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  1. Thus far we have never failed to honor a posse request. If you have it on your application, we will make it happen up to the point that a posse exceeds a manageable number. . .which has not occurred. If there is someone you wish to posse with that was not on your application, shoot me a PM and we will do our best to make it happen. I look forward to seeing everyone!
  2. Everyone please be sure to list who you wish to posse with on your application as we will NOT be using Practiscore for squadding. I've got to figure out how to bring the Practiscore list down to just listing who is coming. We will be using Practiscore for scoring, but only for that.
  3. As a gunfighter who understands the transitions handicap of shooting gunfighter, only 4.66 seconds over twelve stages (.39 per stage) behind Matt Black is nothing short of amazing. And the quality of the person exceeds his shooting ability. My hat is off to his parents. Lefty, you da bomb!
  4. When the shooter is ready (but hasn't been asked for a starting line, etc.), I call for spotters and point to them individually calling out 1-2-3 to ensure that I do indeed have three spotters. If there are more than three who believe they are spotting, this identifies which three I will call upon at the conclusion of the shooting.
  5. I am of the opinion that you are doing the most critical job of all. Of course the other jobs are important and they need to be done well, but without the brass picker(s), everything comes to a halt. Thank you for doing the job that many would die before doing.
  6. Who's coming thus far: Annie D. Vine Hawkshaw Fred Poncho Whiskey Creek Johnson Iron Maiden Null N. Void Drake Robey Bogus Jim Bo Dacious Aw Dacious Amaduelist Deacon Henry Mister Badly Smart * Deputy Short Stack Cleve
  7. I can see we need to appoint someone special to keep an eye on you!
  8. We'll be sortin' at the front gate. Gotta keep out the riff raff, don'tcha know.
  9. I think everyone is still catching their breath from hosting the state match. We have a good match lined up for the regional.
  10. Here are some photos taken by Toolman during the match and Big Iron Ranger at the awards. Please feel free to use them as you would like. Shootout at Cavern Cove Photos
  11. Anybody who has a miss at this match, we want to get a photo after the match of you touching a table on the firing line and reaching for (or maybe even touching) the target you missed. There is such a photo of me touching a table and touching the target that I missed some years ago in Sparta, Illinois. I'm out for revenge! The challenge of this match will be slowing down enough to hit the targets that you think are too close to miss. As we all know, there's no such thing as a target too close to miss. See y'all soon!
  12. We'll get it done. Buck D. Law Match Director
  13. Entries are arriving every day and as always there's a ton of folks signing up last minute. Our numbers are going to be above initial projections. I want to encourage everyone to choose your posse as soon as you receive the confirmation email as some posses are filling up. If you have problems with Practicscore, get in contact with one of us and we'll get you set up. If you haven't signed up, what are you waiting for!!?
  14. I used this ONCE in a sonic cleaner and the fumes nearly got the better of me. The sonic cleaner rapidly evaporates the the ingredients other than the transmission fluid. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT IN A SONIC CLEANER. With that said I've tried a number of home solutions but finally broke down and bought L & R Gun Cleaning Solution and it does an outstanding job. It's expensive, but like Tootsie Roll it "lasts a long time." I did manage to pick up a trick from the Ed's Red as I used automatic transmission fluid as my lubricant. I have two sonic cleaners, one with cleaner and the other
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