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  1. Read it again… Primer brand mentioned immediately.
  2. It’s because you’re shooting that heathen smokeyless stuff; switch to black powder… Kidding! I wonder if you’ve bent the lever a little at some point and it’s leaving just enough space between bolt and bullet to not go off. Any way to swap levers with someone and try that?
  3. Black powder(or a sub if you must) fills cases very well…
  4. I will get all the scores up on the web site in the next couple weeks and try to do a better job updating that next year as well. (And a better job getting some pics/videos to put on there). For sure will grab Pilgrim Joe’s pics from TN State to put there.
  5. Thanks again Capt. BB! Wow Frontier Cartridge couldn’t be any closer; congrats to Crooked Bullet (beat me by .06)and all the other winners.
  6. My condolences @Widder, SASS #59054
  7. You don’t need an address, just find the nearest Dairy Queen in Shelbyville and wait for TW to drive through so you can follow him to the range…
  8. Boy howdy! You'll probably get me at TN State, dang targets kept moving on me all weekend at Mississippi, lol.
  9. Congrats to a great cowboy! Don’t blink or you’ll miss him, lightning fast!
  10. And by autocorrect that can’t tell the difference between two, too, and to… (I’m blaming autocorrect because I’m sure you typed “people too lazy” and it “corrected” you.)
  11. https://www.wartraceregulators.com/StateMatch.aspx Directions Range Address: 1486 Cortner Rd., Normandy, TN 37360 GPS Coordinates: 35.500282,-86.295902
  12. Weren’t the WB rules changed to allow 9mm?
  13. Nothing, mine don’t stick. I typically use Remington STS, but Win AAs work fine too. What hulls are you using?
  14. I’m sure those are bad by now and won’t work right; best send them to me for proper disposal… kidding, congrats!
  15. Wanna know the best way to prevent squibs and not worry about powder checks/lockout devices?…. Just switch to Black Powder(or sub) That said, yes on the rare(extremely) occasion when I use that heathen smokeyless mess; the RCBS lockout die is on my press and is a wonderful tool. I’m interested in that funnel thing, I’ll have to order one. Here’s a handy tool everyone needs(at least if they shoot a double barrel shotgun): 12 Gauge Shotshell Checker and Resizer:
  16. Reveal Tactacam are awesome! I’ve got two set up on our property in East Tennessee(3 hours away). $100 each per year for unlimited sends(texts)to my phone. Here’s a couple of bear pics we got recently. Takes 30 seconds usually for texts to hit my phone. SpyPoint are ok and give 100 free sends per month.
  17. If anyone has any pictures of our participants in Florida or South Carolina let me know; would be cool to add some to the site. Would be nice to have some at Kentucky as well if anyone wants to take a few and pass them along.
  18. They’ve done it before (that’s how I got my life membership), so maybe they’ll do it again. Midnight Rider’s is due to be renewed soon so I’ll try to remember to mention it a payment plan for life.
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