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  1. Congrats to the new SASS Advisory Board. https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/20eChron/20OctChron.pdf And big things look to be ahead with the moving of EOT and the US National Championship in 2022!
  2. Walking around the range during the Regional last year, I got to see a lot of the banter that goes on during the match. Some of it is the usually Posse specific pride, including folks cheering for their posse mates during the awards. Some of the trash talking turned to which state in the region was best. It got us to wonder....Which state is the fastest state in the best region in SASS? This year, we're going to find out with a special award for the top 'Trail Drivers' from the fastest state in the region. So, after all the scores are done, we are going to take the top 10 fastest shooters from each state in the region and come up with a total time for that state's team. The state with the quickest time will take home the honor of being the fastest in the region. We'll recognize those 10 'Trail Drivers' and include a nice banner to be displayed at their State Match in 2021. If it helps to stir up some trash talk heading into the match....If we would have done it in 2019...Georgia would have edged out Tennessee by 2.94 seconds!
  3. You could also drive just a bit further south and hit Prichard's Distillery https://prichardsdistillery.com/home.html
  4. Give a shout out to @Whiskey Hayes #41999 I believe there are a couple carts at the range they can loan out to you. They ain't much to look at, but they will do the job.
  5. I see they posted an updated shooters list: http://wartraceregulators.com/StateMatch.aspx
  6. Why not? They both have a fully loaded cylinder. Why does it matter if it is a cap gun or not?
  7. Since you mentioned it.... When I first read the OP, back when this post first started, this is the thing that I laughed about... SHB pg 14 So, the logical argument is wondering how someone would considered it safe to cap 6 in a cap gun on the clock before shooting any, but somehow find it unsafe to load number 6 in a suppository shooter.
  8. The one we forget about, mostly because of the changes to the lever rule...but it still occasionally happens... Shooter is shooting in the traditional style, right handed. Pulls right pistol and cocks it as the TO hollars HULL as there is an empty hull in the chamber of the shotgun. Shooter grips the revolver with their left hand, thumb on the top strap, finger around the bottom of the frame, and pulls the hull out with their right hand...
  9. REF: SHB pgs 34-41 SHB pg 35 SHB pg 38 SHB pg 40 Let us not even talk about the external modifications needed to an adjustable sight Old Army to make it appropriate for Frontiersman SHB pg 38
  10. Shooting smokeless powder, with a two-handed 'traditional' grip, you should choose from on of the following age based categories: You can also shoot in the Open Age category of Cowboy.
  11. double duelist is not an officially recognized sass category. SHB pg 6 SHB pg 44 aged based categories use the 'traditional' or two handed shooting grip. SHB pg 46
  12. I am confused because this is not something that is new. We can also go back and see where we have discussed this before: And, we have seen how it applied to the WR 2020 results.
  13. In Practiscore, the original score is kept in a log. For a score that was changed, when you look at the results, there will be a notation that the score was changed and what the original score was.
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