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  1. We gotta ‘ get Widder and Slater to come out this year!! Did anybody count all the Jedi Gunfighters in attendance last year???
  2. There is a proper etiquette for hugging cowgirls. I observe that. Mostly they tend to hug me before I could possibly stop them.... and I generally don’t mind!
  3. A kid with LEGOs would make a better design!! Oh! And Utah Bob!! No self respecting dumpster would gestate something that grotesque!!
  4. The privilege is reserved for true friends that I haven’t seen in a good while and a VERY few friends who are really really close! Otherwise, a handshake is enough.
  5. California’s election system avoids any two party influences in many cases. I don’t understand all I know about it, but from what I gather, by not allowing republicans to make the general election by some chicanery in the primary elections....
  6. Ya' THINK??? The FBI and other "reliable" government agencies have released reports with data that unequivocally PROVES that Constitutional carry has reduced violence across the board where it has been instituted!! MEANWHILE!! Everywhere that onerous and unconstitutional gun laws are instituted and upheld, seat and injury form attacks with or without guns has risen!! It doesn't take Einstein like reasoning to see the results in comparison!!
  7. What Evil said!! That’s past rip off price by a LARGE margin !!
  8. Most giraffe bone imported for craft is already stabilized.
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