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  1. See also: http://www.oowss.com/SASS Rules Docs/Reload choices (edit Aug 2018).pdf They had 4 options 1) Re-engage the same target and reload another round in the second revolver for the last target = NO penalty 2) Re-engage the same target and take the MISS on the last target of the shooting string instead. 3) Move on to the next target & NOT reload = MISS only for the unfired round. 4) Move on to the next target; reload & return to the skipped target = Procedural for HITTING the targets out of order (but no misses). They chose option
  2. That is scored as a P for the double-tap as this was a single tap post.
  3. do a search and you will find several other posts within the past month or so asking the same thing...
  4. I am just glad you didn't ask why a live or fired round left in a rifle is a MSV and a live or fired round left in a pistol is not.
  5. And mandate require participation trophies for all!
  6. Na, a regressive sweep is totally different.
  7. I was going to say incremental makes more sense in this case anyway...but, then again, like @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L points out, we have to get the men out of it.
  8. And I have been to clubs that call that a Lawrence Welk.. Ah won, Ah won and ah two, ah won and ah two and ah three, ah won and ah two and ah three and a four... How about we keep it simple and tell shooters what you want them to do in the stage instructions instead of trying to come up with a cute name for it. For instance, Starting on either end target, single tap T1, double tap T2, triple tap T3, quad tap T4. Then we don't have to worry about the name....
  9. http://www.winterrange.com/WR Cancellation Newsletter2021.pdf
  10. Is that not already the case? SHB pg 16
  11. Don't forget to check SASS's listing of more great annual matches held across the globe: https://www.sassnet.com/AnnualMatches.php
  12. SASS and The North Alabama Regulators are proud to present the 2021 Southeast Regional Championship. The dates are October 21-32. The link to the website is: https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/ambush-at-cavern-cove We look forward to you visiting Cavern Cove and enjoying some southern hospitality and a great match! Be sure to read through the shooter's books from all the Ambush matches that have gone before: http://www.branchwaterjack.com/Blog?all=true And, may the wind be with you!
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