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  1. Last year I bought a 750 to compliment my 650 and have one in LPP and one in SPP. I promptly sold the 650 and bought another 750, I liked it that much. There is nothing wrong with the 650, I prefer the primer set up on the 750 and it does seem a bit smoother. Ike if you are interested in a 650, Sunrise Bill is bringing one next week to the California State WB Championship to sell. I can put you in touch with him if you'd like? The tool heads are interchangeable, I don't recall having to make adjustments when placing them on the 750. Tully
  2. I sent you both a PM. Tully
  3. Your wife is fine shooting DD in the GF category. It's to bad that someone stirred her wrong at the EOT side match.
  4. July Smith, I've reached out to PaleWolf for clarification. It might take a bit of time, but he will get back to us. My argument for the 1862 Colt/Uberti is it was a true pocket pistol of the time period, and with a 4" barrel it meets the SHB definition of a PP. I interpret, "Pocket pistols may not be used as or converted to main match revolvers." As long as the pistol isn't used in the main match, of which it was used as a PP in the side match, there is no issue. We'll see what he says. If he doesn't respond here, I'll post his response. Tully
  5. The .36 caliber, 5 shot Uberti or Colt 1862 (not the Pietta) with a 4" barrel meets the definition of a pocket pistol. It's essentially an 1849 in 36 caliber. A pocket pistol is a small frame, fixed sight, pre-1900 design revolver having a barrel length of four inches or less. Pocket pistols must be .31 caliber or larger. In regards to smaller parts, ours have shot several Frontiersmen and Plainsman matches over the years without issues. Tully
  6. McCandless, We're in agreement that the 1862 can be used as a main match pistol. What I don't understand is, "Pocket pistols may not be used as or converted to main match revolvers." This would imply that an 1862 that was used at a PP side match, could not be used in the match. I'm certain there is a logical reason, but it escapes me. The above quote is from the SHB regarding Pocket Pistols. I do not have access to the page number. Tully
  7. Taylors sells a 3 1/2" barrel for the 62', unfortunately they are not in stock. My wife shoots 62's in Frontiersman, I had hoped to find a replacement short barrel for pocket pistol side matches. Yes you can cut the barrel to 4" and have a legal pocket pistol. I've never understood why they can't be used as a main match revolver either. Five shot 1862's have been used in Frontiersman or Plainsman without issue using the hammer notch on the cylinder without issue, why couldn't a 4" pistol be used for both? Does anyone know? Tully
  8. I needed to add to the arbor as well, Larson's articles are a great help. I love shooting my Richard Masson's, but they don't get the use of my other pistols.
  9. Prepared or not, you never know, sometimes there's just more to shoot then we expected or heavy KD's appear. Shooting a popular caliber opens up options of loaned or bought ammo.
  10. Something else to consider, if you go to a shoot and for some reason need to buy or borrow ammo. .38's, 45LC can be found, after that it starts becoming difficult.
  11. 44 Special is what I wish I had started with. I works for CC and Wild Bunch, 44 Russian can be used with a Smith Shop carrier for less recoil loads. I started with 45 LC, currently .38's or 44-40. When my wife started shooting we went to .38's. Regarding BP, while it's true the 44-40 or other bottle necked cartridges are prefect and do keep the action cleaner, .38's with APP do just fine, whereas .38's with real BP gum up quickly. Tully
  12. I've been pleased with the Wheeler set I have. Tully
  13. Check Gunbroker, look under Taylors/Uberti or Cimarron/Uberti. Recently I was considering finding another 62' as was looking, prices were decent. Tully
  14. Try it and see. I've used the 45 Colt for 44-40's on the 650, same as Kid Rich. Measurements are fine and dandy, but if it works, it works. Tully
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