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  1. I can pick up my Uberti revolvers, blindfolded, and can tell you which one is right and which one is left. There is a slight variation in the grips that I can tell, even though these were a 'matched pair' with the R-L serial numbers. I started shooting them with the R number in the right and the L number in the left and it just stuck. My Rugers are consecutive serial numbers. I cannot tell the difference in feel between the guns. However, 5 goes in the left, 6 goes in the right. On reason I keep doing it is, if I have an issue with a gun on the firing line I only have to remember which hand had the problem. If I always shoot the same gun with the same hand, I don't have a problem remembering. I shoot FCGF and try to keep my hands pretty close together the entire shooting string - if I can. The inside edges of my pistols are always filthy from the side blast coming out of the other pistol. Keeping them Left and right means I do not have to clean the outside edges of my pistols because they don't get dirty. And, I always keep the same unloaded chamber throughout the match. Again - so I don't have to clean that 6th chamber! Of course, I also line up my shotshells in my belt the same direction so I can read the writing on them. That is part of my mental prep when getting ready for the stage and not indicative of any other problem.
  2. @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183 recommended this book to my beautiful wife, @Alchemist Belle 93666, at one time. It was invaluable to her. https://www.amazon.com/Winning-Mind-3rd-Ed/dp/1934324264 For some tidbits from the book, you can look on YouTube, or even read this: https://www.njlifehacks.com/with-winning-in-mind-lanny-bassham-book-summary/
  3. I know of people who shot their first ever Cowboy match at a state match.
  4. Ya...I found it funny that SASS decided to feature 2 trench guns and a 1911 on this year's BP championship pin, too.
  5. For those of you who were unaware, there are a lot of folks who collect pins from various things. Just look at folks walking around Disney collecting and trading pins with folks. I always look forward to some of the SASS Blackpowder Shootout pins that come out each year.
  6. He hit his 20 year landmark before the program went into affect. That is why he did not receive one then. He should definitely receive his 25 year pin once he hits that milestone. And, they may be sending them out by anniversary month and not by renewal month. So, he may have to wait until May. If he received the membership card packet, the last time SASS had to send me something additional it came mailed separately. So, perhaps this program is the same way? Misty did indicate that they were sending them "over time". One way you can read these is that you will not receive your initial pin until you hit a 5 year milestone. So, if you are on year 8, you won't get a 5 year, and you would have to wait to get one until you hit 10. The other way to read it is you should get a 5 year pin when you renew for year 9. We renewed our family back on 23 January and did not receive any of the back landmark pins we would have qualified for and just figured we would each get our first one once we hit the next appropriate 5 year landmark. In any case, with all these variables, it may be best to ask someone at the office to find out for sure.. Either way, just wanted to say thanks to the SASS Crew for the new program! (And thanks for recently helping me get our family renewing on the same schedule!)
  7. while it may be more expedient for a duelist to shoot one pistol dry and then the other, there is no rule that requires it. While impractical, a duelist could pull one gun, shoot it one time, re holster it, pull the second gun, shoot it one time, reholstering it, and repeat this process five times. A more practical example would be a duelist who shoots 4 rounds out of his first gun and holsters it forgetting he has one round left in it. A good TO would instruct the Duelist to place the first round of the second gun on the 5th Target of the string and shoot Target's 5 through 9. Once that second gun was dry, the Duelist could pull the first revolver back out and shoot the 10th Target. I remember spotting for a gunfighter in Georgia last year. He would jerk both pistols out, pointing both straight at the Target, shoot the right gun dry, and still holding it there shoot the left gun dry, and then holster them both. Nothing wrong with that. I myself have been known to change leads, shooting consecutive shots with either the right hand or the left hand in the middle of a string. Nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes if I've got to change positions between a long gun and a pistol position while carrying the long gun, I'll draw 1 pistol with the free hand and get off a couple shots with it as I stage the long gun and draw my second revolver. I'll then alternates shots after that and just have to end by shooting a couple shots with that second gun consecutively. A gunfighter could also decide to shoot the entire match in the double duelist style, pulling one gun shooting it dry with his right hand, and then repeating with the left hand. That's a legal option as well for a gunfighter.
  8. You can start your draw at any time you like. For instance, you can grip that second pistol and have it pulled up high in the holster as long as the end of the muzzle does not clear leather. SHB pg 44
  9. The P does not kick in until one of the pistols is cocked.
  10. Do remember that, in the event that one draws both pistols but is not shooting Gunfighter or B-Western, they may holster one of them without penalty up to the point that one of them is cocked.
  11. How many pages would a drviel post go before they were shut down? That is probably the record for the longest post.
  12. @Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 could probably best describe how long those posts got before being shut down.
  13. Well ...now that the OP has changed.... Does that request include the old Drivel threads that were shut down and restarted when they got too long?
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