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  1. that's OK. I still cannot manage my background photo on my profile.
  2. When I started this game, I pan lubed all my bullets. Then, one year, the Mrs decided that we needed new appliances, including a matching stove. Along with the new stove came a new edict....No pan lubing in the new stove. At the time, I had no place to put the old stove and continue using it, so I purchased a Star. My only regret is that she didn't buy that new stove sooner! Of course, we've moved since then, and left that stove, but I still love my Star.
  3. We don't see too many chains out here. Mostly rope. . But joking aside, I know of folks who do have a problem with a shooter doing that.
  4. Just trying to give the rope some slack. Seen more than a time or two where a spotter was standing on the rope and holding the knockdown in the up position. Unintentionally, but did so none the less.
  5. The same could be said for SG knockdown targets. I have been known to toss the rope out to ensure the reset arm is down on a SG target that is reset with a rope/arm a time or two.
  6. I have five from the man from Tennessee, do I hear six?
  7. Also, remember that you can shoot your adjustable sight revolvers in the appropriate category in a SASS Black Powder Championship match. For instance, as a 50 year old man you can shoot your Blackhawks, Marlin, and Model 97 in the 49er category in a Black Powder Championship Match.
  8. if I had my guess, @Wander N. Star SASSL #8856 might...
  9. Not agreeing or disagreeing, but, following the logic that, "there was no advantage between the fixed and adjustable sights," why limit your rule change suggestion to just BP categories? Why not also suggest to remove the restrictions from duelist and gunfighter categories as well? And, I doubt that either suggestion would go anywhere...
  10. does the attachment to the category matrix in that post open for you?
  11. I can do that one. Can't do this one: And I still cannot modify my own cover photo...
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