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  1. Out if curiosity what specifically did you buy?
  2. I'm liable to have a guit-fiddle and a banjer or two with me
  3. If he can get a whole toenail, they make fantastic guitar and/or mandolin picks.
  4. Borderline obscure, but I play Clawhammer Banjo and some 2-finger style banjo. Not bluegrass or 3 finger/Scruggs style mind you. Mostly hymns and old time music;(think late 1800s type stuff). Oh and I shoot black powder, although that seems to be getting popular again; guess them heathen smokeyless folks are figuring out the fad.
  5. Probably not, there'd still be folks like Rye Miles that'd incorrectly choose Ginger
  6. Yep, he's probably the best. Be prepared to wait.
  7. Those are 20" barrels right. Those will easily hold 11 .44-40s and they're the same OAL as 38-40s. My 18.5" barrel '73 will hold 10 comfortably, never tried to push an 11th in.
  8. Tyrel Cody

    Cap jams

    Longhunter might. The only other one I know of that does it, takes FOREVER.
  9. Congrats! Got a new guit-fiddle my owndangself the other day. Bottles, gimme another Bulleit Rye and the next round is on my tab.
  10. I shot nearly a whole match once with my safety glasses on my hat; I got lucky and try and watch for that now. Can't remember who noticed before I shot the last stage.
  11. Tyrel Cody

    Cap jams

    I'm assuming your not going to try this method at a match? Because I think you scare the bejesus out of the other folks there if you did that and you can't put the caps on before you go to the loading table. I use an antler tip and don't push real hard; then again I use Rem #10s and Slix nipples. Don't use the hammer to seat them, bad idea. It's pretty simple to install a cap rake if you have a drill and a dremel. Are you using stock hammer springs or lightened?
  12. It's a little early, but Bottles fetch me a Bulleit Rye. Thanks UB!
  13. TW, what'd you do to Widder that makes him pick on you so much? I seen him training them birds to pluck corn plants and transfer em to another spot. Ain't sure it worked exactly right; I told him them dumb crows couldn't hold it all the way to Oklahoma to dive bomb ole Not Widder.
  14. Consecutive? What's that even like? Wish you luck.
  15. We're probably referring to the same person. Not real young, but yeah lessons learned...
  16. Do you really want to know? I know one pard that shot himself in the leg at the loading table. Probably others exist, but never heard of anything fatal.
  17. @Blackwater 53393I hate to say I told you so, but....
  18. All I can say is that we will never go near the Methodist Church nor the White Oak Flats Cemetery in Gatlinburg, TN at night again.
  19. C'mon man, get the slogan right at least GET OFF THE LAWN!
  20. It'll be your 30th anniversary of your 29th birthday... Trust us you don't look anywhere close to 29 If I can remember I'll bring you a nice cigar and a cold brew.
  21. You're a LOT more trusting than I am, but I'm starting to come around.
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