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  1. In a few more years the rest of the nation will be saddled with paying off the state's pension deficit. Wonder how long it will be before their poor political choices destroy Florida.
  2. Keep in mind that if shooters are going to be moving near a temporary prop that the T-base doesn't become a trip hazard. A weighted L base with the bottom of the L down range will not trip up shooters like a T base will.
  3. I carry a sub compact this way. Use a Uncle George's wallet holster. I really like it. Drawing is easy with a little practice. Imprint looks like a wallet with no trace of it actually being a holster Also works in a front pocket.
  4. View results match scores clean report sorry hard and to do on my phone
  5. What device are you installing it on. There are slight variations in how the menus look between devices. I can help if you are putting it on Android or and Iphone this afternoon
  6. Dogs are God's Angels here on earth..
  7. Shoot Hi-Tek coated bullets in it. Cheaper than jacketed rounds and cleaner than conventionally lubed bullets. BTW Jacketed rounds will have a crimp groove to accomidate a roll crimp.
  8. Good Catch. All they can do is say no. They claim hassel free lifetime guarantee. I know other companies honor their gaurantee even if the damage was your fault. Last time I checked the can't eat you so the worst they can do is say no.
  9. Thanks for the pic and results. I have an 1858 whose hand is a hair short. Locks up fine if you cock fast but if you cock it slow it lacks about 1/2 the cap diameter being properly indexed. This method was suggested but I didn't know how to go about actually doing it.
  10. Nice rifle. Wonder where that barrel came from.
  11. Thanks for sharing the conversation for all to see. I’m sure learning a lot.
  12. For marine applications make sure it is 316 stainless and not 306. 316 is significantly more corrosion resistant.
  13. That's awesome but he is not the shooter I saw in a video posted to the wire a couple of years ago. Anybody remember the other video?
  14. Turn it around so the diamond faces the front sight. That way if you decide to use it for something other than CAS you will not have to replace the sight.
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