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  1. What Tyrel said. And don't bother fooling with synthetic black powder. Stick with the real deal. Jackalope
  2. Mine does not have such a bushing...but I've had it over 40 years. Regards, Jackalope
  3. I'm real happy you ain't dead. Jackalope
  4. When the pot is cold and empty, clean off the 'valve stem' the best you can and chuck the threaded end in a cordless drill. Put a big dollop of valve grinding compound on the other end, and use the drill to polish the internal part of the spout. Repeat until the mating parts are nice and shiny. Mine doesn't drip anymore. Regards, Jackalope
  5. I suppose there are a few who might believe that one half of 17 is 9... I have a bridge for sale...
  6. This is a memory of Lightning that will stick with me. He always had a smile and something nice to say. I'll miss this guy a lot.
  7. The brass doesn't hit Loose Cinch in the face, but then, he's about 6' 5". Too Tall on the other side is...well, he's not quite 6' 5". I can't carry enough shotgun shells to hip shoot a stage. Maybe I need an extra belt full.
  8. how to change alias on profile

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