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  1. Yes online may at some time be a option. However, it's funny when I teach a RO course the number of people that have never even read the SHB in the first place.
  2. While a lot of ideas presented here have merit, the RO courses are already available on the main page under the " Shooter Handbooks" tab. Just a thought.
  3. Thanks, I should have mentioned that.
  4. Pinned to the top of the SASS wire page is a list of RO instructors by state with contact info for each one. Reach out to those that are in your state and tell them you need a refresher.
  5. Sounds fun. How many stages should I load up for.
  6. Teh home improvement is going great. Resend your email address and I will get you the pics that way. bruce.glover2@us.army.mil

  7. Bruce:

    How's that massive home improvement going? From Afghanistan I can't open your pictures.


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