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  1. Have you thought about renting a trailer from MWR at a base near you? CBC Gulf Port has a pop up for rent very reasonable. Barksdale also rents them
  2. How do I get rid of the extremely annoying announcements, number of replies, popular photos, metrics side bar. Eats up half of my screen. Only shows up on posts I have commented on.
  3. Maybe because it couldn't get out of its own way.
  4. Let me preface this with saying that for several years the wife and I used to spend 2 weeks camped in south central South Dakota in the summer with about 30 other people in a large pasture. After the first year we threw everything we had for camping away and bought new gear. Learned really fast what worked and what didn't. Waking up cold and wet with your tent on top of you sucks. My second tent cost me around $300 in the late 80s. Took a lot to scrape up the money on Navy pay but it was worth every penny. Throw away the pegs that come with any tent. Replace them with foot long na
  5. IIRC Until the EU mucked it up in the last couple of years Ireland had the one of the lowest tax rates in all of Europe. Lots of multinational businesses headquartered there.
  6. The methamphetamines used by some allied pilots and heavily used by the Germans during WWII were different than what is now known as crystal meth. Besides being of a much lower potency they were pharmaceutical grade drugs with few impurities. Where as crystal meth is the most potent form of the drug. It is similar to the difference between cocaine in prescription pain pills vs crack cocaine. As pointed out above, the ingredients used by back yard tweakers to make crystal meth are very toxic and result in the final product being contaminated with some very nasty stuff.
  7. On mine the category is abbreviated Frontier Cartridge is shown as (FC)
  8. Texas - Gunslinger Sass 10706, aka Bob Sanders, Gunslinger Sporting Goods, 3903 Ovilla Rd, Red Oak, TX 75154, (972) 617-6511, gun1@chilitech.com
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