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  1. If they are all brass, no nickel, I’ll take them. Sending PM.
  2. Yup....S L O W..... 'bout as fast as my last stage.....
  3. Yes Sir Ree! Always great fun with good folks. See you there Buck! BIR
  4. KG9 LeatherKote works great to "slickup" the inside of the holsters. Just a dab on your finger and rub it on where the cylinder and barrel make contact. Once every couple of 2-3 months does it for me. A 2oz. bottle will last a life time.
  5. Excellent to deal with ! I've ordered 2 separate designs and they are both spot on. Made, shipped and arrived just like he said. Nice young man!
  6. Bad, I have a nice Oak 4 gun cart for sale. Since it is solid oak, the ammo-box/seat and accessory box are assembled with dovetail joints, I am sure the cost of shipping would be extreme. I will be happy to send you pictures if you will provide an email address via pm BIR
  7. Alias: Big Iron Ranger SASS # 104705 From: North Alabama, Home Club: Wartrace Regulators, Wartrace, Tennessee How Long in Cowboy Action Shooting: 2 years
  8. Will need e mail address than I can send you pictures.  Curtis

    1. Big Iron Ranger

      Big Iron Ranger

      Sorry about that.  Thought you would get from sass automatically.  Please send to 6shutr@gmail.com.  Thanks BIR

  9. Howdy Executioner, great to see you on the wire again! To all my Pards out there, Executioner is great to buy from. It'll be the way he says it is. Earlier this year I purchased one of his Marlins in .38 along with a 20ga coachgun and love them both. Wish I needed one in 44! Good Luck Ex. Big Iron Ranger.
  10. Merry Christmas Widder! And to all who have served.....Thank You!!
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