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  1. Thanks for sharing. Awesome run Mo Betta!
  2. All the shirts are spoken for guys . Just waiting to settle up with everyone before I delete this topic with all the pictures.
  3. Take all remaining items for $100 plus shipping: All pants are suspender type. Each pant has a picture with measurements. If you need more information send me a p.m. 1. Frontier Classics size 52-brown canvas $30 3. Size 52 burgundy canvas $30 4. Size 52 black canvas $30 8. Frontier Classics size 54 brown/black $30 13. Tan vest $20 14. Black vest $20
  4. Planning on River Bend next Saturday. Thanks.
  5. Nice shirts with little or no wear at all some still with tags. The bib shirts and the denim shirt is a heavy 100% cotton material. All of the shirts are long waisted for the tall big man and have plenty of shoulder and chest room. If you need measurements send me a pm. The pleat front colored patriot shirts are summer weight 100% cotton. 1. SOLD-Scully 4xl cotton shirt with collar. $25 plus shipping. 2. SOLD-Scully 4xl cotton gauze $25 plus shipping. 3. SOLD-Scully 4x blue and white stripe. $20 plus shipping. 4. SOLD-Scully 4xl bibbed black shirt. $30 plus shipping. 5
  6. Not to mention your are BP heavy with caps, balls, loading bench, etc. You need lot's of room for your accessories!
  7. He won me over with True Grit. I liked him old and mean. Fill your hands you...
  8. O K, I'm in. Called Heritage Inn this morning and they had a room on the bottom floor ( a good sign), paid entry fee with Paypal. Paperwork is coming Cat-A-Tonic! See y'all soon.
  9. Application placed in mail today. Posse me with some Outlaws .
  10. Thank you Fast Eddie and Crew for a WONDERFUL Georgia State Championship! Stages were well written and targets were at a comfortable distance. A couple of the tables were long for a Lady Outlaw shooting shotgun but other than that no complaints! Stage 9 was a hoot! I'm ready to push thru those doors again and shoot the knockdowns. Great vendors, great food and snacks with plenty of choices to stay hydrated. Again, job well done! p.s. Enjoyed them dilly bars DQ Jones!
  11. Loving our wonderful weather forecast for this match! Can you believe it's almost the middle of May?
  12. So many great memories from this wonderful club! Really going to miss this venue! Lot's of hard work to cover all the bays/stages to protect us from rain and sun (thank you Hurricane Charley!). The only thing left to improve was the outhouse!
  13. RIP Judge'm All Duncan ( Wally Duncan) May 18, 2019.
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