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  1. If you’re not familiar with cutting metals, take your material to a metal fab shop and have them cut it for you! One mistake with a metal cutting saw can be catastrophic! I saw a young man killed when a blade like the one you describe shattered!
  2. Now that’s a good dog!!! Better than some two legged help I’ve had!!
  3. Finished prepping the turkey for roasting. Updated my Craigslist account. Made breakfast for myself, (Schoolmarm had already eaten) With the exception of carving the turkey, I did little or nothing the rest of the day!!
  4. Blazer makes SOME ammunition that uses real brass cases. I discovered some recently, although I don’t recall where I was. I didn’t know it used crimped primer pockets.
  5. Interesting!! It isn’t racial, religious, or gender driven!! Wonder what the liberal left has to say about that!! Maybe the Second Amendment isn’t just about old white men after all!!
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