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  1. Too bad someone doesn't red flag all their armed security.
  2. The poll is still active. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/poll-do-you-think-people-should-be-allowed-carry-guns-public#discussions 835K votes and it is now 93% in favor of carrying firearms in public. 4 % say no too dangerous 3% say only for self defense
  3. UB, You should know better than to apply logic to a government agency.
  4. Here is the 38-55 ballistics data for a 255 grain soft point. As you can see at 400 yards the drop is 161 inches and change. I ran the numbers for a .375 Winchester shooting a 200 grain Winchester Power-Point at 2199 fps and it drops 78 inches and change at 400 yards. Range Drop (inches) Velocity Energy Wind drift (inches) Time (milliseconds) A A A A A 0 -1.4796 1320 986 0.0000 1 50 2.0460 1251 886 0.0000 118 100 0.0143 1189 800 0.0000 241 150 -8.1615 1136 731 0.0000 370 200 -23.0709 1090 673 0.0000 505 250 -45.2883 1051 625 0.0000 645 300 -75.3649 1018 587 0.0000 790 350 -113.8282 988 553 0.0000 939 400 -161.1849 962 524 0.0000 1093 450 -217.9253 938 498 0.0000 1251 500 -284.5285 916 475 0.0000 1413
  5. Please forward my thanks to him and his family for defending our country. Also tell him that an old retired Sailor says to stay in till at least 20 years. The retiree medical alone is worth it. Because of my retiree medical and a small monthly check from the Navy, I am looking at the very real possibility of retiring when I am 60 and a half and will definitely retire at age 62. Without my military retiree benefits, I would likely be working till I was at least 68. I have only done three truly smart things in my life. 1. Join the Military 2. Stay to retirement (20 Years) 3. Ask the love of my life to marry me. This fall will be our 32nd anniversary.
  6. Pump protection circuit installed should be less than $500.00. Depending on your skill level you can do it yourself for $200 to $300.
  7. Unfortunately some of them already think this is an excellent idea.
  8. 30 grains by volume is not a full case for a 38-55. Should be around 45-50 grains. Did you make a typo or are you using a filler? Are you using 2F or 3F?
  9. Those that fail to learn history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Sadly our education no longer teaches history and critical thinking; instead they focus on indoctrination and brain washing.
  10. Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Might be a little harder to use for some things than a skillet but it is a lot more versatile.
  11. One might call it cultural assassination.
  12. Try VTI, Numrich and S&S firearms. One thing you should check is if it is an Armi San Marco or an Armi San Palo. A lot of the EMF imports were actually manufactured by ASP and not ASM.
  13. The real reason Pat Riot had to move back to California. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you The Silver Cowboy AKA PatRiot.
  14. Bet you are glad your ribs are healed up aren't you.
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