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  1. You can’t possibly know how little I care!! With all of the commercials for drugs to prevent the transmission of aids, the commercials for “manscaping”, those commercials for men’s underwear that relocates your genitalia, and some even more disgusting, I’ve ceased to be amazed at the depths to which these outfits will go to hawk their wares!! PATHETIC!!!
  2. The only limitation on loaded ammo around here is the floor joists!! The shop has a six inch reinforced concrete floor….
  3. I suppose that would be your choice, but I’ve left everyone all the options, except sitting around doing nothing while the rest of the posse works!! Like I said, once everyone makes their choice, it seems like everyone has been happy AND relaxed!!
  4. When I am the posse marshal, I will read the shooters’ list, after which, I will ask how the posse wants to shoot. I then caution everyone that so long as there are three spotters, a TO, a score keeper, and targets are reset as needed and brass cleared, we won’t have a problem. I recommend that everyone choose a “buddy” to relieve them of whatever duty they perform on the posse and I make it clear that EVERYONE WILL help out in some way. I then explain that if these things aren’t done, we will shoot in order and I will assign everyone some duty. After a few minutes, ev
  5. My dad enlisted early. USAAC. Just a little more than 15. His brother and mother signed off on his enlistment. He mustered out in ‘46 at 18 and re-upped at the outbreak of the Korean hostilities. USAF.
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