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  1. Happy Birthday Blue Boy. I believe I met you at your 90th celebration in beautiful Wartrace , TN!
  2. Fantastic and congratulations to you! Hugs from Georgia. .
  3. Congratulations to Silver City Rebel from your "other" Cindi! See you Saturday for your congratulations hug . p.s. Thank you for being my black powder mentor over the years!
  4. AWESOME Joe! Congratulations! Can't wait to give you your congratulations hug!
  5. Congratulations to a fine young man Hammerock and his Buckaroo World Championship win! A true gentleman and well deserved!
  6. Congratulations to a sweet heart, Lily Blue, Lady B-Western Champion! A fine Lady you are and this win is well deserved!
  7. AWESOME! A pleasure to be with and especially watch. CONGRATULATIONS again!
  8. Congratulations to a fine lady!
  9. Hey there! Have you heard Billy Joel's "The Balad of Billy the Kid"? Pretty cool...

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