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  1. Yep, as others have stated, Lemishine and nickle cases don't like each other. My cases are shinier if I knock out the primers, prior to tumbling. I'm not sure if silver colored primers are nickle plated, but they seem to also react (somewhat) to the Lemishine. I have also found that having the primers out gives me a better shine when tumbling with no SS pins. Another benefit to removing primers are the primer pockets are cleaner, the brass drains better and dries quicker.
  2. I like to add Strato-Sheen powdered jewelry polisher to my wet tumbler mix. Yul Lose turned me on to just using a tablespoon of Strato-Sheen, a little Dawn, and 1/4 teaspoon of Lemi Shine and no stainless pins. When shooting smokeless powder, my cases are just as shiny as when I used SS pins. This has made my life much easier. I haven't tried this with BP cases yet, however. I put a link to buying Strato-Sheen below: Strat-O-Sheen Powder Burnishing Compound, 5-lbs. (riogrande.com)
  3. Briley Manufacturing does this work and the results are excellent. One of our local shooters recently had the barrel lug on his SKB fixed and it looks like new. They are very reasonable on their prices. Their contact info is on the link bellow: https://www.briley.com (713) 932- 6995 is their phone number, if you have any problems with the link.
  4. The first stage of the first match I ever shot, my 92 rifle jammed on me. I was so humiliated that I wanted to throw my guns in the car and never come back. A tall well dressed cowboy took me aside and insisted that I re-shoot the stage using his 73 rifle. If it hadn't been for him my first day of cowboy shooting would have been my last. Soon afterwards, I sold that 92, but the helpful cowboy, Lightning McCoy, was a cherished friend for the last 16 years.
  5. Yep, to my knowledge, there is not difference between Single Six .32 mag and .22 grip frames. Also, I have swapped out different sized grip frames on my wife's .32 Single Six bird's head pistols.
  6. Null N. Void is correct. I went through the same situation when I purchased grips for the wife's new .32 Single Six revolvers. She wanted the Eagle Grips, but I also have found very nice, and less expensive grips from Altamont. See the link below. Ruger | Altamont Company
  7. The new Uberti 73 bolts have a replaceable lower bolt tab. They are available from VTI, Taylors, and Cimarron. Buy the whole bolt assembly; it's a much better deal than just the bolt.
  8. Unfortunately, stock Uberti 73 rifle triggers are not consistent. My wife's stock trigger has very little take-up and very little over-travel and our cowboy gunsmith had to do very little to the trigger except to lighten the trigger pull a little. In my two 73's (.357 and .44-40) and our shared .357 carbine backup, the trigger movement looks identical to your video. Larsen is right on point about the lever safety (the little spring loaded tab) he mentioned. It's precise procedure to lighten the lever safety so it functions correctly, but does not interfere with being able to rapidly fire the rifle. My gunsmith advised me to leave my "wobbly triggers" alone, because everything else was working very well and smoothly. That said, a few of our local shooters who consistently shoot stages in the mid-teens, and are willing to spare no expense to cut fractions of a second off of their times, have installed the Shotgun Boogie adjustable trigger (the link is listed below). This trigger allows you to remove all the take-up and over-travel. The shooters I know, who use it, love it, but at $189.00, plus shipping, I'm not willing to take the plunge. Uberti '73 Trigger Kit – SBGW (sbgwllc.com)
  9. Cabela's carries one and it can be shipped, because, according to the ATF, it's not a firearm. Click on the link below. Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target .44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver | Cabela's
  10. You did fine Yul. The last few months I have seen much more rude behavior in our local post office. Most of the time it involves people arriving with packages not being properly wrapped to shipped and the person/persons being upset when they are told they will have to purchase proper tape or a box. Several times I have witnessed the postal workers being berated by clueless people. Fortunately, the ones I have witnessed leave quickly on their own accord after making an a$$ out of themselves. I, and other customers in line, have voiced support to the postal workers after the "offending person" has left in a huff.
  11. We've been through many gas grills. Even though our grills have always been under cover, the burner elements always seemed to have rotted out (even stainless and cast iron burners). Four years ago I bought a Weber gas grill and it is still running like a champ. My only complaint is that the electronic ignition quick working after a year. The Weber's longevity, in my case, my also be do to the fact that I no longer put salt on anything that's cooking on the grill. I've determined that the salt has been a big factor in destroying my burner elements on my previous gas grills. I've always been a big fan of cooking shows featuring Chef Ramsey. After watching several of his YouTube videos on how to cook a perfect steak, I use a cast iron pan on the stove top (I do finish up the steak in the oven for those family members who want their meat more done). Using the cast iron pan, I can get nice color on the steak and I can season the meat to my heart's content. Salt, pepper, thyme, and a little butter at the end, make for perfect seasoning. My family won't let me cook steak any other way now. If you haven't tried a steak in cast iron, I urge you to try it. You won't be disappointed and there is no shame in watching a YouTube video for pointers. I still use the gas grill a lot for chicken and burgers. For chicken and large chunks of other meat, I like to put the meat on one side of the grill with the burner underneath off. The burner on the opposite side provides enough heat for a nice slow cook.
  12. Like Warden, mine was made by putting a new "old stock" .44-40 barrel on my .44 mag Marlin 1894.
  13. If you like banded collar shirts, I found these on Amazon. Amazon.com: Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Band-Collar Denim Shirt: Clothing
  14. Like Marshal Hangtree, I was the first one in my area years ago to convert a baby jogger into a gun cart. I was into my second baby jogger when my wife started shooting 7 years ago. The baby jogger was okay, but with four long guns and the ammo and other gear for two, it was just too much for the baby jogger. I finally broke down and bought a bigger and heavier built Rugged Gear cart. If you're the only one using the gun cart, are a DIY guy and thrifty, I would definitely convert a baby jogger. If money's not a big object, buy the Rugged Gear cart and never look back.
  15. I'm a holster maker and both the wife and I shoot. Our normal match leather is hanging from a wall-mounted coat rack with large wooden pegs and the multiple other rigs are hanging on hall trees in my leather shop/reloading room. The big thing is to put it up high where it's not going to get stepped on or where someone might accidentally sets something on top of your holsters. Squashed holsters are a bad thing!
  16. I have these installed on a pair of NMV Rugers. I love them! It took a little work with a file and sandpaper. Grip Frame, Hunter, SS : RUGER GRIP FRAME, HUNTER, SS | Brownells
  17. As others have stated, your birdsheads should fit with no problem. If your haven't done much disassembly with your Rugers, the video below should help: Ruger Single Action Revolver Disassembly - YouTube
  18. David Johnson of D bar J hats stiffened one of my hats at last year's Border Town match. He uses isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. He sprayed my hat and after I wore it in the sun for about two hours, it was perfect. My hat is 10X beaver; I'm not sure if that will work with a 100 wool felt hat.
  19. That day is burned into my memory. I was 9 and we were off school for a teacher inservice. My father came home early from work, unexpectedly, about 1:30 p.m. crying and told us to turn on the TV. I also remember watching Oswald's shooting on live TV two days later.
  20. I bought one pack of these and they are a great concept. I did, however, have problems with some long guns. Some shorter rifles like M4 length ARs didn't work well because of the length of the rods. The rods weren't long enough for some guns and the plastic rods bent with some heavier guns. I decided to make my own rods to fit my various long guns. I bought brass rods at Lowes for .22 rifles and plastic shafted driveway markers (with the red reflector on top of the shaft - cut off the reflector) for larger caliber rifles. I was still having a problem with short barreled shotguns; used golf shafts worked great for those. I cut small wooden blocks and then used a drill press to put the right size hole for each rod. I then epoxied each block onto the shafts. I purchased some self sticking Velcro at WalMart and attached it to the top of the wooden blocks. The adhesive on the Velcro wasn't strong enough so I used a staple gun to attach it better. As others have stated, It has at least doubled the capacity of one of my gun safes. I do have another safe that is now not nearly so crowded and that's where I keep the wife's and my main match guns for easy access.
  21. A simple temporary solution may be to wrap a piece of athletic tape around your finger on the spot that's getting hit. You can tear a standard roll of athletic tape to the width you need. If necessary, you could add a small moleskin to the exact spot and then wrap tape around it. Several of our really fast shooters tape their trigger fingers because they have stuck triggers through their fingers. The other solution, as other have suggested, is to pad the part of the trigger guard that is hitting your finger. Some suede leather would work well. If you don't have any on hand, Hobby Lobby carries small pieces.
  22. My looks similar, but luckily the wife also shoots. She does get excited, however, every time she sees me cleaning up stuff.
  23. Good for you! I just acquired a Colt Lawman III subnose from the estate of a cowboy friend. I carry a Glock 26 with a Glock 19 magazine daily and I wouldn't part with it, but I love my newly purchased Colt Lawman.
  24. Curly Bill Kelly and Widder helped me convert a Marlin .44 mag carbine into a .44-40. They did a great job; it's a sweet rifle!
  25. http://thesmithshop.com/beadbrass.html I've used Sure Hit Sights, but I like the one listed above better because I see it better.
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