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  1. When it's hot out, I'll bring frozen Gatorade or Crystal Lite in a jug with ice. The Gatorade is typically ready to start sipping on by the second stage. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich as well, maybe some nuts and jerky. We make the PB&J the night before and just through in in the cart. Tully
  2. Not for main match, my wife has second generation Colt 1862 Navies she shoots in Frontiersman. They are cool little guns. Tully
  3. These are not a large target by any means, however I believe they will work for your purpose. We use them for pistol, rifle and shotgun in our WB matches. Our targets are mounted on rebar legs. MGM has several styles and prices, but at $55 these are pretty nice in my opinion, free shipping when you order 5. They reset just fine or you can remove the spring for knock downs. Also look at MGM's competition grade targets. It's my belief that a 45-70 at 30 to 50 yards would be fine, but it will be a small target, not a large target. https://mgmtargets.com/product/sportsman-auto-po
  4. I have a Henry, 66' and 73'. I like them all, but shoot the 73's most. Why? I've had out of battery discharges in my 66', my fault, but it bent the lever and whacked my knuckles good. As long as you're not hitting the trigger as the lever closes and you don't intend to start doing that, it won't matter which rifle you get. Personally I shoot the 73' faster than the others, but I have no issues going back and forth from one to another. Tully
  5. The above is a large part of the restrictive rules. The TO's should not be expected to know everything about every shotgun or pistol of the time period. When a gun jams, and needs to be cleared it's helpful to have folks around with knowledge of that gun. It's ultimately the shooters responsibility to clear it, but we see shooters all the time that don't know a thing about their cowboy or WB guns. Why throw something else into the mix? Folks should consider asking before buying if things are legal rather than buying and getting bothered that what they bought isn't legal.
  6. I've ordered parts here, but haven't used their services for repairs. https://winchesterbob.com/
  7. Congratulations AA! Great shooting this weekend too!
  8. I use Unique for all my ammunition. Apparently I like it a bit hotter than others? 5 grains in a 105 and 125 38 special. 5 grains in 45 ACP with a 230 RN. 44 Special with a 200 RNFP. 6.0 In 44-40 with a 200 RNFP. 6.0 in 45 LC with a 255 RNFP. You have several starting loads posted here. I'm certain you will find one you like. Tully
  9. Nasty Newt, Tried to send you a PM, but it wouldn't go through. Let me know how to contact you or PM me. Tully
  10. Here's his email response. If you want it I'll pick it up this Sunday and bring it to you next week. Tully I have 5 boxes of 25/20 Winchester new for sale $25.00 a box. Thanks LR
  11. Nasty Newt, I was approached by a local shooter wanting to sell 25-20 supplies. I'll reach out to him and see what he has. I can bring to the CA state match next week if you're interested. Tully
  12. Hoss, The Trapdoor is Traditional or Eastern (without extractors), Western being with extractors or modern. Tully
  13. I owned one in the past. The timing needed slight adjustment. It wasn't a difficult fix. Tully
  14. We've used these for specialty events. At times they make no movement as the bullet passes through them. You can imagine the spotters being slightly confused. Tully
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