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  1. @Rev. Stanley Otten III Bud If you are interested I have a line on a pair of 1858 conversions with 5.5" barrels in 45 Colt. Here is a stock photo so you can see what they look like. They have a loading gate so you don't have to remove the cylinder to load and unload. If your interested I'll get actual pictures this weekend.
  2. Take a look at 700-X. Load data for all those cartridges and more.
  3. Not your typical pageant. Inside the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant, Where Lost Traditions Are Found Again Miss Navajo Nation is no ordinary pageant. There are no bathing suits or evening gowns, and physical beauty isn’t glorified. Instead the 69-year tradition focuses on Navajo culture, womanhood, and leadership. “It represents the beauty, the language, the tradition, and the matrilineal strength of the Navajo Nation,” says Phefelia Nez, Navajo Nation’s first lady. “These girls prepare for this from a very young age, and it takes the family, the community, to get them ready once they have the desire.”
  4. Consider that the L/70 variant is capable of firing 330 rpm. In a quad mount that would be 22 rounds a second. That is a lot of flak.
  5. Army, and Navy used them in WWII. The Air Force is the only branch of the US military still using them. The Navy quit using them on active ships after the Korean War. They did remain installed on the ships of the Mothball Fleet till the 70s. The Army used then up through the Vietnam war. The Air Force is still using them on the AC-130U gun ships. However, they will soon be phased out as the AC-130U is replaced by the AC-130W. Bofors 40 mm gun
  6. This photo on the Pat Riot countdown got me to wondering what kind of Locomotive that was. Turn out that is a 0-8-0 Camelback design with a Wootten Firebox. The one pictured was operated by Central Rail Road of New Jersey. While not the safest design for the Engineer or Fireman the Mother Hubbard was very popular with the bean counters as it reduced coal costs considerably. Wootten Firebox
  7. Haven't used it but reading on line it is primarily for magmum shotgun and hotter pistol loads. Burn rate chart puts it right next to Blue Dot. Was developed for sub gage shotgun loading specifically the 28 gage. Hodgdon lists data for it in a lot of different hand gun calibers but the starting load velocities are all around 1000 fps. All the 12 ga load data is for 1 1/4 oz or 1 3/8 oz loads. Supposed to be rather clean burning as long as you are not hovering near minimum loads.
  8. Buckshot bear, Keep in mind that a stock that is too long for the shooter will cause more problems than the over all weight of a long gun. if you cut the stock down do so with e thin kerf blade and save the piece you remove. As they grow you can lengthen the stock with a recoil pad until they are grown enough to reattach the rest of the buttstock. Hide the cut marks with a leather butt cover.
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