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  1. Wore one of these but older and it went down to the waist when I worked in the lead grinding booth at Fisher Body. Filtered air was piped into it. We were checked every 3 months I believe.
  2. Very sad to hear. I had only emailed him a few times but never met him. I heard his name hundreds of times and watched him shoot in videos and looked forward to shooting with him. Prayers for his family and his Posse in Wartrace.
  3. I've shot the final stage with app powder hi tek coated unlubed rounds in my rifle and pistols lately and two Windex with vinegar patches cleaned the barrels. YMMV. No BS.
  4. I would go with the 5-1/2 inch barrels if I had a do over.
  5. My 7-1/2 inch Outlaws are from Cimarron. Made by Uberti. I took them apart and deburred them with a fine stone then added Texas Grips extended grips to better fit my hands. I keep them clean and we'll lubed and completely stock except the grips . They are my main match guns.
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