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  1. If you go by round count, that same AK47 would be the one!! I can shoot up more rounds in two minutes with that thing than I can shoot in a two day match with my cowboy guns. Considering haw many matches I've shot, I guess my 1860 Henry would be next. Had it for about 15 years and I've shot as many as 60 matches in a year, it'll probably come in a distant second. It was a gift from Schoolmarm and it's wicked fun to shoot. Next would be my 1860 Colt pistols. I put over 1,000 rounds a month through the two of them in 2011alone. I've shot other sets of guns a lot over the years, a lot, so I figure none of the pistols will add up in round count. I change shotguns like some cowboys change socks, maybe more often, so no scattergun of mine will stack up!!
  2. I still stand behind them both!! Also hafta' say that the Second Amendment Foundation does important work as well!! Probably the most litigious of the three, SAF has filed more lawsuits and won more cases than anyone else in our corner!! They go to war in the courts, all the way down to municipal courts on behalf of the gun owners!! They deserve far more recognition than they EVER receive!! I proudly belong to all three!!
  3. Maybe next year!! I sold some parts off of it to finance some newer, better pieces and the new stuff hasn't gotten here yet. 'Sides! I'm pulling the trailer for the band next weekend so's we have guitars and amplifiers and stuff for the show Friday night! Naw!! I reckon I'll hafta' use the Buick!!
  4. It’s Black Gold for me, for all the reasons stated above! Tennessee State at Wartrace is a very close second. Prettiest range in SASS and one of the most well organized, efficient, and friendly outfits you will ever ride with. So close a third that there’s really no difference is Comin’AtCha!! The Dooley Gang, led by T-Bone Dooley, lives and dies by the rule that EVERYONE is a VIP!! The most entertainment, shooting, and total involvement of any big match anywhere!! They each take every good idea and find ways to use them and make them better!! They each ask, “Has anybody told you how glad we are that you’re here??” It means a lot that they really mean it!!
  5. Titus!! I'm really intrigued with the prospect of seein' that hat!!
  6. I lived in the town of Kennilworth, NJ when I was a kid. The main drag through town was named "Boulevard" !! Not "The Boulevard" or some "___________ Boulevard". Just "Boulevard"!! Always thought that that was kinda' weird...
  7. I have a Bulgarian Arsenal, milled receiver AK47 that I've removed the really ugly wooden furniture and substituted a six position collapsible stock and ergonomically correct, for me, ribbed fore end onto it. I've added a flashlight, (Surefire) a green dot laser, and a 42mm red dot reticle and a nice, comfortable tactical sling. It takes 75 round drum magazines and feeds like a hog after slop!! I take it out about four times a year and run the three drum mags and all of my 20 and 30 round stick magazines through it, usually around a thousand rounds, and then disassemble and clean it and inspect and reload all of the magazines!! It is a fun gun to shoot and it'll be my WTSHTF tool if it comes to that . I also have an SKS Model D that takes AK magazines and is similarly outfitted. It is a little longer overall but is also a riot to shoot.
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