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  1. Welcome and congratulations!!! I shall give you a great big hug when we meet and this dadgum virus is behind us! Big hugs! Scarlett Darlin’ JEDI #251
  2. Amen! However, I agree with @Arkansas Harper about distraction. If I’ve holstered a pistol (I shoot gunfighter), let me go...I think it’s a situation by situation call depends on the TO and the shooter. If I’m running the timer, I pretty much know if @Captain Bill Burt is shooting he’s got it but if a newer or less experienced shooter is shooting, it can be distracting and even dangerous to try to save a miss... Big hugs... Scarlett
  3. I have a customer who loads 44 Russian with Holy Black. If you’d like to speak to him, please email me at bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com and I will put you in touch! He uses them in his rifle, as well as his pistols. Big hugs!! Scarlett
  4. I know how hard this was for you and appreciate the advance notice. I attended last year and it was SO WELL DONE! If those of you reading this are making plans for 2021...this is a fun and well run match! Great big hugs!! Scarlett
  5. This is very true! Big hugs! Scarlett
  6. My husband and I represent EAR, Inc and do the custom silicone ear protection. We make them at matches we attend. We are factory trained by the owners of the company. We use medical grade silicone putty and insert it in the ear using a syringe - allows us to get deeper in the ear but still not to the ear drum. You can’t block out all noise because our bones conduct noise...granted, I sell these ear plugs however, I also use them every time I shoot (started shooting 2012) and I do not have any measurable or noticeable hearing loss. Big hugs! Scarlett
  7. Rugged Gear has a huge line of accessories for folks who have ATVs or build/modify their own gun carts. If you decide on Rugged Gear parts, use code BU0770 and it will save you 10%! Big hugs! Scarlett
  8. I’ve gotten some orders like you mentioned and they are much appreciated. It’s hard.... but I’m hanging in! I’m stubborn that way! If you do splurge on a new gun cart... you can save 10% at Rugged Gear by using the code BU0770. It’s good for online orders and will also save you 10% on accessories. Can’t wait to be able to redeem all the FREE HUG WITH PURCHASE rain checks I’ve given out! Thanks for the support! Big virtual hugs until real ones are “safe” (I know I’m taking my life in my hands EVERY time I hug my cowboys! Scarlett
  9. Tequila you are so sweet! Yes.... I give socially distanced hugs right now with RAIN CHECKS for for when this mess is over! As for APP, I am the SASS rep for APP...since Winter Range when I finalized the arrangement with Brett. If you need APP Please email me at Bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com. Or call me/text 843-833-0770 I don’t yet have it on my website - but I’ll do that. Minimum order is one case @$264 delivered ($22/pound). With additional cases - price goes down a bit. We ship 1, 2 and 4 cases. I promise you’ll get a prompt response from me...and you Free Hug with Purchase...EVENTUALLY! Big hugs! Scarlett
  10. I know y’all will COMPLETELY disagree with me on what I’m about to say ... I’m flabbergasted.... but if there are cases in a revolver, empty or otherwise, it is irresponsible gun handling at worst and poor etiquette at the very least. I check my pistol when I put it IN the case after I’m done shooting, AND when I take it OUT of the case to CLEAN it...every time I handle it, I check it... not saying it can’t happen to me but if it did, I’d SDQ myself. I understand the rules and shall follow them. BIG hugs! Scarlett
  11. I think that, for the MOST part, shooters are honorable when it comes to MSV violations... Spotters are often not focused or not in a good location and/or SPOT TOO LONG. The TOs need to rotate and SO DO SPOTTERS. I was TO at a big match recently and a shooter broke the 170 with an open side by side while moving down Range. I saw it, and hollered MUZZLE, looked at spotter who was right near to confirm/let know that I was aware. I let shooter complete the stage to get time. Recorded time, consulted with spotter(s) to be sure I was correct and informed PM, then shooter, the MDs. There was NEVER a question in my mind that I was going to call it. It wasn’t personal...it just happened. I was asked, “Are you going to call it?” “Yes!” Was my answer. I think THAT is a greater problem. Penalties NOT being called by TO and or Spotters because of feelings or whatever...or because it could knock XYZ shooter off the podium or XYQ shooter is my friend or my wife... Conclusion: We are ALL EACH responsible for maintaining the integrity of this sport by doing the right thing and the next right thing! @Slick McClade is a fine example of this and one of many that I try to emulate. Big hugs!! Scarlett
  12. You are a cowboy with an abundance of integrity. I will absolutely call a MSV or SDQ on myself...because I have done it. I have not called a MDQ on myself...YET...though there was ONE match that I thought (HYPOTHETICALLY) for a half second about dropping a loaded gun but couldn’t bring myself to do it! I do not call misses or p’s on myself because that’s the spotters job...plus, I’m trying to shoot the stage to the best of my ability and don’t keep track of miss/P. Now, if If I’m sure, I PROMISE the rest of the posse will be too because I have a tendency to “Arrgghhhhh”! Big hugs! Scarlett
  13. Those folks worked their tails off! Even @Kid Rich! I was a first timer, too and had a blast! I enjoyed shooting with you @Old Man Graybeard on Posse 20!! It was a good time! Thank you for reminding everyone of the immense amount of work it takes to put on a match the size of Winter Range! Big hugs! Scarlett
  14. I’m a BIG FAN of @Tyrel Cody! He’s a great example of what it means to be a cowboy. Good for you Tyrel for doing whatever you did! Great big hugs! Scarlett
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