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  1. Conspiracy to keep people from leaving California?
  2. I'd personally go with Taylor's regardless of finish because of their OUTSTANDING customer service.
  3. https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/ ?
  4. https://ponderosa-pines.com/ Black Gold July 16 - 18, 2020 Ponderosa Pines, Manchester, KY Located 2.2 miles off Exit 20, Hal Rogers Parkway in Manchester, KY. Ponderosa Pines is 20 miles East of I-75, at London, KY, and 30 miles West of Hazard, KY
  5. Just for grins and giggles try some white lithium grease on the base pin. Joe West showed me that years ago and it seems to keep the crap out and the cylinder turning, be it Ruger, Colt, or Remmy cap gun.
  6. Thank you Branchwater and the rest of the crew that put on a great match. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on being overall FCGF champ! See you at SE Regional!
  7. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/firearms-guides-importation-verification-firearms-national-firearms-act-definitions-antique I'm going to say no: Determinants for Classification: Even though this weapon may exhibit a barrel shorter than 16 inches, it is subject to NFA regulations governing those dimensions because it employs a conventional ignition system and uses fixed ammunition that is readily available through ordinary channels of commercial trade. Consequently, this weapon would be classified as a “Short-barreled Rifle” and therefore all NFA regulations apply.
  8. One bad part of that though is that's a lot of guns to clean!
  9. Easy, buy 8 more cap guns and load them all before the match Seriously though. I make my own wonder wads and can usually load in 3-4 shooters. Practice your routine and you'll be fine. Like others have said with light posses shoot last.
  10. PG.4 of the shooters handbook: OUTLAWED ITEMS SASS wants our participants to be safe, have fun, develop their competitive shooting skills, and enjoy the rich traditions of the Old West. We ask you join us in the friendly spirit of competition and preservation of our heritage. The use or presence of any of the listed outlawed items will result in a Stage Disqualification penalty. - Modern shooting gloves - Short sleeve shirts (male competitors only) - Short sleeve tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, and tank tops for all competitors. (Long sleeve Henley type shirts with buttons are acceptable.) - Modern feathered cowboy hats (Shady Bradys) Straw hats of traditional design are acceptable (e.g., Stetson, Baily, Sombreros, etc.) - Designer jeans are not allowed. Designer jeans include modern jeans that have slogans or logos embroidered, silk screened, and such, saying things like “PINK” or “BABY.” Jeans with fancy or flashy adornments are acceptable. - Ball caps. - All types of athletic shoes or combat boots, no matter the material from which they are constructed. - Nylon, plastic, or Velcro accouterments. - The displaying of any manufacturer’s, sponsor’s, or team logos on apparel. (Manufacturer’s labels on such apparel or equipment are acceptable)
  11. Hat not required, but felt, wool, straw, and/or palm leaf; just not a "shady brady"(think Richard Petty or cheap mesh Walmart straw hat). 1. 1873 Uberti or Winchester 2. 1866 Uberti or Winchester 3. 1860 Uberti, Winchester, or Henry 4. Marlin 1894 5. 92' Rossi or Winchester . . . 15. 94 Winchester 16. Burgess, Spencer, other oddball rifles. . . . 99. Henry Big Boy Don't buy anything of course until you've been to at least one match. Knife should be fine but not required either. Welcome to the best game there is!
  12. Listen to the others and get yourself to some matches first. Congrats on your upcoming escape. Warden be forewarned, OLG is coming to your area
  13. 99% of the time I bring my own shampoo and bodywash anyway; when I don't I can go somewhere and buy some. At the rate my hairline is receding it won't matter anyway...
  14. Not me, but I think there's a whole bunch of folks shootin' a Josey Wales side match tomorrow morning at TN State.
  15. Did you do the conversion? Any other work besides cutting the loading port?
  16. How in the h3!! is that easier? When my son came home with that garbage a few years ago I was unable to help him with his homework. All i could do is tell him if his answers were right or not and show him the old way. Luckily his teacher(s) haven't made him show any work. He's learned both ways to do things. He's a Sophomore in high school now and when my daughter needs help, which is rare, he helps her. I'm certain that whoever came up with that garbage was trying to make our kids dumber, not smarter and I'd really like to meet those people and beat some sense into them.
  17. Don't wait to be ready... Contact them and tell them you're coming. Ask if it would be possible to borrow what you don't have. If not you'll probably still get to shoot some after the match is over and folks will stumble over themselves to let you try out their guns. If you can't shoot you can observe, learn, pick up brass, etc... Don't feel like you need everything to get started. Jeans, long sleeve shirt, non-athletic shoes is all you really need. @Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646 will be along shortly with some more friendly advice
  18. I don't know anyone from up that way, but looks like there is a club in Milford. http://www.matamorasrodandgunclub.org/
  19. Odd, well no matter. I'd encourage you to reach out to a local club and join SASS and get an official number; you may be the first 110xxx number (109xxx is the highest I've seen).
  20. Welcome to the best game there is. I'm sure there are folks in your area: https://sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=Pennsylvania This really isn't that expensive compared to some other sports(e.g. Tournament Bass Fishing). If you aren't a member how do you have SASS Number?
  21. I'm afraid that nasty mess would rot my fruits/vegetables, and would likely get me shot if when killed Missus Tyrel's flowers.
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