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  1. I like anyone with the spine to step up and state their opinion (even knowing it may be unpopular). I like Phantom. But like is cheap. What I respect is anyone who has the testicular fortitude to stick to their opinion in the face of loud opposition. Folks that (when they're not wrong) don't apologize and walk it back. Folks that understand that if it comes down to a choice between telling the truth or hurting your feelings - the truth should win out every time. I respect Phantom.
  2. I'm a long term (since age 8; Desert Scorpion takes great pride in starting at age 5) multi discipline shooter. My first job at 14 was in a gun shop (by 15, I was running said shop and doing all ordering). For over a decade; I ran the firearms division for one of the largest pawn shop chains in the nation. I'm a Nevada concealed weapons instructor. My family and I have owned a gun shop in Pahrump NV since 2001. And oddly; after all that - I don't own a single firearm.
  3. Looking forward to it. Coming to Chandler Friday; dinner with friends at the Keg Friday night. Eight stages of shooting in Tucson on Saturday; followed by an afternoon at Old Tucson Studios. Another night in Phoenix and then go shoot Prescott on Sunday morning. I can't always make all the multi day shoots that I would like to. But with a little planning; it is easy to string a weekends worth of monthlies together for some of the same fun.
  4. I was very cognizant of doing this with my feet as a Duelist and TRY to do it even today as a Gunfighter. It was more important as a Double Duelist because of the transition options DD opens up. But time spent shuffling is time wasted - it's just better camouflaged if there are other additional actions I have to perform prior to the next gun (as does a supported shooter or Gunfighter) A good double Duelist is close to juggling. Hands moving continuously - while the body and feet build a solid yet reactive platform.
  5. Gist Silversmiths. They were set up at one of the many Cowboy Christmas sales events that occurs while National Finals Rodeo is in Las Vegas. Seems to be a good quality buckle. And while not cheap - was not ridiculous in any way for a one off custom buckle. Shot with the buckle displayed on my shotgun belt this past weekend... My only complaint - Did not make me any faster.
  6. My girls wanted to get me this for Christmas 2018 - but between false modesty and not wanting them to waste their monies for a vanity; I declined. So when my girls asked me last year, "What do you want for Christmas?". I shocked them by admitting, that I really wanted to get a buckle to commemorate being honored as 2018 Jedi Gunfighter of the year. So finally after a long wait - here it is. I know pride is a sin; I just can't help it.
  7. Prior to becoming a mediocre Gunfighter; I was, for a while, a mediocre Double Duelist. That being said; heed my advice understanding there may only be minimal value contained. Duelist and even more so with Double Duelist; the category is all about transitions. Flowing pistol to pistol to long gun to long gun, etc. is most easily done smoothly when you ALWAYS have a free hand while shooting pistols (as a DD does). This free hand means you can anchor on the next gun (if rifle) or on your shot shells (if shotgun). What does any of this have to do with foot placement? Everything. If I am shooting pistols and long gun from the same position; my body position/ blading/ foot position will be the same for pistols as it will be for long guns. While the off side pistol may at first feel "odd" - I guarantee that dancing in place is not efficient use of your time during the pistol string. And as mentioned above; I can use my body positioning by anchoring the off hand to prepare to transition to the next firearm. If I am shooting the pistols AND there will NOT be a long gun fired from same position - I adjust to a more squared position facing the targets. Still with a mindset of direction of movement and gun order - so I can best consider which pistol to shoot first and hand anchoring.
  8. Actually - I've had instances where a continuous fluid movement took both feet completely off the ground.
  9. I'll take the BLACK wahmaker new. And the GREY/ BLACK vaquero. Let me know shipping cost and where to send funds. Thanks
  10. To what point? Is there an issue with shooters shooting too light of shotgun loads for some tastes? We already use knockdowns for shotgun - most are adjustable to require solid hits. To make an event designed to punish targets, equipment (some well aged and fragile) and shooters shoulders (some well aged and fragile) seems unpleasant and unnecessary.
  11. The Geo code has not worked for quite a while. When I'm hunting a new club or shoot; I just keep two browser windows open. One with the club info and Google maps. Copy and paste the city and state to determine exactly where it is and how long it will take me to get there. And as a lot of clubs shoot at recognized ranges - most of those are searchable by name in Google maps as well (really handy when an event is in a large metro area so you know "where" the range is in relation to the rest of the city - i.e. shooting in Phoenix; pick the right Phoenix hotels and you're are 5 - 10 minutes away from the ranges. Pick wrong and you're still in Phoenix metro - but 60 - 90 minutes away.)
  12. Firearm internals - White lithium grease. From Home Depot in a tube. Externals - off brand aerosol sprays or drip tubes. For my car; I'll run Mobil 1. For firearms that need ongoing replenishment - I refuse to pay 10x the price for 1/10th the product. In my opinion, (and I might be wrong - I commonly am) unless you have an enclosed system to contain it and a method to return it to a given surface (as in your car with a oil pump and pan) oil is for rust prevention and short term lubrication (short term; meaning basically the X number of movements required to displace the oil {hence the oil pump to replenish the lube prior to the number of movements required to displace}). Oil does not penetrate steel and without the physical "bulk/ presence" (I'm sure there is a scientific term for this - I just don't know it) and the surface tension (cling) of grease; metal to metal surface drag quickly eliminates that film or float of oil. So as Danny said to Sandy. Grease is the word.
  13. Spotting is a physical exercise. You will need to move - spotting with your rear end on a stool is not allowable. Spotting is a mental, visual, auditory, deductive and learning process. Mental: You have to know the stage and target order and ALL possibilities to engage it. Visual: You will have to watch for hits - watch for non hits - watch for bullet strikes off target. Auditory: Listen for strikes - listen for non strikes - know which plates ring and which are dead. Know that rebar sounds different than plate. Deductive: A bullet strike in the dirt 30 degrees off the firing line is likely not a miss, but probably a edger/ ricochet. Learning: Just because a shooter does something differently than you would have doesn't always mean its wrong. And lastly is the speech I always give as a Posse Leader: Every shooter here is not expecting to win a championship or even place in category. But EVERY shooter here is hoping to do the very best they are capable of. And if they are trying to do their very best - then they deserve your very best effort to support that. If you cannot give them your best - hand off the duty.
  14. So we dumb down to the lowest common denominator? Where do we stop? Because, I assure you; there are some within our game that are nearly incapable of movement, counting, handling projectile weapons or even driving to the range in the first place. But we don't do away with the game because of them. I'm really not trying to be insulting - I just question any philosophy that advocates punishing everyone; because some will exercise poor judgement.
  15. Unsafe for whom? No one is and no would ever consider forcing anyone to do anything they feel is unsafe. Every shooter should know and abide by their own limitations. But to limit others because of our own shortcomings or inabilities is wrong.
  16. The ONLY time anything has any "value" is when you purchase it or when you sell it. If someone is building something for their own use and intends to keep it - their actions have ZERO effect on its value. Or their actions actually increase it's value to the owner. I'm not sure where this mindset comes from that anyone else has any stake or say in what anyone does with the fruit of their own labor. You paid for it - didn't steal it or harm another to acquire it. Do with it as makes you happy.
  17. I understood that Doc. Sorry if I seemed otherwise. It's just everybody says they want stage writers to offer more than stand and deliver - more than cookie cutter 10 10 4 - and then it seems everyone goes out of their way to find ways to penalize and debate the fun out of it. For someone, like myself, that takes pride in writing good, fun stages - it simply gets frustrating.
  18. I heard a man say once; That wine was made for drinking. Cars were made for driving. Guns were made for shooting. Squirreling away a fine wine in a cave, hiding a sports car in a garage or leaving a gun in a box unfired is wrong. The only thing that makes an item appreciate in value is when (perceived) demand is greater than (perceived) supply. If no one cuts one up, breaks one, modifies one - then the others will never be worth any more than they are today. The best firearms example of this is commemorative firearms. (As a rule) They don't really appreciate that much; because they were worth X when they built 2500 of them and 40 years later - there are still 2478 of them left in the box. No change in supply - no change in demand - no change in value. It's your gun. Cut it up, rebarrel it - do what makes you happy. At worse - 50 years from now; you made some other guys gun worth more.
  19. And I wrote this stage to give the shooters some latitude about where they wished to shoot from and to adjust the pace of their shooting. Some will shoot two and move, move and shoot four, etc. The only parameter I gave was where their shotgun was initially staged (position one) and that "at least one shot MUST pass over the table" at position two (the move to position) These instructions as opposed to generic move to position B and do X. But it seems sometimes trying to give the shooters more than the generic causes more headache (for everybody) than it's worth.
  20. To avoid anyone arguing we don't know if the shooter earned any other penalties... Im assuming: The first nine rifle rounds struck targets in the correct order. They didn't deserve a spirit of the game penalty. They didn't sweep anyone. They brought everything to the line in an approved manner. So, assuming all of the above... YES Even if the round had remained in the rifle - the shooter has until firing the next gun to correct without penalty. If the round remains in the discarded rifle and situation is not corrected before next firearm: Minor Safety Miss for unfired round. If (as in op) round clears self from discarded rifle and situation is not corrected before next firearm: Miss for unfired round. If the round remains in the discarded rifle and shooter shoots next firearm - then returns to rifle to clear it by unloading: Minor safety Miss for unfired round If the round remains in the discarded rifle and shooter shoots next firearm - then returns to the rifle to clear it by firing: Minor safety Procedural Hit/ Miss result of fired round (as applies) If (as in op) round clears self from discarded rifle - shooter fires next firearm - then returns to rifle - reloads and fires round: Procedural Hit/ Miss result of fired round. Etc, etc, etc.
  21. EDC in a knife (for me) means a folder that is sharp and strong - large enough for defense and small enough to be reasonably concealable in Nevada summer weight clothing or dress wear. I personally carry a Bench Made assisted open. But, regardless of the number of gifts someone may have received over a lifetime; (I have never seen any correlation between the quantity of an item owned and any expertise in that same product), the only correct response to, "What's best for everyday carry" is the exactly the same as asking, "What should I wear if I regularly pee myself?" The answer to both is, "Depends"
  22. Won't make in January; but the Creeker crew (Painted Lady, Desert Scorpion and myself) will be down there in February for fun with the Pima Cowboys.
  23. Just didn't want you to miss out on using the conversion cylinder just because it was only five rounds. Looks like a fun little gun.
  24. You are aware that as long as the conversion cylinder has a indexing notch for the hammer or minimally the ability to be hammer down between Chambers (without indexing to place round under hammer) - a five shot cylinder is legal and allowed?
  25. So we have one side saying it "should" be a penalty and the other side saying it is obviously a no call. When like most things - it is somewhere between the two points. So; look at the incident in a linear fashion... Firearm is staged open and empty. Hunky dory - No call at this moment. Firearm has a round placed on the carrier while firearm is not in hand. Minor safety is earned - right then. Firearm is then cleared, prior to another firearm being discharged. Minor safety is negated/ removed right then. So YES; a penalty is warranted for the round on the carrier of a long gun; not in hand. The penalty was earned the instant the round entered the firearm. But if this penalty is retained is 100% based on the shooters actions AFTER the penalty is earned. If the firearm is cleared, before the next gun is discharged - the penalty is removed. This soothes the, "it has be a penalty" side by assigning the deserved penalty and satisfies the "no call" side by immediately negating that same penalty.
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