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  1. Remember when we thought Y2K was forever away? We all know that time flies so I thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know that the Southeast Regional, Ambush at Cavern Cove, will be returning to its traditional time slot on the weekend that contains the first Sunday of October beginning in 2022. This will put warmup matches on Thursday September 29th with the main match being shot on Friday the 30th and Saturday October 1st. This move will allow our overall Regional champions to compete shortly thereafter at the National Championships in Oklahoma City and take place at
  2. I read the entire thread thinking "I wonder when someone will figure out he's being funny."
  3. I used this ONCE in a sonic cleaner and the fumes nearly got the better of me. The sonic cleaner rapidly evaporates the the ingredients other than the transmission fluid. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT IN A SONIC CLEANER. With that said I've tried a number of home solutions but finally broke down and bought L & R Gun Cleaning Solution and it does an outstanding job. It's expensive, but like Tootsie Roll it "lasts a long time." I did manage to pick up a trick from the Ed's Red as I used automatic transmission fluid as my lubricant. I have two sonic cleaners, one with cleaner and the other
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