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  1. Pictures were taken from a basket suspended by the tower crane.
  2. Yes. Only issue you might have is getting the crimp die adjusted down far enough to properly crimp the case.
  3. The very first firearm John Wayne ever carried on screen was a Colt M1911. He played an uncredited American Officer in Four Sons. (1928) His first credited movie where he carried firearms was The Big Trail. (1930) Used an Enfield Pattern 1853 and an 1858 Remington New Army. He didn't carry a SAA until The Range Feud. (1931)
  4. When I enlisted in the early 80s your total contractual commitment was 6 years. It could be a mix of Active, Reserve, and Inactive reserve but added up it had to equal 6 years. By the time I retired the total time had increased to 8 years. Lots of junior enlisted that were on IRR got called up for duty in the sand box. The Army called it Stop-Loss. Lots of people that were recalled were rather unhappy because they failed to understand their initial enlistment contract. The hollyweird lefties even made a movie about it. When I had my 20 years of active duty in the Navy I really didn't retire, I transferred to the Fleet Reserve. After I had a total of 30 years (20 years of active duty plus 10 years inactive reserve) I was officially retired from the Navy. I was sent a registered letter from BuPers informing me I was officially retired from the Navy. While a member of the Fleet Reserve I was subject to recall to active duty if the President so ordered. the only people I know of that have been recalled back to active duty were all part of the medical corps and that was because of activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. To answer the OP's question I still hold the last Rate/Rank I had when I left Active Duty. AT1 (AW) David Hunter USN Retired.
  5. If the rack is too long cut it in half. You can also add a second oven rack above the first for an additional slab of ribs. Every 2 hours swap the top and bottom slabs so that they both get done at about the same time. How to tell when they are done. Use your tongs and pick up the slab from one end. Allow the other end to sag. If the meat cracks they are done. Because you are cooking the ribs low and slow, once they crack using the bend test, you have at least 30 minutes to cook the rest of the meal without worrying about over cooking the ribs. The only down side to oven ribs is that you cannot smoke them. Other than that they come out really nice. If you like your ribs wet, once they are done fire up the broiler. Brush on your favorite sauce and then caramelize it under the broiler. Be sure to keep an eye on them so you don't burn the sauce.
  6. @Calamity Kris Prep your ribs just like you would for the smoker including a good dry rub on the meat side. Turn on the broiler part of your oven and set to high. Leave the door slightly ajar so the broiler doesn't shut off. Place your ribs bone side up under the broiler and leaving the door ajar keep an eye on them. You want to cook them till they are lightly brown. The excess fat will liquefy and when you flip them over it will drain off. The bone marrow will ooze out of the cut ends of the ribs. This is normal. Once the bone side is browned, turn off the broiler and set the oven temp to 225 degrees. Turn off the convection function of your oven. Place the ribs meat side up on the middle rack of your oven. Put a pan with a 1/2 inch or so of water beneath the ribs. Depending on how meaty they are cooking time will be between 5 and 6 hours. \ Never had a complaint when cooked this way and I have used this technique for several years.
  7. AT1 Richard Herzing Gave his all along with 6 crew members the night of January 25th 1987 when Ranger 12 crashed attempting to land on the USS Nimitz.
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