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  1. Seems not too many for sale anymore, at least affordable!
  2. Welcome to the fire. You will love what Widder and Slater will do to your Henry. Get to a club and start trying the arms folks will readily loan you to try.
  3. Check out the tracking on this one. The local postmaster was finally able to intercept it and get it to me. There was nothing wrong with the address. She said it would have stayed in that loop likely forever if I hadn't called her. It was not something I could have just reordered. 9400128206334271589424
  4. What temp do you want the lead at? How long do you hold them in the lead? Sounds like a cheap and easy way to go if you have a lead furnace.
  5. Where do these people get their numbers? 300,000 without a background check woulds seem like an awful lot of private sales. And how would 75K with red flags get them. Not buying into ithere. JMHO
  6. Doesn't seem they even noticed. Nobody seems to be looking up at it. You know someone would have waved.! Ooooops, saw one looking near the end! Nice video.
  7. So far---I have had no issues with the Fed. 209A's. I mostly use them for BP, but can't tell any difference between them and Winchester or Chedite.
  8. My first after seeing a Chronicle at work is my Marlin 1894 in 45 colt. Then a Bisley Blackhawk with a Vaquero style 45 convertible Blackhawk. Then my Stoeger. Rugers have been replaced with Jimmy Spurs New Model Vaqueros in 45 colt. Jusdt couldn't get used to the different grips on the Blackhawks.
  9. My new camper with a Furrion 12 volt only 10 cu.ft. unit. It sucked the juice. Batteries dead by morning and had to run the generator all day to sort of get thru the next night. It finally crapped on our last match last year. They are currently replacing it with an Everchill. There are plenty of complaints about them too. Mine drew about 11 amps. to keep the freezer at -17 and the fridge at 38-40. Fridge would stop working at a little above 10 volts on the battery which was about 4:00 in the morning. It's now being suggested I keep block ice in the freezer and fridge. Sure beats th
  10. Dang, and I thought it referred to drinking 9 of those long tall bottle/glasses Road Kill Cafe used to serve!
  11. Ordered a 2 pairs of the Altamont grips. Most said temporarily not available. so bought the ones they said "buy". Got an e-mail today that they need to make them! About 9 weeks !
  12. Tazz makes all of ours except for the Champions at a state match which are usually a statue of sorts. Tazz makes nice awards from acrylic with our match theme. http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/
  13. Mine is the same except I use the 3.1 dipper. Tried them after shoulder surgery and most happy. All KD's go down!
  14. Minor fatigue and arm soreness with first Moderna, get the second on the 22nd. I'll try the Tylenol thing just in case. Don't want no twitchin toes.
  15. Those Ov gloves work quite well also. I got a pair at Walgreens years ago.
  16. What a coincidence-- went up the road to shoot BP muzzleloader with the other old farts. One guy brought along a J.C. Higgins .22 as well. Great fun!
  17. Gawd I'm gettin' old
  18. About the mid 70's I purchased my first non air gun. A Marlin/Glenfield Model 60 .22. Still have it, still shoots great.
  19. I used to play with them, but now that we get about 15-20 of these robo calls a day, I don't answer the phone any more. If you want me, leave a message. The caller ID on my phone was made by one of those Indians I think, I can't understand a thing she says. Turn off the ringer and check the phone now and again.
  20. At least pull the hose and look in there. It may be like the old Ford flat head water pumps---that have one bolt that is inside.
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