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  1. It was a great shoot! Congratulations! It was a pleasure to meet you...safe travels! Tully
  2. Unless I'm incorrect, there's none on the Ca DOJ list. As Dutch Nichols started, if I can find a private party transfer within California I'm good. Thanks, Tully
  3. Hi Fallon, As Dutch Nichols has stated I'm interested in a commander size not the EMP. Thanks, Tully
  4. Thanks Slim, but I'm wanting the commander size.
  5. Hey Slim, Email me the information. Thanks, Tully
  6. I'm only interested in a California registered gun. Looking for a single stack 1911 commander in 9mm. I'm currently in Nevada, it might take me awhile to respond. Thanks, Tully
  7. I had forgotten about the Ruger it has a great reputation, but it's not available to those in California. Low mil spec sights can be replaced with taller sights in Traditional, that can make a world of difference. More important than the gun that's chosen are the mags and good cased gaged ammo. There's a recent post on the WB wire in regards to magazine choice. For years I used Tripp inserts in Springfield bodies, last fall I started using Ed Brown mags. As long as what your using is reliable every time then it doesn't matter the brand in my opinion. Tully
  8. I have Springfields, being a Californian my selection is limited. Kimbers, Colts, Remingtons are good choices as well. Some of the Rock Islands are decent too. A good trigger, good sights, good magazines and reliable ammo are probably most important. The small mil spec sights leave a lot to be desired. Tully
  9. There are some very valid reasons why clubs choose not to be affiliated. SASS is a great organization, but it can be limiting as far as rules go. Chabot the club I started at had rifle targets at 40-50 yards constructed of 3" angle iron, pistol targets at 5-30 yards, KD pistol targets at 15-25 yards, stoked 97's, big bore optional stages, elevator weight knock downs that required a big bore or a very hot 45LC load.. The range has closed and the last match was on Labor day of 2016, it was a 3 stage match with 198 rounds!! SASS wouldn't sanction this type of shooting. In the case of Slougghouse Illregulars, only a few of the stages are written each month that allow movement, however movement is not required. Everything can be shot without movement. This type of shooting helps with SASS or any other shooting sport folks like to enjoy. Chabot required accuracy and endurance, how many SASS matches require that? SI offers an individual to go beyond their comfort zone and develop a skill that many SASS shooters aren't familiar with. I'm sure there are more reasons not to be affiliated, but the above two clubs are the only ones I have experience with. Tully
  10. I'll be arriving Sunday! See you all soon!
  11. In this situation you could just use one pistol and reload it. It's not ideal, but keeps you within the rules. Tully
  12. Slo Mo and I will be there! I'm looking forward to the State WB match! Tully
  13. If you proceed with having the arbor tightened, have the arbor length checked and corrected if needed.
  14. My mill is not an industrial sized mill. It fits perfectly in a corner of my two car garage, runs on 110 volts and will do everything you've listed above. Using this mill I've cut dovetails, relieved brass carriers, faced barrels that I've shorted on the saw and many other things. I have to be patient and not try to make big cuts, but for myself it works great. That's a Kurt vise, it's worth the money. Try Craigslist for accessories. Just wanted to say there are options to milling machines for folks wanting a hobby machine. This machine will do as accurate of work as your are capable of doing. This and my lathe came from a good friend and Cowboy shooter. Tully
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