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    In no particular order. History, music (Southern Rock/Blues/Oldies), racing (cars/motorcycles), motorcycling, weapons (mostly guns and knives), baseball, toy trains, WWII, cowboy shooting (targets of course), reading, and my wife and family.

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  1. Schoolmarm is, again, sitting up and she has had one round of PT this morning. They told her this morning that she was out of the Covid protocols. That’s good news ‘cause now she can concentrate on her other issues more freely. The kidney function continues to improve to the point where she’ll come off the catheter this afternoon. A major step!! Altogether, a pretty good day!
  2. He was a solid patriot and was dismissive of that kind of ballyhoo! A superb actor and an avid and voracious reader. Before it was partially destroyed by a fire he had an enormous library in his home!! A humble hero!!
  3. Just as an aside, my unofficially adopted brother, Imis, had some surgery yesterday. His wife, Jersey Brat, has him home now and he is recovering. Y’all toss a prayer up for him for a speedy recovery??
  4. This one popped out of my library on the way home from the doc’s this morning.
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