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  1. There was one created here on the ire several years ago. It was not filled with content as the PTB discussed how it would be curated. Then it was decided that it would not be actualized and it was removed. I believe that there were some notes in the TG meetings at Nationals and Worlds a couple years ago about it.
  2. Where was the 5th pistol shot (1st out of the second pistol) put? If put on the correct target for the 5th shot, and shots 5-10 were all put on the correct targets for the shooting string, it's a no call.
  3. +1 to Smokestack Match Director Guide, Page 4
  4. I remember when the JBS pulled up and moved out of Peoria. The JBS was actually one of the last Steamboats as it was outfitted with steam engines that were originally built in 1915. The JBS left Peoria in the late 80s and was replaced by the Spirit of Peoria. The Spirit was propelled by a couple CAT diesel gensets that powered two locomotive traction motors. Neither the Julia Belle Swain nor the Spirit of Peoria call Peoria home anymore, although they are now owned and operated by the same company. They were both supposed to go in drydock for renovations late last year, but I never did hear if that happened or not.
  5. For us, this is what we do for our .38s Smokeless: 125 TC coated in Rifle 125 TC hard lubed in pistol Black Powder 130 RNFP soft lube for all. Recipe contains bees wax, Crisco, and a bit of canola oil. We use different bullet styles to add a second layer to easily differentiate between black and smokeless. Nothing worse than having a couple of boxes of bullets spill out and not know what you have where. Ask me how I know! We also do the same for our smokeless. Rifle uses new or once fired brass. Using the coated bullets, we know which ones are rifle pretty easily! Probably a little more than some folks will do, but it works for us!
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