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  1. GOOD posse leadership/teamwork shows itself pretty quickly. At EOT we had 4 TOs, who spaced out and everyone traded off jobs and shot in what sort of became a regular order. It was a larger posse with a lot of couples who couldn’t spot for each other … not everyone knew each other but as they came to the line the scorekeeper (spouse of shooter) confirmed alias. It’s NOT rocket science or middle school. Hugs Scarlett
  2. Shooting in order …NO! I have gotten to where I don’t care when i shoot but I do like to shoot earlier rather than later. My larger issue is alphabetical score sheets. Doc B Doc C Doc followed by Texas Bill Texas Jones etc. that’s asking for scoring to get messed up. Now I know folks have to sign score sheet etc but non alphabetical sheets are my preference. Tablet scoring? Doesn’t matter how it’s listed.
  3. By the way… I do not have any Clean Shot and won’t until probably October. Hugs! Scarlett
  4. Y’all are hysterical. It’s FREE HUG with PURCHASE!! If @Captain Bill BurtBUYS 2 jugs in ONE transaction… that’s ONE HUG! Ask @Krazy Kajun he made TWO purchases yesterday. Two SEPARATE transactions so he got TWO HUGS! HOWEVER… if you need two hugs and @Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646, if you need ENDORSEMENT hugs… YOU GOT IT! HUGS!! Scarlett
  5. I wish that didn’t happen… maybe there’s a way you can seal those cracks… Hugs! Scarlett
  6. ^^THIS^^ y’all need to listen to Imis! He didn’t question me! He just followed my recommendations! #BeLikeImis Seriously, Thanks for the feedback. Glad you’re finding it so versatile. That, in addition to its fine metering, is what I love about Clean Shot! Hugs! Scarlett
  7. I have data for shotshell using Clean Shot. Clean Shot Cowboy Shared Data.pdf
  8. I was shocked when I saw this yesterday. I’d been communicating with him within a month or so of EOT about Bullets! So sad and unexpected. Much love to his family and friends. I never had the look to know him personally. Hugs, Scarlett
  9. I’m gonna sign up for it and if we can’t make it I’ll do smokeless Lady Gunfighter! So.. we have two! Big hugs! Scarlett
  10. Yes. Our prices - dealer prices - have really gone up even though there is no product for us to purchase! I figure the best we will be able to expect is between $275-325 per case of 5,000… but we won’t know for sure until our supplier actually has some we can purchase. Big hugs! Scarlett
  11. Call CJ Landers at Maverick’s Custom Hats and Restoration. Not sure DBar J or other custom hat makers will work on used/someone else’s hats. CJ does outstanding work! He’s a college kid. He fixed up my old from a friend brims and trim hat like NEW - even better! Here is his phone number +1 (304) 550-3346 Tell him Scarlett said hi! Hugs!
  12. I used to be the director of children/youth education at a large church. I was a staff person - got paid to develop programs etc. the only thing was …I couldn’t teach 6 different age groups AND run the nursery. It was very frustrating to have Mama’s want first rate programs for their kids yet they didn’t want to do their share or even a portion. And, to add insult to injury, some of them would treat me like the help. sometimes, the “one man shows” are because the “one man” is a control freak and won’t delegate. Sometimes the “one man” is a jerk and hard to work with… and sometimes
  13. The shooter got lucky and got a reshoot because of an unrecorded time. At EOT, a shooter on my posse had a pretty decent run - no misses or penalties and the timer died during his run. Sucked to be that shooter when the timer died - he HAD to reshoot the stage because of unrecorded time. It’s the same in this case. The shooter HAD to reshoot to get a recordable time. Had the TO held the timer in such a way as to record the last shot (only one that matters in this case once we know it’s working), it would have been the Rita time and a P. I doubt very seriously that there was maliciou
  14. You’re sweet! We will miss Black Gold and miss seeing you! Have fun! Big hugs!!
  15. When I’m the TO I look at timer to make sure it’s picked up the first shot(s) and ALWAYS look at timer before last shot, note it in my memory, cover the “microphone” so no errant shots are picked up. Reshoots ALL AROUND, TW! Big hugs! Scarlett
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