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  1. I deal with all three of the regular package services regularly. USPS has proven more cost effective than UPS and even more so FedEx. When items and correspondence began arriving by USPS that were shipped UPS and FedEx, I started looking more closely at my shipping and ordering! A package sent to me by FedEx last week took four days to get to my home in middle Tennessee and cost $68.95. It was supposed to be the fastest way available from Scottsdale AZ. The package can be held in one hand, palm up and weighs less than ten pounds. Another package was ordered the same day from just outside Bend Oregon. Took it three days by USPS, cost $14.95, weighs 18 pounds and takes two hands to carry, (big flat rate box)! The final kick in the pants is that the FedEx package arrived at my post office from the FedEx distribution center on that fourth morning!! It was delivered by the USPS carrier to my mailbox!! I’ve had items disappear from all of the carriers! A package lost by UPS was never found and it took months to recover the cost from their insurers. A similar package, lost by USPS was found after a couple of days with only a couple of phone calls , one from the seller and one from me. None of them are even close to perfect, but I have had better service from USPS, at less expense, than either of the others!!
  2. The 1901 is perfectly legal for SASS competition! I try to shoot mine in a match every year or two!
  3. Black Powder is often measured in “grains by volume”! If you enlarge my avatar, you’ll get an idea of what 30 gr. of FFFg real black powder (by volume) out of an 1860 Colt revolver looks like on a sunny autumn day.
  4. Do what the doctor says to do! DO THE PHYSICAL THERAPY RELIGIOUSLY!! They did my surgery on Dec. 13th, L1 to L5, and I shot the March 1st match at Wartrace the next spring, wearing my back brace and staging my shotgun shells because my shotgun belt wasn’t big enough to go over the brace! I was riding my old Harley before the end of May and have been pain free in that area for 16 years! Great doc and the therapists were fantastic! Relentless, but altogether fabulous! Again! DO THE THERAPY!!
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