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  1. I hate that this has happened. Maybe it’s for the best, seeing as the location has become almost hostile and it is so far from any major media center.
  2. Really, he just got ripped off!! Some of us got warning notices when these (euphemisms redacted) decided to change their policies! In my case, I received notification from PayPal and got away from them immediately. Square tried to hold my money, but a nasty letter from an attorney got that quelled in short order. Most new customers get caught out because they failed to read fine print in the user agreement. These (euphemism redacted) SHOULD be made to publish their discriminatory practices in the opening lines of their advertising and at the top of the page on any req
  3. C’mon y’all!! I figured that this one was a gimme!!
  4. Hoping and praying for a complete and speedy recovery!! I HATE when dogs suffer!! They seem to take our suffering and troubles away...
  5. Never noticed that part of the recording OR can't recall hearing it. The second half is familiar and I heard it played a lot in the seventies. Looked it up, so someone else can name it!!
  6. Shot with Black Jack and his daughter once. He'll be missed. Condolences to the family!!
  7. YEP!! Been that way for YEARS!! I WILL NOT keep a PayPal account because of this and try to NEVER use their services!! SQUARE, the personal credit card acceptance system that you see many vendors and small businesses use, does the same thing and interrupted my reception of payment for powder and bullets about ten years ago, when I was vending at SASS events!! I had to threaten legal action to get my money. These two outfits in particular, changed their policies with little warning and hung a BUNCH of folks out to dry when they did it!! I feel like it is discriminatory and sho
  8. On that "Live at the Paramount" album, they do "New Mother Nature" as a stand alone number and in a more Blues style. Even the tune is somewhat different!! Check it out. I think you'll like it!!
  9. Another softball!! Second verse!! Well dark clouds are formin’, And I’m standin’ out in the rain! Yeah, dark clouds are formin’, And I’m standin’ out in the rain! Black water keeps a rollin’! Lord! ‘Bout ta’ drive po’ me insane.
  10. Guess Who: No Sugar Tonight Often combined with New Mother Nature on the radio and in concert! If you can find it, check out American Woman from the album “Live at the Paramount”!! You talk about Politically Incorrect!!
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