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  1. I had the PLEASURE! You were smoking hot girl! CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. My husband was invited to shoot a "shorts and cowboy hat" match in the summer of 2005 with his brother at Riverbend Gun Club. He was hooked after that one match. He told stories of costumes, alias names and a hip shooting tall outlaw named Loose Cinch. Peaking my interest I went to a match with him in the fall. There was one lady shooter I will never forget (Hotshoe Hannah). She laughed and smiled the WHOLE TIME it was her turn to shoot a stage. She was not that fast but she clearly was having the time of her life! That Christmas in 2005 I was gifted gun leather and a SASS membership!
  3. Once Upon a Time in the West. Beautifully filmed with beautiful people!
  4. Sierra Vista is a 30 minute and BEAUTIFUL drive to range with LOT's of food and hotel/boarding options.
  5. Larry Earp is the Lawrence Welk of Outlaw shooters! He glides as he moves from target to target. Mind the nurses and do what the wife says Larry so you can get back out to play Outlaw. Hugs, Yazoo.
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