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    In no particular order. History, music (Southern Rock/Blues/Oldies), racing (cars/motorcycles), motorcycling, weapons (mostly guns and knives), baseball, toy trains, WWII, cowboy shooting (targets of course), reading, and my wife and family.

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  1. I’m gonna be contrary here!! Those old rockers, (and some of the country performers too) prove to me that you can go out in style and go out rockin’!! Keep on keepin’ on ‘til they throw dirt in your face!! Eastwood’s characters are bad ‘til they’re gone!! John Wayne’s characters were shoe leather tough ‘til the last!! Go out swingin’!! We don’t get old unless we get tough!! Survival of the fittest may not be “Politically Correct” these days, but the fittest are STILL most likely to survive!!
  2. BACON!! It’s what’s for BREAKFAST! and LUNCH!! AND DINNER!! and bedtime snacks.
  3. The more coin we can remove from Bloomin'idiot's pocket, the better off the nation will be!!!
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