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  1. Pay attention @Tennessee williams, need to take the front sights off to be real fast
  2. https://www.hamiltondrygoods.com or @Buckaroo Bubba has a lot in his shop https://www.uprangeexchange.com and can order pretty much anything you want from Wahmaker or Frontier Classics.
  3. Just take it off completely; you'll get used to it pretty quick and won't even notice it's gone. Yes I mean the whole rear sight. You can buy a dovetail blank/filler to put in its place. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1005883063/marbles-sight-slot-blank-3-8-dovetail-steel-blue
  4. Oh, I put in my fair share of 60-72 hour weeks... I've also quit 2 programming jobs that required on call and overtime. Now I'm back at the first one I quit for those reasons; boss man finally got the higher ups to understand
  5. What Phantom said. I've probably got 15 more years of 40-45 hours a week. Never had any trouble taking off on a Friday; guess I'm lucky.
  6. How many can use the words 'accept' and 'except' appropriately.
  7. If you're weird then I'm weird too.
  8. The only way I can think of is to print it and check the save as pdf option; then attach the pdf.
  9. {joking} See what you've started Cheyenne, next time just load your guns before the buzzer goes off. {/joking} Kudos to you for remaining calm under pressure and setting a good example for the rest of us.
  10. Their No doubt they'd advise me to provide both an LTO and ULTO; regardless, it isn't listed as required in any manual.
  11. That describes the duties of a LTO, IF present; doesn't say anything about being a required position. There are a whole lot of clubs that don't use a LTO and there are a whole lot of shooters that feel they are totally unnecessary to begin with. This last weekend we had short possies(11-12) and had neither LTO or ULTO.
  12. As much as some enjoy seeing you tell him that, to be fair, this post was originally on the SASS Wire and was moved to the Saloon.
  13. I agree with you pardo, didn't you catch my misuse of too and your?
  14. Good, I hope your happy now that you've pointed that out too us.
  15. I think there is some validity to this. 98.362% of my misses come while shooting my left hand revolver with my left hand.
  16. Colt black plastic > Walnut > Checkered Walnut > Elk/Stag/Anters > Mammoth/Giraffe/Bone > Pearl. I like the mammoth a LOT better than the pearl.
  17. Widder, as long as the hammer is down on an empty chamber or a fired round, no call.
  18. I think we need video of that world record time.
  19. Can't we say that about 99% of the internet; here included at times?
  20. I'd love too, but my next 3 Saturdays are spoken for(gotta keep momma happy). I understand the soccer thing too. Thankfully Mustang Lewis decided NOT to play AAU basketball this year; he wants to shoot more, and he kicked my butt today(my rifle jammed on 2 stages though).
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