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  1. I don't think this is about grammar policing - It is simply about adults using correct language; and by use of correct language - clearly communicating their desired outcome to other adults. If you are that determined to combine singular and plural - please continue to do so. It does not affect me... Actually that is untrue. I was torn between attending Roop County next month or traveling to Salt Lake City for the Utah State event. But since I am unwilling to learn a new and incorrect version of the English language - Your input has been imminently helpful in directing my decision.
  2. Just to be pedantic - Hand means singular; the addition of an "S" is required to make it plural. Words have specific meanings and pretending otherwise does no service to any. Your buddy falls and requests a "Hand" up - the singular of hand has been asked for (with the absence of the plural S); also supported by the letter "A" preceding hand (indicating a single item). A bank robber requests "HandS up" because he specifically desires BOTH hands in the air. And as for let's give him a hand? Hand is being used as a synonym for perhaps applause or providing assistance (which could be as diverse as lending a tool, providing emotional support or giving financially) - not strictly referring to a hand or hands (or the use of either) within the context. If you want a specific outcome from your instructions - provide specific instructions and do not require a shooter to understand your precise intentions if you refuse to state it clearly.
  3. A good match director will eliminate the Nannyism from SASS default by writing: "In the absence of a defined starting position - We use the club default of SHABPOC (Shooters hand and body position of choice) not touching guns or ammo" If there is a defined starting position; it means exactly that which is defined (rifle in hands, pistol in hand, hands on hat, shooter in doorway etc.) the rest of the shooters positioning is covered by the club default of SHABPOC. This allows EVERY shooter to prepare for their gunfight in the hand and body position that best suits them or their category. And eliminates the foolish requirement of SASS SULAI (Standing upright like an idiot). Imminently fair to all - as all are allowed the body position of THEIR choice. And no one gets to complain that standing upright was handled differently on Posse 1 than it was on Posse 4.
  4. I'm assuming you were ok with providing the targets, stands, etc. originally (or at least on board with idea) So lets start on the condition that you never thought you would be reimbursed for said targets - you just want to safely keep the club alive and functioning. (and going off your OP - it seems your concern is more about replacing the current targets than recovering funds) So... You have a dozen shooters (give or take) at a monthly - charging $15 per with $10 per head going to the range. So how do we purchase new targets on a monthly income of $60? Let's look at your target needs - 12 shooters in ONE posse (means only a need of ONE bays worth of targets {yes, it will limit arrays and may require target resets during a match - but better than closing down}) You can creatively set a single stage (in multiple different arrays with as few as 8 plates) You already have stands (I assume) so we are only talking about plate replacement. And you may be able to repurpose some existing plates for while - so full replacement may not be required. So... A single 4x8 sheet of AR500 - will yield eight 24x24 plates. Shotgun targets can be repurposed AR400 plates or replaced with a couple boxes of clay pigeons - used singly as static targets. Or you can go smaller plates (simply keeping the club safe and viable, remember?) {just set them closer} 8x8 AR500 from Midway are only $29/ per Sell your "Overly" damaged plates for scrap - purchase what you can (even if smaller) with those funds. Raise match fees to $20 for a 100% increase in funds Seek out local sponsors for matches or targets (is there a steel supplier anywhere near? Might be able to give you a deal or sponsorship or minimally repurpose their scrap for you) Local gun shops might sell you clay pigeons at cost or sponsor. A local gas station or convenience store might provide water or a few funds (especially if a lot of the cowboys stop there regularly for soda or coffee before or after the match) Any local cafe your shooters frequent after the matches? We are simply looking for funding - don't care where it comes from.
  5. Of course. Haven't you been paying attention? The status quo is always wrong - current methodology is always in error and the fringe groups (no matter how out of touch) must always be acknowledged and accepted as full and equal partners. To do anything otherwise makes you racist, bigoted, homophobic, intolerant and demeaning to other points of view. Additionally disagreeing with the other side causes peanut allergies, acid reflux and lactose intolerance. Phantom, you should know better. Oy.
  6. So wish I could make it to this shoot... I was promised Dairy Queen if I showed up. But the logistics/ costs of air travel and gun transport for three shooters just aint cutting it this year. Maybe when the world returns to normal.
  7. Misinformation left unchallenged becomes accepted as the truth. And contrary to current snowflake philosophy - not everyone's opinion has the same value. My understanding of Josey Wales was that the "challenge" of engaging the rifle targets with an additional set of pistols was the attraction. Seems to me, any shooter advocating to move them inward would be defeating the entire concept of the category. Especially a shooter that follows that statement with the claim that Wild Bunch targets are so close that it is of no challenge. Can't have it both ways - either close targets are too easy or distant targets are too hard.
  8. And as for split pistols... Meaning pistols split by another gun - not location (moving with both guns out is a hoot); Double Duelist is a skillset that Gunfighters are supposed to have. And since I was a really good Double Duelist before moving to Gunfighter (and a lot of Gunfighters are not); I dont mind the advantage too much.
  9. Absolutely true. I consider myself a fairly good TO and while not fast - quick enough to get the timer there for the last couple shots. But I sometimes find myself looking for ways to cheat that distance because either the facade is a challenge to work around or the shooter is just that much faster than I am. I can pickup a SG round or pistol round on the timer from out of position - for rifle; the positioning is much more sensitive. Not saying NEVER end with the rifle - but strongly consider the stage and possible movements when choosing to do so.
  10. 20 years of 18 stages a month plus two annual matches each year. Managing websites for both clubs. Setting steel, building, fixing, painting. And working full time, raising a daughter and still having a social life. I feel fully justified in stating there's time "IF" folks feel its important.
  11. That's a fair answer. I will never debate your "right" to write stages any way you please - I just prefer folks say, "I don't like them", or "They're stupid" or "I dont think they're needed" instead of saying " Theres not enough time"
  12. I'm not picking at you - but I commonly see this refrain. We don't have enough help; so we cannot have... Themes, starting lines, a website, scores posted, etc., etc., and so on. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and generally at least 30 days in a month. With most clubs shooting once a month - some place in that 700+ hours between matches - there's time to watch one western and write down 6 starting lines. From Unforgiven: "We all got it coming" "I dont deserve this; I'm building a house" "He shoulda armed himself" "That you? The duck of death?" "I'm here to kill you, Little Bill" "I've killed everything that walks upon this Earth" From Toy Story "Theres a snake in my boot" "They've poisoned the watering hole" " You are a TOY" "Andys coming" "I found my moving buddy" "Buzz Lightyear to star command" I have found "we dont have time" is usually code for "we just dont want to"
  13. For my annuals - I always had a SHORT story (my rule was THREE lines or shorter) the story simply exists to convey a "feeling", say something humerous or set a mood - not to emulate a Tom Clancy novel. And at THREE lines - they would almost always get read. As for starting lines - I'm a big proponent of "requiring" a starting line (even if the line is shooters ready). This line signifies to the timer and posse that the shooter is taking ownership of the stage and is prepared to engage AND it keeps the timer operator quiet and out of the way until the shooter is prepared. In the absence of any line or action - the shooter can be left hanging waiting on a timer who isn't sure the shooter is ready. Or the timer can distract the shooter by questioning their readiness before the shooter has settled in. TL: DR Annuals are about ambiance - have a short story and a clever (non required) line. Monthlies - at minimum require a line signifying shooter ready.
  14. I have a variation on Phantoms Musketeer Sweep. A 20 round sweep - utilizing pistols AND rifle. Done on 5 targets (I usually wrote it as a down range stage with rifle and pistols using the same targets). And if possible; targets 1 and 4 should be different size (larger) (or at minimum - differently colored) than targets 2,3,5. (1) (4) all. T1-1x T4-4x T1-1, T2-1x, T3-1x, T4-1x, T5-1x And then. All (4) (1) T1-1x, T2-1x, T3-1x, T4-1x, T5-1x T4-4x T1-1x It shoots much easier than it reads.
  15. One of my side gigs is teaching Nevada CCW classes. Most civilian self defense shootings take place at less than three yards and are completed with less than three rounds being discharged. So on the surface - a single action revolver seems like a fair choice. But... A SA revolver has a number of drawbacks. It is a very bulky firearm for its limited capacity (5 or 6 rounds maximum {in any chambering worthy of self defense carry}). Unless practiced - it is far more challenging to operate one handed than most handguns (remember, that less than three yards number - your off hand may be busy creating distance or pushing away your attacker). There is not a huge availability of quality concealment rigs for the SA revolver. Reloads (tho realistically not going to happen too often in civilian shootings) are a pain - slow to clear brass and no speedloaders for SA revolvers. Lastly, why? Your concealed carry firearm is a survival TOOL - not a fad or fashion statement. Carry and become capable with the best possible tools available to you. We carry firearms to allow us and our loved ones the opportunity to make it home at the end of the day in basically the same condition as we began the day. And it is not a given - it is not guaranteed; it is only the opportunity. So understanding that we could do everything right and still lose - why on earth would you begin by handicapping yourself when it comes to the survival of yourself and loved ones? I really doubt you would be pleased if your house was on fire and the fire department showed up with a horse drawn cart, brass water tank and a bucket brigade; especially if their reasoning was, "this method worked perfectly well 100 years ago; so we were nostalgic and left the modern fire truck and hydrant hookup at the station" Or if your child was going into surgery and the anesthesiologist informed you that he prefers old school methods - so your little girl gets a rag to bite down on and a shot of whiskey. So if 150 year old archaic methods would be unacceptable for fighting your house fire or performing surgery on your child - why would you voluntarily do so in your self defense carry?
  16. If I wanted to attend the match and masks were required - I would wear a mask. If I was marginal about going to the match - a requirement for a mask might keep me home. But regardless - either I attend under the conditions, requirements and directives of the match or I dont attend. Just like I wouldnt show up at Cowboy with 1911 and AR and expect the club to bend to my will - I will not attend a match and attempt to change their directives. The requiring of wearing a mask is the clubs call (unless a range, or local/ state requirement) and I am not going to question or debate the right of a club to run their match as they see fit. Your opinion is not meaningless or without value AND you have every right to express your opinion to the club leaders respectfully. But at the end of the day if you don't like how a club runs their matches; be it stage writing, target placement, range rules or ANY required safety equipment - then start your own club or stay home.
  17. My friend Bull is a much better shooter than he gives himself credit for (unlike myself; who claims to be much better than I actually am). Bulls biggest challenge in this game is between his ears - not that he is stupid, quite the contrary - he is almost too smart and too experienced. Ill explain; Bull has been a dedicated and skilled competitor in other gun games and in other endeavors throughout his life - and a common thread in all of these pursuits has been an ongoing analysis toward improvement. But because of this; (in my opinion and I'm not speaking out of school as Bull and I have discussed this before), Bull over thinks as he is shooting instead of letting himself sub consciously flow through the stage. You can almost see him thinking "First pistol out, anchor your second hand. Holster pistol - draw second pistol - anchor hand on rifle.". He has broken the stage down into individual processes (analyzed each movement and transition) but his challenge is in putting the processes back together as a single cohesive unit. Instead of performing A then B then C. I feel a little bit that his discipline to doing "everything" right keeps him from relaxing and running that ragged edge that gains you the tenths, hundredths of a second that separate the top three to five positions.
  18. I practice transitions, holstering, pick ups (hey, baby - come here often?) and put downs (you're ugly - and your mother dresses you funny). I practice stage analysis and attempting to find the best way to engage a stage when options are presented. I practice my shotgun loading and rifle reloads. I even "try" to practice movement to ensure I'm leading with the correct foot and ending at a given position in a shooting stance without shuffling (too much). But "I" do not do any dry FIRE practice. (it works for others - I cannot deny the practice - for others) But I find that I (personally) lack the discipline to ensure sights are on target when dry firing. I can practice lever movement or "Widder hummingbird thumbs" pistol cycling speed. I can practice first shot (or as a gunfighter - first two shots) from holster speed. But actually practicing trigger drop and aiming in dry fire mode without (the live fire) consequence for sloppiness - simply makes me sloppy. Of course, as my recent performance with the nice folks in Price Utah can attest - I'm apparently pretty sloppy in live fire as well.
  19. Shooters are so preoccupied with whether or not they could - they never stop to question whether they should. a misquote from Jurassic Park - but it applies here.
  20. In light of your kindness (because you could have easily said, "Yes, Creeker - you are in the family tree - after all, every tree needs a monkey". But you didn't.) I will pass on the $$$$ (I'd just waste it or worse pay bills) or the shotgun shells (you would just expect me to practice). But next time we're together; I'll take you up on one of TN Williams DQ certificates - I ain't a big nanner split lover like TN; but few things are better than a Peanut Buster Parfait or M&M Blizzard. . . . . . Dang it. Im attending the Castlegate Robbery Shoot in Price Utah; all snuggled in my hotel room and NOW I've got to get dressed and go find the nearest Dairy Queen.
  21. Absolutely awesome. No greater honor than the recognition of your peers. Congratulations.
  22. Ummm Widder; about that lottery thing... I'm pretty sure I'm in the family tree somewhere.
  23. I stand corrected. This is the first time I've been wrong in... minutes.
  24. Hate to be "that" guy... But a reactive target left standing is not a miss until the stage is complete. Has zero to do with the next gun or active gun or whatever. If the shooter discharges two shotgun rounds AND at the stage END - two targets are down - there are no misses. Doesn't matter when (or why) they happen to fall. It could be a delayed reaction, an earthquake, a strong wind or the earths magnetic pull - IF they're down - benefit of the doubt always goes to the shooter. I know I'm being pedantic - but on a reactive target - it ain't over until it's over.
  25. I was going to let it slide as he got his Nevada assigned name when he was a few years younger. But... Since you brought it up; Jon was a slightly built awkward young kid when I first met him. (which is how he ended up in a trashcan the first time he beat me and Gawd Awful at a match - and yes, we still have the pictures to prove it) But a couple years before that (sad and unfortunate) day - some of the ladies at our match were commenting on this young man (walking around the range with my daughter) and the comment was made that, "He is going to grow into a good looking man; but right now he is at an Ugly Puppy stage" The name stuck. So when Jon shoots in Nevada - he is recognized and addressed as Ugly Puppy. Ain't it nice to have friends, Jon?
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