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  1. Sorry to miss your event, but we had an opportunity to visit our grandkids. Not sure we'll ever be semi-normal after that!
  2. You definitely deserved this recognition! I wish we would have been there for the presentation. Best regards, Jackalope
  3. My apologies. I did not know that agnostics had anything to do with prayer nor to what deity their prayers might be directed.
  4. Congrats to our new Jedi Gunfighters! We've been trying to make the presentation to Mister Badly for a while. Glad it finally worked out!
  5. So because your hulls get scorched and because you can find plenty of hulls left by trap shooters, that somehow results in somebody else only getting one safe BP reload from their hulls? Let's try to separate opinion from fact. Please don't BS someone who's trying to learn.
  6. A. Margarita has my back on Cinco de Mayo. And, yes, dark side is twice as cool...maybe even cooler.
  7. Happy Star Wars Day! May the force be with you. Jackalope
  8. Once upon a time (back when targets were not real big and not real close), my bride and I found ourselves on a posse with a young couple, both very new to the shooting game. This was a monthly match in northern California at a well established club and, IIRC, there were five or six posses. After the safety briefing, this particular match was announced as a "no-miss match". If you missed something, you were expected to keep reloading whatever gun you were shooting until you completed a clean string. Three pistol misses = three pistol reloads, etc., not optional. There were several memorable moments from that match. For one thing, it took forever. Two, it was a spotter's nightmare. Oh yeah, the young lady had a bunch of misses, reloaded to have a bunch more misses, spent much of the day in tears and we never did see the two of them at another match. So...that was a bad idea. As far as an option to make up a rifle/pistol miss? Are you relying on one spotter to tell you about it? Or do you need two of three to agree? Or just the timer operator. Or... Not a fan of the idea.
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