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  1. There's a ton of new gun owners out there, some gun shops won't sell ammo unless you're buying a new gun from them. I do believe that the components went to ammo manufactures first, they of course will fill government contracts before anything else. Ammo and guns are selling like crazy, I'm sure they make more money on ammo then components. It only makes sense to produce ammo and not worry about the re-loaders being short of supplies. As far as hoarding goes, many of us travel and shoot all over, having only 5,000 primers on hand makes those folks nervous. I've always stocked up when the stuff is available, yes it's costly, but shooting is a large part of our lives. I'm not worried about defending my life or property with my Cowboy loads, as Doc mentioned just how many rounds do you need to defend your home? Am I a hoarder because I've made sure my wife and I have what we need to do the thing we enjoy doing? Not in my opinion. It's a cycle like any other, components will become available again, buy more when they do and don't feel the need to justify your purchase.
  2. GR, I responded to your PM. Tully
  3. I'll take them. Let me know how you'd like to be paid and where to send the money. PM sent. Thanks, Tully
  4. How many do you have and what are you asking for each? 2 to 4 would be great. Please PM me with the details. Thanks, Tully
  5. Hi, I'm looking for S&W 22A mags in 22LR. Thanks, Tully
  6. Try these folks, I haven't done business with them, but I have buckles made by them from Winter Range. https://mtmrecognition.com/
  7. We did a Frontiersman this past August, buckles were kinda out of our budget, Molly's Custom Silver did some really nice Concho's. We had them made as scarf slides. The cost was approximately $35.00 a piece. https://www.mollyscustomsilver.com/Necessities/Conchos?page=1 Molly's needs lots of lead time, 3 months if I remember correctly. Tully
  8. Dawg, I can bring some to Sacramento Valley Shooting Center for your son. There are no stores that I know of selling real BP in the Sacramento area. Or come shoot the Western Frontiersman Territorial, April 23-25, 2020! It will be at Sac Valley Shooting Center. The California State WB Championship is Nov 21 & 22, 2020, I'll be there from Nov 18- 23. I'll bring powder for your son, he can pick it up at Diamond Dicks Cowboy Town within Sac Valley Shooting Center. Let me know. Another option, there is a muzzle loading club at Sac Valley, they most likely have a powder source? Tully
  9. Match is still on, we have lots of interest and the application will be out soon. More information will start coming out in December. The upcoming California State Wild Bunch Championship Nov 21 & 22 has my attention at this moment. There are no current issues with holding matches of this size. Tully
  10. Guess I'll be the odd ball. 6.0 grains of Unique with a 200 grain bullet, has been my load for years in 44-40. I've never had any issues at all. In .45 I shoot 5.0 grains with a 255 grain bullet and it's a very comfortable load in my pistols. My accuracy has never been an issue with these loads on SASS targets. With the rifle I have no issues hitting dueling tree sized targets at 25 yards. Tully
  11. I shoot double strong side with a double rifle slide on each side and a 10 shot shotgun slide in the middle. If I used the same set up with a cross draw rig, I think the cross draw would be further around my side then I would care for, making the turning to pull that pistol and re-holster it very exaggerated. Years ago I shot a cross draw with the shotgun slide on my left, then the holsters, then the reloads. It worked ok. I've always used a single belt, like you I dislike a shotgun belt. Going to double strong side was the best move I ever made. Tully
  12. Another option would be Uberti Stallions in .38. They are essentially the same size as single sixes, but you can use your .38 loads and not change your reloading set up. A Marlin in .38 will be easier to find than a .32 or look at the Uberti 73' trapper with a 16 1/4" barrel in .38. My wife uses a trapper, they are very manageable weight wise and easier handling than the longer barrel 73's. I know this wasn't the question you asked, just adding another perspective. Tully
  13. Typically it's a nice time of the year, however rain is always a consideration in April. No snow and it shouldn't be cold. Tully
  14. I sure hope there's plenty of forest left. Our club is at the base of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe and close to Nevada, hwy 88, 50 and my favorite hwy 4 are near by. If you would like information on a quick trip while you're in the area let me know. Tully
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