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  1. We h;ad a great time with Kid Flash yesterday at Cleveland, TN. Was a treat watching him shoot and he's fearless with his .38 handguns. But the boy is such a chatterbox, it's hard to get a word in edgewise. Was good to see you all yesterday
  2. What Phantom said. If you can count for a quick rifle shooter, you can count for a quick gunfighter.
  3. This is so sad. Dave was a super nice guy. Our sincere condolences to Cindy. Jackalope & Anita Margarita
  4. Have you seen Tombstone's sheath? You might get a text in a minute...
  5. It would be a treat to watch you go for it, Kid! As I recall, you are fairly generous with your black powder loads...
  6. I hesitate to even guess what Tombstone might do with a steamer, especially a borrowed one!
  7. Loan it to Tombstone? You probably wouldn't want it back.
  8. Waimea, Would you mind if I plagiarize your idea? (After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.) I know where there are two fully clothed bodies willing to serve this purpose.
  9. I'm in. Stage an empty one or knock the empties out and reload, either way, I'll try it.
  10. That's nice of you to say, Tombstone. I appreciate it. One of my favorite gunfights started like this... An old man offered the stage driver some peanuts. He's happy to take some and, while eating a handful, he asked the old fella why he isn't having any. The old man said he doesn't have any teeth and can't eat peanuts. The driver asked, "Why buy them at all?" The old man replied, "I just love the chocolate they're covered in." That's what started the gunfight.
  11. For the last few years, I've tried to include a quick story explaining the reason that the gunfight started. Two cowboys found an injured skunk on the trail and decided to take it to the vet. Sam told Bob, “Just put the skunk under your jacket to keep it warm.” Bob asked, “What about the smell?” Sam told him the skunk would just have to get used to it. That’s what started the gunfight. Indicate ready by saying, "He'll get used to it." At the buzzer...
  12. Done! Say "howdy" to the folks at Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town for us!
  13. Who are you and what have you done with the Doc Shapiro I used to know? Only kidding. As a matter of fact, the Oak Ridge Outlaws can look forward to something very much like this in January.
  14. Well, I know of one club where you will not have a problem. Jackalope
  15. A similar option is to fill the cavity with JB Weld. Use a tiny bit of grease as a release agent and seat the punch on whatever bullet shape you're trying to duplicate. After the JB cures, just pull the bullet off the punch, and scrape away any excess JB. Presto! Jackalope
  16. Pretty sure Jackalope will be there. Hopefully, Anita Margarita will be able to shoot by then.
  17. Allie, I found this a few days ago...you may recall it from the 2006 California State Championship, Shootout at Durham Ferry. The train depot stage consisted of a caboose on the left end (windows 1-2-3), a passenger car in the middle (windows 4-5-6-7-8) and an engine on the right end (position 9 with 2 windows). Instructions: Rifle and shotgun staged at position 9, handguns holstered, you are standing near position 1 with a satchel. On signal, take satchel to position 1 and put it on crate. First pistol, double-tap P1 through window 1, single-tap P2 through window 2, double-tap P3 through window 3. Second pistol, engage P4 once through each window as you are moving left to right. Move to position 9. Rifle, alternate between R1 and R2 starting with R1 and alternate between windows starting with left window. Secure rifle. Shotgun, knock down S1-S2 through left window. Knock down S3-S4 through right window. NOTE: THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR HITTING PROPS. NO PENALTY FOR MOVING WITH COCKED PISTOL AT THESE FIRING POSITIONS. Somehow, we managed not to hurt anyone...
  18. how to change alias on profile

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