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  1. If it's still available. I'm interested in one full set of 38/357 dies, shell holder and turret. Is that $50 shipped? Tully
  2. If you'll consider $300 shipped for everything listed above, I'll take it. This offer isn't meant to be offensive, but I've paid $700 for used, complete and working 66's in the past. I'll completely understand your passing on this offer. Thank you for your consideration. Tully
  3. Most clubs in the bay area to Sacramento in California have been shooting for awhile. some restrictions apply, preregistration applies. Tully
  4. I love my PW, but it is sensitive to change. Tully
  5. Could you give me an idea on shipping on one 650 to 94509? Thanks, Tully
  6. Deacon Doug, A few years back I had the same problem. I bought an RCBS collet style and mounted it on a 650 tool head, it worked great, I don't recall any lead being damaged in the process. I'll put it and the tool head and puller in the mail if you care to barrow it. I have .38. .44 and .45 collets for it. Tully
  7. Rooster, Your gun and you are not in question. Actually I didn't know Baikal made true hammered shotguns. However there are Baikal hammered shotguns with internally cocking hammers, those shotguns are illegal for CC. I've owned the internal cocking one and sold it cheap to my good friend Johnny Meadows, who I hope made money on the deal. He knew what he was buying. Tully
  8. The one I owned the hammers cocked internally making it illegal for CC. I'm no expert, but Johnny's statement is correct. Tully
  9. Not a problem. Get to feeling better soon . Tully
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