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  1. I've done that a few times. Once had a shooter throw a fit because I was doing it. Made me want to do it more often. Most times I wait till the 2nd or third stage to do it. Really wakes up the peanut gallery when your shotgun goes bang, BOOM
  2. Could be the cartridge stop is not working properly. Remove the LH cartridge and clean the cartridge stop and the area in the receiver well. make sure the spring is in good shape. Be sure the spring is installed correctly during reassembly
  3. http://handgunsgr.blogspot.com/2010/11/swedish-bikini-team-shooting-training.html
  4. When I shoot smokeless loads I shoot these. Will knock down any shotgun target I have come across around here. They do have a little more felt recoil that the AA LNLR but just barely. Unfortunately they are out of stock everywhere right now. Federal Top Gun Extra Lite Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 7/8 oz #8 Shot Box of 25 Last ones I bought were from Rogers Sporting Goods. Note: Federal has changed the construction of their Top Gun line. They now have brass washed steel heads vice the plain steel heads I have always bought. I haven't shot any of these with the
  5. Most comfortable car I ever drove was a Chrystler 300. Excellent seats with the most adjustment I have ever found. Could put the seat all the way back and my toes couldn't reach the firewall (I'm 6 foot tall) yet the telescopic steering wheel came back far enough to drive comfortably. Drove from China Lake CA to Southaven MS in just a little over 2 days with zero road fatigue.
  6. If at all possible rent the model you are thinking about buying for a week and then drive it. Way back in my Navy days, my position required a lot of travel so I rented and drove a lot of cars. A select few I really liked, most I was indifferent to and some I hated.
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