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  1. My oldest grandson graduates this Friday! I’m hoping he’s as squared away as yours!! I got hope! He hired on to do chores and help around the shop to make money for prom. Rolled up more than $300.00 working with me and his dad. It wasn’t any pansy work either.
  2. Is it strange that I answered a couple that nobody else got? The $2000.00 dead sea scrolls question? Ol’ James missed one of the Daily Doubles tonight, but the lady that found it gave the wrong response. He also missed one answer and he knew he’d missed it before Alex could say anything. You could tell that he new the right response but just goofed up!
  3. I often use the pinky finger raised alone with the back of the hand exposed. It's for those who don't rate the very best!!
  4. I was privileged to spend a lot of time with Be a on several occasions when we would vend at big matches. She was pleasant, kind, and funny! I always looked forward to seeing her at cowboy events. Condolences to her family and friends. She will most certainly be missed!!
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