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  1. Not sure I'm reading this as you intended... Are you saying the velocity of your long range rifle ammo is far higher than SASS maximum? It appeared in your previous post that you generally recommend something lower than SASS max. It's entirely possible I just misunderstood....
  2. Or that semi-stiff green foam stuff used for floral arrangements. You could probably find something that would work at your local craft store. Like Cholla said, cover it with velvet or silk.
  3. As Creeker and Silver Creek Jack suggested, I suspect a weak spot in the brass to be much a more likely cause than a foreign object blowing through the case wall. I'm positive there were no SS pins remaining inside the brass and would certainly have noticed if the hole had been there prior to shooting the round. The cats I live with usually keep the brass rats to a minimum...but I won't rule that possibility out. I did not notice a whistling sound. It may have been obscured by the 33 grains of Goex going off. Thanks, everyone! Jackalope
  4. Here is a case failure I have not seen before. It was the only damaged case of the 60 revolver cartridges I used during a recent match. It's a Remington .45 Colt case that has been fired 3 or 4 times. The perforation is located very close to where the base of the seated bullet would have been. The load was one I've been using for years, a Lyman 454190 bullet (253 grains), lubed with 50/50 beeswax/crisco, 33 grains of Goex FFFg and a Federal LP primer fired from a Uberti-made revolver. I'm sure we've all seen many split cases before, but have you seen a circular perforation such as this?
  5. Shooter "owns the stage" until the TO stopped his progress by hollering "Squib". Since no bullet was lodged in the barrel, the TO should offer a reshoot due to unnecessary stoppage. No matter if it happened on the first shot or some time later. Tip of the hat to the TO for trying to prevent something that could have been dangerous!
  6. I'm not a fan of picking up greasy hulls, either. And, as far as shooting a stage, it's always seemed a step in the wrong direction to make sure you get something slippery all over your hand before you load your shotgun or draw handguns, etc. Does it not make more sense to lubricate your shotgun chamber(s) instead of your fingers? Sorry, didn't intend to hijack...
  7. I de-prime them and wet tumble for an hour or so with dish washing detergent (I like the yellow kind but the blue kind also works.) and a little Strat-O-Sheen. They are dumped on a towel to dry. This works well for both black powder and smokeless.
  8. I do the reloading for my lovely bride, so.....yes. Your mileage may vary.
  9. I wonder how often this really happens. My guess is about zero percent of the time. Sounds to me like somebody needs a solution for a nonexistent problem.
  10. I've not seen a short barrel Bond before. That one does look smaller than an ADC. I don't know what model the Bond I handled was but it was .357 Magnum, same as my ADC. It just felt heavier and and more bulky. Your ADC looks great!
  11. And the biggest. I prefer American Derringer Co. Model 1.
  12. Expect to see this soon at a match near you!
  13. The gun belt doesn't care about the gender of who's wearing it. What matters is the shape of who's wearing it.
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