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  1. My sister once berated and criticized me for using blunt and offensive language in public. She said that people who used profanity were uneducated and didn’t know how to speak eloquently. She can be quite the snob at times!! I replied that she should have aeronautical intercourse with a gyrating pastry and that she was a vertical copulation anticipating an advent!! She looked a little confused, so I added that she should procede elsewhere and defacate in her chapaeu! After digesting my verbiage, she admitted that my vocabulary was far more than adequate, to w
  2. Been a while since I lost a dog. The hurt is a little bit less, but the memories are still fresh. There are things a man cares about, not the least of which are his dogs. Our Jezebel has been with us since 2008. There are things that have changed, many for the better. Her coat is faded now and she sleeps a little more and more often, but she doesn’t tear up furniture or chew up shoes. She moves a little slower and works harder to jump onto the bed, but she’s bonded to Schoolmarm and my grandson adores her. (She loves him too!!) They never stay long enough
  3. Hey, Wobbly!! You’re forgetting Painted Mohawk!!
  4. Be safe! We thank you for standing watch and protecting the peace.
  5. It was announced earlier this week that Nashville’s mask mandate and wearing masks outdoors will end this Friday! Masks will still be required in most businesses, but restaurants and clubs can return to full capacity. JUST IN TIME!! My band has a gig next Wednesday and another the following Sunday!! Our gig this Friday is outside the Nashville Metropolitan area!! No bayonets or long guns, but social distancing will no longer be a forced issue!!
  6. Cheapest gas in the area is at WallyWorld. A few places were inundated with panic stricken drivers and were bought out, at least for the moment. The line at the pumps was long and we had a 15 minute wait, but there was no indication that Walmart was running low.
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