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  1. Pot meet Kettle! Big hugs! Scarlett PS great match! Great to meet Matt Black and Colt Faro! I Shot the match pretty well (for me) and it was more than DOUBLE Matt’s time! I’m gonna use that “advanced age” stuff!
  2. Awww, Tyrel... you make me smile! I’ve got lots of Clean Shot! I’m gonna see Dixie and Reno in Georgia if you want me to send some home with them! Glad you like the Clean Shot! Big hugs! Scarlett
  3. Waimea - Your description of Dave was perfect. He had a contagious personality and was easy and fun to be around. My heart also goes out to everyone at the range who was witness to this tragedy and tried to help... Tommy and I send all our love and prayers to Cindy and Dave's son, Nick. I hope that we get to see you when we are in Florida next month to give you hugs and offer our love and support in person. Love, Scarlett
  4. Excited to shoot this match for the first time ever! Heard a lot of good things! Plus, the company is fabulous! Hugs!! Scarlett
  5. Duh!! Absolutely!! Sounds like so much fun!!! Details, please!! Hugs, Scarlett
  6. Boo Goodyear, Greenville, SC. I've shot with him several of the matches he mentioned and met him before he shot. He came to each match with an enthusiastic attitude, eye and ear protection and a willingness and openness to participate as allowed...(he also took instruction/constructive criticism with dignity.) He didn't shy away from helping and when folks needed relief for any job (except TO) he volunteered. Sometimes I feel like we treat new shooters like guests and don't "let/encourage" them to do a posse job... And, as a result, they aren't used to working ... Which backfires on everyone. We need new shooters - it makes and keeps the game fun. We need to expect more from them - and they ought to expect more from us, too! Big hugs! Scarlett
  7. I am a commercial caster (and shooter) and I do not wear gloves or mask while working EXCEPT when handling spent brass, separating media (I don't wet tumble). I have good ventilation in my shop. I have lead remover soap (by the gallon) and a fingernail/scrub brush that I use to wash/scrub my hands all the time before I eat, drink or touch my eyes, nose or mouth. I run the timer, spot, reset targets and shoot 3+ times per month. My lead level is 11-12. Lead exposure is a risk and mitigating that risk is primarily a matter of hygiene. Do what you will however, I caution against thinking that coated bullets and wet tumbling alone will significantly reduce exposure... Welcome to the most fun EVER!! Big hugs, Scarlett
  8. Dan Ranker Buckaroo Bubba has Up Range Exchange in Ohio. https://www.uprangeexchange.com Plus, there are ALWAYS folks getting in/out of the game - losing weight/gaining weight or want an excuse to get something new... a one stop for everything might be hard but there are deals and gear to be had all over the place. You shouldn't have any trouble in El Paso. Welcome to the FUN!! Hugs, Scarlett
  9. I load and shoot 100gr .38 in my pistols and love them... I generally shoot a .32 H & R Marlin rifle and mostly shoot a 78 grain bullet - I don't have problems with knockdowns provided that I hit them...Now, on occasion, there are snippy Texas Star plates that need s 50 Cal to knock the plate off...but those, for me, are too few and far between, to make up a batch of "heavy loads". Hugs, Scarlett
  10. Iron Cowboy was on my first ever SC state match posse back in 2013! I was impressed then ...and when I see him, I am impressed still! I have no doubt that Kid Flash will be as impressive a cowkid! Lethal Lizzie will come around! Big hugs! Scarlett
  11. Be careful of ammunition sold by "personal reloaders"... the ammunition that I sell is professionally loaded by licensed munitions manufacturers and carries product liability insurance. The cartridges that I sell are loaded with 200gr. RNFP hardcast lead, not coated, bullet, 4.5 gr. Clean Shot powder and a Federal primer. You may email me at bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com or call me at 843-833-0770 if I can be of help. Hugs, Scarlett
  12. I'm super excited about this match. Heard nothing but good things about it! Tried to work it out last year but this year, I'm in! Big hugs! Scarlett
  13. Tommy and I each have a Henry .22 with the Widder Soft Stroke because neither one of us wanted to share! They're such fun to shoot! Jonathan is a lucky kid!! Big hugs! Scarlett
  14. Don't be spreadin' no rumors, Judge! I've only THREATENED to stand on your neck! Clean Shot is great powder and all I use - and yes, I sell it but I use it, too. I don't load shotshell though - no time. As for the little bit of residue? It's harmless - it's because we are shooting light loads. If you find it bothersome, use a magnum primer (I do) or bump your load up a little bit. The best thing is that it meters like Mercury even in my 32 HR magnum cases - I weigh them every once in a while.and they are dead on. Hugs!! Scarlett
  15. Lord knows I tried to buy that Stagecoach! A fella in Delaware made it! His alias escapes me... I actually travel a little lighter than all ‘em folks on the stage! Big hugs! Scarlett
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