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  1. You're absolutely right Trailrider
  2. I'm thinking "cold dead fingers". They won't have room to jail even one percent of us! Master Beto is exactly why we have 2A.
  3. Thanks, I'll do that! I shoot it about 20-30 rounds each week so will try it this Wednesday. Thanks again. Just started casting my own balls this week, that was pretty neat and fun. Nice and shiny too! Always bought Hornady, but lately they look like golf balls and the size varies as much as .005.
  4. They are saying around here maybe 20-25 cents a gallon.
  5. I use PAM, one third each of Peroxide, Alcohol, Murphy's oil soap. Works well, but I do get flash rust in my muzzle loader if I don't run a patch of Ballistol soon after cleaning. The sooner you clean the easier it is. With real black I don't get corrosion for a few days but the fouling is harder and and more difficult to clean. With substitutes like Pyrodex, I find cleaning immediately is paramount and still too late sometimes. Stick with the real stuff.
  6. Doc, Sending up prayers for you, your wife and mother in law. I know how you feel I think, my MIL treated me as her son as well and she is sorely missed these days. Again, Prayers up for you and your family.
  7. Ringers regular soft cast bullets work excellent as well and not special order. Remember we only shoot a few yards! I use 2.8 grains of Clays in the wifes 38's for both rifle and pistol with Ringers coated Bullets with absolutely no issues. Clays is much cheaper and you use a lot less! JMHO
  8. The ad for the kid getting his parents old station wagon is good too! I'd take that station wagon!
  9. +1 to Dead Head, The match was excellent. Ellie & I had a great time. Well done by Tyler & Des. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Thanks Dead Head for the great photography.
  10. I just finished up a batch of 5000 with no issues in Ellie's guns. I don't know what weight the springs are, but they a certainly lighter than stock. These primers were purchased back in the early 90's! The price on the boxes was $15.95! Boy, there's been some inflation on primers.
  11. I haven't read beyond this post yet, but noticed you are usiong the convenient shell pin tabs. On my SDB they frequently let the case slide back a bit and cause what you are showing. Remove the tab and all will be good. You just need to keep a good finger nail to remove the pins. A bit of a hassle compared to the tab, but much less irritating!. Good Luck
  12. I started 30 years ago with a used Dillon SDB, it still runs strong today and only needed the powder measure replaced a couple years ago. I loaded 1000 38's for the Missus this weekend with a bad shoulder and 1000 pulls of the handle. With a single stage that would have been about 4000 pulls and my arm would not have made it and I'd still be down there on the machine. Dillon will willingly help with any set-up and adjustment issues and their videos and manuals are great. I once in a blue moon get a high primer these days and knock on wood have not had any fail to fires in 30 years. I do use a single stage for 30-30 & 45/70 however. JMHO Do use and read some reloading manuals and get load data from Pards you know you can trust with experience. Happy loading.
  13. Our local paper had the gall to print an editorial to the announcement saying it "wouldn't matter as the NRA hands out guns in a "Cracker Jacks" box"
  14. Bet 'ya won't see or hear anything about that on the evening news.
  15. You're right Rancho, at a recent State shoot I lost my first clean shoot due to incorrect spotting. One spotter saw the hit right where I thought it hit on the top right corner. He saw it ricochet and hit the shotgun target behind. 2 spotters said it was a miss due to the shotgun target falling. 2 other spectators and the scorer saw the hit. The 2 spotters wouldn't give in. I couldn't see closing three stages just to walk down and see if we could see the edger. The targets were also pretty shot up by that time as well. I'll get a clean shoot yet!
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