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  1. Welcome to the most fun thing ever!! There are a lot of super nice folks out your way who will welcome you warmly! Maybe you’ll be at Winter Range and I can welcome you and Credence Claire Waters with my traditional HUG! Big hugs! Scarlett
  2. My reloading manual shows .454 as THE bullet diameter for 45 Colt. Shooters that have issues with blowback will often ask me for a heavier bullet to stop/reduce blowback. While I’ve got heavier bullets, they’re significantly more expensive... and I figured there had to be another solution. So... after consulting with some folks who are smarter than I, I began offering a 200gr RNFP (lubed, not coated) Bullet for folks to try. Most have had quantifiable improvement in blowback and cleaner, cooler brass. I don’t this is inappropriate however, if you’d like to try a handful, I’d be glad to send you some to try or they're available for purchase in a pack of 100 or 500. Big hugs! Scarlett
  3. I had two OLD holsters that I actually attached to the side of a wooden cart with wood screws. Sorry - I don’t have a picture. The holsters are secure and still have the tie down strap for when I tilt the cart to roll. Big hugs! Scarlett
  4. It took me a long time to get it - for some reason my pictures on my phone were “too large” for the wire but I didn’t know what to do! Now, it works... in the typing area/text box I see a paper clip with Click to Choose Files and a gray box that says Insert Other Media. On my iPhone, I click to choose files and it takes me to my pictures. Don’t know if I’ve helped... hope so! Big hugs to you @Jackaroo, # 29989 and @Kathouse Kelli! Scarlett
  5. My husband and I did this a couple of months ago on our own. And, we are going to do it again at the Greenville Gun Show next month (Dec 21-22) He had a table of our own personal things for sale and I had a table advertising SASS. I dressed up, had my guns in my gun cart and had Chronicles, badges from matches, buckles, awards, anything I could think of to take and display. I did have business cards but didn’t have anything to “sell” at the show. I had print outs of and contact information of every SC match. It was AWESOME! Abe E S Corpus came for one day. My husband said he felt bad for the folks on the other side of the aisle from us because EVERYONE stopped and talked to us about cowboy stuff. The local match was the next weekend and there were a lot of visitors who’d heard about it at the gun show. FOLLOW UP IS KEY!! People want to go where they are wanted, valued and supported... Hugs!! Scarlett
  6. You know... I’ve started shooting a LOT of BP and it’s such fun!! BP shooters are awesome and real ambassadors for the sport and for the FC categories!! Big hugs!! Scarlett
  7. The Clean Shot you each won or were gifted is NEW smokeless powder... not to be confused with the old BP substitute of same name. @Marauder SASS #13056 gave you the proper link. If you need further information, my husband, Tom Eagle Talker, Is an associate with Shooters World and would be happy to help you! You can reach him at bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com or his cell 803-833-0087. Big hugs! Scarlett
  8. How come you NEVER do what I ask? Fast Eddie is OUTSTANDING! I’ve got 2 100s he did. #ScarlettLovedKajunEvenIfHeDoesntListen hugs! Scarlett
  9. Amazon. sportbrella... it was $38? Tommy got it. It’s got two zippered flaps and wind holes in the top. Hugs!!
  10. The rules are rules. If SASS rules/conventions apply... they apply. Monthly or otherwise. It is about maintaining THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME! New folks coming for the first time like @Cowboy Junky mentioned is HOSPITALITY! INTEGRITY matters a LOT. BIG hugs! Scarlett
  11. When I do pick brass I try hard to recover all of the brass however, I will try EXTRA hard to recover .44-40, .38-40, .44, , 45 Colt and .44 Russian. I’ve not shot with anyone shooting 45 Cowboy Special in their rifle yet. When I shot my .32 Marlin all the time I lost a fair amount of brass whenever there was a common firing line. Brass pickers do their best - and are often rushed by TO... we can’t have it both ways. Big hugs! Scarlett
  12. I’d confirm the Tommy sighting however, there’s no picture showing! It was an AWESOME match in spite of the rain!!! Well done!!
  13. Agree! Branchwater Jack did an outstanding job...and it was very special. I’m glad I was there to be a part of it! Big hugs! Scarlett
  14. I’ve got to send my application in... I will do it tomorrow!! I’m coming AND I’m gonna shoot Black Powder in Honor of Beaver John and Judge ‘Em All Duncan! It’s a long way but I’ve heard NOTHING but GREAT things about your match! Plus, I really like your whole family! Great big hugs! Scarlett
  15. The Golden Pistols, the sequel to The Golden Gun will be premiering at the NC Match on Friday, November 1, after the NC Cowboys BBQ dinner! I’ll post link to The Golden Gun in next post. MUST watch the first to be able to fully appreciate the sequel! we had much better equipment and a real Hollywood Director, Adam Jordan, helping (he was in NC for a bit and volunteered). So much fun!! Bulldog Jackson and RJ Ricochet (Jackson’s Western Store fame Asheville, NC) wrote the movie. Lots of cowboys in it. Many cast members will be present!!! Free popcorn, free movie... lots and lots of laughs! Big hugs! Scarlett
  16. I shoot Factory AA 980s. Used to “visually” inspect until I didn’t at a match... one shell was so bulged at crimp that it would not chamber - had to go for two more..during a stage...As soon as that round was done, bought the checker from a vendor on site. Then, during prep for EOT 2019...found SEVEN out of spec shells in ONE box... I use it and check EVERY Shell before they go in my belt. Necessity for the gun cart! Big hugs! Scarlett
  17. You get a Raincheck for a Free Hug with Purchase if you order online!
  18. Amen! I watch for the timer to pick up first shot and shots throughout the stage so I know it’s working and, the last shot... in case the timer gets bumped or something. I tell the shooter the time right away. Great big “I can’t sleep tonight” hugs! Scarlett
  19. I cannot wait to see all my wonderful friends and customers in Tennessee! Better bring my waders though... the stuff is getting pretty deep! Great big tough enough to wear pink hugs! Scarlett
  20. Sometimes it’s not the TOS fault AT ALL but that of the peanut gallery! Example: I was TO and shooter started at horse with SG... then got rifle off horse and was supposed to shoot rifle targets from same position. Shooter grabs rifle and takes two giant steps forward before I could stop him and levers rifle while peanut gallery yells BACK UP. Shooter moved with cocked gun. He didn’t blame me. Personally, and I told the posse, I will NEVER EVER tell a shooter with a loaded (all guns are always loaded) gun in his/her hands to back up because the danger is that he/she will TURN AROUND and sweep (at best) everyone. Once the shooter took the two steps forward he’d earned a P. Not really big deal.. We had it - most of the time the TO and shooter “have it” and don’t need the hollering. I pay VERY close attention to the shooter and count shots and yes, I’ve made mistakes, however, I think the hollering from the gallery is worse... but, that said, it’s way easier to blame the person with the timer...unless she is me and has a Bullwhip...a bullwhip APP on my phone. No one will let me have a REAL bullwhip or bullhorn. I really want a bullhorn. PS I will try to restart a shooter if he/she fumbles or something. Great big hugs! Scarlett
  21. Going to give it SERIOUS thought!!
  22. It was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We also loved EVERYTHING about Berkeley Springs, WV! Such a friendly and beautiful town. Had some Berkeley Springs Spring Water tonight ... I’m trying to ration my remaining stockpile! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make that match a LOT of fun. Special thanks to @BuzzardBreath for his help and hospitality before the match! Great Big Hugs! Scarlett & Tommy
  23. That sounds like a lot of fun. We might try to make it! It’s a long way from home... but, the cowboys are like family... so... it’s “home”! Great big hugs! Scarlett
  24. Congratulations to you both!! Great big Jedi hugs! Scarlett
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