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  1. They actually used to race on tracks that size! They started this last year in an effort to capture the LA market/crowd. I agree!! It’s ridiculous! It took two hours, (I’m not counting the “halftime” show) and 20? cautions to cover 37.5 miles!! The whole thing was run in first and second gear!!! The venue was less than half full and that doesn’t count the whole sections of seating that were blocked off with canvas coverings! I hope that they will abandon this venture in the future! I’d be embarrassed to produce such a lame excuse for my product!!
  2. Just after that song was released, I had to travel to New Jersey when my aunt passed away. Her son and his family were visiting and we flew the rest of the family home while I helped my cousin drive their truck and travel trailer back home. I was “wined and dined” by some of my yankee cousins for a few days while the arrangements, the funeral, and my flight home were all taken care of. It was the early ‘70s and “country music” was huge in the bars up there. One of my cousins insisted on taking me to a bar and the band was pretty good, even if I WASN’T into country music. I was a rocker and the Jim Stafford version of Wildwood Flower was extremely popular with the Rock ‘N’ Roll crowd, but it wasn’t played on country radio in Nashville! It was totally taboo to the “hillbilly” crowd! I’d learned that version so we could perform it with the guys I performed with. My cousin got me on stage with this bar band and I explained to them that they should just play the old instrumental over and over while I did the narrative. They had never heard it before and by the time I/we had finished, half the crowd and all of the guys in the band were laughing hysterically and the other half of the crowd was either sullenly offended or just too stunned to know what to do!! I ate and drank for free the rest of the night and me and the band closed the show with a roaring version of Roadhouse Blues by The Doors!!
  3. John Russell, DeForest Kelly, Jack Elam, Warren Oates, and even Victor French played totally despicable villains at one time or another. Don’t forget Ed Asner in Eldorado, or Glen Ford in The Man From Colorado!!
  4. We have a place or two here that meet the criteria. There’s Kilgore’s, about ten minutes away. Open from 10:00 ‘til 7:00 Monday to Friday. Kind of a meat and three with a basic menu and daily specials. The catfish is primo!! Eldorado: Best Mexican I have ever eaten!! Run by a latino family that takes great pride in their menu and service and the place is NICE with clean floors and tables, polite and friendly staff, an atmosphere like many fine dining restaurants, and a great location. It only fifteen minutes away and open seven days a week. It’s a little farther away, but there’s a great hibachi restaurant a half hour away that’s outstanding. Koi is also family run. They have five stations that’ll seat about 16 people and they have chef’s that are friendly and know how to cook and entertain. Great food and great prices. Closed on Mondays and the shut down for two hours between lunch and dinner. Worth the drive and the money. There’s Coco’s. It’s a true Italian restaurant. There are two or three locations, all owned by the same family. Real, authentic Italian food and wines, a great grocery selection and a gelato counter too. They even arrange trips to Italy every year and have wine tastings and cooking classes! There are others here as well. Nashville is a great place to eat if you know where to look! Hot chicken ain’t the only thing we serve! We got as good a selection of barbecue and steak and even craft beer if that’s your thing, and some of the places have great entertainment too!
  5. A list of the top ten most despicable villains that doesn’t include Bruce Dern is no list at all!! Fabulous actor and capable of playing either side of the fence with equal brilliance!
  6. I have never actually quit drinking alcohol or smoking weed! When I was in high school, I was the guy you came to if you wanted alcohol. My father was a cop and also a facilitator for many charitable and political functions. He knew every liquor store owner and bar owner in town, as well as all of the catering outfits. From the time I could drive, which was age 14 1/2, I was sent to pick up liquor, food, chairs and tables, and about anything else that was needed for a party or political rally. All these business people got to know me too, so I could often get the booze just by showing up with the cash and saying it was “for the old man, he didn’t call you?” It worked ‘til I got old enough to buy liquor legally, which happened the year that 18 year olds got the vote. After that, I drank heavily at times, just because I could. I had good paying jobs and partied often because I could afford to. I also tried many of the “recreational drugs” that were popular and available at the time. Most of those didn’t deliver the kind of effect I wanted or appreciated and I quit using them as quickly as I had started. Weed was not one of those. It was easily obtained, inexpensive, and didn’t have the downside that other prohibited substances did. It wasn’t something I had to have and when I didn’t have it. I didn’t crave it, nor did it leave me with any unwanted after effects. I also smoked tobacco. That was the drug that I was “hooked” on for years. I started stealing cigarettes from my dad when I was about six years old. I’d see his cigarette pack laying around and I’d pilfer myself a smoke!! I received a new Zippo lighter and a carton of Winston cigarettes for my 16th birthday. A gift from my parents! It took me until the summer of my 43rd year to decide that I wasn’t going to let tobacco control my life anymore! I just quit!! No patches, lozenges, gum, or drugs. “Cold Turkey”!! I made everybody miserable for several weeks after that. Hatfield and Schoolmarm even conspired at one point to buy a carton of cigarettes and hold a gun on me ‘til I smoked ‘em all! Tobacco is the ONLY thing that I can honestly say that I QUIT!! There’s a half gallon jug of really good Apple Pie moonshine, unopened, in my refrigerator right now. It’s brother was emptied before Christmas. I’d had them both for a year and a half. I take a drink when I take a notion. I haven’t “burned one” in several years. I just haven’t had the urge.. If I take a notion to, it’s only minutes away! I no longer let things like that control my life. Well, except for maybe guns and fast cars/motorcycles. I’ll still turn loose with a burst of gunfire or a blast of tire smoking, fuel wasting, “peel the skin on your face back acceleration” now and then. When a bunch of college kids at one of our gigs offers me a drink of their preferred beverage, I usually decline. When they ask me why, I explain that, “I had your share, and his share, and his share , and her share before I was your age. I figure I ought to leave some for the rest of ya’s!!” Then I smile and start the next song.
  7. OH!! Yeah!! I always called it “weed”!
  8. Never had much trouble with dope smkers. They usually avoid confrontation and seldom get belligerent. Can’t say that for drinkers. Most of my front teeth are damaged from drunkassed idiots who thought that they could dance or that just HAD to stumble up to the stage to bellow how good or bad the band was. They invariably staggered into the mic stand and slammed the microphone into my lips or my teeth, or they flopped over onto one of my band mates, knocking them and their gear over, often damaging expensive guitars and amplifiers and the like!! If it wasn’t that, it was a fight over a game of pool or a waitress or some other guy’s girlfriend/wife!! Weed might make you slow or useless, but alcohol makes too many people brave, bellicose, or really stupid!! Drunks are dangerous…. to others and themselves!!
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