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  1. I'm just thankful that eye bleach wasn't required.
  2. If you have the ability to reload them there is nothing wrong with 44 Special. As most modern 44-40 firearms are the same bore diameter as 44 special/magnum they will work and are not that hard to come by.Bullets for 44. If you choose a rifle in 44 Special/Mag you are going to have to carefully inspect your brass to make sure that you don't get 45 colt and 44-40 mixed in with it. Those that shoot 44-40 have this issue with 45 colt brass.
  3. Took the title from the facebook video and pasted it into google. Struck out. Then I put it in quotes and struck gold. "Does anyone know what this beautiful giant piece of meat is"
  4. When you crimp brass hulls the stack height matters. Using an adhesive the stack height doesn't matter.
  5. You don't crimp brass hulls. Over shot cards are almost always held in place with some form of adhesive. Yes there are numerous ways to load both paper and brass hulls. Find what works for you.
  6. A better question would be what kind of meat is not in it. Used to buy Shawarmas from a vendor in Chania Crete that included at least 3 different meats. Although they were usually layers of Lamb, Chicken and Pork, they also could include Beef and Turkey. All depended on what was available at the local meat market.
  7. You need one of these cards. My Open Roads I have the app on my phone and am waiting on the card. In my area the best discount I found today is 72 cents per gallon. P.S. Read all the instructions. You HAVE TO use the truck pumps not the auto diesel pumps.
  8. @J-BAR #18287 I believe has a video of installing a cap post.
  9. First time I ever saw a road sign telling you how far it was to places behind you.
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