10 seconds...
  10. 125 grain TC for the smokeless 130 grain RNFP for BP in a pinch, when boxes spill all over, it makes separating the ammo a bit easier.
  11. Ambush 2014 is on today's blog. Any of y'all remember this one? https://branchwaterjack.com/blog.aspx?post=18
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