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  1. I didn’t get a PM... email me or call me. I’m not getting all of my notifications from the wire... bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com or 843-833-0770 big hugs!! Scarlett
  2. $160 for bucket of 250. Picking up this week. MIGHT have some that aren’t spoken for...will have more when I have more primers.
  3. You can get a Bullets By Scarlett wooden box! And...a coupon for a free hug! Heck - I’ll give you a Free Hug for the nice comment! big hugs! Scarlett
  4. I hope that I will have some 45 C soon... working hard to find some large pistol primers!
  5. I believe that I am going to be sold out... I will be getting my remaining cartridges (for which I have components) in a couple of weeks. I MIGHT have some left and will let you know... I will put you on my list... Thank you for asking! Big hugs! Scarlett
  6. The ONLY reason he is different is because of shooting smokeless in a BP revolver. Because I (and my husband) were unfamiliar with the 45 ACP Conversion cylinder... I was concerned that, even though my ammo is about 720 FPS, if there were an issue with the BP revolver (I did not know it was NEW until I had already declined the sale) or if he got hurt using my ammo, that it would be bad...first off for HIS safety and second for my liability. The customer seemed very unsure of what he wanted/needed and was relying on my knowledge. I was not confident that I had the knowledge he required/deserved and told him so. My husband and I were discussing this and wondered about it - we knew about 45 Colt conversions - it was the 45 ACP that threw us for a loop. So I asked the Wire crowd. I appreciate this forum and the WEALTH of knowledge found here! Great big hugs! Scarlett
  7. @Warden Callaway somehow I KNEW you’d post that video! What a fun time that was - that was when we met! August 2015. What a great match. Big hugs! Scarlett PS @lickskillet charlie - check out the video... You’ll see I REALLY DO ride a broom!
  8. Well until this week - we’ve now started using UPS ground because the US Mail was having so many issues.... one package had duplicate tracking numbers - one was Amazon and one was me - USPS issued them. My customers package went to CA instead of Texas. Then, another package SAT for TEN DAYS showed in transit... PLUS, the mail volume is so high with everyone ordering so much. We are behind too - but catching up... Big hugs! Scarlett
  9. I GET it... the language in the guys email - it didn’t appear that he knew what he was talking about and I just declined... My husband read the email response first and he questioned whether English is a first language ... and then that brings up legal gun ownership... even if you do have to take the barrel off to empty and reload... The ammo that I sell is lead - 230 gr 718 FPS - and loaded professionally with product liability etc. however, it was unusual enough for me to question and decline. Big hugs y’all! Scarlett
  10. As am I however, I’ve never been to a match that they sponsored or were vending at... I sponsor every match I attend and work extremely hard, (as do other cowboy owned bullet makers) to support this sport and those who participate in it. For example, Winter Range 2021 I will be a stage sponsor. That’s. $3,000 commitment - cash and merchandise.That will be the biggest financial commitment to date - most are $250-$750 depending on match - cash/cash and merchandise. No, I don’t offer a 5% discount because I “give” to EVERY SASS member - whether you’re my customer or not - through my sponsorships and donations. I’m not knocking MBC. They have their business plan and I have mine however, my INVESTMENT in the sport is from my heart... and don’t forget... Free Hug with Purchase! Big hugs! Scarlett
  11. We have started using UPS to ship because the delays at USPS have been as long as 8 days at some processing places and lost parcels. And, it is hard keeping up with such insane demand! We do have PLENTY of lead - rest assured! Big hugs! Scarlett
  12. Try using a SASS Affiliated merchant .... there are LOTS of cowboy owned bullet businesses who would be glad to help you out. I’m shipping bullets every day. Big hugs! Scarlett
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