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  1. If you're looking for efficiency, lose the habit of double-cocking and changing leads. When you double-cock and change leads, one of your hands is busy doing nothing.
  2. That pretty much covers it. I won't waste my time or money on fake black powder. Like Tyrel mentioned, 25 grains of FFg or FFFg and enough lizard litter to compress a little is pretty comfortable in a 44-40 or 45 Colt.
  3. Clear lens...I want every photon I can get.
  4. We h;ad a great time with Kid Flash yesterday at Cleveland, TN. Was a treat watching him shoot and he's fearless with his .38 handguns. But the boy is such a chatterbox, it's hard to get a word in edgewise. Was good to see you all yesterday
  5. What Phantom said. If you can count for a quick rifle shooter, you can count for a quick gunfighter.
  6. This is so sad. Dave was a super nice guy. Our sincere condolences to Cindy. Jackalope & Anita Margarita
  7. Have you seen Tombstone's sheath? You might get a text in a minute...
  8. It would be a treat to watch you go for it, Kid! As I recall, you are fairly generous with your black powder loads...
  9. I hesitate to even guess what Tombstone might do with a steamer, especially a borrowed one!
  10. Loan it to Tombstone? You probably wouldn't want it back.
  11. Waimea, Would you mind if I plagiarize your idea? (After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.) I know where there are two fully clothed bodies willing to serve this purpose.
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