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  1. We certainly enjoyed having both of you. Y'all come back now, ya hear!
  2. Sidekick, you beat me to it. Of course, you beating me to it is nothing new. The only difference here is there were no guns involved.
  3. Continuous improvement is the plan. Thanks for coming!
  4. The voice of experience. I certainly remember when you were the match director for Smoky Mountain Shoot-Out. It was always an awesome match. Your words are appreciated.
  5. Yeah, yeah, sure. As long as we can get you there we can always blame it on The Rainmaker. Thanks so much for coming!
  6. Imis; the man who is best prepared for rain. Who needs a raincoat when you have that hat?! Thanks for coming, Imis!
  7. Thanks for the kind words. It was awesome to see y'all again!
  8. @Tequila Shooter It was great to 'expose' you to the goin's-on of your first regional. Tell that pretty wife of yours that she needs to pretend to know me the next time she sees me. I caught mine in a bear trap. What's your story? Lol. I hope to see you next year!
  9. Yazoo, you can't imagine how great it was to see you. Come back now, ya hear?
  10. I am that "good authority." The list Branchwater posted is the correct one. Drake will email a corrected list soon. We have more than one board member (Drake being one of them) who works behind a government firewall (or some fancy security function) and sometimes communications are delayed. There is one correction, Deputy Short Stack will be only be on posse 4, not on 4 and 10. That was me, folks! Well, actually the whole mess was me. Don't shoot me!
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