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  1. Everyone.......This is my 4th order from Heck Know beginning with his first thread in April 2020 and everything has been just as he said. He is one of the most accommodating and honest Cowboy's I have dealt with on the wire and I highly recommend working with him. Good luck Heck with remainder of your supplies. Hope the widow woman and her children profit from your help.
  2. My check for 2000 rds of 45acp went in the post office mail Sunday night after my message to you. You should have received my check for the 2000 rds of .38’s by now ( mailed on 5/7/20. Thanks Heck.
  3. Check on it’s way to you as of this past Thursday for 1000 rds 38 brass, 1000 rds 38 nickel +shipping + $10 bonus for the lady and her kids. Didn’t realize you had 45acp. I’ll take 2000 rds of that if they’re all large primer. Let me know about primers and if you can ship with the 38’s or do I need to send another shipping charge. Thanks Heck
  4. Alias: Big Iron Ranger SASS # 104705 From: North Alabama, Home Club: Wartrace Regulators, Wartrace, Tennessee How Long in Cowboy Action Shooting: 2 years
  5. Will need e mail address than I can send you pictures.  Curtis

    1. Big Iron Ranger

      Big Iron Ranger

      Sorry about that.  Thought you would get from sass automatically.  Please send to 6shutr@gmail.com.  Thanks BIR

  6. Howdy Executioner, great to see you on the wire again! To all my Pards out there, Executioner is great to buy from. It'll be the way he says it is. Earlier this year I purchased one of his Marlins in .38 along with a 20ga coachgun and love them both. Wish I needed one in 44! Good Luck Ex. Big Iron Ranger.
  7. Merry Christmas Widder! And to all who have served.....Thank You!!
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