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  1. If you have changed any springs or done any other modes to your pistols and ruger has you send them in be aware that any and all modifications will be removed and the pistols returned to factory stock. You may or may not get those parts back.
  2. In other news two Mesquite TX police officers fired 19 rounds at a student holed up in a room with a gun. Apparently all 19 rounds missed and the student was only hit by shrapnel. The student never fired a shot. To quote the department spokesperson "Mesquite officers use deadly force to stop a threat of death or serious bodily harm, and do not fire warning shots or shoot to injure or disarm." Police Fired 19 Rounds at Armed Texas Student Inside School Mesquite Police confirm officers fired 19 shots at 16-year-old armed student Can't wait to see the body camera video.
  3. For those of us that didn't... What is going on???
  4. From the internet The data stream that comes off the disk includes error correction data that allows some bits to be lost during the reading process due to optical defects of the disk (e.g. scratches), and still be correctly reconstructed by the bits that were read successfully. To the extent that cleaning may cause new fine scratches in the surface of the disk, then cleaning in a circular motion, as opposed to radially across the disk, increases the likelihood that a scratch will impair the readability of a relatively long stretch of data on the disc, which is read in a spiral fashion like the grooves of an old vinyl record. If enough of a contiguous length of the track is unreadable, even the error correction mechanisms won’t be able to keep up with the volume of lost information. With a radial scratch, in contrast, the data damaged on a given track will be short in duration, which improves the probability that the undamaged data that precedes and follows the damaged portion will contain enough error correction data for the damaged section to be repaired, and therefore unnoticeable during playback.
  5. For 45 ACP TightGroup and WST are excellent ball powders.
  6. Cancel the order and save your money. They are a gimmick. Nothing more.
  7. A 38 special Marlin would be the easiest action to make work.. You would have to do the Widder mod to the carrier so that it would feed the short cases. As for the barrel, the easiest is to have it rebored. Trick will be finding someone that has the tools to do that caliber. Would be an awfully expensive white elephant.
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