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  1. Saw that for real in PA once, except it was a deer and they paved over it.
  2. I've been using Lead Ringers. .45 200grn. RNFP and .38 125TC. They aren't hard cast so I get no leading in the barrel compared to hard cast. Well packaged when shipped, he double boxes them. No more picking up bullets off the PO floor! I've been happy with Missouri Bullets as well. http://ringersbullets.com
  3. It takes a special sort of SCUM to mistreat our furry friends.
  4. Read recently on another post a Pard making them out of pant legs.
  5. https://www.sassnet.com/mercantile/product879.html
  6. Eyesa Horg


    I am standing on what appears to be rubber matting.
  7. Eyesa Horg


    Thanks SD, I've seen some video's and had some training on ESD in the past. My concern was with not bonding to other grounds. I do have less static in the powder measures with the ground attached, but have not bothered to use a wrist strap. I've witnessed the black holes blown in a circuit board due to not wearing a wrist strap. I don't have any need to touch power stuff while reloading, just always thought everything should be at the same potential. I ran a #6 stranded THHN wire to a 10' ground rod outside the foundation from my room in the basement.
  8. From my initial experience; I would (no pun on the guy above!) try to keep both the same model. I started with one vaquero style grip and one bisley style and found it hard to get used to as they both hold/aim differently. I'm running Ruger New Model Vaquero's now. Both in .45 as I like the big hole. The wife likes the .38's. We kept rifle and pistol calibers the same just for ease of operation and no chance of a screw up at the loading table. Have fun!
  9. Welcome to the best game and folks goin Gray drifter. Thank you for your service. 1. Get out to a match or few. Have fun! 2. Try out some guns and gear, Pards usually want to loan you some. Have fun! 3. Did I mention, Have fun! And--start thinkin' about reloading, if you don't already. Come for the shootin', stay for the people. It's a wonderful family game. Have fun!
  10. Prayers up for quick healing. If the Hic-Cups continue, ask your Doc. for a script for Bacloffen (sp). It works great. I learned it isn't good to have hic-cups for longer than 48 hours. After my chemo treatments I would get them for up to 40 hrs. and the Bacloffen helped a bunch. The steroids they give you is what causes it.
  11. Eyesa Horg


    I believe I have read posts here recommending grounding your reloading presses. It was stated that this should be to an isolated ground rod, not the house/power ground. I did this to my equipment quite some time ago. I was just reading an older article by Abilene ( David Harper ) that said you should ground to the power ground -third hole in an outlet. My background has always said that all grounds should be bonded together to eliminate different potentials. What say some of you electronic/electrically knowledgeable Pards? Bond or Not to Bond? That is the question.
  12. I won't name 'em cuz I know I'll miss at least one! I've had the Cowboy style dealings with every Cowboy/Girl I've traded with. Thanks Pards.
  13. Huge price difference between Missouri ( $44 for 200 ) & Montana ( $30 for 50 )
  14. I did find a couple on an Google search. Pretty neat! Go to the pictures and scroll down.
  15. Thank you so much OLG. I called and now I'm good to go! It's all in who 'ya know I guess. You're always such a helpful Pard. Much Obliged, EH
  16. Can the saddle ones still be purchased somewhere? Or was that a custom item, it's way cool!
  17. Now hoping to hear back from Shiloh ! I tried to register and tells me my user name and password and e-mail are already in use! I sent a note to the administrator, we'll see what happens.
  18. For you folks using Mobil 1 oil, what viscosity are you using?
  19. SD, Are you building the feeder or have you found a source for one? I like my SDB as well. I bought an extra primer assembly off Fleebay so its real quick to change from lg. to sm. & vice versa now. No more having to readjust for the different size.
  20. Red Cent, Do you recall where you found a phone number? EH
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