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  1. It was a new shooter as per Yul Lose's original post. They need further guidance in reloading, gun and range safety before continuing in the sport. I know that club and they will get the help they need provided they seek it out. However we are off topic from the original question. Tully
  2. I don't see how it could be handled any other way. Good job You Lose! We know the laws, but this gun isn't going to get fixed at the ULT or the range. Most likely the easiest fix is the removal of the barrel. Loaning the person a gun is crazy, this shooter should not be allowed to continue under any circumstances. If he/she doesn't know that they've had multiple squibs they are unsafe and need to be re-orientated to gun and range safety. Tully
  3. Popcorn Kelly, Below is the WB State Championship agreement. Beyond this form the club is agreeing to hold the match within WB rules. Submit the form before September, if another club in your state also applies, SASS will make the determination as to which club holds the match. You won't find the answer on the WB wire, but you will find help or advice directed towards WB. SASS only provides 4 Conchos to Modern, Traditional, Ladies Modern and Ladies Traditional. If you desire Conchos for senior categories, the club needs to pay for those. Gold Country Wild Bunch has been
  4. Ramrod, We signed up for both on the same application. Send Sunshine Kay and email, I'm sure she will get you taken care of. Tully
  5. It's a new pistol send it back and hopefully it's taken care of. However my RM's in .38 needed the arbor lengthened as Larson pointed out. They also over rotate when cocked fast, grease on the arbor fixed that. They are awesome guns, and fun to shoot.
  6. You seem to be talking about Winter Range in regards to Wild Bunch shooters being recognized to the 10th place position, you do realize that WR is the National Championships of Wild Bunch shooting as well as Cowboy, right? Not a side match. Funny you want recognition for for folks shooting "real powder", but slight those shooting WB that actually has a real power factor. You've made the choice to shoot the guns and loads you're shooting, don't hate on others for their choices. Tully
  7. Our applications are in the mail, or will be this morning. Looking forward to it! Tully
  8. This is a great point Doc! Not all clubs or MD's knows how to use help when it's offered, volunteer your time to be used as the club would see fit to use you, or volunteer for specific tasks (printing of SHB's, ordering awards, organizing the meals and such, ect..). Tully
  9. Over the last two years I'm increasingly wearing, jeans and suspenders, at times I'll add chinks or chaps. In the past it was always a vest and cowboy pants. There's no particular reason I've started wearing jeans, but sometimes I see pictures of myself and question if I shouldn't go back to "cowboy" attire though. However there's nothing wrong with the outfit.
  10. The dies arrived the other day. Everything looks great! Thanks, Tully
  11. On occasion I shoot Richard Masson Conversions in 5 1/2" 1851's in 38. I love shooting them, but prefer my Rugers. They point very well, there's always the cool factor. They will over rotate, grease on the arbor will stop it. I'm certain you won't be disappointed with them.
  12. Hi Buckey, I'll take, RCBS FL 30-30 WCF with shell holder $40.00 Lee Hand Loader set 30-06 Springfield $15.00 Let me know how you would like payment. Thanks, Tully
  13. Just bought a 1,000 .380's and 454's from Slim! He's great to work with.
  14. A quote from the judge's decision. “California may certainly conceive of a policy that a modern rifle is dangerous in the hands of a criminal, and that therefore it is good public policy to keep modern rifles out of the hands of every citizen. The Second Amendment stands as a shield from government imposition of that policy.”
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