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  1. Allie, I'm very sorry to hear this. If I can be of any help to you or Jess, let email me. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Tully
  2. Thank Grass Range! Brass arrived yesterday! Check for brass and shipping is in the mail today. Tully
  3. The vertical 170 is approached a lot when shooting stages with windows or doorways and movement in between them. If folks would just learn to step back instead of hugging the walls, movement would be so much easier. I've called it on many shooters and given many warnings as well. Often with those same prop's people break the 170 with their pistols, again because they are hugging the wall and they have to turn the pistol to accommodate their movement to the next position.
  4. Rancho Roy, I don't wish to cut into your deal. However if you are interested in splitting the 150 pieces of brass Grass Range has to offer, let me know. 50 would be great for me, but I'd go any amount that works for you. Thanks, Tully
  5. Grass Range and Rancho Roy if you would like to divide some of that 250, I'd be interested. Tully
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