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  1. No issue whatsoever. I always load my 105 gr. bullets in the lube groove. I feel (strictly my opinion) like my 73 cycles better with the longer length Make sure you have a good crimp and load away. I also load a few at shorter length for thru the top reloads.
  2. Bull, with the year I have had; I'm considering drinking Loc-Tite just to avoid anything else coming loose.
  3. I sat here for a full minute trying to figure out where there were two screws in the loading gate. I went so far as to stand up and head to the gunroom until it dawned on me; the side plate has a screw as well and you were (correctly) counting that one.
  4. I'm not smart enough for Corel. Tho I used to love their video editing software.
  5. I use Publisher and then convert to PDF for emailing and posting on the internet. PUB has plenty of differing shapes for targets and you can place text boxes on top of shapes if needed.
  6. I was told after I shoved the trigger thru my finger... "If you aint got a scar on your trigger finger - you aint pushing fast enough" And mine was the first round out of the rifle - first gun on the stage. Blood splatters all along the side of the rifle, shotgun and left pistol. And as I tend to "Pump" my pistols a bit shooting gunfighter - I managed to get blood flicked onto my face, shooting glasses and shirt as well. As my daughter stated after the stage as I was cleaning myself and the guns up (side note; spray lube in an open cut is unpleasant as well), "You are the only person who could cut their finger and end up looking like a horror movie"
  7. Beaver and his team along with volunteers did a great job. The range looked great - I didnt even know the club owned that much stuff to decorate with. And Beaver did a great job blending my and his ideas to create traditional Eldorado stages (big, fast, fun) that over time he will be able to make completely his own. Now, I'm very proud that the term "Creeker style stage writing" means something and is a draw for some to attend a match - I am certain that the term "Beaver style match" will soon have the same draw to it. Ill continue to stick my nose in and offer my input (even when it is not asked for) maybe especially when its not asked for. But Beaver, Quickly Downunder, Mojave Rose, Dookie and Lady Glitter put on a heck of a match - especially starting from scratch only 60 days from the event. The Eldorado Cowboys are in good hands for many years into the future.
  8. Still trying to get stamina back and two broken arms isnt helping. I think the dual arm braces would have hindered both gunfighter style and loading the 97. I heard you won a bunch of the individual stages tho.
  9. I dont do it that way. Im left handed; pull 4 shells right handed and load all from the right side. But I have relatively big hands and can control 4 shells - but for some that have smaller hands find the drop one in the port first benefits them.
  10. None whatsoever. Very comon method for 97 shooters that pull multiple shells to drop one in the port on pickup to avoid juggling too many shells in hand.
  11. Your club sir, has a questionable stage writer. Requiring shooters to wait for targets to fall is a DELIBERATE attempt to create penalties and insert speed limits. I hate when the match director feels they need to write a match filled with inane sweep sequences or silly conditions to "challenge" the shooter. These match directors are not proponents for their shooters - but instead are adversarial. Match Director versus shooter. If a shooter shoots fast or clean - the match director isnt celebrating with the shooter - they are insulted and plotting their revenge. If your match director has ever bragged about no one ever shoots their match clean - or stated how a stage needs to be harder next time - or claimed that many nameless, faceless shooters love their stages (but you've never met anyone who does) You need a different match director.
  12. Rarely are "P's" written into a stage deliberately (it has happened; but those clubs and match directors dont usually last long). A TO or Posse Marshal warning about a potential P is doing so because they recognize the potential of a movement, sequence or some odd circumstance which might throw someone off. But any such observation is a COURTESY and is not required nor should it be expected to be repeated to every shooter. And because the spectrum of items that shooters consider P traps is so varied - it would be impossible to warn every shooter about every potential movement, sequence or circumstance that "could" create a P. A different sequence pistol to rifle is considered by some a P trap. Shotgun having an assigned target order is considered by some a P trap. Split pistols, split shotgun are considered by some a P trap. Requiring a sequence to be shot right to left is considered by some to be a P trap. The TO is NOT required to bring these to anyones attention or spoonfeed anyone the stage instruction. If they are kind enough to catch something and bring it to your attention - say thank you.
  13. Given my druthers is a self defense role - I will have both hands full of gun. My Remington 870. And if my only option is a couple 1911 45's. Ill work with it. But I think my Springfield XD with a bunch of extra magazines is a better choice.
  14. Not exactly. DAO revolvers have hammers - either bobbed or shrouded. My Ruger LCP is a DAO and there is definitely a hammer visible. And since the term ACTION refers to the work of the trigger. And since a Striker perfroms the same duties as a hammer (only significant difference is rotational movement [hammer], versus linear [strikers]) striker fired handguns do fall under the definitions of SA or DA. We rarely use the terms as applied to long guns because most long guns lack second strike capability - but term Single or Double action can apply to long guns as well. I teach as well. To teach - requires not only a mastery of the topic; but the ability to distill down to its simplest term (so that the student; new, knowledgeable or dis interested) may grasp it even without a full working topic vocabulary)
  15. Some basic terminology might help everyone. The term action (in single action, double action, DAO or even Tri Action) refers to one thing and only one thing. What function for (current operation) is the trigger performing? If the trigger is ONLY releasing the hammer to fall (and some operation other than the trigger provided the cocking motion; ie the shooters hand or the cycling of the slide) The gun is being operated as a SINGLE action as trigger is only performing ONE operation (releasing the hammer to fall). A SINGLE action. When operated in DOUBLE action (if the gun is so designed) the trigger performs TWO operations - placing the hammer into the cocked position AND releasing the hammer to fall. DOUBLE actions. It matters ZERO what the firearm may be capable of - the action defintion refers to what the operation the gun is performing at the moment. My truck is capable of being operated in 4 wheel drive. But unless Im actually using the 4wd - it is rear wheel drive. And would be advertised as 2/ 4 wheel drive. And yes, my truck be cross shopped against 2 wheel drives and full time 4 wheel drives - but depending on the situation (choice I make) its operation can be both. A Gunfighter can shoot the entire match Double Duelist if the wish. Doesnt matter they had the capability to shoot Gunfighter - they shot (double) Duelist on three stages. Yes, they will be scored against gunfighters; not duelist - but on those three stages - their (choice of) operation was Duelist. As for DAO - this is simply a design that disallows you choosing which operation/ function of the trigger you prefer. The hammer is (usually) non accessible to the shooter and the trigger pull is required to perform the two/ double action operation on every cycling. The Tri Action was a design to provide even more options. It could be operated as a true SA semi auto (cocked and locked with safety). It could be operated as 1st shot DA pistol (simply by lowering the hammer after loading) with SA follow up shot. It could also light pull 1st shot DA with SA follow up shots by loading and cycling the slide and then softly pushing the hammer down to fired position. This operation when pulling the trigger was still DA (the trigger still had to move the hammer rearward) but as the hammer spring was already compressed from the initial cycle - the effort exerted by the hammer to cock is minimal. But action is simply what is the trigger doing. Nothing else. And like any good sales brochure - they are going to extoll ALL the abilities the firearm offers. Not just its maximum capability.
  16. 2.86 aint that impressive - what was the time for the other three rounds?
  17. I believe it is called the butterfly effect - a seemingly unrelated thing that may set many other things in motion. The Eldorado Cowboys lost our club President Ace of Hearts recently. But even tho we still carry a heavy heart - Time demands the club move forward. Part of that movement was the placement of Beaver as the new President of The Eldorado Cowboys. A fantastic choice - Beaver brings an energy and enthusiasm to the position that has been missing for a number of years. Another component of this move forward is I, yup me - Creeker, have been asked to "mentor" and give my input on stage writing and the Eldorado brand of stage writing in particular. Unfortunately with Ace's passing; there were challenges finding his drafts and ideas for Eldorado 2021 - so we have been tasked with creating an exciting, fun match worthy of the Eldorado brand in 60 days. And we will. My home office is convenient to me and I aint doing a lot else right now - so this is my promise to you. I will work as hard as I have in me to assist Beaver in writing and creating a shoot deserving of the name Eldorado. So if you have perhaps enjoyed the Eldorado method of Big and Fast - Movement and sequence variety Creeker style in the past - here is another chance to do it again. I am incredibly proud that I was approached by Beaver and the Board of the Eldorado Cowboys to assist with this project and I am hoping that those who can; give Eldorado another chance. We will do our best to not disappoint.
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