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  1. The costume contest will be directed by non other than Texas Flower. Shooting Costume Contest - Friday, October 25th · Shooters will be judged while they are shooting the match. Judges will circulate to determine the best shooting costumes. · First through 3rd place awards will be presented for the Best Shooting Costume Man, Lady, Junior Boy and Junior Girl. First through third place awards will be presented during the Banquet. Best Dressed Costume Contest - Saturday, October 26th Judging will take place at the Banquet · All contestants must be SASS members in good standing. · No registration is required for the contest. · Judges will be set up in the banquet hall. · Please go to the judge’s table to show-off your costume! · A contestant will only be considered for one category. · No presentation is required, but you are welcome to tell the judges about your costume. Criteria used for judging will be: authenticity, originality, details/accessories, and knowledge of costume. First through third place awards will be presented during the banquet in each of the following Best Dressed Categories: Lady Gentleman Couple Military B-Western / Silver Screen Man B-Western / Silver Screen Lady Soiled Dove/Parlor House Madam Junior Boy (16 & under) Junior Girl (16 & under)
  2. A note to those who will be staying at hotels: In the past, we have encouraged people to stay in Scottsboro due to the banquet being held there, but we've changed venues to the Guntersville State Park and now recommend staying in Guntersville. The hotels in both Scottsboro and Guntersville are roughly 25 minutes from the range, but the Guntersville hotels are only 20 minutes from the State Park while the Scottsboro hotels are 45 minutes away. The State Park has rooms as well, and it is an amazing place, but if you stay there you will be 45 minutes from the range. Please feel free to contact me if you need further clarification.
  3. I can see that you're a member of at least two clubs, one of which is Tusco. Regardless of where you observed it, I'd advise speaking to Buckaroo Bubba and see if he can address it if the shooter shows up there. I know a ton of people from Tusco (at least a couple of world champions come to mind) and the people I know understand how important it is to enforce the rules for the sake of the other shooters who are abiding by the rules and for that shooter who could end up getting DQd at the next state match or other large match. By the way, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. . .for the benefit of those easily impressed. Good luck!
  4. I have just received word that the Cracker Crew, the official outlaws from the pokey down down handle of the United States of 'merica that we call Florida, is coming to Ambush! Life may never be the same! Yee-haw! Santa Fe River and Delta Glen are going to be co-posse marshals, so if you want to shoot with these outlaws, let it be known!
  5. Well, I've read all the responses on this thread as well as the responses on the thread that Warden Callaway started and come to the conclusion that the people who play this game. . .like to shoot! I am shocked! Amazed! And a bunch of other adjectives that I can't think of. Thanks to everyone who participated in both threads for helping to confirm that I'm not the only one. Set 'em up. We're gonna shoot 'em!
  6. Could be. I don't live on the Wire. I'm sure this thread will be MUCH more interesting.
  7. How many stages does your club(s) shoot at monthly matches?
  8. I knight thee. From this day forward, ye shall be known as Sir Broomstick.
  9. DDD, I couldn't resist taking a look at your clubs web site and found that you have a match on Saturday and a match on Sunday. I suggest that you test your theory and set Saturday "normal" and Sunday with the targets at the distances you would like. Do this over the period of a few months and compare attendance in the same months of previous years. You're a numbers guy; compare it every which way you can think of and let us know the results. If other members of the club resist doing this, perhaps you could convince them to let you run a match on a different weekend.
  10. I think we agree on all things except possibly one, and based on the way you handled it with the shooter, we actually agree there as well. If we disagree at all, it would be that I don't think an additional rule is needed. The absence of a rule prohibiting shadow shooting has been clear enough for me for 14+ years and for the game since inception. It has often been confused with dry firing at the loading table, but we seem to finally be putting that one to bed. . .or so I thought. There has been a good deal of time spent in discussion over the years that ultimately resulted in the elimination of rules that accomplished nothing. A good example of that is the removal of the rule that gave a shooter a 10 second MSV for picking up a drop round for fear that they would break the 170 while doing so. I seem to recall posting a similar post (meteor analogy about overreacting) when some were all up in a hoopla thinking the world would surely end if we allowed shooters to pick up a dropped round. I can't remember how long the rule has been gone, but since it's been gone I have yet to see someone break the 170 while picking up a dropped round and I've not heard of it happening. I feel the same way about shadow shooting. Shooters are ultimately going to shoot. If I feel safe around them when they're loading (where they unholster, load and reholster) and shooting, I feel no less safe if they decide to unholster a pistol, then reholster it just before they actually shoot. I really don't expect shadow shooting with pistols out to become all the rage. Most SASS shooters don't read the Wire, so it's not entered their mind to shadow shoot with pistols out. The best way to avoid having to eliminate another useless rule is not to create it in the first place. There's are meteors streaking through space as we speak. Look out!
  11. Please see Cypress Sun and Captain Bill Burt's responses above. What it has to do with the original post: Your OP involves one person who asked whether or not they could draw a pistol, point it at the target, and return it to leather before the buzzer. From there, some begin to imagine that the typical behavior of cowboys and cowgirls, that we have been observing for many years, will suddenly change; everybody is going to begin shadow shooting stages before each stage. That, in my opinion, and I believe the majority of folks, is nearly as unlikely to occur as a massive meteor striking the earth in our lifetime. The sky is not falling.
  12. There's evidence that it occurred 65 million years ago, so it's due any minute now.
  13. It seems to me that we're worried about the possibility that we will be struck by a meteor. Remain calm.
  14. If it's not against the rules, it's not against the rules. Shadow shooting is not against the rules. How hard is that? OMG! Odds are that the shooter who takes the time to shadow shoot is going to shoot the stage fast enough that their total time on the stage is less than many other shooters. If they're a new shooter who needs a bit of time to calm their nerves, by all means, do your best to run them off. We don't want any new shooters! Oh, wait! I could be wrong about that. Geez, Louise!
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