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  1. SPAM S squirrels P opossums A and M mice
  2. I use 1cc of 3f app with a 105 grn bullet. No fillers, no problems
  3. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbearingarms.com%2Ftomknighton%2F2022%2F07%2F25%2Fassault-weapon-ban-4-n60742&h=AT1aQPi5s6WLzPL6zo1q46XZRcKFw84-HrYJX9hWVe9kLmqoFz-h_RVHuvfhCyzSz2xQzsPszkG3MttTNvPOm0IaBc4zidLMvtJ0C8l7rXasJPuo-1y06PtTFTtTYXmiXQdR1n-OVHTgtjz9NfrrvA
  4. We always stayed in Edmond. On hwy 66 just across the freeway are quite a few.
  5. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.com%2Fnews%2Fworld-us-canada-61835918&h=AT2hVaObQqCnOAvRPXM-S3a2-bvBlueGTfXZGcoRMhTfm9-0_9ixZezzz_cLz0eZQvA6SJ1-f_V3qGHN27gDvyWvPRNnhCE7sjDCyE73cW6WlhmLk3k8uL7R3sgbw1upMw
  6. Have to remember that our law makers number one priority is getting reelected. Once that happens, they could care less about the beliefs of those that voted for them, until the next election.
  7. After the horrific shooting in Texas, our benevolent government overlords feel the time is right for further ( need I say draconian) restrictions on our firearm rights. I would highly recommend watching your elected representatives.
  8. Keep in mind there are different means to carry a firearm in Arkansas besides the restrictive chcl statutes. Those chcl statutes only apply to those who have a chcl and in no way effects or applies to those who carry without a chcl. Once you understand this Arkansas weapons laws start to become easier to understand. All the confusion and complexity come from within the chcl rules, with the exception of 5-73-119 where some chcl instructors inserted their version of the municipal parks bill which not only restricted chcl holders but the enhanced also. We did make an attempt to get this Bill killed but were not successful, which if we had killed it, chcl holders would not have been restricted. The restrictive wording for chcl holders are the athletic facilities exceptions. Infringements sure get messy when trying to satisfy the anti-gun Arkansas Municipal League. So chcl holders carrying into Municipal Parks this is one statute that creates a criminal offense for y'all. For those who are non permitted the "facility" definition was removed which omitted restrictions on those without a chcl in Municipal Parks.
  9. You might be surprised at the number of shooters that have neither social media, or even email.
  10. Goose was my friend and mentor when I first started shooting. From my very first match, ever, and though the years that followed he was always there for help, be it a new or seasoned shooter. I pray for his family at this time of sorrow. RIP my friend. I would say more but it seems I can't. Must be the pollen.
  11. Just to throw a monkey wrench into the works, lol, what happens if the minimum number for category is not met, now, shooter changes to another category, but enough from waiting list get to join in, and have enough then to make the original category?
  12. My thoughts exactly. Maybe the powers that be will consider the postmark on mailed applications. Never know, stranger things have happened.
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