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  1. Have you tried sending @Ruger Ron a PM? I'm guessing that the last poster above you took it and RR doesn't frequent the Wire/Classifieds.
  2. The young man that Tyrel had arrested cursed him a blue streak for a solid 30 minutes before he could figure out just who he was. The boy's Pa had just bought the Hoover place ans he was gonna be sorry for doing this to him; Tyrel couldn't get the family name out of him, only that the boys name was Russ. Exasperated, he finally left him, still cursing and headed down to the Saloon for a quick bite to eat and then on to the telegraph office to send a message: Blackwater. Trouble brewing at Stone Creek. Come loaded for bear ASAP. -Tyrel Tyrel never knew what hit him. As he stepped out of the telegraph office one of the rough dudes that had passed Calico on the way out hit Tyrel with a 2x4 he had found leaned up in the alley. Once down, both kicked him several times and beat him nearly to death. "Grab his keys and let's get Russ outta here!"
  3. Pre measure your powder. I've seen some use test tubes: https://www.amazon.com/Graduated-Plastic-Tubes-16×105mm-DEPEPE/dp/B07D9J99NH/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=ZK7NQRMRLF5D&keywords=10ml+test+tubes&qid=1556121480&s=gateway&sprefix=10ml+test+%2Caps%2C156&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 I also have some that will hold a ball and have a cap on both ends, those are in the muzzleloading supplies at Wally World.
  4. Anyone can take it. Starts at 10am Thursday morning. It would be good to message or email Copperhead Joe and let him know you're interested, but probably not required. See you there!
  5. http://www.thesmithshop.com/cbs45.html
  6. If you shoot an 1860, 1866, or 1873 rifle you can get a special carrier and shoot Cby 44 Spl in them too. I shoot 44-40 in rifle and Cby 45s in revolver or 44 Russian Open Tops
  7. Just follow up. Great powder. I got very close to the same results as you. Details: Pact MKIV XP Chrono 4 3/4" USFA Rodeo 160 gr .45 Hi-Tek Bullets by Scarlett Shooter's World Clean Shot powder Velocities averaged over 10 shots 4.0gr 525fps 4.6gr 647fps 4.8gr 680fps I did not go up to 5.0gr, but I did go down to 4.0gr. There were a couple that dipped below 500fps at that weight and there was unburned powder. Good powder that I like better than Clays; I'll be getting more soon.
  8. @Forty Rod SASS 3935 buzzards and worms gotta eat too.
  9. Ok, that makes sense now. Reholsterhing doesn't apply in the OP's situation because the revolvers were shot last.
  10. Were the pistols shot last?
  11. As Tyrel was making his afternoon rounds he noticed a new face lurking outside the general store, a young buck looking through the window and showing quite a bit of interest. As Okie stepped out and headed up the street the young man stepped back out of sight, and then as soon as Okie had rounded the corner back to the window. Very shortly Calico appeared and seemed in a hurry to find Okie, he assumed. As she ducked in every building and around the corner the stranger followed far enough back so as to not be noticed by anyone but Tyrel. Apparently Calico couldn't find Okie, as she returned shortly and mounted her horse and rode out of town. The stranger rushed over to his horse where he was met by the Sheriff, "Hey there young man I don't believe I've seen you around here before." The youngster glared at him and pushed Tyrel's hand away from the reigns, stating, "Mind yer' business lawman, I'm in a hurry". Tyrel, unphased, said, "Son, I don't know what you've got in mind, but I suggest you ride out of town in the opposite direction of Miss Calico. I saw you follerin' her around and I'm going to warn you that none of the townfolk here would take it too kindly if anything were to happen to her, nor would I. My job is to keep the peace, so ride on out." The young man turned red as a beet and put his hand on his revolver, "I don't to take too kindly to being accused of something neither and don't you ever call me son aga..." But this wasn't Tyrel's first rodeo, while the boy was talking he made one step and kicked the boy's feet out from under him, rolled him over and hog tied him before he new what happened. J. Mark had come outside to see what the commotion was and laughingly said, "I suppose you'll want someone to help haul him down to the jail"...
  12. Tyrel Cody

    Cell Phone

    Probably don't even have to download Adobe Acrobat just browse to here on your phone: https://sassnet.com/Shooters-Handbook-001A.php then touch the image of the handbook. The phone should open it.
  13. Grandma has a great recipe for Possum Stew
  14. Speaking of Cinnamon rolls, who got the last one?
  15. You may have missed some. There are two that disagree with each other that get kind of heated at times. The topic seemed to have run its course so it was locked.
  16. If one of yours has been locked you can message one of the mods and probably find out why.
  17. Usually they've gotten out of control with 2 or more people bickering about something that doesn't apply to the original topic OR at the original posters 'request.
  18. The shooter can always call a procedural on themselves as well.
  19. I prefer the IAC. They are a little lighter and handle better for me. They are getting harder to find and therefore the value keeps going up. The IAC need a Lassiter style Load Two* added, unless you are lucky enough to find one already done. I like the Chiappas. The non Fast Load models really need to go to an 87' smith that can add a Lassiter style Load Two*. The Fast Load models have the Load Two built in though differently than what he and other do to them. You can probably get by with the plain Fast Load model but as usual some polishing and tuning of the extractors really helps. The second one I mentioned earlier had a fatal flaw where the tab under the right extractor was getting pinched behind the carrier and locking the gun up completely; Lassiter made a permanent fix when I sent it to him. In my opinion it really is worth the extra $100 to get the "Fast Load" model; I believe he worked directly with Chiappa to create them. *Lassiter's Load Two requires welding on the carrier and machining the lever.
  20. 50/50 in my opinion. I had one that ran fine out of the box, the other needed some attention; both fast load versions.
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