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  1. My first microwave lasted over 30 years and was still working when we sold the house. We're now on our third in 18 years! Range (gas) lasted 15 with numerous repairs along the way. Some friends still have beer refers in the garage from the 50s!
  2. I know 2, although one isn't shooting these days.
  3. Kawasaki had separate tanks as well.
  4. Wow Tell, that's most generous of you. Way to go Cowboy!
  5. PM the Pard that bought it. He may be slicking it up for resale.
  6. Ot, but we met a group of 4H kids and ladies at the gun show in the spring. They spoke excitedly about their new Western heritage shooting. We talked for quite a while! Good Luck with your new adventure.
  7. Something I found quick... "He was released in March 2022 because of his appeal. Special prosecutor Dan K. Webb told the Times that Smollett won't required to go back to jail right away. However, Webb noted that Smollett won't have any more appeal options if the Illinois Supreme Court declines to take up the case.Dec 1, 2023" So basically he's off the hook, what a shock.
  8. Pretty much all the anti 2A politicians have armed security. Ya don't see them giving up their rights do ya.
  9. I had that issue occasionally with shot from Shooting fox, cured it by using a baffle. The metal one, not the red plastic one. Only issue is the baffle loosens up now and then which will also cause that same issue. I now put a piece of tape around the connection.
  10. Be sure the cylinder base pin is in all the way and the little plunger on the end is free.
  11. And it wouldn't fit their agenda if they solved the actual cause.
  12. Check before you sit for cryin out loud!
  13. I'm still in the "how did a live round get in the gun?" mind set. Never seen Hollywood blanks, but wouldn't they be obvious compared to a live round?
  14. Well it's certainly not the scums fault these things happen, it's the inanimate tool.
  15. I try to always use my own reusable bags. Plastic bags are illegal now here, so the only option is paper and a bag of chips just fits and usually exceeds the bags weight capacity. The store also charged a dime for the bag! I watch em rip and empty the goods as the baggers are putting them in folks carts. I suck at bagging as it's hard for me to lift my right arm high enough. Therefore I pick a line with a bagger and take my chance that it's not one of the challenged ones.
  16. I mean no offense here, but our local grocery now hires handicap folks to do the bagging. One young lady put my eggs in the bottom of the insulated bag and then more or less dropped the gallon of milk & half gallon of OJ on top next and then the 8" drop into the shopping cart. I politely asked the register lady if I could check them and have someone other than me run to the far other corner of the store to replace the likely broken eggs! They did! 2 eggs survived the assault!
  17. Had a new carb put on my 30 plus year old Echo, IIRC, it cost me less than 50 bucks including labor. I use the saw blade on mine more than the string. Replaced the string head years back with the Shindawa I think one. Makes reloads easy peasy.
  18. To bad some scum hijacked his account. We spoke with Bill and it's all set now.
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