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  1. Gunsmith unknown, works well. 12 gauge Baikal single trigger. Available at Winter Range, $375.00. Tully
  2. Coconino, If your not interested in shipping and Dawg is ok with my proposal, I'll buy the 44 Russian Boxes, keep one myself and mail the others to Prairie Dawg. Tully
  3. Tully Mars

    44 Special

    Considering you have the rifle it's a great choice. The only draw back I can see, would be if you forgot your ammo for a shoot it would be highly unlikely you'll find someone selling it or that would have extra to share. Don't let that stop you. If your considering black powder you'll have the choice of using 44 Russian too. Tully
  4. I'll be at WR, I'd like to meet you while we're there and put a face to the name. Have a safe trip. Tully
  5. Do you notice a difference when shooting them? I picked a buddies pistol grip 73' last weekend, I was kinda surprised that it didn't feel odd compared to my straight stock. Thanks, Tully
  6. Mine is the RCBS which has worked very well for my purposes.
  7. Thanks for the information C.N. Double!! Not sure if we'll be there or not, but it's a great option. Heck, I wouldn't mind shooting WB, while the rest of the crew shoots cowboy Tully Thanks Billy Boots! To you as well!
  8. We'll be in Tombstone Thursday and Friday, hopefully we'll see you there. I want to be back to Ben Avery Saturday night to prepare for Wild Bunch on Monday. If Casa Grande is shooting we'll go there Saturday. Have a great trip! Tully
  9. Billy Boots, We were looking for the same thing. Tombstone is shooting 15-16th Cowboy and the 22nd WB, at least that's what their website says. Casa Grande has a tentative match on the 22nd. I spoke with Squibber awhile back, he says most of their club is active in setting up for WR, but they will try to have a match on the 22nd. His suggestion was to keep an eye on the clubs web page. https://www.dustybunch.com/ Tully
  10. Thanks for stating that you won't be shooting WB with the small pistol primers. Hopefully in time you'll join us in WB in the future. Enjoy your pistol! Tully
  11. It's not only the LT and ULT tables that are an issue. Spotters are typically on the line or even looking out windows or doorways at times. Tully
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