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  1. I'll be there for WB only this year! Both matches are always great and the food is always awesome! Tully
  2. If the club announces cowboy casual, I for one don't care what folks wear as long as they have eye and ear protections with them. Typically no ball caps, or tennis shoes, but I've forgotten to announce that at times and honor what people are wearing. During the summer our clubs often offer relaxed dress code, the decision is made by the club president running that particular shoot. We have 6 clubs at our range in Sacramento, they all provide cowboy casual days. I shot my first cowboy casual match several years ago in Camp Verde Arizona and loved the idea! Phantom is correct about long sleeves and pants in the sun being better, but folks can make their own decisions. Tully
  3. MG, 13-20 shooters is perhaps $1,300 to 2,000 at a $100 if you had an annual membership fee. Yes a $100 bucks seems like a lot, but put it back to the shooters they maybe interested if it keeps the club operating and replaces targets. If you have some shooters traveling 200 miles one way, they are spending close to a $100 bucks a trip if they stop for food. Let the shooters decide if the club is viable or not. if the funds appear, you can use the old targets as rifle and buy new pistol targets, next time replace the rifle targets. Increasing shooting fees will not give the club immediate funds for targets, donations or membership fees will. It's just a thought. Sounds like you're burning the candle at both ends, hopefully you have some help with set up and running of the club. Tully
  4. Mustang Gregg, If Nebraska has only three SASS clubs and people are willing to do a 400 mile round trip to shoot, I'd consider talking to all of your shooters about a target fund donation. If you have 10 to 20 shooters that come out ask for a $100 donation. Make the new targets the property of the club. Then consider increasing the shooting fees to start building a target fund for the future. Have two fees, $15 for those who invested, $20 for those who chose not too. Give those who invested a "club membership" for a year. Then start a yearly membership for 2021. I think $50-100 is fair. That money will help build the clubs bank account. At Diamond Dick's in California we have two different shooting fees, members and non members, there's a $5 dollar difference, $12 and $17. Several neighboring clubs are $15 and $20. The members pay $100 a year for the "membership", the only thing a member receives over a non member is a reduced shooting fee. Spell it all out clearly so people understand that the club is in fear of closing and this is what needs to happen. Explain the new fees and that the targets will be the clubs property. If you don't get donations maybe that's a sign that folks aren't interested in being "vested" in the club's future and you should then start considering your game plan for 2021? Make the announcement as a club, not an individual with a vested interest in the current targets. I think if it's explained properly, you'll have a good response and receive monies to move forward on buying new targets. Tully
  5. Three by Eight, I miss read the title, guess I was seeing what I wanted to see. It's not 45/70, but 40/70. If it's all the same to you, I'll resend my offer. Sorry for the confusion. Tully
  6. This is a likely new chamber reamer for 45/70? If so I'll take it. Let me know the shipping cost and how you would like to be paid. I'm at work and may not be able to respond fast this afternoon. Thanks, Tully
  7. Wild Bunch by the rules a 20 gauge isn't allowed. There are clubs that offer an Open category to get folks interested with the expectation that they will buy the appropriate equipment. I wouldn't list your Model 12 as WB appropriate, I'm sure you'd want whoever bought it knowing it's not legal for SASS or WB. A 20 gauge M12 shouldn't be hard to sell on it's own. Tully
  8. Bald Eagle, Does the hammer lock into place if you bring it back with your thumb? The sear and hammer notch are ok? If so check to see if the firing pin extension might be to short or under cut or reshaped to a point it's not pushing the hammer back far enough to lock it into position. With the lever fully open, pull the hammer back a bit, does it now lock? Tully
  9. Bald Eagle, I'm making the assumption that you've replaced your main spring with a coil spring assembly. On one of my 73' I added a Pioneer coil spring kit, the stock had to be shaved in areas to make the kit work and fit. If this is what you are saying, it's quit possible that your stock needs to be fitted to the spring kit to allow enough clearance for the spring to travel to it's full length. If it's catching 30% of the time it's likely only a bit of material needs to be removed. In other words is your lever able to open fully on each stroke allowing the sear to catch on the hammer notch? When you remove the stock and lever the gun, does the hammer catch every time it's levered? If so the stock is the problem and needs material removed. Tully
  10. I'll take both the 51' and the 60' barrel for $300 shipped. Let me know your PP information and I'll figure out how to pay you. Tully
  11. If it's still available. I'm interested in one full set of 38/357 dies, shell holder and turret. Is that $50 shipped? Tully
  12. If you'll consider $300 shipped for everything listed above, I'll take it. This offer isn't meant to be offensive, but I've paid $700 for used, complete and working 66's in the past. I'll completely understand your passing on this offer. Thank you for your consideration. Tully
  13. Most clubs in the bay area to Sacramento in California have been shooting for awhile. some restrictions apply, preregistration applies. Tully
  14. I love my PW, but it is sensitive to change. Tully
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