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  1. I've bought a couple without runnin it by Ellie. Some she bought for me for Xmas,birthday etc. after I mentioned wanting one. Since a long discussion to get the first one, dozens have been lost in canoeing mishaps. We've never done his/her monies per se.
  2. You're right, I probably should. I never have much luck with those sorta things! Since they work on my muzzleloaderloader, I had figured I'd just use em up and save myself the aggravation! Just bought some non-magnum ones and they aren't much better! Maybe their plant got tilted in a storm!
  3. No sympathy whatsoever for driver of the truck. Happy the Officer was okay. Maybe someday these idiots will realize that stop means stop or you may die. They're decision.
  4. I love if I add lettuce, tomato etc to a burger there is an extra charge, but if it comes with them and you don't want it, there is no deduction! Like Cole slaw for instance.
  5. It never ceases to amaze me how these clowns can continue to propose unconditional(unconstitutional ) bills and never be held to account when they swore to uphold the constitution.
  6. My GMC won't let me lock the door if a fob is in the vehicle or it is running. Used to leave the AC on when on a quick run into the store with the Rottweiler in the truck! Spose ya don't really need to lock it with a Rottweiler in the truck.
  7. An issue I have had recently with CCI # 11s is that the compound wasn't poured level in the cap making them stick out too far, like a high primer! They do work on my muzzleloader. Haven't found the standards until last week when I scored 600 at Wally World for $5.62 per tin. They are poured poorly too, but maybe with less compound, they won't be an issue. Haven't tried em yet. Sure miss the Rems. I have TOW nipples on my 1860s and the like Rem 10 or 11s. TOW says they are for CCI 11s.
  8. IIRC, in one of Long Hunter's videos, he flipped the pistol up with his weak hand thumb, under the hammer, while grabbing the grip with the strong hand .
  9. But ya can't discriminate against his bravery & courage.
  10. This sounds like an excellent idea. A fridge on it's warmest setting would still be cooler and dryer than the surrounding atmosphere. Also, wouldn't be like a bomb as if in ammo cans.
  11. Is it possible the hammer spring screw had loosened. Happened to Ellie's once. About every 4th or 5th shot. Finally noticed that when the hammer was forward, it wasn't quite all the way there. Tightened the screw a bit and no issues since. Just a thought from my extremely limited experience with 97s.
  12. Some folks just don't understand the importance of proper lighting.
  13. Yeh, I sure didn't mean to do it!! They also survived the winters that got as cold as -30F for a week or so every year. Would it be worth getting a small shed, insulated, and AC just to keep the temp down some?
  14. Only experience I've had was to store 10K of primers and a few pounds of powder in ammo cans when I moved. Somehow they ended up in the attic of my garage that easily got over 110F. Discovered them 6 years later when I got back to shooting after building the house. All rounds performed flawlessly with zero FTF. Just my personal experience, not scientific! I would agree, the cooler the better. Everything gets stored now in an old non working refrigerator in my basement in the corner of the foundation.
  15. That sounds really nasty. Don't blame ya for wantin to shoot the bastard! Gawd Blackwater, I had to look up that sucker. They can grow to 6 inches, holy crap!! Musta been like gettin hit in the teeth by a puck! Glad we don't have them!
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