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  1. I believe it means that he covered the windows with multiple layers
  2. Birdgun, Thanks for the Chicken and Dumplings recipe. It was lip smacking good.
  3. Going to have to try that Sunday
  4. German amateur astronomer Bernhard Christ was in the right place at the right time -- due to very careful planning and foresight -- and captured this astonishing scene: ISS transits the Moon!
  5. Been very happy with Practiscore.
  6. After you chamber a live round can you extract it before firing it? Are you sure they are not reloads? Back in the 70s when I was first reloading we reused factory boxes. Marked them with masking tape and a pen as to what was in the box.
  7. The above sounds good until you reach the time between the start of the broadside skid and landing in the grave. It is obvious to the rest of us that when Mr. Thompson said the above the broadside skid was NOT in full motion.
  8. After the wife's last back surgery I bought a set of fully adjustable bases off of craigslist. Together they make a king size bed. We know what we like for mattress firmness so each of us got the firmness we like. Have less than 2k in the whole works. Wife adjusts her bed a couple times a night depending on her sleeping position. Mine has the head elevated slightly and that is where it stays 99% of the time. Why pay for more than you need. When I researched the sleep number system what I found out is 95% of those that have them seldom if ever change the setting once they pick a firmness. YMMV
  9. You assume that you have a functioning ILS system.
  10. From the look of your cat's face I don't think he liked being called a democrat.
  11. Does it only do this only with cartridges loaded or does it also do it when the pistol is unloaded?
  12. https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Lee_Marvin
  13. ^^^^THIS^^^^ Take Deuce up on his offer
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