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  1. This is some of the best free advice Widder and I have ever shared. You're welcome.
  2. It's not supposed to feel right. It's supposed to hurt just a little and cause a weird tingling sensation. Also, if you use enough Goex, it should make you wet your pants just a little bit every time you pull the trigger.
  3. Waimea gave a money back guarantee on his products. If one of his bullets missed, just return it for a replacement. Maybe T Bone Johnson will offer the same arrangement.
  4. "Blue print brake down in chronicle order" Would it be correct to assume you mean, "Blueprint breakdown in chronological order"?
  5. Jackalope


    Also to include, "yes, your own hat on your own head with your own hands." Maybe I'm more grouchy in my advanced years, but I am not amused by such antics trying to be cute. Your mileage may vary.
  6. Another plus one for PD. I am a black powder shooter 100% of the time. I don't break out the cap guns very often because, above all else, I hate to clean the cylinders. I can't imagine cleaning 12 of the dang things!
  7. I have a PDF describing Longshot Logan's (RIP) method of "antiquing" if anyone wants it. He describes two methods, one which just removes blueing and the other uses Birchwood Casey Perma Blue and Plum Browning to prevent rust. The second method results in what appears very similar to the Cimarron Original Finish. Jackalope
  8. Not quite the same thing, but I've shot at a lot of ducks with shotgun shells that had spent at least some time underwater. Never had one fail to go off that I recall. Many of those ducks flew away, though. Maybe it had something to do with wet shells, yeah, that's what it was!
  9. And then they'll puke and bawl about how bad inflation is...
  10. There is no such thing as "grain volume, volumetric grain, volumetric equivalent", etc. Grains are a measurement of weight, or mass. Volume is the amount of space in a three-dimensional object. The amount of powder dropped by a powder measure (which has a three-dimensional chamber of a particular volume) will have a particular weight (as measured on a scale). However, if you switch from Fg powder to FFFg powder without changing the powder measure, you will certainly drop a different weight from the same volume. Even if you switch from brand to brand, you may drop different weight. Two different powders occupying the same volume may not have the same mass. Two different powders having the same mass may not have the same volume. If you need to fill a given volume (such as black powder in a cartridge or shotgun shell), fill the volume and don't worry about the weight or mass. If you need a particular weight (such as smokeless powder in a cartridge or shotgun shell), use a scale and don't worry about the volume.
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