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  1. I'm not correcting, he has cannot and can not in his post. I'm agreeing America cannot/can not survive this ticket winning; but I'm afraid they will. Sorry if my post was taken as a correction.
  2. Cannot/can not But I fear they may.
  3. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll pray for you and the doctors that perform the surgery.
  4. I try not to. Just didn't want you to think there was a penalty, some do.
  5. Try storing them with a tennis ball in the mouth. P.S. No penalty for sweeping yourself.
  6. D@mn China-flu, I’m out of popcorn and really don’t want to put on a useless mask to go get some.
  7. Cool, I hope it's the 4 weeks instead of later. IF they are late, as in you get them the week of TN State, don't wear them at that match(unless that's all you have); give yourself a couple of weeks to break them in and get used to them.
  8. Why does B-Western or Classic Cowboy need changing? There are literally 70 more categories where someone can dress like John Wayne if they want.
  9. Ask a Moderator: @Olin W. Moderator @Eliphalet R. Moderator @Sam C. Moderator
  10. Oh, well I primarily shoot Black Powder and use a light coat of Ballistol on everything. My son's Marlin always ran fine that way.
  11. Widder, who is the Marlin master, tells everyone the best lube is either Jif or Peter Pan peanut butter. If I'm remembering right it's creamy for the Marlin 94 and crunchy for the 97; I'm sure that's what he told Red Knee at TN State last year...
  12. The post office here is excellent. 10 times better than UPS and 100000000000 times better than FedEx.
  13. Your local club may allow it; just have to ask your Match Director. It was a category at Tennessee State last year and probably will be going forward. If we have our annual at Green River next year I'm confident it would be allowed and certainlywould at a monthly.
  14. Maybe if we tag him@mean gun mark he'll get a notification.
  15. Seems like I saw an email from Wartrace where they were having a Wild Bunch "Light" along with their regular Wild Bunch match where they allowed 9mm; seems like they'd allow 20ga as well. Maybe ask @Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903?
  16. You should probably start another topic to get more attention. I assume you are talking about the Smith Shop carrier that allows the use of 44 Russian or Cowboy 45 Spl in a 44 spl/45 Colt rifle. I haven't used one of them but I know a couple that have with no issue.
  17. Yeah, hard to find in a pistol caliber; but I'd put it just ahead of the HBB.
  18. There's also an increased chance of out of battery discharge; lack of lever safety. I've had 2 with them and I think both were due to opening the lever a tad before I pulled the trigger.
  19. For CAS in order: 1a. 1873 Uberti 1b. 1873 Winchester(Miroku) 2a. 1866 Uberti 2b. 1866 Winchester(Miroku) 3 . 1894 Marlin 4. 1892 Rossi/Winchester/Chiappa/Other 5a. 1860 Henry Henry Repeating Arms 5b. 1860 Henry Uberti 7. 1883 Burgess (Uberti) 99. Henry Big Boy For CAS AND Other 1. 1894 Marlin 2. 1892 Rossi/Winchester/Chiappa/Other 3a. 1873 Uberti 3b. 1873 Winchester(Miroku) 4a. 1866 Uberti 4b. 1866 Winchester(Miroku) 5. Henry Big Boy
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