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  1. Tully Mars is a modern day cowboy from Heartbreak, Wyoming. Tully's a character in a Jimmy Buffett short story called Take Another Road in the book Tales of Margaritaville. It's a story of Tully and his horse Mr.Twain and their travels after leaving the family cattle ranch which had been sold to a pink poodle framer. He did a cameo on Rancho Deluxe, rode Mr. Twain through the Little Big Horn Battle with a park ranger all while the ranger called out the events of that fateful day. Spent his days in bed at a house of ill-repute called Limited Love, dreaming of the world. It was Tully's dream to "take his pony to the shore", which he ultimately did. His meeting Donna McKay and his and Mr. Twain's passage on a shrimp boat to the islands. "CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM"
  2. I'm able to load .44 Russian on my 650 with Dillon 44 spl/mag dies. The crimp die bottoms out on the shell plate, I get a good crimp. It works for me, but if he's only loading 44 Russian, he should get a set of 44 Russian dies and make life easy. I load both 44 spl and 44 Russian using the same dies, adjusting them as needed. Tully
  3. Man From Boot Hill, River City Regulators in Davis would be your closest club. Diamond Dicks in Ione has several clubs as well. Look on californiagunslingers.com for more information. RCR has a three day shoot April 5-8. Tully
  4. Blackfoot, Email me at lockettbryan@yahoo.com Pretty sure I have the butt plate, I'll send you pictures. Tully
  5. I agree. Absolutely. Hopefully I didn't come off as not respecting the spotters, that wasn't my intent. Many times I find it best to tell everyone before shooting the stage of my intentions, rather than explain myself afterwards. Thanks, Tully
  6. Widder, Why do you tell the spotters beforehand and what happens if you don't tell them? If it's to avoid confusion, I think that's the point Blast Materson and myself were referring to. At times a GF can cause confusion. Yes it does create a good side show! Thanks, Tully
  7. Phantom, Apparently I misinterpreted the above, my apologies. I do not believe there's a difference between GF's or shooters from any other category. I do however believe a good GF shooting within the rules of the game can cause confusion at times with some spoters and TO's, for whatever reason that maybe. Many here on this post have said the same thing. Some have out right said they don't like spotting for GF's especially the one's that double cock. That's not saying there's a difference between GF's and everyone else, just that it can be a bit more tricky for some to follow the shooting order. Tully
  8. I'm not going to buy into a myth that all TO's and spotters are the same either. So we'll just have to agree to disagree. Tully
  9. Happy belated birthday Widder! Howdy all, This has nothing to do with the original posting, just me pissing and moaning a bit. There is nothing like shooting GF, yet when you feel that you just shot the perfect stage, separated your shots, completed the scenario as described, shot it faster than you thought you could, then you turn around and see all three spotters shrug their shoulders because they aren't sure what just happened is such a let down. Many times people tend to want to give a penalty only because they can't say what just occurred. This is when a good TO, especially a GF TO is nice to have, because they understand what the shooter did. Now add BP to the equation as a FCGF and it really adds to the confusion. Unfortunately the lack of a noticeable pause between the first five shots and the second five shots when shooting two guns seems to mess with a lot of people. The rules are there for a reason, I don't believe many try to circumvent them, but I do believe a good GF can confuse the "weak minded" leading to controversy. Don't be offended, It's only a joke folks. Tully
  10. You're killing me, this looks like an awesome shoot! I'd shoot my Henry if I could make it! Have FUN! Tully
  11. LostVaquero, You've got some excellent suggestions from everyone, they all work well. Baby Wipes can be your friend on the range to quickly wipe your guns. Bore butter is my choice for pre-coating. I use Ballistol mostly when traveling, but might try some of the other suggestions listed here. Recently I moved away from true BP to APP, my open tops never had an issue with the cylinders binding up from fouling, but my vaqueros do. The APP helped me get 6 stages without having to wipe the guns down. For APP I use Windex with Ammonia, then run patches till clean, then lube of choice. Really pretty simple. Enjoy the BP shooting! FCGF is a blast, hope you give it a go! Tully
  12. "Everything that eats meat likes a dead buffalo."
  13. It's a safety concern. Folks need to pay attention to what they're doing at the loading table and to those around them. Personally I see a Fully Cocked hammer on a rifle, pistol or closed shotgun as a "HOT" weapon and the penalty should reflect it, regardless of weather or not a round is found in the chamber. It's a call we all hate to make, but as the TO, we need to remind ourselves that we didn't load the shooters guns. Tully
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