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  1. While not getting out of your car.
  2. There should have been a no coffee warning on that one
  3. It's on the floor, he mentioned it was upsidedown.
  4. We likely all did. Ya can't ignore a plastic sword fight for crying out loud!
  5. Gawd and we still have a couple more years of they keep the unelectable Harris off the top. Doomed if she and Pelousi get up a step.
  6. Way cool, I want to go there now and play in one!!!
  7. It's really getting difficult to afford Walter.
  8. Sweeet, glad ya got it Bob, looks great. The git- fiddle too!
  9. Yep, a "Revelation" ! IIRC. A cool store in the day for a kid. I think 22s were 50 cents a box!
  10. A bit of a thump in the chest right there.
  11. And I had to clean guns after every match. With Clays, once mid season. For about half the cost. Used 2 of those basically half pound bottles when I started. Went to Clays & Clay-Dot and never looked back. Ellie's 38s could go all season without cleaning with Clays. TB, not so much. JMHO Definitely prefer Wheaties over Cheerios.
  12. That has got to be a handsome hat, they say the hat makes the man.
  13. Follow the money, even back then he had a 10K electric bill but said WE should conserve.
  14. Geez, a 100X Beaver must be a tad pricey. My 4X Resistol has done well so far with rain and sweat.
  15. Show us a pic after you go back and get it. But always negotiate!
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