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  1. If you do some research you'll find that they have very little Native American DNA with which to make any comparisons. The same is true of most other indigenous ethnic groups that Europeans colonized. Central and South America are also poorly sampled. About all they have semi-good samples of is Europe. They lack significant details about different ethnic groups in Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well.
  2. Can of compressed air like what you would use to clean a PC keyboard. Get one that also has the extension tube for reaching into tight areas. After scrubbing all around the nipples with an old tooth brush and moose milk. Blow out any remaining debris with the canned air by inserting the extension tip into the nipple. Allow the cylinder to finish drying with the nipples up. And if you haven't removed the nipples and applied a generous coating of anti-seize do it NOW before the nipple corrode into place. Also don't over torque them. If you don't already have one get yourself a nipple pick. I like this style. You can make your own it you have access to steel piano wire or steel guitar strings.
  3. These recently declassified nuclear test videos are mesmerizing
  4. Rope Trick Effect First few miliseconds after detonation.
  5. Stupid can be cured. However, the cure is almost always fatal.
  6. When I was stationed in Spain, Johnny Rodriguez was at the EM club one weekend. In front of the stage was a dance floor. About 1/2 way through the first song he stopped and wanted to know why no one was dancing. So a bunch of us obliged him. When a few people objected he stopped again and informed them he was here to have a good time and to him that meant having his audience dancing drinking and getting a little rowdy. By the end of the weekend we ensured he had just as much fun as the rest of us.
  7. Montado and SHB have the same profile. Difference is in the checkering on the hammer spur. AFAIK you cannot buy new Montada hammers. They are only available on the SASS Rugers.
  8. Its not really a DIY project. How to blue stainless steel for beginners – easy & affordable
  9. "Hello, I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and welcome to Sheldon Cooper presents 'Fun with Flags'. Over the course of this video, you and I are going to explore the dynamic World of vexillology..." [ Hang on Dr. C. - What's vexillology? ] "Vexillology is the study of flags." [ Cool. I think I just learned something. ] "Did you have fun doing it?" [ I'd say! ]
  10. Available from Amazon Also available at Reaper Patches
  11. Very cute till she chucked that pistol over her shoulder.
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