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  1. The brass doesn't hit Loose Cinch in the face, but then, he's about 6' 5". Too Tall on the other side is...well, he's not quite 6' 5". I can't carry enough shotgun shells to hip shoot a stage. Maybe I need an extra belt full.
  2. For almost four years, the stages I've written for our club have had a story or some reason to start a gunfight. I like to keep them short and try to include a little humor. Like this: Yesterday, my wife asked me, “Is it just me or is the cat getting fatter?” Apparently, “No, it’s just you” wasn’t the right answer. That’s what started the gunfight. Indicate ready by saying, "It's just you."
  3. The club Ringer refers to does this pretty often. He's right, the painters are usually done before the knockdown targets are reset. About the only issue is that sometimes the targets are still a little sticky when it's time to pick them up at the end of the match. Works well for us.
  4. Hey, Ringer! Thanks for starting this thread! The responses have been super interesting. Some of them provide a pretty clear insight to the character and attitude of our fellow cowboy shooters. Regards, Jackalope
  5. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, one of the few gunfighters at our club out west finished his stage when he drew both handguns, blazed away for ten shots, then with all the flash and flourish you would expect from a B Western movie hero, he twirled both guns on his trigger fingers right into leather. It took him a second or two to realize he had completely destroyed the 170 rule and swept everybody behind him. He took his penalty with grace and admitted that spinning his guns into leather was part of his practice routine. Oops.
  6. I'm just a little bit curious about these "friends". Only kidding, I know Joe Darter would approve of this message. Jackalope
  7. A note regarding 45-70 brass... The dimensions for the 45-70 rim are slightly thicker than the 45-60 specifications. This may or may not be an issue for all imported 1876 rifles or even for all brands of brass. The head space on mine was too tight to close the bolt on trimmed Starline brand 45-70 brass. Was a simple fix to take the bolt to a machinist to remove a couple thousandths from the bolt face. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Originally, the cartridge was loaded with a 300 grain bullet. The rifling may not stabilize a bullet much heavier than that. I cast one from an RCBS mold that drops at 327 grains. It works OK in my 1876. I've never tried smokeless powder in my .45-60 so I can't give any first hand info. Good luck and enjoy!
  9. Howdy Kajun, Just to be clear...King of Kaboom, Sultan of Smoke and Champeen of the Hillbilly Nation are not stand-alone categories. They are more or less imbedded in normal SASS categories. Here are the details from the T Rex Society web page. (http://www.hootenoldtown.com/trex.htm) Enter your normal category Nominate someone to head up the T-Rex match Mark your score sheet with KoK, SoS, or CHN Let the T-Rex head honcho know your are competing Shoot your match using the approved loads and rules. At the end of the match, the T-Rex head honcho checks the scores or may have to help compute them. Each sub-category is separate. Total time wins
  10. The ladies' man on the right is none other than the infamous El Suave!
  11. I'm curious to learn what Pale Wolf thinks about this part. Writers could get pretty "creative" if allowed to waive various SASS rules in their stage instructions. Maybe allowing a "shooting box" where the shooter is allowed to move with a cocked revolver, etc. Just wondering...
  12. What's your trick to clean lube from the 44-40 Lee fcd? FWIW, I've been using an RCBS lubrisizer since 1977. Never tried to pan lube.
  13. Jackalope

    Staging Targets

    If ya stuff a little more FFg powder and shot in your loads and manage to whack that knockdown good and square, that spotter might find himself sitting directly on his @$$ when the rope gets a good "tug" out from under him. Sound like something Tyrel might try....
  14. Jackalope


    Is there another kind? Just funnin' with ya.
  15. If you meant "hugs", I suppose the penalty could range from a no-call up to and including the death penalty for you or someone you care about. But, I'm not a doctor or a politician... Edit: Thanks for the ha ha...but this post was not intended as a joke.
  16. There is plenty of agenda-driven propaganda right here on the SASS Wire.
  17. Agree! Ya don't need any!
  18. You are making my life difficult right now.
  19. Happy birthday, hope you have a great year! We miss you!
  20. Dunno. All things considered...it sounds kinda creepy to me either way.
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