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  1. Cholla, Jim Martin lives in Kingman. He might be up for a conversation regarding Cowtown? We visited with him three years ago while dropping off pistols for his action job. Pretty sure I have his number. Tully
  2. They'll post the list on the outside wall of the restroom by the Rangers Tent. It's in between the main tent where registration is done, and the range. Check the wall after you register. At least that's how it's been done in the past. Scores each day will be posted there as well. Have fun, shoot well! Tully
  3. I'll take the 2 pounds of Unique. See you Saturday. Tully
  4. We're right behind you in site 35 & 36. We'll check in at some point, when it's a bit more hospitable out. Glad you made it safely. Tully
  5. Hi all, I have 1,600 RWS 1075 Plus caps for sale at EOT. $175 ftf at EOT. I've had good luck with these caps on Slix nipples with slightly heavier hammer springs then required for Remington # 10's. Tully
  6. PM incoming with contact information. I'll take the Ruger Scout Rifle. Tully
  7. I have a Pacific 366, which I believe to be the same as the Hornady. I've personally never used it. If you're interested, we can discuss a price. I can send more pictures, and bring it to EOT. Tully
  8. You have lots of great advice here, but I believe you are answering your own question. If the gun has worked well for years, and nothing new has been added recently to the gun, try changing out the main spring. Tully
  9. I do at some matches. In time my plan is to use it more. It's a lot of fun!
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