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  1. At this time we have 20 shooters signed up for the Western Frontiersman Territorial! Hopefully we can meet our goal of 40 total shooters for the match. We have shooters from Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and California signed up at this time. Come on out and join in the fun! Tully
  2. I placed and order with Midway two days ago. They've emailed that the order has shipped. Tully
  3. Texas Lizard, Comfortable with cap and balls pistols, loading and shooting them, that's all I mean. I've received several applications, more are in the mail. At this moment I don't have a count for you. Lefty Eastman and Big Dave are coming. Tully
  4. Yes, the world is screwy right now, much of its political. However this post is about a shoot, a Frontiersman Territorial specifically. Please, let's stay on topic. Thank you, Tully
  5. Lightfoot, I'm glad you'll be attending! Tully
  6. Griff, We would love to have you if you can make it. Tully
  7. So Griff, Do you shoot Frontiersman? If this match was held elsewhere would you go? If so, set it up, make it happen. If you're going to quote someone, don't change their words. Tully
  8. Griff, Many states are experiencing quarantine and travel restrictions. EOT is moving due to those restrictions. COVID isn't going away anytime soon, MD's will have to find ways to hold matches within the restrictions, shooters will have to find ways to live within the restrictions. The Western Frontiersman Territorial, will be held in California. Tully
  9. Ol' #4, Believe me, the timing sucks! I would love to shoot Wild Bunch at Four Corners! There's a ton of shoots in April, but it's when I could schedule it. I'll look for a time in the fall for the future. See you in April! Tully
  10. Dawg, We would love to have you if you're around! Tully
  11. First ever of it's kind West of the Rockies! The Western Frontiersman Territorial! All Cap and Ball, All Black Powder! Featuring the Modern Frontiersman, yes shoot your percussion pistol with two hands...or Frontiersman Gun Fighter! 10 stage match with 2 longer stages requiring 4 pistols, shotgun, pistol caliber lever gun and Single Shot rifle in either pistol or rifle caliber! Side matches include axe throwing, speed pistol and our version of a Turkey shoot with the Single Shot rifle. Limited to 40 experienced Cap and Ball shooters! Overall Lady and Man, b
  12. Hi Earl Brasse, I PM'd a phone number of a friend's shop. No promises that he's willing to sell though. Tully
  13. If it's open and you are driving through Yellowstone, Beartooth pass is an awesome drive. June might be to early depending on snow. Chief Joseph Highway is beautiful. Dusty is correct, make time for Dug Up Guns too. Figure most of a day or parts of several days at the Buffalo Bill Museum. Old Trail Town in Cody is as collection of pioneer buildings, wagons and tons of guns. Bring binoculars for Yellowstone.
  14. Thank you Goody. Every few years CCI and Winchester make ammo, sooner or later I'll come across more.
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