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  1. Branchwater Jack said, "Of course, after I finish setting the last stage and a half tomorrow, you may not have to shoot me. I may drop dead at that point." It's important to save a bullet when you can. Seriously, thanks for all your hard work...you make a tough job look easy. I regret that we can't make it this year. Hope you all have a great time and stay safe! Regards, Jackalope
  2. You are missing the Oak Ridge Outlaws in Oak Ridge, TN. http://www.oakridgeoutlaws.org
  3. The brass doesn't hit Loose Cinch in the face, but then, he's about 6' 5". Too Tall on the other side is...well, he's not quite 6' 5". I can't carry enough shotgun shells to hip shoot a stage. Maybe I need an extra belt full.
  4. For almost four years, the stages I've written for our club have had a story or some reason to start a gunfight. I like to keep them short and try to include a little humor. Like this: Yesterday, my wife asked me, “Is it just me or is the cat getting fatter?” Apparently, “No, it’s just you” wasn’t the right answer. That’s what started the gunfight. Indicate ready by saying, "It's just you."
  5. The ladies' man on the right is none other than the infamous El Suave!
  6. how to change alias on profile

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