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  1. Problem is those are not tall enough for an RV.
  2. Internet lore has it that Alliant and Hodgdon got into a bit of a tif when Clay Dot came out as Hodgdon thought it sounded too much like Clays and therefore a copyright infringement. Part of the settlement was that Clay Dot would not be marketed as a cartridge powder.
  3. I use 60 grains ( 4 cc ) of FFg under 1 oz of shot for big matches as I love the BOOM. For monthly matches I use 35 grains by weight of 3F APP under 7/8 ounce of shot. As for Duplex loads, They are not legal for SASS. SHB pg 26
  4. Judge Issues Injunction Blocking Three Parts of Maryland’s Unconstitutional Carry Restrictions from Going into Effect
  5. That works out to about 36.5 grains by weight of APP. That would make a great 1 oz 12 ga load.
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