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  1. Read and understand the rulebook first. Highlight areas of particular importance and those which require clarification.
  2. I hope to shoot a clean Outlaw match. It would be my first. I've shot a few with one miss. I've shot a number with no rifle misses. I've shot a couple with no shotgun reengagements. And I want a bottle of Jack. Lol
  3. I Shoot for fun and to hang out with good people. I plan on attending my first awards banquet at Tennessee State to watch some of those good people get awards. Hopefully there will be booze too. and food!!
  4. I close the lever and spray Break Free CLP in the action. It foams up and I work the lever and watch the black stuff drop out. I repeat a few times until what drops out is clean. WELL lubed. Dry patch the bore once, wrap a towel around the action and put it in the case.
  5. I have one that is 30 deg as built but as worn sags. The Chicago screw fixed it.
  6. It just makes good sense. Why lift them heavy things any higher than you have to?
  7. You can always hold your guns lower. Very easy on the shoulder.
  8. I started reloading shotgun shells last year. The Winchester hulls are drying up at the range as more shooters are reloading due to high shell prices and low availability
  9. Yes. Thanks for asking. A family event came up last minute that I could not miss. I really hated not being there especially after seeing the stages online. They looked to be Outlaw friendly. I won't be missing Tennessee State or the Regional though.
  10. All I know is 99% of the cowboys in the movies shot everything from the hip. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  11. Slater's in house guns can set you up. He can sell you a Henry slicked up and short stroked.
  12. I was definitely a winner cause I got to meet and shoot with a bunch of new cowboys and cowgirls.
  13. I got to show another posse my 3xl Lucas McCain impression with my rifle. I think I only had 1 rifle miss. A few more pistol misses. Had a great posse.
  14. Seamus and I are on the same posse. Don't be jealous .
  15. I'm not a fan of shotgun pop ups as I shoot from the hip. But if it breaks when launched it's ok. They often break, creating an unfair advantage. Pistol makeups to shoot clean? No
  16. I'll see you all in the morning tomorrow
  17. I came home that way from Black Gold last year. One of many nice drives in East Tennessee/Kentucky.
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