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  1. Happy Birthday Blue Boy. I believe I met you at your 90th celebration in beautiful Wartrace , TN!
  2. Fantastic and congratulations to you! Hugs from Georgia. .
  3. Congratulations to Silver City Rebel from your "other" Cindi! See you Saturday for your congratulations hug . p.s. Thank you for being my black powder mentor over the years!
  4. AWESOME Joe! Congratulations! Can't wait to give you your congratulations hug!
  5. Congratulations to a fine young man Hammerock and his Buckaroo World Championship win! A true gentleman and well deserved!
  6. Congratulations to a sweet heart, Lily Blue, Lady B-Western Champion! A fine Lady you are and this win is well deserved!
  7. AWESOME! A pleasure to be with and especially watch. CONGRATULATIONS again!
  8. Congratulations to a fine lady!
  9. You need to visit and explore the Taos Pueblo Village. You can tip a tour guide on site. Amazing things to see. It will take most of your day. When Judge and went the locals opened their home for us to come in and see/purchase their handcrafted items. AWESOME EXPERIENCE!
  10. Thank you everyone for your support during this difficult time. Judge was a positive light in many, many lives. He never met a stranger! Someone said "if he got on an elevator and went up two floors, by the time the doors opened he knew everyone's name and their life story. I am going to miss this man! I love the cowboy family!
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