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  1. Talk about your bit of useless knowledge!! But that’s funny! I don’t care what anyone else thinks!!
  2. Mitchum was a one of a kind!! He spoke his mind. He mastered his craft. He lived his life on his terms! It’s been said that he always new his part, he always delivered his lines on time, and it was extremely rare to ever have to reshoot a scene because of him! Most people don’t realize that he was an excellent singer. He actually sang the theme song to at least one movie that he appeared in, (I think there were others) and he sang his own parts in several films. He’s also credited with narrating more than a few successful commercials and was the voice that you heard in the final scenes of the movie Tombstone! His BEEF commercials are legendary!!
  3. Several years ago, I used PayPal and had a SQUARE account for my small business. In rapid succession, PayPal decided to go anti-gun and froze my account with a sizable amount of my money tied up in it. Not long afterward, Square decided to do the same! These actions were the result of my dealing in firearm related merchandise! In the first case it took the help of a friendly attorney and threats of filing criminal charges in federal court to get my money back and it took three months!! I mean to tell ya’s, they fully intended to just keep my money! I occasionally use their payment system to make small debit card transactions, BUT THEY WILL NEVER HOLD MY MONEY AGAIN!! With Square, I was on the road, fifteen hundred miles from home. I had a couple hundred bucks in cash, a half tank of gas, my truck, trailer with my merchandise in it, my son who was working with/for me, and a frozen account of a couple thousand dollars that I needed in order to get to my next venue and then home!! It took me two whole days on the phone to the company, my bank, and to my lawyer, along with a few implied threats to get my funds released, my bank account replenished, and my account with that sorry outfit closed!! I promised myself, my wife, and my son that that would NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! I have no intention of ever going back to either of those companies for any kind of deal where they have my money or access to my accounts.
  4. With the exception of transactions made directly with my bank or ATM withdrawals, all transactions on my debit card are held “PENDING” for some time, usually a day or two. I check my accounts at least once a day AND I only keep a limited amount in the account that supports the card. If I need a larger amount to complete a transaction, (something I would normally withdraw cash for and make a face to face transaction) I transfer the funds from a separate, protected account. I have also cultivated a positive relationship with my bank, so they contact me immediately on any questionable charge.
  5. I have used those afore mentioned protections on two occasions!! They can be beneficial!! Since I/we ceased using credit cards, we’ve saved a surprising and substantial amount of money and have paid off things in much shorter time. I control my spending better, I stay out of unnecessary debt, and I have fewer entities that can pry into my personal life and finances!! My credit rating, (a total scam perpetrated by credit card companies and other profiteering financial institutions) has increased by an extremely significant number, funds for discretionary spending have multiplied, and my personal equity is exponentially higher! If you and I do business, I will accept a Postal Money Order, CASH, or, (if I know you) a Company Check. You can expect the same from me. Your opinion. Your experience. My opinion. My experience. ’Nuff said!
  6. I don’t hoard. I DO buy components in quantity when I can catch a good deal! Before my health issues jumped up and bit me, I shot more than fifty matches a year! I shot almost every weekend somewhere, often two monthly matches a weekend, a dozen or more major matches a year, and an occasional midweek match to boot. I went through more than 7,000 .454 round balls a year for five or six years in a row! SO! When I began to have trouble with my foot and some other related issues, I had accumulated a pretty good supply of the necessary materials to be shooting every weekend and I continued to buy them for a good while after I was forced to slow down! I also continued to get my ammunition reloaded and stocked up in anticipation of getting back on my feet. At the same time, when I found a good deal on one or another component that I knew I would likely use in the future, I bought it. I won’t apologize for having a rather large supply of new and reloaded ammunition or the supplies to make more. I haven’t caused anyone else to do without by staying well stocked. I know quite a few folks that never shot as many matches or guns as I have, (and fully hope to do again) that have a good deal more ammunition and components put back than I do. There are a few items that I would like to replenish in my inventory and when I catch them for sale again, I’ll buy as big a quantity as my funds will allow, within reason of course. I agree that some of the problems with the flow and price in the industry are due to people “hoarding” or those that buy and then gouge on the resale! The political climate is certainly effecting the supply to the general public and certain entities have managed to manipulate production to inflate prices for their sole benefit. BUT!! We have helped them by being willing to pay their excessive prices, to our own detriment!! I know that we all want to play our games when, where, and as often we’d like, but in the end, if we refuse to pay the exorbitant prices that they want to charge us, they’ll eventually get the message and offer their products at more reasonable prices!! I know. I know! I’m mostly preaching to the choir!!
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