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  1. Doc is doing a great job! He and Abe E.S.Corpus are OUTSTANDING ambassadors for the game! I set up a table at the Greenville Gun Show a few weeks ago. My husband wanted to sell some custom knives etc.. so I got a table to display bullets, of course, but mostly SASS. Abe came for half a day and we had such fun. I brought samples of bullets (projectile) but not any for sale... I brought a bunch of name badges from matches, match books with stages, awards, buckles, Chronicles, and, most importantly, a list of contacts and match dates for every club in SC. I decked out it my full cowboy gear - chaps, holsters and guns (wire tie strapped). SO MANY PEOPLE stopped by - ran out of hand outs and made more. The Greenville Gunfighters shot the next weeekend and there were LOTS of visitors... Personally, I think we need to be where the shooters might be - folks see 3-Gun (at least I did) and it looks like fun - once, maybe...but I was hooked the very first time I shot the four guns at a match where we were making ear plugs... I bet the Gun Show organizers would even give you the table! I had a blast! Big hugs! Scarlett
  2. I don't like shopping at Wal Mart anyway...just another reason NOT to shop at Wal Mart.
  3. I would love to take advantage of the Life Membership offer however, its almost time to renew my SASS Affiliated Merchant program for 2020. I am happy to renew annually - and plan to do so for MANY years to come. What does SASS give me? The most fun shooting discipline in the world, advocacy for gun rights, an organization, albeit run by human beings with flaws - just like its membership - rules/ROC for standardized matches (relatively speaking) - and a community of folks who have become some of my best friends! I love this game and the folks who play it. I am proud of SASS. I am proud to be a member. Big hugs, Scarlett
  4. Nothing is more fun than shooting Black Powder at NIGHT!!! Big hugs! Scarlett
  5. The Black Powder Match is gonna be FUN!! I’m sponsoring it AND shooting it... I promise to entertain everyone with my antics and frequent “dadgummits””. Side match day at the Tennessee Match is the ONLY shooting event that I attend that I wear something other than my “company colors”! @Widder, SASS #59054, I’ll bring our Henry .22s that you and @Slater worked on and play with some rim fire! It will be a BLAST! big hugs! Scarlett
  6. You’ll see me at Tennessee! Can’t do Comin’ at cha because of my own state match. Let me know as soon as you can if you want more than a couple of pounds at TN... Big hugs!! Scarlett
  7. I was lucky enough to find two NIB 32s some time ago. Widder worked them both. They are both slick and run great! I put one away and shoot the other... The one I don’t shoot is FOR SALE - Widder said he would warranty the smithing as long as he’s alive! This is my personal rifle. Would be interested in trading for pair of NMV in .357 stock or worked (by Jimmy Spurs, preferably). The gun is not dinged up and is in the box. - PM for pictures $2,500 FIRM plus shipping or trade + cash. I will be at Heluva Ruckus NY, SC, Tennessee and SE Regional, and Hellfire (Slick McClade’s match). Will ship to your FFL. Scarlett Darlin’ SASS 96680 NOTE: this was orginally posted June 26. I could not figure out how to repost edited version... Bless my heart. I’m better at bullets than technology!
  8. Here’s a picture of Jedi’s when Missouri Lefty was given his Jedi pin!
  9. It was a great time ! Congratulations to Missouri Lefty and Dodge City Dixie on being Overall and Top Lady! Hugs! Scarellr
  10. Taking the class and getting the pins aren’t enough to even be an RO/TO. It’s got to be part of ongoing learning... I had my RO II for a couple of years before I ran the timer or “felt confident” enough to be a PM. When I’d fill out match apps and it asked if RO 1 or 2.... willing to be a PM... I felt bad checking yes to RO2 and yet unwilling to be a PM because I had not put my “classroom learning” into practice on the range. I hear both Phantom and Capt. Bill Burt’s points. I DO think that some folks get their pins, put them on their hats or holster rigs and never open or study the SHB again. When I was a senior in college I had a bumper sticker that said, “ Hire A College Student While They Still Know It All”... Hugs, Scarlett
  11. I shoot a double and I THINK my left barrel fires first but I am not sure... when I have an occasion to test which fires first, I SWEAR I’ll remember....so, in case I have a squib, are you gonna trust that I will load the correct chamber? Especially in the heat of the moment... I won’t. This is a GAME. If I have to eat some misses in order to go home safely, then I’m ok with that. NOTHING about this game is worth risking my safety or that of others - whether I’m shooter or TO. I have seen SG squibs several times. Good discussion. Big hugs, Scarlett
  12. Yes... primers seared too deep and won’t gauge. Won’t even go into a gauge because of flare at crimp end. Had 7 in one box of 25 like that. I check them all now. I forget to check the primers sometimes.... and then, when I have a FTF, I remember.
  13. I hear what everyone is saying on this topic... i like to shoot cowboy action. I don’t care where the targets are, I don’t care if I have to “ride a stick horse” or shuffle cards on or off the clock. This GAME is fun and that’s why I play. It’s also my business - which I take very seriously. However, you could ensure that every cowboy or cowgirl shot a clean match with no prop failures or blind spotters along with perfect weather and I promise you people would find something to complain about... That is the part of this game that, honestly, makes me sad. This is such fun and yet, there’s so much to complain about... somewhere there is a disconnect. I wish I knew what it was because I’d try to work it out. I get that it’s competition...however, once Monday morning comes, we are back to our “real selves” (unless you’re me ). Please understand, I am NOT advocating for a stick horse or shuffling cards....I’m just here to play, have fun, make friends...and dress up, shoot real guns at steel and have a blast. Great Big Happy Hugs! Scarlett
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